Summer Fashion: GlassesUSA

Have you noticed my new eyeglasses? I've been wearing them quite a bit lately.

Here's my vision history in 10 points:

  1. I first got prescription glasses when I was in high school.
  2. I should have had them much earlier, but my parents didn't really believe in the whole going-to-the-doctor thing.
  3. I have astigmatism in one eye.
  4. At the time, I only wore glasses when I was driving or when I had to sit in the back of classrooms.
  5. It continued this way for years.
  6. After I had my second baby, I noticed a DRAMATIC decrease in my vision.
  7. When I went to the eye doctor, she confirmed what I already knew and said, "Changes in vision are VERY common during/after pregnancy and breastfeeding."
  8. I requested contacts and, after a few days of craziness trying to figure out how to put them in and take them off, I finally figured it out. Now I like them a lot more than glasses (for a variety of reasons).
  9. Glasses still come in handy, however, and I recently got a new pair from GlassesUSA.
  10. Someday, after I'm all done having babies, I hope to get Lasik.


Summer Fashion: GlassesUSA 1

NEW GLASSES (they're the First Lady frames):

Summer Fashion: GlassesUSA 2

Which do you like better (or do you think another style would look better on me)? Tell it to me straight.

Summer Fashion: GlassesUSA 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of single vision glasses online from GlassesUSA. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, July 17th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Glasses USA sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 pair of glasses for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #30 Allison. Congratulations!

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115 comments on “Summer Fashion: GlassesUSA”

  1. I like your new glasses, they're similar to mine! I do want another pair, but I don't know how it works to buy them online

  2. I have had glasses since -probably 2nd grade & I got contacts in high school because I was so tired of wearing glasses all the time. Now I like to wear both, so a new pair of fashionable glasses would be fabulous. I love the Yoshi Ayaka - 3064...I am expecting my first baby this winter I hope my vision either stays the same or improves, I cant take it getting any worse! Haha..

  3. As an eyeglass wearer it is so important to have at least two pairs in case one breaks. I've never tried GlassesUSA. I love the Calvin Klein 694 frames.

  4. I need some good quality sunglasses. I have had lazer eye surgery and should not be wearing the $5 sunglasses any more. I need to take care of my "new" eyes!

  5. I like the new ones on you, but maybe a bot more narrow since you have such a slender face. Very nice though.

  6. I have been wearing glasses since they only had two choices for girls and two for boys. Brown speckled frames that were guaranteed to get you picked on. Now my glasses spend more time on top of my head then on my face, or I am looking all over the house for them. Hate it when I eventually find them on top of my head. As you have little ones, who seem to love snatching glasses off of mommies face, just make sure the news ones come back strong after a bounce or two.

  7. i just got my eyes checked but dont have the extra cash to get new glasses. insurance didnt cover as much as i thought. :( i could REALLY use these.

  8. I have been wearing glasses since 2nd grade. They have definitely become part of my life, and I love having a variety of different specs to wear.

  9. I actually like the old ones but then I prefer wire frames to the plastic frame look. I would be worried about getting a good fit ordering on line. I just wear my glasses for night driving but I do need to get a new pair, the anti glare on mine is rubbing off

  10. I like your new specs a lot - they're a lot more distinctive and "eye-catching" for sure! I've been looking for a new eye-look myself - would love to try some retro black plastic frames and I found several nice choices at Glasses USA. Thanks for the chance!

  11. My tri-focals are 4 yrs. old so new glasses sounds like a great prize. It would be wonderful to be able to read up close without taking off my glasses.

  12. I like the new glasses you chose! They look very fashion forward, and although your previous ones were cute, they look more casual and for everyday wear whereas the new ones look like they could be worn even for a special occasion attire.

    I tried contacts but went through so much heck trying to see out of them, that I just stick with my glasses now (when I wear them...shame on me)

  13. My daughter needs new glasses before she returns to school. I've ordered glasses for myself online, and had wonderful results. I know my daughter would love the chance to shop online at GlassesUSA.

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  14. A few things... first off, has anyone told you that you look like Pam from The Office? Cause you do... especially your banner. Anyway, what does popping out babies have to do with Lasik? Its like a 1 day recovery time, my hubby had it done years ago and he loves it. The only thing stopping me is that my insurance doesn't cover $.01 of it... yet... Lastly, I could use a new pair of specs until my insurance wises up, thanks for the giveaway :)

  15. I'd love to get some new glasses. I lost my insurance a while back and I'm a college student so I have the college insurance, but it doesn't cover the eye doctor. My glasses broke (the side of the frame, ouch!) and so I've been wearing an older pair because the prescription is similar. They have some lovely glasses on this site. I particularly like the Alicia frames in black, and what an amazing price!

  16. This would actually be a wonderful prize for me. I started teaching last fall and started using the eye insurance through my work. It is a complete joke. It only covers a part of my contacts cost, and nothing towards lenses or frames. This would be such a blessing for me! :)

    macd9900 at gmail dot com

  17. P.S. (Don't count this for the giveaway) - I just LOVE your site, and your free attitude, and I think you get much better comments than people at other sites who demand a lot!

  18. I personally like the new frames better -- they just have a bit more style and attitude!

    I need new glasses myself -- my frames have been man-handled one too many times by my toddler, and now they sit all wonky on my nose.

  19. I've been wearing contacts now for 25 years and it's caused many problems for me. I've got scarring on my eye from them cutting my eye. We can't afford to get glasses right now but I'm praying for the day to come to get a pair. These contacts are driving me crazy.
    I think the bottom picture of you with the chunkier frames would look a lot better if they were not so wide. In the top picture you look really good too!
    Thanks! for the great giveaway;)

  20. I've had 20/20 vision until I turned 41! It was very difficult for me to get used to wearing them for reading and work. I am in need of a new prescription now, so I appreciate the chance to win!

  21. I have been meaning to get new classes for about two years now, I got really nice ones but the lenses have been messed up for way too long like a year and half. I think the spray for anti-reflective came off, anyways got spots on my lenses that make it really hard to see. So I could really use new glasses!

    [email protected]

  22. I wore glasses from age 5 to age 40 when I had the surgery. Now I am afraid that I need reading glasses. Thanks for the chance.

  23. I like that you can buy everything online now, but I think it must be difficult to pick out glasses online without trying them on.

  24. LOVE your new glasses! I have a similar frame. I have worn glasses since I was 11 and, like you, found that my eyes went wonky after babies. I actually tried contacts for the first time when I was 27 but even now, feel most "myself" in my glasses so wear them almots exclusively.

  25. I like your new style. Very cute! The glasses on this site are so cheap! And it looks like they have some good looking styles.

  26. I like your new glasses because they make you look modern, chic and smart (not that you were not any of these before-I often marvel at how you are all of these PLUS have 2 kiddos, too!) but I also like the way you look in the other ones-they are more subtle and flatter your natural beauty.

  27. I definitely like the new pair of frames! I've been wearing glasses since I was 6...tried contacts around jr high but then they started giving me really bad headaches and dry eyes, and after trying several different brands I just decided it was easier in the end to stick with just glasses - although I would love to get Lasik someday!

  28. I like the new ones (the old ones look good too!) and I've been wearing glasses since elementary school and wish I didn't have to wear them! Contacts are a lifesaver but I don't like wearing them every day...

  29. I have been wearing glasses or contacts since I was in the 4th grade. Now my 5 year old is already on her second pair - poor thing she has my and my husbands bad eyesight. I just hope my little one will have perfect eyes but I know better! I like you old pair better but the second pair are more fashionable.

  30. I've been wearing reading glasses for the last 5 years. I love the glasses you wear in the first picture. I'm very careful that the frames don't overpower and yet are large enough so that you're not looking at them when you wear them. At any rate I can use a new pair of readers.


  31. I've noticed you wearing glasses more in some recent pictures, and think your new ones look super classy! I've worn contacts for years, and glasses at night. But had to go to glasses only for a month or two recently, and got quite used to that look (it took a little getting used to to finally feel like I looked "intelligent" instead of "nerdy" ;)

  32. I got LASIK about 10 years ago and have loved every minute of it since! Because I can't hear very well, not being able to see very well, either, get the picture! Don't enter me in the giveaway (sounds like likes of other people could use these glasses!) but I wanted to say I like your new frames better than the old ones, but you have a face shape that can do a variety of styles.

  33. I liked your old ones... That's probably because they are like my "new" ones :) I personally prefer curvier styles, but I do have to say that the new ones suit you to a tee and they do look nice.

    My vision changed a lot after pregnancy too. My prescription was so different I had to phase in wearing my new glasses and felt really dizzy for the first few days. I can see a lot better now though!

    Have you been to a dentist recently? That was the other pregnancy-related change - suddenly a tooth with "inactive decay" (ie a small cavity that had been stable for the last fifteen years) started acting up. Hormones!

  34. I like the new ones! They're cute. Mikelle just got some new ones at her eye doctor and LOVES them. I've never needed glasses, but there are times when I love the look of them and almost (but not really) wish I needed them so I'd have an excuse to get cute ones.

  35. This would be perfect- just had my yearly eye exam last week and planned on buying new glasses online this week!

  36. I like the new glasses. I think my next pair will be frames that are a little darker. I would love to get Lasik too but it won't be in the budget for a while. Thanks.

  37. Cute glasses. I have a pretty conservative pair, but would like a trendy pair to wear sometimes too. When I was 3months pregnant with my first child is when I suddenly needed glasses. We went to church one week and I could see things fine...2 weeks later I asked my husband if the screen was really blurry to him too (it wasn't). When I got my glasses fitted, the lady kept asking me what happened to my old pair because she couldn't believe my vision changed so quickly and I hadn't had glasses before. It hasn't progressed one way or another 8 1/2 years later.

    I usually wear contacts more in the summer (so I can wear sunglasses). It took me a while to get the hang of it too!

    Oh and a question about eyesight. Have you had your daughters' vision tested? After finding out my son has a bad astigmatism when he was 5, I'm an advocate of taking babies to the eye doctor to be checked out before they can tell you if they are having a hard time seeing something.

    1. Actually, yes. We took our 3-year-old to the eye doctor about 6 months ago. We'll likely take her again when she is 4.

  38. I love your new glasses! I think that style is so cute, but I just can't pull it off. I've got a square jaw, so I need something a little more round. I'm digging the Politix. But I like the prices even more!

  39. Your new frames look fabulous! I seriously can't get over how many awesome things you have to giveaway this week! I'm excited for the winners even if one of them doesn't end up being me!

  40. My whole family has glasses. My oldest son has been wearing them since he was 3, now he's 22. It isn't easy to find frames that look great and are comfortable to wear all day.

  41. I did notice your new glasses-they are totally stylish and cute! I sat on my glasses and while they still work, they have a squashed look. I am trying to decide what style I want next.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  42. Both are good but I think I like the old ones better.

    Now that my husband is unemployed a site like this would come in handy. We have no insurance.

  43. I definitely like the new ones better. I've never worn contacts or even tried them. I'm not sure if I'd really like to. I like my glasses-when I can find them, that is!

  44. I like the second pair. I have worn glasses since I was in 4th grade. I have worn contacts but have never really liked them and I have tried many different kids. I just mostly wear glasses.

  45. I think I like your newer glasses...the darker frames and the rectangular shape are both flattering. I'm not sure if there is a Glasses USA near me, but I definitely need to update my glasses...just trying to figure out where to go that our insurance will cover!

  46. I like the new ones better than your old ones, but the old ones don't look bad at all. I also have astigmatism in one eye and my vision got worse after pregnancy too. Could use a new pair, thanks!

  47. I like both of your glasses, but the new ones are a pinch more stylish. :) Seeing as I just caught my glasses arm in the bathroom drawer last night, bending it almost to the snapping point, I'll cross my fingers for this give away.

  48. I like your new frames. Maybe cuz they look so much like my new frames. Ha!
    I used to wear contacts most every day. Now, I wear my glasses a lot. I think I am too tired & dry eyed now days for contacts...

  49. I have also worn glasses/contacts since high school. I currently wear contacts but wouldn't mind a new pair to change things up. I do like your new ones...honest! Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. I have noticed your new glasses in a few of your recent posts. Cute! Very cute! I am supposed to wear glasses, but rarely do. I have a hard time finding frames that suit my face. Well, it has been over four years since I last went to the eye doctor and had new glasses! I have astigmatism in my right eye. I don't realize how poor my vision is until I put my old glasses on. I do need to get a new prescription though...just to make it to the eye doctor and spend the money...I have never tried contacts. Y'all that can put them in without problems are talented! My eyes water just thinking about it :-)

    1. You are so encouraging, Nini! Thank you for the compliment!

      I just got contacts for the first time about 6 months ago. At first, it was difficult to put them in and take them out. Now I do it in seconds! Yay. :)

  51. I like your new pair better! The rectangular frames look great on your face. i have been wanting a pair of darker rimmed ones like that too-- they are sort of nerdy - chic! Thanks.

  52. I like the plastic square rims. I have a pair and think they're super cute. I have noticed a drastic change in my vision with this 3rd pregnancy. Everything is blurry! I'm hoping it gets better after I have the baby, but I know that an eye doctor appointment is awaiting me as well.

  53. I like the new frames on you best! I too wear both contacts and glasses - I first needed them whenever I was 12 years old. In August our whole family is going back in for eye exams, and I'm looking forward to getting some new frames myself!

  54. hmm.. I have to admit that I like the first pair better, I think the darker frames are nice for the newer pair but maybe its the rectangle frames I don't like. I've worn glasses since second grade, haven't bought a new pair in almost ten years. oops. I think I need to go shopping!

  55. I have been wearing glasses since I was in 2nd grade...that's a really long time considering I'm 51 now

  56. I am in desperate need of a spare set of glasses! My son has busted out the lens on mine 3X now and it is a 45 min drive in old glasses to get them repaired!

  57. I actually like the style of the new frames, being thicker and more noticeable than the old ones... but I actually agree with another commenter that I think they're too overwhelming for your face... just too wide. I bet if they were more petite they'd be perfecto for your sweet little face. But what do I know? Wear what you like :)


  58. I love your new ones! I was diagnosed as legally blind when I was I have very much experience in contacts and glasses. I usually look for glasses at Costco, I will have to check out glassesUSA, it is time for a new pair!

  59. Hubby really wants me to get contacts and forgo wearing glasses, but I just can't get contacts in - and I don't mind wearing glasses, I've done it since I was 9 years old. I have considered lasik, but it isn't high on my list of things that I want to do with that amount of money... oh well, one of these days I might give it a try!

    I can't decide which of your glasses I like better. Personally I prefer glasses that don't shout at me so I'm leaning toward your old pair, but at the same time I think bolder glasses do look good on some people so I like your new ones too :)


  60. I just got my first new glasses in 8 years and was surprised that my prescription has barely changed.

    The first picture I saw with your new glasses, I wasn't sure if it was you! I think they are quite stylish. They change the overall appearance of your face a lot though - make your face appear more thinner / more oval.

  61. Oh, to be able to go back to single vision glasses or contacts! I've been wearing progressive bifocals for 3 years now. I had lasik 11 years ago, but knew up front that I wasn't a good candidate and would need readers. Eyes are so bad they can't get the left any better than 20/30, even with contacts. I love my current frames, but have replaced them twice in the last year because my dog sneaks them off the night stand while I'm in the shower.

    The new frames are much more attractive. They look like the glasses that people who don't need correction wear to look smart. Just don't forget to have good, UV resistant sun shades or Transitions lenses to protect your eyes from the relentless Arizona sun.

  62. I was actually all signed up for Lasik last summer and then found out I was pregnant... I lost that baby, but I think it was God's way of telling me not to go through with it since I was still wavering. To be honest, now I probably will never do it. My eyeglass fitter guy (don't know what his title is) actually told me that by 40 you usually need reading glasses anyway no matter what so since my main reason to get Lasik was not to have to wear glasses at all... I don't exactly see the point. Too much risk for too little gain for me. (I have to wear my glasses all the time as contacts irritate my eyes and my glasses sometimes really bother my head behind my ears which is why I was contemplating the Lasik).
    I know some people who are almost blind without their glasses, but since I can still function normally without them I'm okay.

  63. My husband wears glasses and has as long as I have known him. He tried contacts and just couldn't get the hang of it. I prefer him with glasses anyway as that is the way I have always known him. I love when he gets new glasses though, it is like a mini make over and new husband!!

  64. Here's my vision history:
    1. I've had glasses since 3rd grade.
    2. My mom didn't believe me at first when I said I couldn't see the blackboard because it used to be "cool" to wear glasses. But the school nurse confirmed my visionary complaints.
    3. I got contacts in 7th grade.
    4. In theory I'd like to wear my glasses more often. In reality they really annoy me.
    5. I have AWFUL vision and never go further than the distance b/t my bedroom and the bathroom without either my contacts or my glasses.
    6. My contact prescription on my left is -5.50 and my right is -5.25.
    7. I've only met one other person whose vision is worse than mine.
    8. Nobody else in my family (mom, dad, siblings) wears glasses.
    9. My vision prescription hasn't changed in about eight years.
    10. When I'm finished having babies I, too, hope to have lasik. But I'm a tiny bit scared.

    Your new frames is super sophisticated. If they don't bother you, you should definitely wear them more often!

    1. I'm a "tiny bit scared" about Lasik too, but quite a few of my friends have had it done with great success. Plus, my eye doctor recently told me that I'm an ideal candidate! :)

  65. My vision hasn't changed really because of pregnancy, but my eyes get SO dry during nursing that glasses are the way to go. So a new pair of cute glasses would be great, since I have a new baby coming any day!!!

  66. I love your new frames. I just had my vision checked and realised that my vision has changed during my pregnancy. I guess it happens to some of us out there. I never really knew this.

  67. i usually wear contacts, too... about 98% of the time. i used to wear my glasses only for driving and watching tv. then, a few years ago, a doctor told me i should be wearing them way more than that. so i started wearing them every day, and guess what, i could see clearly all of the time! i originally requested contacts so i could wear any sunglasses i wanted without having to worry about getting prescription lenses. i can't imagine not wearing my contacts now... unless it's just around my house. my driver's license even says that i should be wearing corrective lenses.
    so that's my eye story... i really like your new glasses, by the way. they look great on you! i'd love a new pair. i'd probably wear them more... i just haven't wanted to spend the money on an updated pair.

  68. I love your new frames! I am in desperate need of a new pair of glasses since my little boy twisted mine and then snapped them in two. I wear contacts almost all the time, but I do like my glasses too, especially for late at night and early morning.

    1. I'm the same way. I wear my contacts almost every day, but I usually wear my glasses from about 7pm onward.

  69. I love the new glasses on you! I have been telling my husband for months that I need to go back to the eye doctor. I love wearing glasses, though, and hate contacts.

  70. Glasses are important when you have to wear them everyday. Sadly, my thyroid disease has caused dry eye which made me give up contacts in favor of full time glasses. That is okay because I refuse to wear plain glasses. My last ones had rhinestones at the corner, and I LOVED them. My new ones are more similar to yours, plastic square and a bit chunky. Again, I LOVE them. My prescription sunglasses are oversized and I feel very stylish in them. That is what matters. Do YOU love your glasses? You should, they look great on you!

  71. I love them! I love the darker frame... as much as I hate wearing glasses, I think going with a dark frame rather than hiding behind a lighter one is the way to go.
    You know I've been wearing mine more, for a variety of reasons. I do not like them, but it's a way of life for me. Lasik is in my future, I hope. But who knows when... it's pretty pricy.

  72. I love your new frames! I really need to get some new ones, but I only really wear them at home, so it's always low on the priority list. I hope to get Lasik also, but will have to wait also. I've been wearing glasses since I was in 5th grade and my parents didn't believe me when I told them I tried a friend's on and I could see better. I started wearing contacts in Jr. High because my eye sight got worse to where I had to wear my glasses all the time. Jr. High is hard enough, why add to the pressure! But believe it or not, after 3 babies, and my eye sight has pretty much stayed the same in the last 5-6 years. We'll see how it is after this one. Anyway, love your frames and wouldn't I love a new pair! :)

  73. I like your new glasses.

    I found some frames I LOVE almost two years ago and my 8 month-old tore them off my face and dropped them on our wood floor. Sadly, they did not survive the blow. Now I wear them morning and night (in between my contacts and bed) with one lens falling out of the frame. I desperately need to find more frames I like, but haven't been able to yet. I think I shouldn't be so picky!

  74. Oh I simply adore your new frames! I'd love to get a pair of plastic frame glasses, unfortunately they don't look very good on me.
    I started wearing glasses in 2nd grade. After having my 1st baby my eyes changed a lot. After my 3rd baby my vision decreased even more. I am now considered legally blind without my glasses on. I have not tried contacts in years, literally since high school.
    I'd love to get Lasik, but was told that I do not qualify because my vision changes too much.

  75. I am in desperate need of new glasses. After 6 kids, I'm surprised I can still see :) I have noticed a big decrease recently and have been intending to make an appointment - maybe winning this will be the motivation I need!

    (PS - I like both your frames!)

  76. I like your new ones and I would be the person spending waaay to much time trying all different shapes/sizes on!


  77. I actually meant to tell you this earlier that I really do like your new frames, I just kept forgetting. Thats funny that you would have a post about it.

  78. I love your new glasses. They look super cute on you.

    I just got contacts and man that first week I almost gave up. Now I really like them.

    1. Contacts are hard to get used to, aren't they? It took me 30 minutes or so to put them in (and take them out) when I first got them. Now I do it in seconds! :)

  79. I think I'm the odd man out here. I like your old glasses. I think the new ones are a smidgen too wide for your face. I like the chunkier frames, but they are a bit overwhelming for your delicate features. But, of course, you are adorable as always!

    1. Thanks so much for your honesty (and your kind words too)! My one complaint about my new frames is that they're a little too wide (as you said). But I still love them.

  80. I have an eye exam on Tuesday... much needed and long overdue. I can't wait to get new glasses. I have had my current frames for over 6 years!

  81. I haven't noticed much of a difference in my vision since I had my daughter except that I can't tolerate wearing my contacts as long as I could before. So of course I am wearing my glasses more often. I would love to get new glasses since my current ones are 6 years old! I first got glasses in the 5th grade. They were Sally Jessy Rafael style frames which I thought looked totally awesome at the time, but everyone made fun of me anyway :( Thank goodness eyeglass fashion has changed!

  82. I like your newer glasses. One possibly bright thing to look forward to: my mom wore glasses from age 4 till her 4th pregnancy, when her vision improved dramatically to almost 20/20, and she got a 15 year break before she had to start wearing reading glasses again!

    1. Such a great story, Jessica! I've definitely heard from many women that pregnancy actually IMPROVED their eyesight. What a treat that would be! I guess I better have another baby and see what happens. ;)

  83. Confession: I haven't got new glasses in 10 yrs. I mostly wear contacts because I was always afraid of the "nerdy" factor but there are so many great styles now I really should get a good pair.

  84. I've been meaning to get to the eye doctor since having Thatcher because my eyes changed drastically in the second pregnancy too. You look beautiful! I like having both to choose from, but I think I prefer your old ones.

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