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Filling stockings is one of my favorite Christmas things to do. In fact, I think it might be interesting to do only stockings and no gifts for an upcoming year - just to mix things up!

For each of the below ideas, you can click on the picture to take you to the product website for more information.


Food is always fun to find in stockings, but I'm careful to add only items that I'm actually okay with my children eating. If at all possible, I try to avoid low-quality candies with long lists of artificial ingredients. If they ask, "Can I eat this?" I want to be able to say, "Sure!" We often put clementine oranges in the toes of the stockings too.

deluxe favorites assortment sanders chocolate

Sanders Candy

Sanders "uses the finest real ingredients" for their chocolates and they are melt-in-your-mouth-good as a result. A smart way to go is to buy a big box of assorted chocolates like the one pictured (includes 72 wrapped milk & dark chocolates) and then fill each stocking with the individually wrapped chocolates.

Sanders also has super fun molded chocolates - chocolate monkeys, teddy bears, flip-flops, seashells, frogs, cats, ballerinas, race cars, soccer balls, footballs, baseballs, and hockey pocks!

field trip beef jerky

Field Trip Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is a terrific alternative to sugary snacks in a stocking! Field Trip's jerky is grass-fed and completely gluten-free. They offer beef, pork, and turkey jerky in a variety of marinades - as well as meat sticks for easy on-the-go snacks for hiking + outdoor adventures (ie field trips).

justins peanut butter cups

Justin's Butter Cups

Notice that Justin's offers chocolate nut cups beyond your typical peanut butter. You can find chocolate cups made with almond butter or cashew butter too - in dark, milk, or white chocolate. My personal favorite? Dark chocolate peanut butter cups!


Travel-size toiletries, cosmetics, and skincare products are always appreciated in a stocking because they are so practical - and they promote good health!

plackers micro mint flossers

Plackers Dental Flossers

With six people in our house, we go through Plackers flossers lickety split! We strongly prefer these flossers to conventional dental floss and to other brands on the market. The picks are easy to hold, the string is strong (without being stringy), and I feel that we are able to floss more effectively than with other alternatives. We tend to use the original micro mint flossers, but you can also find specific flossers for various needs: back teeth, gentle-slide, twin-line, etc. NEW for 2018 - a limited edition Apple Cinnamon flavor. Have you tried it?

coola mineral lipluxeLip Gloss (with SPF 30)

Winter air often leaves lips parched and cracked. Give moisture, color, and sun protection with COOLA's Mineral Liplux SPF 30 Tinted Lip. Each tube adds a hint of subtle color, along with nourishment for your lips. There are six different tints to choose from. This is a super pick for tweens too - who may be interested in cosmetics, but not quite ready for a full-color lipstick. 

native deodorant natural

Native Deodorant

I remember trying to find a natural deodorant as a teenager back in the 90's. It was an almost impossible task and I typically had to settle for antiperspirants (which were the only option available at most grocery stores and big box department shops). I am so thankful that there are excellent options like Native now available. Founded in San Francisco, all of Native's deodorants are hand poured in the United States and are free of aluminum, parabens, and sulfates. The texture is smooth and the scents are light, but the deodorant offers excellent odor protection. I like the Coconut & Vanilla, but they also release new limited edition scents throughout the year.

circuit 3 in 1 short brooks running

Brooks Running Shorts

Know a runner? Go the "extra mile" and surprise & delight them with a super packable pair of running shorts by Brooks. They can easily fit in a stocking and are a great way to cheer on someone who is training for a 5k, half-marathon, or full marathon. Also consider: chapstick, a running hat, running gloves, hair ties, or sunscreen.

Dior cosmetics bronzer lip hair mistCosmetics by DIOR

Consider Dior's j'adore Hair Mist as an alternative to traditional perfume. Spray the light mist on your hair for a subtle scent that will last for hours without being overpowering.

Dior Lip Glow is not quite a lipstick, but more than a lip gloss. Designed to bring out your natural lip coloring.

Or give a touch of summer with the Mineral Nude Bronze powder, which offers a great palette of tones to create a sun kissed complexion - even in the dead of winter. 


Stuffing a stocking for a 1-year-old or 2-year-old is EXTRA FUN because you get to select small items that fit just right in small hands. I'm highlighting a few ideas below, but I would also recommend animal figurines, toy cars or trucks, baby food pouches, and bath toys for this age range.

california baby

California Baby

For pure products that are great for baby's skin, I turn to California Baby 100% plant-based line. These shampoos, bubble baths, diaper creams, and sunscreens are free of petroleum and other harsh ingredients.

If you have a tween, you might also want to consider the #SuperClear Kit to give your 8-16+ "a natural way to cleanse, exfoliate, and detoxify" their skin and help prevent breakouts.

finley the fox organic potty traning underwear


I mentioned these animal-themed underpants in my GIFTS FOR 2-YEAR-OLDS category, but they are worthy of a second mention here because you can buy "singles," which are exactly the right size for a stocking. For example: Finley the Fox. So cute...with added protection for potty-training!

hedgehog plush pbs aurora whole foodsA Small Stuffed Animal

Missed shipping deadlines? Head to your nearest Whole Foods Market to find a variety of toys that "promote imagination and active play." Thanks to a partnership with PBS Kids, you'll find wooden toys, puzzles, games, and cuddly plush toys like this adorable miniature hedgehog. You can browse the whole PBS/WFM collection here.


When stuffing a stocking for a reader, don't forget to include a book or two! A gift card to a bookstore (used or new) is also a strong option.

book darts artist series

Book Darts

I have been a huge fan of Book Darts for several years now. These small metallic triangular "darts" hold your place in a book. Rather than marking the page you are on like a traditional bookmark, they mark specific sentences or paragraphs that you want to come back to or remember. I always keep a tin of Book Darts close by when I am reading. The new ARTIST SERIES is particularly stunning. 

Bloom Planners To-Dos

To-Do Notebooks & Planners

If you know a person who has to-do lists and random notebooks scattered all about the house, consider picking up a 2019 planner or an artistic to-do notebook from bloom. They offer pretty calligraphy and lovely design elements throughout - plus inspirational quotes + organizational tips.

bloom magnetic bookmarks

Magnetic Bookmarks

Since we have so many bookworms in our family (my husband & I have four kids - ages 12, 9, 6, and 2), we keep an entire bin just for bookmarks! These magnetic bookmarks by bloom have a lovely nature-inspired design and stay in place so you won't lose your place.


What are YOU putting in stockings this Christmas?

BROWSE the complete 2018 Christmas Gift Guide to get ideas for everyone on your list!

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