Summer Fashion: Eleven Collection

Summer Fashion: Eleven Collection 1For the longest time, my 3-year-old's favorite color has been green. And not just any green. "Dark Green," in particular.

Other parents often express a bit of shock when my blonde-headed, blue-eyed beauty pipes up with her favorite color. Not pink! Not purple! Not even red! Green, it is.

Someday she may change her mind and that's okay (I believe in giving people freedom to change their minds), but - for right now - I love the sparkling uniqueness of her favorite color.

Our one dilemma, however, is that most things for little girls are pink. Dresses. Shirts. Shoes. Toys. Etc.

Fortunately, Eleven Collection is different. They offer stylish, modern shoes of superb craftsmanship for early school age children (ages 3-8).

And they offer GREEN...for GIRLS! [Click on each shoe for specific details]

Summer Fashion: Eleven Collection 2 Summer Fashion: Eleven Collection 3 Summer Fashion: Eleven Collection 4

Adorable, no?

They also offer shoes in silver, white, orange, black, brown, and addition to the more traditional pink & purple colors. Best of all, these shoes are butter-soft and they fit just right. Truth be told, Eleven is my very favorite shoe company for kids. Also, there is FREE standard shipping on all orders in the USA!

P.S. If you would like to stay connected with Eleven, you can Follow Eleven on Twitter or Like Eleven on Facebook.

Summer Fashion: Eleven Collection 5WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of shoes from Eleven Collection. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, July 17th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Eleven Collection sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 pair of shoes for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #59 chelsea. Congratulations!

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147 comments on “Summer Fashion: Eleven Collection”

  1. Eleven Shoes have always been our favorite for our toddler boy! And those green shoes are ADORABLE! For me, they are totally worth the price! They are durable, easy to put on wriggly kids feet, and never look banged up, even after a year! LOVE THEM!

    Thank you!

    mommyinstincts AT comcast DOT net

  2. I noticed yesterday that my 5 year needs a new pair of summer sandals. I remembered all of the great sites you listed for kids shoes on your blog. I went to look at these shoes and yes they are very cute for I cannot afford $50 for kids shoes, especially when my kids will outgrow them in a year.

  3. My son brought his one pair from that company and so comfortable with it. It's always good to try any pair of shoes from that company

  4. All their girls shoes are adorable. I have two little girls who would love these shoes! I totally agree that Cate pink is cuuuu-uute!

  5. How did I not know about Eleven shoes before? I am a huge fan of See Kai Run, and am so pleased to know there is a stylish, fun sister brand for bigger kids. Also, I wish the green Chloes came in my size...

  6. My 3-year-old was into pink for a while, probably because we have so much of it. But lately, her favorite color is blue, all blue. She'll pick the blue spoon, blue piece of paper, blue shirt, you name it. I figure why not? I like blue as well, there's no reason little girls can't get in on blue as well!

    Also, we love Eleven around here too. I'm pretty sure they're my favorite kids' shoe line, they're just so darn original and cute.

  7. I've never tried the eleven brand but their shoes seem well made, and the choices are great. I love the Josef shoe.

  8. Love the Chloe Berry. My daughter is just getting into a size 9 and we loved See Kai Run, so I'm hoping the Eleven Collection won't disappoint!

  9. I do love that they offer more than the traditional white and pink for girls. Shoe shopping can be so boring at this age because of the lack of selection in the stores.

  10. These are such a cute line of shoes. I like that they have different colors rather than just the basic blue and pink. These green ones are super cute.

  11. I love See Kai Run shoes, and now my son is about to be in the Eleven Collection sizes, so I look forward to trying them out as well.

  12. I love Eleven shoes. My daughter had a nice pair this last school year and they still are looking good. She will outgrow them before they wear out. I love all their cute styles.

  13. OK-these shoes look awesome. I have a daughter who is 4 and is completely shoe crazy. She would love these shoes. She quite often will choose shoes over toys at the store. After checking their website I can definitely see why these are your favorite!

  14. It is about time for my grandson to go up a size in shoes, and this would be a very cost effective way to do that!

  15. My daughter's favorite color right now is pink,which I never though it would be since she is a little tomboy. As she gets older her likes seem to change alot. My son was the opposite,he has alwasys loved anything camo,which I thought he would out grow,he is 10 now and it doesn't look like it will change.

  16. I haven't purchased any Eleven Collection shoes yet for my son. We're still in the See Kai Run line, but I love the styles of both!! I like that the colors are so different than other shoes.

  17. My little gal LOVES green t-shirts. You see she has a favorite color for each article of clothing. Green shirts, yellow pants, and SILVER shoes. I go on many hunts for cute silver shoes and have found some darling ones at Eleven. I love their shoes!! :)

  18. wow the eleven collection shoes are adorable! I'd love the skylar blush shoes for my daughter! she's just going into size 9 and I was wondering what I was gonna do since she'll be outgrowing her favorite brand soon! these look great!

  19. I love that her favorite color is green! We do a lot of green around here too, but if you ask my girls what THEY love, it is pink and yellow.

    In my book, green is actually a neutral. It goes with anything! I bought Kendall a pair of green shoes (with red flowers) last year and she wore them all the time. They were an easy way to make her everyday outfits a little bit more fashionable. :)

  20. Those shoes are adorable.
    Sugar usually says that her favorite color is pink, but not always, sometimes she says blue or green or purple or orange or... She likes to wear prints - the bolder and brighter the better.

    I think it's neat when kids have favorite colors that are "different" from the norm - a 10 yr old boy in our church will tell you his favorite color is purple - and that it isn't a girl color, it's the color of royalty. My nieces have different than usual favorite colors too - my 12 year old niece's favorite color is yellow and her 7 year old sister's favorite color is orange.

  21. They have some super cute sneakers for boys on that site. I wish those green maryjanes you posted came in my size.

  22. I love the color options! It is crazy how once you have a little girl you find yourself making outfits of pink (dark pink on the bottom and light pink on top, with a nice in between pink for the socks). Sometimes you don't have a choice! Since I am not a huge fan of pink myself, I am definitely a fan of these shoes!

  23. Love the "Laura" mary janes...I'd wear those, they remind me of John Fluevogs. Plus, Laura is my Genevieve's grandma's name...and that would be important, all the ladies in this family are shoe hounds :)

  24. I love eleven collection and owe it to you! Thanks for introducing them to me! My tot loves them too and I know I will be buying shoes from them in the future! The green shoes are too cute!!

  25. I haven't tried Eleven shoes yet but we were very happy with our see kai run shoes. If you're looking for colorful shoes for your daughter try Livie and Luca. I haven't bought any yet but they are quite colorful and cute

  26. To me shoes for little kids are so expensive. How on earth can they cost as much as my shoes? That is why I would love to win a pair. My 5 year old has one pair of sandles that she wears everyday unless we are hiking and I make her wear her tennis shoes and in the winter she lives in her snow boots. My 2.5 year old lives in a pair of crocs my mom bought at a garage sale.

  27. Cute! I love all the little girls' green shoes, and would totally wear any of them if they came in my size! The boys eleven shoes are nice looking, but the girls' ones are adorable - and since my boys could really care less about their shoes, while my little niece ADORES them, I'd probably pick out a pair for her :)

  28. I LOVE these shoes. My baby is just barely 1, and walks EVERYWHERE. It is sometimes hard to find shoes for her, because her feet are tiny for her age. If I do find them, they don't have the support she needs. P.S. Her daddy's LEAST favorite color is pink, so finding something else is always good :)

  29. Eleven shoes are the best! Modern and cool, but very durable. The hand me down factor is incredible. If i win (fingers crossed!) I would pick some practical school shoes...boring, I know, but very necessary! Good giveaway, Steph!

  30. Those shoes are adorable. I love those sandals. My niece's favourite colour was green for a while too (and she looks stunning in it), although she seems to have reverted to the "typical" pink. Her father is chagrined.

  31. My daughter is VERY irish looking, so everyone loves to give her green everything!!! I empathize!!! Btw: her name is Josie and I love the sneaker eleven offers called Josie!

  32. I have a tough time finding cute shoes for my son in the town that I live so I am always ordering them online. The boy's shoes at the Eleven Collection are really cute! I like the Josef shoe.

  33. These shoes are adorably cute! My three year old is a strictly flip flop girl right now (I blame growing up in Arizona, they're everywhere and can be worn year round!) but maybe if she had other options as cute as these, I could convince her to wear them without that usual fight that putting on actual shoes usually entails . . .

  34. I love colors besides pink but my little girly tomboy LOVES everything pink. Someday we will have different colors in our "Fancy Nancy" wardrobe.

  35. I love Elevens! Aren't they SKR's big sister company? I love SKR, too. Cute shoes on cute little kids is just so adorable. It completely doesn't matter as far as life importance, but I love seeing little boys and girls in cute kicks. :)

  36. That's great that your daughter's favorite color is green. Very unique.
    I love these shoes. My 3 year old son's favorite shoes were See Kai Run. I want to get more for him, but I haven't been ready to spend the money!

  37. I am in love with Eleven shoes, and See Kai Run too. There are several styles in the Eleven collection that I'd wear myself if they just made them in my size. Those green Chloe shoes are one of them.

  38. I have yet to try Eleven shoes for my children, but I love their styles and love the quality of the one pair of shoes I own from their sister company See Kai Run!

  39. Oh my goodness! Those are adorable! I struggle to find shoes that are cute, well made, and reasonably priced. Now Sabrina has opinions so I have to add her input into the mix.

  40. I keep hearing great things about these shoes, and I'd love to try them. I'm usually nervous about ordering shoes for Levi online. His feet are wide and very long, so it can be hard to find shoes that fit.

  41. I love these shoes. We have had two pairs of these for our daughter. I like the styling, and the leather is so super soft.

  42. My oldest daughter just turned four, but about a year or so ago her favorite color was blue. She wanted everything blue. Now it is pink, and she is completely obsessed! She wants everything pink. Her clothes from head to toe, her plates, bowls, cups, silverware. It's a bit extreme! These shoes are adorable! I really like the Chloe Berry shoes!

  43. My daughter who is now 4 (wow!) is taking to the color orange because that's her big brother's favorite color. Eleven's shoes are adorable. If we win, I'm anxious to see what Amelia's favorite color is by then :)

  44. All of these shoe giveaways are making me swoon. I serious have a THING for mini shoes! These are so cute, even if I don't win I will be buying a pair of these for my girls.

  45. I love shoes and I LOVE free shipping! This company seems like the Zappos of kids shoes, in a way!
    I love that your daughter loves green. Lilly is all about pink and purple. Other colors enter her life for a day or so, but she always ends up back at pink and purple. Sigh...

  46. My son's favorite color is orange. It is hard to find clothes or shoes in this color as well, as everything is blue or has some big cartoon on it. I love the shoes!

  47. We have a 3 year old daughter so our lives have been filled with pink, purple and frills. Now that we have a new little boy, I’m needing to do some shopping! I LOVE the Nolan Brown shoe. Thanks for the chance!

  48. That is SO awesome that your daughter's favorite color is green, mine is too and always has been! People always thought that it was weird that I loved green so much! My 5 year old LOVES pink, I'm not sure about my almost 2 year old ;) Those shoes are adorable!~Thanks for checkin out my blog!

  49. So my oldest, her favorite color from age 2-6 was green. Now, it is purple. My youngest, pink pink pink and dresses every day I'll let her.

  50. I tried to shield my girls from too much pink. when they were little, i would dress them in ANY color but pink and purple. now that they're older, though, they get to choose more and unfortunately, they lean in that direction. I'd love to buy them a pair of green shoes and let them pick the clothes out to go with them!

  51. Okay, really bad mommy confession here - this is so silly but ... I didn't know what gender baby I was having while I was pregnant, but I always hated pink for clothing and dreaded if I had a girl that pink is the main clothing color for girls or that she would totally love pink and I'd be surrounded by pink the rest of my life! :) I guess God knows I needed a boy! haha! So nice to see a clothing company that departs from the norm (and lets your little girl express her tastes! I have always been a fan of green myself! such a soothing color).

  52. I used to buy my son their SeeKaiRun line and haven't had a chance to try the Eleven collection so it would be great! He's due for a new pair of sandal type somethings and of course I love their quality.
    inalak at msn dot com

  53. These are so adorable.......the Chloe Berry is one I've been eyeing for awhile now....and my daughter has almost outgrown this summers shoes. Perfect timing...fingers crossed!

  54. I just browsed their website and I think I like Chloe in Berry or Pink best! Very cute shoes on the whole though! It's hard to pick one!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  55. I have heard endless good things about this company but I still have yet to make a purchase. During the summer my 3yo is all about his Crocs. Easy on, easy off, easy to clean, no socks, and no stink! But if I'm being honest I know that they're probably not the best shoes to be running around in. Come Fall we'll invest in a sturdy pair of sneakers. We've bought Stride Rite in the past but I'm looking for a change. Maybe Eleven it is!

    PS..As much as I love having a little girl and all the pink and purple that goes with it I also love throwing things off and putting her in oranges and yellows and blues and greens! I agree with you 3yo 100%. Green looks divine on her.

  56. I have not seen this brand of shoes before, but they are cute! My daughter would look great in a pair once she grows a little.I am going to check these out for a few birthday gifts we have coming up. I love the fact you have a wide selection of colors to choose from.

  57. I don't have any Eleven shoes, but I love the shoes. They are so, so cute! Oh and my 3 year old loves blue and has never changed from that.

  58. My 21 month old is about to outgrow his size can that be??? These are adorable, not too babish, and they look so comfy!

  59. Your daughter definitely looks great in green! I think it's hard not to impose certain "gender" colors on our kids, and it's so cool when one of them decides for themselves that they like something unique. My "tween" son, for example, loves purple. It's hard to find purple things that aren't girly, but we can usually find shirts that work. Gotta love an independent thinker!

  60. My daughter doesn't have a clear color preference yet, though she is sometimes drawn to red. I don't want to impose my tastes on her, I just don't know hers yet. (I've tried showing her things in two different colors to see which one she'll take. She solves it by taking both.) I'd actually love to see more girl things in blue, which was always my favorite color. (Love the eleven shoes, by the way, plan to get a pair when her feet a just a little bigger!)

    1. I agree about blue! Both of my girls have sparkling blue eyes and they look absolutely stunning in blue. Unfortunately, that color is VERY hard to find for little girls (even harder than green!).

  61. I love that they offer other colors besides what people think are girl colors. Green has always been a favorite of our girls. Those Chloe shoes in green are adorable. We have a pair of orange shoes that the girls love as well and you don't see many girls shoes that come in orange.

  62. I've looked at these before. They are so nice, but I just wonder if they'd be wide enough for my son... maybe the sandals so he could have some dressy summer sandals!

  63. When my oldest was around age 2-3 he loved the colors pink & purple, in fact he had a pink cake for his 2nd birthday. We've always tried to raise him that there were no "girl" or "boy" colors, but now that he's almost 5 all the sudden he's decided that pink & purple are only for girls =)

  64. I love the Eleven brand. We've owned a few pairs for my girls and they are always so durable, comfy and cute!

  65. Oh I love all those green shoes! We are huge fans of see kai run and will move up into eleven shoes shortly as my daughter continues to grow. They are such great sturdy shoes for a reasonable price and never leave red marks or make her feet sore!

  66. Very cute shoes! My kids' favorite colors seem to change. Right now my youngest definetely likes pink and purple but for a while she loved yellow.

  67. So, SO adorable. Their shoes are stinkn' cute.
    My little girl is very traditional, though. She likes Pink first, and purple second. Ha!

  68. My oldest will say that her favorite color is blue or purple - although given her mood she's all about the pinks. We'll be needing new shoes for her in the fall and everything they offer is adorable. I really like the Cate style (in both green and pink).

  69. every time you write about these shoes i almost buy some. the ones on the left are super cute! my daughter's favorite color is probably pink or purple, but definitely not because we force it. in fact when she was a baby i often sought out the clothes that were not pink and purple so that she would have variety. some girls just love pink and purple no matter what you do :)

  70. These shoes are super cute! I looked at the website and some of the styles look like something that I would wear. These are soooooo out of my price range though. I am crossing my fingers that I win a pair!

  71. "I am Canadian, please do not enter this comment in your giveaway"

    I just wanted to say that so far our little goose are loving pink, but I remember loving blue at a very young age and still do, I used not to like pink but after 3 girls I got use to it LOL

  72. We have loved See Kai Run shoes for my little girl. Now her foot is getting so big so fast, she's already in the Eleven shoes! They are so cute!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  73. I have mentioned it before, but See Kai Run shoes were the ONLY shoes my daughter could wear (due to her puffy, chubby, delicious feet). I love that they graduated and created Eleven shoes. The styles are so cute and stylish...and they are SO well made! I love that your girl has a unique sense of style and that you foster that in her. I keep saying it, but you are a great mom! I almost can't wait to see how your girls are going to change the world as they grow!

  74. These look so cute! My 4 year old would love to select a shoe (or ten) from their collection. She starts pre-school next month and would love some new shoes.

  75. They always have such cute shoes for girls! I love the styles they have and it looks like it is so well made. I haven't had the chance to try these shoes personally however I would love to.

  76. My nephew has some Eleven shoes, and I love them. Such cute, classic styles for both boys and girls! And it's always great to find shoes that are such great quality you will be able to pass them on to your other kids too!

  77. I love green, too! And yes, you're right about girls stuff being over done in pinks. One of my girls does not like pink at all!

    And these shoes are super cute - I would love any of them for my two youngest, but especially love the Cate.

  78. I love that your daughter's favorite color is green. She looks adorable in it. The green shoes on the far left are my favorite. Too bad they don't come in my size. :-) For my little boy I would probably pick the Josef or maybe the Orlando.

  79. Unbelievably adorable! And I am glad her favorite color is green. I think the scariest part of having a girl for me was the introduction of LOTS of pink. I like pink, but not every article of clothing.

  80. Yes, they are most adorable.
    My nephew would get a lot of great use out of these sandals: Rolando Brown

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