Stephanie Likes...the dyson digital slim

Stephanie Likes...the dyson digital slim 1Living in a small space? [We probably have you beat this year at just over 300-sqft].

We have to think smart when it comes to the number of cleaning products we keep. Dyson sent me a Digital Slim vacuum several months ago and I have to tell you: It totally sucks - in the best possible way! It's powerful. It's cordless. It's compact. It's...Super Vacuum!

Stephanie Likes...the dyson digital slim 2This modern and sleek vacuum comes with three different attachments and a motor that "spins up to 3 times faster than conventional motors." We've tried other cordless vacuums and this one cleans up the competition.

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17 comments on “Stephanie Likes...the dyson digital slim”

  1. I love my big Dyson but have been hankering for a smaller cordless vacuum - and I just saw the Dyson Digital Slim in the store the other day - so now I know what that smaller cordless vacuum should be :)

    Oh - and I love the baby shower idea - that is a great idea, now to get to a baby shower where it's in my price range!

  2. Haha - I love this picture of you, Stephanie! You look armed & dangerous! We have a small, powerful hand-held vac of a different brand that I really love too - I always say I should gift one like it to other Moms at baby showers. Between spilled cereal, cups of dirt brought inside & accidentally dumped out, crafting gone awry, etc., we often use ours several times a day - it's the ultimate Mom tool! (and *big bonus* - the kids love using it too!)

    1. I agree! A cordless vacuum would be a perfect baby shower gift - much more practical than fancy baby clothes and toys.

  3. My daughter just told me she wants one! She is 10. Her newest "hobby" is cleaning out our car and she thought this would be perfect to vacuum the car! I told her to keep saving her dog walking money........

    1. It's on Amazon for $299.99. If you look at it from a cost-per-use standpoint, that's a pretty good deal!

  4. Nice gun!! Or should I say vacuum. HA Jk :) But Really that looks like a really sweet vacuum. Cordless is the magic word.

  5. I just saw another blogger review this the other day and it looks awesome. We don't have a ton of carpet in my house, so I am somewhat thinking of a small cordless vacuum (as we don't have a regular vacuum right now) to clean our house. Thanks for another great review! I will definitely check it out the next chance I get!

    1. Vanessa, it works great on floors without carpet too! Pet hair, cat litter, dirt etc, it takes it all. I love mine so much that I will never buy any other brand of vacuum again.

      1. Wow! I've always heard amazing things about the Dyson, but I wasn't sure I really believed that a small one could do a good job as well. Now with all the positive reviews I have heard and no negatives, I may really have to buy one! Thanks so much! :)

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