Summer Fashion: Lil' Dressers Drawer Labels for Kids

Summer Fashion: Lil' Dressers Drawer Labels for Kids 1Every morning, my 3-year-old picks out her outfit for the day. Usually, she yells, "Don't come in here!" while she lays everything out. Then, she takes me by the hand and proudly displays her choices. She beams, her smile lighting up the room. Her little hands clench in excitement.

"Does it match?" she'll ask. It almost always does. If not, I'll say, "Well, that red kind of clashes with this orange, but you can still wear it if you want [and I mean it when I say that]. Or I can help you pick out another shirt/skirt." And I always try to remind her that beauty comes from her heart - from loving God and loving people.

Summer Fashion: Lil' Dressers Drawer Labels for Kids 2She can find all of her clothes independently, thanks in part to Lil' Dressers Drawer Labels for Kids. They're reusable labels that identify clothing stored in dresser drawers. Each package comes with 18 drawer labels that can be colored with crayon or marker (which, of course, my 3-year-old did gladly...and -wow - she is becoming a pro at staying in the lines!).

Reasonably priced at $9.50/package, the fun-to-use labels are made in the a mom.

As a side benefit, my 3-year-old can also help put away her own laundry now (and Tim can no longer claim that he doesn't know where the girls' clothes go). ;)

Summer Fashion: Lil' Dressers Drawer Labels for Kids 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a Lil' Dressers Drawer Labels Package (Girl's or Boy's - your choice!). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, July 17th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Mostly Organized Moms sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 package for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #42 Crystal @ Semi-Crunchy Mama. Congratulations!

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46 comments on “Summer Fashion: Lil' Dressers Drawer Labels for Kids”

  1. What a cute idea! I wonder if this would be an incentive for my kids putting away their clothes too LOL. A mom can dream can't she?

  2. My daughter is only 7 months old and I wouldn't even dream to think that they made these stickers. They are great! I'd love to win them for her.

  3. Loved your comment about Tim knowing where the clothes go! My 3 year old can put his clothes in the right spots and pick stuff out. But my husband always claims he can't find the right clothes so I should do it. I need this for DH but my son would love them too.

  4. What a great idea! I have a nine month old now, so she would totally be able to use these for several years. Why can't husbands remember where all their clothes are stored? You would think we change it on them every day!

  5. I like that these cute labels are reusable and made in the US! These would really help out my daughter!

  6. What an ingenious solution. And I love the bonus, my DH uses that excuse ALL the time.

    Do they peel off easily? Non-damage to dressers? That'd be my fear

    1. Yes. They definitely peel off easily. In fact, perhaps they peel off a little TOO easily. My 1-year-old thinks it's super fun to try to un-stick them from her older sister's we have to watch her closely! ;)

  7. What a great idea- Doesn't matter girls/ boys we dont know what we're having, but I did buy an over the closet organizer for the baby's clothes so this would be great for having other folks put them away when this little one arrives.

  8. I made labels very similar to these for my kids toys, I don't know why I didn't think of it for their dressers.

  9. Wow! This is such a great idea and so simple too! This would help my little girl be more independent when she picks out her clothes and when putting them away! Great contest!

  10. I would love to get these for my girls! They both love to help put the laundry away. These would be perfect to help them know what clothes go in the different drawers!

    1. Yes, I think they would as long as the surface is flat. Our 1-year-old has a wood dresser w/ a raised basket weave front and the labels kept peeling up around the edges, but...the labels are sticking just fine on our 3-year-old's smooth wood dresser (pictured above). :)

  11. My kids love putting stickers on things and these would be great for labeling or organizing their stuff.

  12. These are a great idea! Sugar isn't helping to pick out her own clothes yet, but these would be great for when she does start deciding what she wants to wear and learning to help put away her laundry!

  13. This is such a super idea! My daughter just moved into a big girl bed and are moving her clothes to a dresser. This would be a super way to get her (and daddy) to help keep organized and dressed in the AM!

  14. What a creative idea! This would really help my son, and I like that they are reusable, because I am always switching clothing from one drawer to another which is part of my son's confusion! So reasonably priced, as well!

  15. that's so very cute. your story and the labels. :) baby sophia is only 2 months now but when she gets older, i do hope she'll have fun being creative by picking her own outfits. :) love this giveaway as well!

  16. I haven't seen these before, but I think they're a great idea. I like that everyone in the house easily can identify where certain items go, including kids.

  17. What a great idea! My little guy already chooses which shoes to wear, I'm looking forward to his choosing outfits. :)

  18. What a cute idea! I especially like the comment about Tim :)
    Lilly picks out some "doozie" outfits... which I not-so-secretly love!

  19. These are great! I think they would help ME as much as they would help the kids... LOL! I tend to not be very organized when it comes to clothes.

  20. I just put my 3-year old's clothes in his bottom drawers and am getting ready to have him pick his own clothes out. These labels are a great idea.

  21. Perfect! When Michael was younger, I fund these amazing drawer pulls at Target - 3D shirts, socks, undies, shorts, and pants. I bought them all, and some in duplicate. Jack uses them to this day - we have had them for quite a while!

  22. Do those dresser labels come with a dresser? lol My girls clothes are stacked up in the closet on shelves. I should start looking at garage sales.

  23. I love the comment about your husband! my husband never puts the laundry away and when he does, it takes me forever to find whose clothes went in whose drawers! This is such a cute idea.

  24. This is such a cute idea. My girls are always ripping stuff out of the drawers and never knowing where to put them away. My husband also gets confused when I ask him to help put the laundry away. This would be great for all three of them!

  25. I would love to have these! Our kids both "struggle" finding the right places to put away their clothes and these stickers would make that chore so much easier for them (and me!)

  26. These would be a great tool for my 2 and 4-year-olds - who both so want to be independent :) And what a great help for them to be able to put away their laundry in the correct places!

  27. Those would be most helpful for my sweet husband... who truly doesn't know what goes where in the girls' dressers. The girls almost always choose a cotton sun dress on these hot summer days, and they don't need any help getting ready anymore either. It is nice, but we have the occasional mis-match day and that's okay with me.

  28. I love how you reinforce independence and I think I'll have to borrow your line " beauty comes from her heart" as that is a great way to describe it! I think the more little one can do for themselves the better. Plus no excuses from anyone else helping with the laundry!

  29. This is great. I can't wait until we are at that point... The other day I asked S to go get his shorts and shirt from his room and he promptly trotted away to get them! He came back with two pairs of pants, but still...

  30. This is a really good idea. I've been encouraging my three year old to pick out his own clothes lately, but I think he could probably even put his own laundry away if we had labels like this on his drawers. =)

  31. These are so cute! I have several plastic shoe boxes in my closet and made labels for them out of scrapbooking paper, but these are so much cuter!

  32. Oh, how I would love to witness the dress-fest myself. That is such a darling story, I couldn't help but giggle & swoon. I think the drawer labels are a great thing. I was thinking of making some. I think they could be another literacy promoting tool.

  33. I need these for my HUBBY's Drawers - he has a unique system of putting things away that I still don't get after 5 years! :) But seriously, this is one of those great "now why didn't I think of that" ideas!!

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