Summer Fashion: Bravado! Designs

Summer Fashion: Bravado! Designs 1Recently overheard on Facebook: "I still haven't found a nursing bra that I really like."

Of course, I chimed in and said, "Have you tried Bravado?"

Summer Fashion: Bravado! Designs 2Bravado! Designs was started by two moms in 1992...and they definitely "get" what nursing moms want - simplicity, comfort, support, and style.

I've had the Lifestyle Microfiber Bra ($39; $25 in hot pink) for over a year now and it is definitely one of the very first bras that I pull from my closet...when it's clean, that is! (I'm constantly washing and wearing it!).

Summer Fashion: Bravado! Designs 3Now, I have another new favorite: the Sublime Nursing Bra in Black Cherry ($49). It's super pretty, sublimely stretchy, and wonderfully supportive - without pinching or poking (I can't stand underwire, by the I appreciate that this bra offers "lift without lead").

Need a few other reasons to love Bravado? The company is committed to green business practices and is diligent about giving back to the community. Plus, they're running a Summer Pampering Sweepstakes right now, giving away a total of $600 worth of prizes (enter before July 24!).

P.S. If you would like to stay connected with BD, I suggest that you: Follow Bravado! Designs on Twitter.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Sublime Nursing Bra ($49.00; pictured above). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, July 17th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Bravado! Designs sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 nursing bra for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #71 Christy. Congratulations!

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108 comments on “Summer Fashion: Bravado! Designs”

  1. You had me at "microfiber"! Sounds like I really need to branch out from my big sporty, unladylike nursing bras :) Thanks for expanding my range

  2. I have one bra from that company. I love it lot. It's so comfortable to wear it. I don't have sublime bras

  3. I've never tried Bravado bras, but I've heard they're the most comfortable and that they provide great support. The Sublime nursing bra looks nice!

  4. i love sublime bras so much that i wear them well past my nursing days. with my 5th baby i'd love to get a new one like this :)

  5. I am expecting my new baby in Feb, and after I skimped on nursing bras with my son I know I am going to get good quality bras this time around. There is nothing like good support and with the cheap bras I bought there was nothing!

  6. I keep putting off shopping for a new nursing bra since the closest actual store that carries Bravada is about an hour away in a direction I never go. Somethings I just don't want to buy online and bras are one of them.

  7. I HATE underwire, too! I am expecting my baby in September and would really appreciate winning this. Thank you so much for the review & giveaway!

  8. I am in need of some new nursing bra's. I have been pregnant or nursing for 4 years now, and really need some new supplies! My current nursing bra's are streched out and not doing their job anymore. This would be great and help me out a lot! Thanks for the chance to win.

    Lona728@yahoo dot com

  9. I've been looking at these for awhile, I've heard all positive reviews about Bravado!, I'd love to try it out.

  10. I bought Bravado brand bras for my first pregnancy and would love to have another for my next. They are great!

  11. Oh my gosh these look comfy and sexy :) I have not found any comfortable nursing bras YET! I'm due in October and trying to find at least ONE favorite nursing bra before the baby comes! This prize would be a LIFE SAVER

  12. Seriously, what a cute bra! I have at least 10 more months of nursing with this child and I don't like any of my nursing bras. I would love to feel "cute" again!

  13. I've heard only great things about this company, but I've never used this bra! A great nursing bra is absolutely essential, I use mine for more than a year.

  14. I haven't heard of this company, but considering all my nursing bras are hand me downs from my coworker (and are all a little big) I would love to have a great nursing bra that fits!

  15. Bravado makes great bras! I wish they were made in the USA, but otherwise, they are a wonderful company that supports breastfeeding education in the US - Yippee! I haven't tried the Sublime Bra, but have the tank, microfiber and cotton bras...i love that a couple sizes can fit into the cotton/tank styles (so if you grow up or down a little, you can still wear the same one.

  16. Havent tried those- Wish they were racerback though- I need extra support due to aworkplace injury years ago and so far theres just one brand that I've found

  17. I haven't tried the Bravado bras yet but keep thinking that I should invest in one instead of having to replace cheaper ones over and over. Someday I will learn.

  18. Haven't tried a bravado nursing bra yet! but would love to. I have been using the cheap tanks from target! Something like this would be wonderful!

  19. good nursing bar that you feel sexy in is extremely hard to find. I have one and it is very comfortable, functional and sexy all in one! I would love another one!

  20. I'm expecting my first in November, I haven't really researched nursing bras yet, I'd like to try this one!

  21. Thanks for the heads up on their giveaway! This looks like another great brand to try out - most of my nursing bras come from Target, and a few from JCPenny.

  22. I am a huge bravado fan. One of my Bravado bras broke after my baby was only 3mo old. I called Bravado and they overnighted me a new one. Amazing customer service!!

  23. I would love to try the bravado bras. Never tried one before and guess this would be a great way to try them

  24. I'm a SAHM who doen't get out much so I didn't invest in a good nursing bra- i get away with using a cami shelf bra. I hope i win
    sanki304 at gmail dot com

  25. I bought two Bravado nursing bras when I was 8 months pregnant and ended up wearing them from that point on, they were so much more comfortable than any of my other bras! I have another brand of nursing bra that is ok, but bravado is still my favorite.

  26. I'm breastfeeding for the 1st time. My 3rd son just turned 3 months old and I have been on the hunt for the perfect nursing bra since I was pregnant with him.

  27. i've never tried their nursing bras but since i plan to bf for 1 year, this is definitely something i can use. And of course it helps that you reviewed it before hand.
    rmartinclarke at gmail

  28. I got one of their bras when my first baby came and now 2 years later it is still one of my favorites. Soooo comfy! :)

  29. this is awesome! before baby arrived, i did a mad search for nursing bras. where did i end up? BRAVADO! what attracted me was that the sizing went down to a band size of 32 (since that's what i am) and most others start their sizing at 34 (which is too big!) what got me to buy the bra (i have 2 of the bodysilk nursing bras and they are AMAZING... i've told so many people abt them already. would LOVE a 3rd nursing bra as these 2 see the washing machine way too often. and i'd also love to try this different style! great giveaway!

  30. I'm glad to know you recommend these bras and to learn that the company is committed to green practices.

  31. I like its verisitility! nursing bras seem like such a hassle most of the time, i usually end up wearing the sports bra type ones just to aviod the hassle.

  32. I love the way that bra looks! All my nursing bras are drab white and beige--I would love to have something beautiful!

  33. I should have invested in better nursing bras when my babies were smaller. I would love to get one of these for my sister who is pregnant with her first.

  34. Again, no need to enter me into this one, but I will say, Bravado was the ONLY nursing bra that I liked. They were so nice, comfortable, cute, and SUPPORTIVE! Another great pick for a giveaway! You could be a personal shopper. If I had the dough, I would hire you ;-)

  35. Would love to try one of these...I've been nursing for 6 weeks now, and I own 2 nursing bras that aren't horribly uncomfortable. They're sleeping bras, so there's no support for "leaving the house"! I've been so busy investing in cloth diapers, I haven't spent much time investigating new things for myself.

  36. I have yet to try Bravado, they look awesome, but no stores around me sell them. There was a rumor Target was going to, but none in my area. I have bought bras online before but I;m more comfortable trying them on.

  37. These look amazing! I love that someone took the time to make us nursing moms look sexy! The average nursing bras are so drab!

  38. Oh, I just left a comment on the other post about how I recently unpacked a bunch of my maternity/nursing stuff, and the bras are SO ugly and uncomfortable. I forgot all about them, and now I'm really dreading them. These sound wonderful!


  40. Oy. I am so in need of a million of these bras and tanks I don't even know where to start. I am having twins this fall and plan on tandem nursing. Short of sitting around topless all day long, I would really like some garments that are pretty and won't make me embarassed with my boobs hanging out all day feeding :) I nursed my son for 12 months, and loved it. I am just really intimidated at the idea of trying to do two at once, and nice, pretty, new things will help. Thank you!

  41. I love, love, love Bravado! I go from a 36 A to 38 E while nursing, and these are the most comfortable and supportive non-underwires I've found. I could buy two or three cheaper ones that I don't like, but it's better to just give in and invest in something I'll be happy to wear for the next 12 months!

  42. I'm due in September and in desperate need of a good nursing bra. I don't have a single one yet because I've been dreading shelling out lots of money for poor quality nylon. I would LOVE to win one of these!

  43. I am not sure how I learned of Bravado (maybe from you), but I am so glad I did. I initially purchased a couple of nursing bras that were inexpensive, thinking that there couldn't be *that* much of a difference. I was painfully wrong. Cost per wear, those were much more expensive. I should have purchased the Bravado bras first. I love them & have several of the Body Silk ones. Cost per wear on these is still getting lower. I love the look of the Sublime. A pretty nursing bra would be fun.

  44. Agreed! Hands down the best nursing bra. I don't need one anymore, but my best friend is having a baby in September, and I would love to give this to her!

  45. I really need new nursing bras as my two have seen better days. I've never tried Bravado and have always wanted to.

  46. I am so in need of a new nursing bra. This would be fabulous. I have 2 Bravado bras that I got 9 years ago when I had my first son and have used them while nursing all 3 kids. I love them, but I would love to try another style as well as get one that isn't so worn out. Thanks!

  47. I've never tried a Bravado nursing bra, but would love to win one! All of my nursing bras/tanks came from Target, and while I love my well-worn nursing tanks, it would be wonderful to have a bra that looks fabulous, too!

  48. So if you want to get technical, I don't really need another nursing bra. I do have about 8 really crappy nursing bras.

    But, did I mention they're all really crappy? I've heard how awesome this one is and I'd love to try it out for myself!

  49. OK someone educate me. Why can't nursing mamas wear underwire? My barely B's need help and underwire is my friend.

    1. Hi TCC! I choose to not wear underwire out of personal preference. Soft cup bras are more comfortable and less obtrusive.

      That said, I did a little research and also found this article that explains why wearing underwire may not be a good idea for nursing mums (but... to each her own):

      Also - There are many non-underwire bras out there that offer excellent support and "lift." Bravado and Melinda G are my two favorite brands.

      Best Wishes!

  50. Happy to hear the"other" reasons to love Bravado. I do love their nursing tops.

    I am in need of a new nursing bra. I bought new nursing bras when Audrey was born, she is 2 now, still nursing, so bra's are like two years old!!

  51. Oh. How. I. NEED. This!!!!! I will be nursing my third baby in January and have NEVER had a good nursing bra!!!! I hate underwire, so this would be soooo perfect. The best mom-to-be gift!!!! Thanks for the great information!

  52. I'm pregnant with our first so haven't ventured into the world of nursing bras but my nephew just turned one and my sister has complained about not being able to find cute nursing bras.

  53. Finally, a nursing bra that doesn't scream YUCK! The nursing bras from bravado make mine look miserable! These look comfy, supportive, functional and stylish all at the same time! I will have to check these out, as I am pregnant again, and tend to breastfeed for what feels like forever!

  54. Finding a great bra is hard enough - let alone a nursing bra. I would love to try this out with #7 who is due in January! If it feels as great as it looks, I know I will love it! Thanks to you for sharing!

  55. Oh my goodness, I tried and returned about a dozen nursing bras before I found a few I could live with - never tried this brand though b/c couldn't find in any stores... would love to win b/c hey, you can never have too many bras in my opinion! :)

  56. I've heard good things about Bravado, but I'm still so unsure about spending so much money on a bra, especially online without being able to try it on. I know I shouldn't feel bad about quality bras, but I still do. I'm due with our first very soon and I'm determined to make nursing work for us.

    1. If it helps, I found Bravado's sizing to be "right-on":

      Also - Congrats on your pregnancy! Please don't hesitate to e-mail if you have any questions about nursing after your baby is born.

      A few resources I recommend: Mama Knows Breast (book), The ABCs of Breastfeeding (book), and (website).

  57. I wasn't sure if nursing was going to work for us. I was unable to nurse my older two children. So I was pleasantly surprised when we reached 6 year. My daughter is now 18 months old and we're still going strong. I wish I would have bought better nursing bras. These are simply beautiful, just what a Momma needs.

  58. I LOVE my the point that my one black one has been washed and worn over the past 20 months and really, really needs replacement!!

  59. I could really use a good nursing bra this go around. With my first I didn't want to invest the money and bought target nursing bras. Way to make a transition time more uncomfortable!

  60. Lucy is done nursing but I STILL haven't found a nursing bra I love. When she was days old I bought one at Nordstrom but returned it a week later when I found out it was too thin and I was leaking through. So I'll be on the hunt again when I get pregnant with #3.

  61. I've actually had the sublime bra on my wish list for awhile but it's hard for me to spend money on things when our budget is so tight. I hope to buy it before I am done nursing.

    autumn398 @

  62. I really appreciate your review of the nursing bras. I breastfed my firt daughter for 14 months and never ended up finding one that I liked. I'm due shortly and I'm determined to make it more comfortable for myself this time around :)

  63. I was just discussing this with one of my friends who also has a two month old, neither of us own a nursing bra we actually like! I've never heard of Bravado though, I will definitely check them out!

  64. I found a great local lingerie store where I bought all of my nursing bras. They are known for helping women find bras that truly fit, and I ended up loving my nursing bras.

  65. I hate underwire bras!!! I think they are so bad for you. Nursing mamas should not be wearing underwires for sure.
    *rant over*

  66. I haven't tried Bravado yet. I know I'm not supposed to be cheap when it comes to bras, but I have such a hard time getting out of my frugal rut, even though it may mean that I have to buy more when the cheapies wear out. I'm with underwire for me, thank you very much...especially as a nursing mama. But cute and colorful? Yes please! :)

  67. My nursing bras are absolutely embarrassing. So very, very ugly. What's so frustrating is that nursing is the only time I actually have something that fills out a pretty bra...usually I am way too small for anything pretty. These are beautiful. Thinking I'm getting a few even if I don't win!

  68. Ooh, I would love to win! I've only purchased 1 nursing bra so far (I had some hand-me-down ones given to me) and while I appreciate their free-ness, they aren't the best fitting things in the world. I'd love to get a good one!

  69. Oh yes please! I need new nursing bras like right away. I am so excited they have bras with good support that are NOT underwire. I will be browsing their site to see which ones to get! Thanks for the tip Steph!

  70. Bravado bra's are amazing! I bought two when I had my first, but now that we are welcoming #2 I would love to add another. I am not sure I would have survived nursing with the saggy, uncomfortable nursing bras that I tried before Bravado!

  71. I bought some bravado nursing bras when my milk came in...things kinda settled and now they are all WAY big, I'm in need of some bras that actually *fit*....

  72. This post is perfect timing for me. I will be nursing shortly and will need a good bra. Thanks for the tip!

  73. I need a good nursing bra so bad. I wish I had bought some good ones when she was little but I wasn't sure that nursing was going to work out for us, boy was I wrong. My daughter is 18 months old and I don't see us stopping anytime soon.

  74. Can I just say that I love that you have one way to enter your giveaways? No jumping through hoops, just one simple relevant comment. I love knowing that someone else doesnt have 5 entries to my one!
    P.S Quality nursing bras are always a good thing!

    1. Thanks so much for chiming in about my single-entry giveaway system. I decided to do it that way because that's what *I* prefer when I go on other blogs. It's so frustrating when there are 5+ ways to enter. Who has time for that anyway? Definitely not this mama! :)

  75. I just got one with birthday money! And LOVE it. Another would be amazing...
    I now sing their praises, too!!!

  76. I haven't tried bravado yet however from the reviews I've read they seem like a comfortable nursing bra. It's so hard to find a functional and comfortable one!

  77. Unfortunately, bravado does not make bras with adequate support and/or coverage for women with larger cup sizes. I'm a 34-36 G-H and I still can't find a good bra. I end up making my own by chopping up my favorite non-nursing bras (which are all super expensive).

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