Sturdy Shoes for Fearless Feet

If you have a toddler, you know what I mean by "fearless feet." Those little feet will run over any obstacle and into any danger at full-speed. Toddlers are courageous explorers and they need high-quality shoes to help them keep their tread on unsteady ground.

Stride Rite offers those kind of shoes. For example, if you're looking for a shoe for every-day outdoor adventures, you might want to consider one of my two favorites...

There's these little Sportie Slip-Ons in Pink...Sturdy Shoes for Fearless Feet 1

Or these little Sprout tennies in Brown/Sandstone...
Sturdy Shoes for Fearless Feet 2

There are lots of other styles to choose from as well, whether your little one is a
pre-walker, new walker, or full out runner (boy/girl).

One winner will receive a "surprise" pair of Stride Rite shoes. That's right! You'll provide the size and gender (and you can request casual or dress) and Stride Rite will select a shoe for your little one. To enter, simply leave and comment and your e-mail address on this post prior to Tuesday, Jan. 22, at midnight. The winner will be contacted and announced on Wed., Jan. 23. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

* UPDATE * The winner is #316 hammielover1. Congratulations!

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317 comments on “Sturdy Shoes for Fearless Feet”

  1. Nana usually buys our SR's because we are on a budget here. DD definitely needs a new pair! If I win, hopefully you will get verification first, but I believe right now dd is a 7.

  2. I love Stride Rite, and actually just started shopping for a good pair of shoes for my fast growing youngster. I can't keep her in shoes, it seems. She wears a size 10 1/2 now. My little girl is growing way too fast.

  3. Stride Rite makes the cutest shoes and my son just outgrew his last pair. Please enter me!! Thanks![at]comcast[dot]net

  4. A new pair of shoes for our little one would certainly be welcome, especially Stride Rites! Thanks for the contest.

    emhagedon at gmail

  5. Stride Rites have been in my family for two generations...and the newest edition is in the market for shoes for her pretty little feet. Soooo many to choose from and the styles are so cute. Love the baby mary janes and the sneakers with the embrodiery...must have for sure.

  6. Hey Arizona,
    Hello, from the frozen South, We
    had 4in. of snow yesterday! Really
    unusual for us...What Fun!!!!!!
    You have a beautiful site...... Thank you for the chance to win a pair of Stride Rites, My grandbaby could really use these, he is on "Go" from morning till night.....Elaine from Georgia

  7. My son has extra fat and wide feet, Stride Rites will come in so handy, it is so hard to find shoes for him at an affordable price and hey even better when it is free-licious if we can win a pair. :)

  8. Stride Rite is one of two brands of shoes my nephew can wear. He has a wide foot and many brands do not make these. He out grows his Stride Rites. They are lasting shoes. He loves to go play at the store with all the other kids there.

  9. When my older kids started walking, I got them all Stride Rites. I have yet to get my almost two yo her first pair of SR. Her Bday is in a couple of weeks, I would love to have her wear them.
    Count me in.

  10. My little girl only wears Stride Rite-they just fit soooo perfectly! And when I go to the store it takes me FOREVER to decide on a pair (since they are all so cute!) so I love the fact that I wouldn't have to pick the style!!!

  11. My little boy could use some casual shoes in size 5.

    He currently has 1 pair of Stride-Rite shoes... they are very nice!

  12. Another great giveaway! I have two toddlers and we need some more shoes, and Stride Rite would be our choice!


  13. Years and years ago I used to work at Stride Rite in Torrance, CA. I bought countless pairs of shoes for my nieces and nephews and now that I have my daughter this is all she wears. Since they no longer offer the buy 12 pairs get 1 free cards from back in the day I could really use this giveaway. :-)


  14. I had the prewalkers for my son (who's now 4) and received soo many compliments on them. They were the cutest shoes ever and we saved them in his memory box. Now we have another 2 babies on the way- would love to win a free pair!

  15. would love to win a pair of casuals for the niece, don't know the size offhand, but if I win, it's a phone call away!

  16. My one year old son's feet are growing like weeds and he needs the extra width that stride rite provides. We would love to win a pair of shoes. Thanks for this great contest!!!!

  17. I loved Stride Rite for my own kids, & now I'd like to share the love for this trusted brand with my little grandchildren. Thanks for the chance to win a pair!

  18. *Sigh* Shoes for my 2-1/2 year old would be a beautiful gift. Our little guy has the biggest, fattest feet at 9-1/2 XW (gulp!)and is in dire need of some new summer sandles! Thank you for allowing us to win such an awesome gift!

  19. Stride Rites are da bomb! Our little guy wears a 6DDD and only Stride Rite makes a shoe that really fits his width. He wears them 7 days a week and they can really take a beating. Love them Stride Rite Shoes.

  20. Fun! I've heard great things about Stride Rite shoes but have never tried them. If I'm the lucky one, we'll need girl size 8.

  21. Stride Rite shoes are great! I'd love to win, so please count me in. Thanks for the chance! Have a great week!

    Jennifer H. :-)

  22. The timing is perfect! My little grandson is just getting ready to walk! These would be great! I was raised on Stride Rite and know the quality is fantastic! Thanks!

  23. I would love to win these for my daughter. She has really wide feet, and she can't wear most other shoes. Stride has the best shoes for her feet!

  24. We love stride rite!
    My boys are always in need of a new pair of shoes. We'd probably choose casual style, size 8 toddler. Thanks1

  25. My little girl is a shoe horse! She's in love with all shoes... stride rite is soooo great!

    num1twinkie at yahoo dot com

  26. My youngest granddaughter could sure use a new pair of stride Rite shoes, she is now wearing a pair of hand me downs.

  27. I really need a pair of shoes for my guy, this would be great! We got a pair from Grandma, but they didn't fit even though they were the right size. Bummer.
    I hope I win!

    blogged ya at The Good Stuff blog!

  28. My two daughters ran me ragged in Striderite shoes (casual and patent leathers), now my granddaughter (age 1) needs them. So does my daughter so she can keep up with her!

  29. Oh I would love to win a pair of Stride Rite shoes for my son who has yet to start walking but I could use these for later.
    Thanks !!!

  30. A few months ago, my youngest daughter accidentally threw her perfectly brand spankin' new Fall shoe away and left herself with just one (she might as well chucked them altogether!). Certainly she deserves a winning shoe?

    Love Stride Rite. Affordable for the parents and comfortable for the kids!

  31. I am fostering two toddlers, one of whom can ONLY wear Stride-Rite shoes due to his extremely wide feet. I've not seen that style in my local store they are sooooooooo cute!!!

  32. Grandma's need good shoes, too. I stay on my feet most all the morning working in my garden. I must have sturdy, well-built shoes that can "take it".

  33. I'd love to win a pair of girls' infant shoes as a gift for my expectant niece.

    partymix25 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  34. I was just thinking this morning that we needed to pick up a new pair of shoes for my son. We love his current pair of stride rites!

    sarahwooden (at) gmail (dot) com

  35. Stride Rite are the ONLY shoes that touched my children's feet, and now my grandson's. He can always use a new pair of Stride Rites!

  36. Stride rites are wonderful shoes- i especially appreciate the range of widths as they are not always easy to find in toddler/kid sizes!

  37. My 1 year old son just started walking. These would be great, I've heard nothing but great things about Stride Rites.

  38. These are the BEST shoes for children's little feet. Thanks for a great giveaway! I'm hoping to win for my 15 day old granddaughter!

  39. I would love to win this - though I would have a hard time deciding which kid's size to send in! Thanks for a fun contest!

  40. I can always count on Stride Rite to fit my children's narrow feet! I always look for the buy one get the other 1/2 of sale , so winning a pair of shoes would be great!

  41. We buy Stride Rite all the time because they were recommended for my daughter's flat feet. She is only 4 and wears a 13 so far.

  42. My son grew up with Stride Rite shoes and I would now love my sweet baby girl to have the same experience! She is geTting ready to take her first steps, therefore casual ones would be just perfect! I can't think of a better way to protect those precious little feet. Please enter my little Hailey Lauren, size 3. Thanks!
    [email protected]

  43. OH>>>>>>>>>>How I just love Stride Rite shoes, but not as much as I love all the great comments when my daughter wears them! These are very metro cool shoes. Thanks for the contest

  44. My Daughter was having trouble walking UNTIL we got her a pair of stride rites, About a week after we got them she was up and moving. She is a lil tornado now! We just love the shoes and how adorable they look too! [email protected]

  45. Baby needs a new pair of shoes! I'd love to win some boys' casual Stride Rites, probably size 6... he's in a 5 now but at the rate he's growing, I'm not sure how long he'll be in them! The top of my blog has a link to contact me by e-mail if I win... thanks for the contest!!

  46. I've heard a lot of good things about Stride Rite, but have never bought any yet. This would be a great way to try them!

  47. oh, i used to get stride rite shoes, I had terribly wide feet and usually ony the boy styles would sad for me. Luckily it looks like our dd has normal size feet, thankfully!
    mom2maria at hotmail dot com

  48. This is a great giveaway. Please count me in...except that if I win I have to choose between my son & daughter. Argh. The dinosaur slippers on the Stride Rite website are so cute too.

  49. Stride Rite shoes have been on my family's feet for generations. New sneakers will come just in time for my grandson's 3rd birthday and his 9.5W feet! Thanks for the opportunity.

  50. when I was little I was an early walker and my legs bowed out bad! My parents (per my Dr.) had to get me a new pair of Stride Rite shoes once a month to help correct it. I LOVE SR becasue I have them in part to thank for my now perfectly straight legs!

  51. My son loves Stride Rite Shoes. They are one of the only ones I can find to fit his narrow feet.
    pickelfam at yahoo dot com

  52. We have a new walker in the house so it is time to retire the Robeez. Stride Rite's are our next step. Hope we win! Thanks for entering us!

  53. I just love, love, love Stride Rite shoes! My mom used them when we were little ones! They are sturdy and last a long time. Little ones grow out of them before wearing them out. I would love to surprise my 2-year old fashionista granddaughter with a pair of "haute couture" Stride Rite shoes of her own. She's soooooo girley-girley and I love her! :-) [email protected]

  54. Could I be lucky?? Stride Right shoes are the only shoes my son can wear. He has to wear an extra wide and stride rite is just about the only children's shoe that makes that size! I love them for it!

  55. They are amazing shoes. I know they are comfortable and wear well. Please sign me up! I appreciate it! Thanks,Cindi

  56. We have one pair of Stride Rites that we've LOVED and nearly worn through between my two boys. We'd love to win a new pair!

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