style @ 6 months old

When it comes to "style" for my babies in the first year, my motto is "simplicity." I love plain, non-branded onesies and sleepers - free of buttons, frills, and fluff. Dress-up outfits and ensembles can be cute, don't get me wrong, but they're also harder to take on-and-off (and seem to be less comfortable for baby too). Besides, babies are so cute just as they are. I prefer to let their sparkling eyes and contagious gummy smiles take center-stage.

That said, it's kind of fun sometimes to dress babies up in something fun and bright...and functional too.

Leg Huggers ($10/pair)

leg-huggers-babylegs-2 leg-huggers-babylegs-4

These little leg warmers are incredibly cute and a perfect accessory for pictures, but they're also practical. I especially appreciate these huggers for the crawling stage and the potty training stage. Such a great way to keep legs warm and cozy without obstructing access to baby's sweet bottom. Leg Huggers are soft and stretchy and come in 15 different patterns - all designed with little girls in mind. Leg Huggers are $2 cheaper than the "other brand," but I don't notice a difference in quality. In fact, my 3-year-old insisted on trying on both pairs...and she ended up liking the Leg Huggers better.

Robeez soft-soled baby shoes ($18.99-$38.95)

Before 6-9M, baby shoes are entirely unnecessary. They're purely for decoration (which, to be quite honest, I don't completely understand because aren't bare baby toes pretty much the cutest thing ever?). Once babies begin crawling, standing, and moving about, however, a pair of soft-soled shoes can be super useful for keeping feet clean and rug-burn free. Robeez has super stylish options in that category:

robeez soft soles dog cream robeez soft sole chickadee purple robeez soft sole motorcycle robeez soft sole brown pink rabbit

We have the purple chickadee pair {pictured} and I'm totally liking the two-toned purple color scheme. And have you noticed that birds are all the rage these days (perhaps because of Twitter?).

Kushies Baby outfits ($1.99-$44.99/piece)

My favorite baby clothes? Non-branded. Non-pastel. Super Simple.

Kushies has quite a few options in that category (for babies - preemie to 24 months).

kushies baby clothes boy kushies baby girl kushies baby girl kushies baby girl kushies baby boy hat kushies baby girl jacket kushies baby girl dress kushies baby boy onesie

I could write a long soliloquy about these pieces, but - instead - I'll let the pictures do the talking.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of Robeez soft-soled shoes and one outfit from Kushies baby (top & bottom or dress). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, September 22nd at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #62 Tarah. Congratulations!

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119 comments on “style @ 6 months old”

  1. I love little shoes for babies! I don't care how impractical they are, there's nothing cuter than little tap shoes on an infant!

  2. These are really fun clothes. I have a god son and I like to get him nice clothes to wear. I'm amazed by how expensive baby clothes are. They're tiny and they can charge huge prices!

  3. I know that shoes on babies are pointless but I really like them. There's just something about the tiny little Nikes that melt my heart.

  4. I'm always amazed at how much money people spend on baby clothes. I don't spend $65 on a dress for myself, I can't see spending that much on one for a 3 month old who is either going to spill on it or outgrow it in seconds! With that being said, cute clothes are very fun. Those leg warmers would be absolutely adorable!

  5. I never knew that Kushies sold organic clothes as well. Their bedsheets are so cute with all those pastel colors. And their clearance section??? Wow, talk about cheap!!! :) Their baby food jar holders...genius! It only figures that I'd find something like that right after I'm through with jar food and onto table food.

  6. such adorable stuff i really like the Robeez Soft Soles Delicate Flower - bubblegum pink and from Kushies i love the Kushies Vintage Floral Dress.what a perfect match :)

  7. I love Robees. They are the best. I haven't tried the Kushies clothes but they are super duper cute. I like your thinking on the simplicity of baby clothes. I'm very fond of onesies and footed sleepers and simple knit dresses.

  8. The clothes and shoes are all so cute! Wonderful because everyone with little kids could sure use this! With a boy and a girl we couldn't go wrong.

  9. I purchased a pair of Robeez shoes for my youngest grand daughter-they are the only shoes she'll leave on her feet. Your timing is perfect, she's just about to grow out of them.

  10. My daughter is only 4 months old, so she's not in shoes yet (I totally agree with you about infants wearing shoes), but I think Babylegs are GREAT. It's so nice to not have to take off pants and pull them back on. Here in NY it's already cool enough that they're a necessity.

  11. I love their new Robeez Soft Soles Giraffe - white. And it comes in a size 9 which is wonderful because our gal is in size 8 already and she won't be two until next month. Something tells me she is going to be tall like her daddy.

    Robeez has so many wonderful styles from which to choose.

  12. I'm with you on simple. I keep seeing these leg warmers and really want to try them I just am loath to spend the money for them to never be used. Maybe I'll use one of those tutorials to convert regular knee high girls socks to baby warmers. :-D Thanks for a great giveaway!

  13. I love the Robeez baby shoes! I'm looking forward to my little rugrat being big enough to wear "proper" shoes, but at the same time I don't want her to ever grow up!

    Thanks for the cool giveaway :)

  14. I love Robeez baby shoes. They have just enough grip that my baby can tottle and stand on the wood floor without slipping over but it also allow some foot protection and most importantly she can't pull them off. If she is just wearing socks, she pulls them off and they end up all over the place.

  15. I know Robeez shoes are great, but I'm not familiar with Kushies. I fell in love with the Kushies Bohemian Flowers Girl's Playwear Jumper Dress.

  16. My baby is due any day now -- wouldn't it be nice to have some of these for my little guy when he arrives!
    HobartsMama at AOL.COM

  17. I love baby legs, and am so glad they are popular now, so they are easy to find. I think they make diaper changing so much easier, and I love how they look. I'm a bit surprised that they haven't always been common, since leg warmers (for larger kids and grownups) have been around for ages.

  18. Their new Tredz boys' shoes are really cute. My new baby boy would be happy if he won some of these! Just ask him, he'll tell you!

  19. I love Robeez shoes! I buy a ton of shoes to my nieces and nephews (they're various ages), I'm addicted to shoes myself so I foster the same addiction in them, lol!
    And on top of that Kushies clothes! Fantastic :)

  20. I completely agree that babies don't need shoes! I have loved having a summer baby, I've kept him bare-footed all summer long. But it is starting to get cooler, so robeez would be perfect. Thank you!

  21. I have had to break down and buy Robeez in 0-6 mos size because they are just too stinking cute! And my 1st daughter had a Kushies outfit that was so cute (pretty light green) and soft!

  22. Hehe...I'm totally laughing at your shoes comment because I agree...I didn't know that with my first...I bought all of the cutesy baby shoes (for boys might I add) and so now they sit in a plastic bin....I probably won't do it again for our little girl (but you never know...little girls look so CUTE dressed up!). And clothes? I LOVE baby clothes...TOO MUCH! I have bins and bins and bins of boy clothes...that was probably my favorite thing to shop for....My husband already told me to calm it down with our little girl (who I've already bought dresses and outfits for) Sigh.... : )

  23. These are the cutest shoes! I would love to win because both would make perfect baby gifts for my sister! Thanks for the chance!!!

  24. How comfy the shoes and clothes look. Its nice for the little ones to be able to wear things and still move around and play and not feel constricted. The shoes are super cute

  25. Robeez have been both of our babies first shoes and I'm sure they will be for this new little one. I LOVE them! My oldest wore hers until there were holes in the toes! It still amazes me how much they can withstand and still be cute.

  26. This is the first i've heard of the kushies brand of clothing. Thanks for sharing info on it! I've heard LOTS of positive things about Robeez, and I'd love to have a pair for my little one!

  27. I have never tried the See Kai Run shoes but I LOVE Robez. The are the best and they last forever. I had one pair with Mikayla and once they would get too dirty I would thrown them in the wash. I was upset when she outgrew them but it was time for tennis shoes because she was walking and running eveywhere, especially over rocks and I was worried about the soles not being tough enough. I was super excited when it was Lily's time to wear them. She really worn them out. They eventually developed a few small holes and were starting to get too small but I was still not ready to give them up. Until one day we were playing in the river and I had taken her shoes off. We got up to leave and there was only one left - when I was not watching she must have thrown it in, just like the rock she was throwing in. Robez last forever - unless you throw them in the river and they are gone for good.

  28. They have such cute designs. There is so much out there today that is too "hollywood" type. I still like the little girl cute things like these.

  29. I tend to dress my babies very simply, since they don't care what they're wearing! I find that with my little girl, I'm buying the really cool clothes in bigger sizes so that she can wear them when she's big enough to actually enjoy the pretty stuff. I wonder if that's silly. Feels sillier to buy beautiful things for a kid who doesn't care.

  30. What great prizes! I looked on both companies websites and have to say the cream colored Dog Themed Robeez Soft Soled shoes and the Kushies green Long Johns set are really cute:)


  31. These are definitely the best shoes for walking! And I agree simple is best. It's funny because whenever someone hears a "girl" is on the way they buy all kind of frilly outfits... and the reality is being home a lot you really just need simple easy cute outfits.

  32. those little Robeez shoes look so comfy for my little one and the outfits are so colorful and fun. I would dress my child in these anytime!

  33. Soft shoes are the best! My son is now 2 and getting almost too big for most brands of soft shoes. :( I'm with you on the chickadee shoes! Very cute!

  34. this is my dream contest, i LOVE robeez...they are just about my favorite thing for my two little girls. i'm always stressed when they are sitting in the stroller that they'll kick off their shoes, but with robeez, no worries! they actually stay on!!

  35. I love the soft soled shoes for little feet. I think its so important that they have flexible soles while their little feet are still developing.

  36. I completely agree, our favorite "outfit" to see our 6-month old son in is a plain white onesie - he looks so cute - probably because the outfit lets him shine :) Although he does look adorable in everything else too!

  37. Love Robeez- my little boy learned to walk in them b/c of the soft soles! I did not realize they made clothing- can't wait to buy some or WIN!!!

  38. When I first looked at the clothes you had pictured I was in love with the little t-shirt, which I am in need of for little Jordan so I went to the website and I have to say it is a little pricier then I like to pay for kids clothes. The shirt pictured is $13.99 on clearance, I'm not sure I pay that for a whole outfit for any little kid, they grow too fast and play too hard. But they are cute. =)

  39. I love unique baby/toddler clothing, and both these companies fit that bill. And I was excited when I saw that the clothes go up to 24 months as my Missy Moo is now a big girl!

  40. I agree! Levi had some "fussier" outfits, but I only put them on him for special events and photo ops. For the most part I prefer very simple, cute, and baby/kid friendly clothing. And, shoes are highly overrated. Chubby little baby toes make me want to squeal. Why cover 'em up?!!

  41. There sure are a lot of those Robeez-type shoes out there. They're definitely functional, and sure help baby socks stay on, but I always had a hard time getting them on until a nanny I knew taught me to bend them in half to stick the foot in. Much easier ever since learning that trick!

  42. me and robeez go way back. my sister died when my son was just over a year. and he had his little pair of train robeez. when she was cremated we were able to put a memory in the box before they cremated her. so i put his pair of robeez in there "from" him in a way. anyhow, anytime i think of robeez it brings back that memory.
    now that i have girls.
    i am totally loving those leggings. your so smart! i never would of thought of how much easier it would be to have my two year old wear those for pottying her in the colder weather. genius!
    i noticed Kushies have some leggings but they go on like pants. but they're still super cute.

  43. The Kushies are seriously adorable! We have some Leg Huggers for my dd... She loves them! But you know, not much chance to wear them here in Phoenix! She's ready for cooler weather so she can sport them again! =)

  44. Onesies are definately convenient, I usually look for outfits with onesie tops to prevent peeking bellies. Now that I have a little gift we're really enjoying leg warmers. They come in such a nice array of colors and patterns that they're much easier to match up than tights (and easier for diaper changes)

  45. I love the look of the clothes! I also like to stay away from baby clothes that sport cartoon characters or other market-related stuff.

  46. My daughter is 14 mos and still wears exclusively robeez. She learned to walk about a month ago and the robeez are perfect for her little feet to gain strength and build her confidence in walking. We wear the outdoors and in and they hold up so well. We have even given a few hand me down pairs to friends and they are still going strong!

  47. I love Robeez. I used them with both of my boys, but am in need of some more girly styles. It's nice to see your review of the leggings. I have always wondered if these are any good and if they're comfortable for little ones. They sure are cute!

  48. I loved using those little leg warmers on my daughter. I cloth diapered so they were perfect! I started buying ladies knee socks and cutting the foot part off and sewing the bottom edge. They worked great! She still wears them sometimes under skirts during the fall. (and she's 4 now) Those outfits are adorable!!

  49. I put Robeez shoes on my babies in the winter to keep those pesky baby socks from falling off and from exposing those cute toesies to the cold elements. But I live in MN so that's probably not a problem everyone encounters.

    I also love non-branded non-character clothing for my kids. The exception is a vintage Donald Duck sweatshirt my son received from his grandparents. I think that's pretty cool.

  50. Robeez are the best! They are the only shoes I can get on my little guy - he curls his whole foot up when you try to put any other kind of shoe on. Needless to say we've gotten a lot of use out of his brown lion Robeez shoes!

  51. I'd love to win some Robeez. Never had them for my three kiddos. Would probably gift them to my sister for her little guy. The outfit, however, would be for my littlest. She gets dressed in hand-me-downs all the time, which is great, but it would be fun to have something NEW. :)

  52. I love soft soled shoes. I never discovered them until I had my daughter and I can't imagine putting anything on my little ones feet when they are younger. Our new son has none so I'd love to win some like that. The outfits are adorable.

  53. I loved Robeez for the girls when they were smaller, and those clothes are adorable. If there's nothing for my girls I certainly know people who'd love them as a gift!

  54. Robeez are the cutest little shoes ever! The little Kushies clothes are just to die for too, though. Thank you so much for the giveaway opportunity!!!

  55. My SIL bought Lily a pair of adorable red mary jane Robeez's. Lil doesn't wear them too often but looks so stylin' when she does.

    Those clothes are so cute. I agree baby's don't need brands to be cute.

  56. Soft shoes are THE way to go when it comes to baby shoes! Personally, I prefer a sweet bare baby foot, but when it gets cooler, footwear is a neccesity so Robeez it is!

  57. I've loved putting Robeez on both my babies, especially when the weather is cool and socks alone don't stay on their chubby feet very well. As for the Kushies, I've never tried these clothes, but I am loving the Crewneck Jacket and Knit Hat in the Urban collection.

  58. I'm the same way. Although I don't know how many frills a boy would be allowed to wear anyway ;) Simple is best for me. I like simple for my own clothes, too. But like you, sometimes I have to dress up the kiddos, or myself in something fun!


  59. We decided it was time to find some shoes for our son when he got a bunch of tiny splinters in his feet from "walking" on our friend's deck. Poor kid. Luckily it didn't seem to bother him. But the ones we have are more like boots, so they look funny with shorts.

  60. I've always wanted to try Robbez. We looked at getting them for my son but ended up not after all. And I've been drooling over them for my daughter, they have so many different choices now then when I was looking for my son(well at the local stores). And the Kushies baby have wonderful and cute clothes!

  61. We love Robbez for our little one. They are a breeze to put on and so comfy too. We were lucky to find them at Marshalls and TJ Maxx. The Baby Legs are so convenient for diaper changes however I wish they had more guy styles ~ a lot of cute one for girls though!

  62. Cute! The leg warmers/huggers weren't too popular when I had my last daughter but I totally want to get them for my little girl. Adorable!

  63. Thanks for pointing me toward the leg huggers! I've got a few sets of the "other brand" and I'm glad to find an alternative that's a bit cheaper!

  64. I had Robeez for my first and loved them for the crawling and learing to walk stage. I just bought some Baby Legs and tried a pair on my baby this weekend. My husband thought they looked goofy. I like them though.

  65. The robeez are our faves! We had a pair for our son when we lived in the UK that had the big red british buses on them and when he outgrew them I bought the next size, and am hoping that our next baby can wear them too. Socks were never his friend.

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