Summer Fashion: maurices

Summer Fashion: maurices 1Maurices recently sent me a gift card and invited me to review a piece from their online store. I browsed and pondered and then...decided to give the gift card to one of you instead!

From what I can tell, maurices is geared to teens/20s. The looks are trendy, young, and modern. The prices are somewhere in-between Old Navy and Gap.

Here are a few items that caught my eye [Click on each image for more details]:

Summer Fashion: maurices 2 Summer Fashion: maurices 3Summer Fashion: maurices 4Summer Fashion: maurices 5Summer Fashion: maurices 6 Summer Fashion: maurices 7

Have you ever shopped at maurices? Is there one in your city? Is my impression of the store correct or did I get it all wrong?

Summer Fashion: maurices 8WIN IT! One winner will receive a $60 gift card to spend at maurices. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, July 17th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* I received no product or monetary compensation for this post. I’m just excited to give one of you the opportunity to buy new clothes!

*UPDATE* The winner is #18 Andrea. Congratulations!

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191 comments on “Summer Fashion: maurices”

  1. I think your assessment was spot on. There isn't a maurice's near to me, but if I won I would let my neice choose what she likes for her birthday.

  2. They have some super cool clothes...I would love to get the V Neck Kanagroo Pocket Dress, it looks very chic & comfy.

  3. I have one in Rockford IL that I shop at and theyre is another new location 7 miles away :) They always have great deals and fun accessories!

  4. Maurices is my favorite store! I love to buy dresses from there because they fit nicely and aren't short. Plus things are always on sale!

  5. I have never heard of maurices and it was nice to add another choice when I'm in need of something new. I love the button front tunic with belt.

  6. Maurices is a great store and even tho I'm older I do like to stay within trends which makes me 'not so old'. Maurices has some good quality pieces and I've even bought an amazing dress there when I couldn't find one anywhere else. I'm surprised you are giving this gift card away but Thanks! My daughter would love to share this with me, if I couldn't find anything she sure could :D

  7. This is the first I've heard of Maurice's, but I just learned that there's one out in the suburbs of my city. Looks like this is a good store to get a few of those trendy pieces each season!

  8. I've actually never been, and I don't think there is one in my area. It looks like a great store though!

  9. there is a new store here, I went in once & did find a couple of pair of cute shorts at the beginning of the summer

  10. I've never been to one. And I'm hoping that if I win I can shop online because we don't have one, that I know of!

  11. I have never shopped there, but they have some very nice things to choose from! Pretty reasonably priced as well!

  12. I've never shopped at Maurices, I don't think there's one near me but I love the site, they have lots of great stuff I'd love to get :)

  13. wow that site is ME. All the clothes and stuff are like my own personal style. i could always use some more summer clothes, since it just went from pleasant to "omg im gonna sit in my car with the ac on so i dont melt" in about 3 days and all i have are jeans!

  14. I actually really like Maurice's for their shoes. I always have trouble find shoes that I like...they have some really cute styles!

  15. I've never shopped at Maurices, my best friend raves about it though. I keep meaning to get there, but haven't yet. I can't remember the name of the jeans she said that they carry, but they are super cute!
    Thanks for the chance!

  16. There were two surprises when I visited the Maurices site. Number one was that they have plus size clothing and number two was that there is a store in Beckley, WV. I'm really hoping I win this card because it's not often that I get to enter a clothing giveaways for myself.

    fionen_ftw AT fionen DOT com

  17. Oh, I'd love to win this gift card for my sister - the blouses, skirts, and dresses at Maurice's really suit her boho-chic style, and I know she'd love to have a little shopping spree now that she's lost some weight. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  18. I have been wanting to try out Maurice's for quite some time now. A lot of my friends shop there and love it.

  19. This would be such a fun win win for myself. I make sure the kids and my husband are always looking good. I need to spend a little something on myself.

  20. I like to shop at Maurices although I have never shopped online. I may have to try that. I just went into their store the other day and I know that I could easily spend the $60!! I could use some new cute work clothes!!!


  21. I remember Maurices used to be my favorite store when I was a teen. I wonder if all there clothes still match, like if you get a green sweater, the green in the button down shirt matches the same. It used to be like that and you could buy a few pieces and intermix with ease! Great giveaway and would be a perfect opportunity to take my daughter on a shopping spree!

  22. Most of the clothes in my closet don't fit. Enough! They're heading to the Goodwill. I'd love to find great wardrobe basics at Maurices.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  23. I've never got anything at Maurice, but saw pretty some gorgeous clothes. I would love some new clothes at the moment.

  24. I've never shopped at Maurices, but I spotted several things I'd like for myself as well as items my teen granddaughters would wear.

  25. I need a new wardrobe bad..have lost weight and nothing fits me right, would love to pamper myself with some new clothes.

  26. I really LOVE Maurices. They have such cute things and I have a girls weekend coming up that I could really use some new clothes for :)

  27. We don't have a Maurice's here in Cleveland but their website looks like it's just the kind of store my 14 year old would have a blast shopping...she's now moved past the "kids" section at the stores and is in teen jeans would be great to replace her jean wardrobe with school starting in a month.

  28. Maurices has great clothes for a decent price. My daughter loves the styles.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  29. There is a store near me and I have a pre-teen who loves this store. She has finally grown into the junior sizes and she is so much fun to shop for. These clothes are a decent quality and the jeans are cut so that they fit a teen well. Well worth shopping at!

  30. No stores near me, but they have cute stuff my daughter would like! She's a tween, but loves all those trendy accessories.

  31. I use to shop there all the time before I had kids and was able to spend more on my wardrobe. I would love the chance to use this GC to get some great accesories and hopefully find a great shirt for a night out with the husband.

  32. The Maurice's in my city has large sizes (my niece was glad to find it), although a young post-modern look! It's actually a wonderful store, especially for women with hour-glass figures!

  33. Hi there. I actually have a Maurices down the road from my home, and sometimes when I get off of work, I like to go in there and look around, but I can never afford to buy anything. Every now and again I will splurge. Your impression of the store is correct!! Its full of trendy, modern, and shall I say "IN" stuff!! I still use my hobo purse I got from there a couple years ago...I love that thing!!! How nice of you to give it to someone else!!

  34. We ahve a Maurices at the mall near our home that has the cutest clothing and accessories.
    My teenage daughter loves going inthere.
    Thank you so much for the giveaway.


  35. I love Maurice's. It took me a while to go into it though because the name gave me an impression of a men's or older woman's store but I'm happy to say they have cute stuff!

  36. Years ago I shopped at Maurices. I saw that someone mentioned that they use to buy dresses there that you could wear to church. I remember that I bought a lot of my dresses from there. I have not been there in a long time. I checked out their website and they have a lot of cute tops. Thank you for the chance to win!

  37. I love their clothes, so cute and affordable! I love the Lamp Shade Two-for-One Tank Dress, thanks!

  38. I've never shopped at Maurices before and reading the description above I almost just closed this page out assuming that it wasn't a store that I'd be interested in, as I haven't been in my twenties in awhile.

    But I decided to at least go look, and while yes, it does seem to try to attract younger people in some of it's pieces, I found some really cute things that people of any age might want to wear.

    Thanks for a new place to look when I'm clothes shopping.

  39. My daughter and I both agree that we would both wear the Mixed Floral and Striped Dress. That is really strange as we have very different tastes.

  40. It may seem weird but I actually bought my wedding dress from Maurices. It was a white prom dress that was the style I was looking for.

  41. There are 2 Maurice's close to me. They do have a lot of young/cute/Forever 21 type styles, but they also have a fairly good selection of clothes more suited for late 20s/early 30s.

  42. I've never shopped there and there isn't one in my town. But we are about to head out to some larger cities on our summer vacation, so I bet I could find one on our travels.

  43. We have Maurices here, I really like some of their stuff. I think your impression is accurate. But I have found some great deals on the sale rack!!

  44. I haven't shopped at one of their stores in a long time (I once lived by one but don't anymore), but I remember they had a good selection of jeans.

  45. I have not heard of Maurice's but checked out their site. I tend to agree with your perception although I saw a few pieces that I could wear.

  46. I've not heard of Maurice's but when I checked the site they have a location in my husband's hometown in the States! So we could have a lot of fun when we go there for Christmas... (Cute stuff oyu picked. Love your eye. Maybe you should do a "What Not to Wear" or makeover series?)

  47. I have never heard of Maurices, but I like the look of their clothing. It looks like you can get some cute tops and accessories!

  48. Even though it's geared toward younger people, they have a ton of cute tops that I love. A couple of my favorites are the Textured Solid Henley and the Crinkle Plaid Smocked Henley Shirt.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  49. Love Maurices! My current handbag is from there. It is a teal blue/green hobo bag (Maurices brand0 and is the softest leather I have ever felt. I get so many compliments on it.

  50. There is a Maurices near me. Growing up in a small town, Maurices was the "cool" place to shop. I even brought my prom dress there!

  51. I only found out about maurice's and I really like their stuff! Very cool and trendy pieces. Thanks so much!

  52. I've never shopped at Maurice's but I like their items. You're right about the target market. Their sweaters are chic (see the Fold Ovr Neck Pullover Sweater).

  53. I'm in love with that green hoodie and their casual plaid shirts are adorable. Now that I'm no longer in maternity clothes I'm going to have a lot of fun shopping again. Thanks for bringing my attention to this store!

  54. I use to shop all of the time at maurices and would love to go again. I am glad they are online as well because other wise I would have to drive 3 hours.

  55. I have never shopped at maurice's, but from your description there are many items my nieces would love. I love the accessories. Who wouldn't appreciate a lovely scarf or hat?


  56. I haven't shopped at Maurice's regularly, but I'll always be fond of our local store - one day a couple of years ago, when I was several months pregnant with my 2nd baby, I had been wandering the mall for a couple of hours, trying desperately to find a cute dress to wear for my brother-in-law's wedding. Not only had I found nothing even remotely suitable, but there had been no clerks that seemed to have any interest in helping me. When I wandered into Maurices, I was nearly in tears, and the sweet, sweet sales girl there was WONderful. She pulled out all sorts of chic dresses that might work for a pregnant mama (even though they weren't maternity), and I found a perfect one - wish I could post a picture! So I'd love another chance to shop there (being not pregnant this time will help!)

  57. I haven't been in a Maurices in a long time, since High school. I actually bought my prom dress there, years ago!

    But yes, they do cater to the younger crowd, in my experience, even though there are some things I'd still wear.

  58. I love Maurices. There is one not far from where I live. My sister and I usually go every weekend to see what new clothing they have.

  59. I've never been to Maurices, nor seen one, actually! I just looked and the closest is a couple hundred miles away in San Luis, AZ. Their clothes are so cute, though, so I wouldn't have qualms with shopping online.. ;)

  60. I've never shopped here but from the website I like what they have. Seems like a great combo of styles like bebe at lower prices. I think you described it perfectly.

  61. I've never heard of Maurices, but the pages I looked at had some cute stuff! I looked mostly in the wear@work section because sometimes it's hard to find things that are cute, young, and professional. Often I struggle to find things that are neither slutty nor matronly. What about those of us who like to be modest but young and cute?? I saw some things that fit the bill on their website. :)

  62. I don't have one of these close by but my sister-in-law does in her college town. I'd love to surprise her with some fun clothes shopping money at Maurices!

  63. There's a Maurices about 10 miles from my home. My daughter loves shopping there, but it is a little young for my taste in clothes!

  64. I have not shopped there and I am not sure their target customer. The items you showed look nice. I especially think the shirts are nice.

  65. I used to shop at maurices all the time when I was in my younger teens but I haven't been there in a while I am only 23 and would love to go and find some new clothes as I am sure that they have something for me. I actually really love their style!

  66. I have actually never shopped Maurice's before. They do have one at the mall here, and I've seen it, but never gone in. I guess I'm just not a big mall shopper anymore with 3 little ones so it's not often I buy anything for myself anyway. These clothes you posted are cute!!! I'd love to go in and take a look now!! :)

  67. I have never shopped at Maurices, but according to the website there's one about 20 miles from me. I think your opinion is pretty right on, to me. But they do have some cute stuff!

  68. I've never heard of Maurices until now. Guess reviews do work. :) I agree that most of it looks most suitable for teens or 20-somethings. There's still some really cute things that I'd wear even though I'm 28. Some of it I only wish I could get away with wearing. But cute stuff either way! I have a little wishlist going now.

  69. I've never shopped at maurices, but I visited their site and really like their clothes. I also like that they have plus sizes. I'd like to buy the Deep V-Neck Knit Dress and the Roll Sleeve Jacket.

  70. We had a Maurice's in our old town. Not sure if we have one around here. I liked the store, but didn't shop there much--I prefer thrift stores, actually!

  71. I haven't even heard of this store before, but I'd love to check it out. Most of my clothes come from Walmart!

  72. My daughter loves Maurices. It is more geared towards her age. She loves their shirts, which are different than most stores. Thanks for the chance!

  73. I love maurices. Where I grew up it was the only "cool" clothing store so all my clothes were from them and I still love to shop there now even though I now live in a bigger city where I have lots of places to shop.

    autumn398 @

  74. If I am remembering the store right I thought it was trendy but not nessasarily for teens but maybe I am thinking of the wrong one.

  75. I have never heard of Maurices but if they are geared towards the teenager, I have three. I will definitely have to check them out. Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. You know I never have heard of this store, but I went to their website and found out there is a store in Pace, Florida! I drive right through Pace on way to/from work. I'm going to check them out now!

  77. Even us oldsters (ha) can find things at Maurices. I recently got a really nice blazer there on a killer sale. Also like their cute bags, fun shoes and jewelry.

  78. I feel like I stopped shopping at Maurices when I got a little fatter, but recently lost some weight and am willing to get "fashionable" again-- this would be a great way to start!

  79. These are really cute clothes. I'd wear everything you picked out in your post. I honestly don't know if there is a Maurices in or near Chicago though. There are so many stores around that I honestly don't even notice them all anymore. I just end up going to the stores I already know and like and I rarely, rarely go to the mall, so I might just be missing this little store among all the others. :-)

  80. We do have Maurices here in Utah and you are right, they do seem to be geared towards the late teens/20s group (which I left behind a few years back ;) ), but I have a pair of their jeans and I LOVE them! They fit great and their talls are nice and long (which can be a problem for me)

  81. I have never heard of Maurices before.
    My daughter would love their store.
    I am glad to see that they have some plus sizes to select from. I will remember Maurices next time I need a top.
    Some nice dress for causal times.
    I love these cute rain boots: Polka Dot Rain Boots
    I also noticed a trend - smocking - way cute.

  82. It's definitely geared toward teens, it's not a place a mom like me, with a fuller figure, would shop, but I would shop there for my daughters. I personally have not shopped there.

    This is the closest one to my daughter:
    GREENFIELD MA #1552 (sizes 0-14)
    GREENFIELD, MA 01301
    Tel: (413) 7742915

  83. I shopped their when I was first married. I bought a specific sweater that is still my husband's favorite on me. I like their stuff, but I normally shop at cheaper places, so haven't been there for a while.

  84. Maurices is one of my favorite places to shop around here. Several of my favorite tops are from that store. I usually only shop there when they have a big sale though. I would say your guess about the age they are geared for is true, although I am 31 and find that they still have stuff that is appropriate for me.

  85. I shopped at Maurices often as a teen and loved everything I bought. I haven't been inside a store in over 10 years. It seems strange that there isn't one in Tucson!

  86. I think that you're right...I have never shopped there before, but I think that there are a few things that I wouldn't mind wearing - that are still considered mommy appropriate!

  87. I've never even heard of Maurice's before...but I'd love to try them. I could use some trendy clothes :)

  88. Maurices is my favorite store! I really love that they carry Silver jeans! And they have great sales

  89. I've never shopped there before, but I bet I could rock something they sell. ;) I'm looking for a new pair of jeans.


  90. It does look a tad young, but I would most definitely wear a few of those button front shirt! Then again, tha is in my "breastfeeding mama" rotation!

  91. We have a Maurice's here - I wandered in the other day just to look around, then the kids got fussy so we left. But my 5 minute impression is the same as yours - geared more towards the 20 somethings and trendy. The sales clerks were all very pleasant and I have seen some cute stuff in the store window before.

  92. I think they have some great pieces however I haven't heard of them until this review. I'm always looking for stylish clothes though.

  93. We have several where I live and I have to agree with your assessment that they seemed to be geared towards teens/early 20's. Although I feel like it leans more towards the teens. There are still some good selections to be found though if your willing to take the time to dig through everything.

  94. We have one here and you're pretty right in your impression. Most of the time I find that both Maurices and Old Navy have very little that fits me - a larger framed person. But I do like to shop the sale/clearance racks and sometimes I really find a good deal!

  95. I would love to get one of their long twill skirts. I have been looking for something like this for a while. Thanks for the link.

  96. I think you are right, they are geared towards a younger crowd but I do think they have a few items that could suit any taste! You can't go wrong with a black wrap sweater at any age.

  97. Wow! Their desire in getting new customers through you worked! I am about to go buy a new pair of Silver Jeans from them! Stoked! I would love to have some extra spending $$ there :O)

  98. Maurices is a great place to shop when the prices come down and they do have some real neat stuff.

  99. I really like Maurices, but by the clothes I really like are always gone before they get marked down at all. :-) (And I'm a bargain shopper - can't stand paying full price)

  100. Some of my favorite basics are Maurices clothing! I also love that they have clothing that is cute and larger than a size 9. Plus, the prices are pretty good, too!

  101. Maurices sounds familiar but Im not sure if I have ever been to one. It seems like one of those stores where you can find maybe a couple of cute shirts but not a place to buy at on a regular basis.

  102. I know there was a Maurices in the town I just moved out of, I have no clue if there's one here. I never shopped at Maurices but the stuff in the window was usually cute.

  103. My 17-yo would love this store! And she would really love the chance to spend that gift card :) I'll have to introduce her to their online store for now. Thanks!

  104. One of my best friends is a manager at a Maurices. I always go there to find trendy tshirts. Their "business" section has strangely cut things in weird fabrics, but if you just want a trend or two for a season in your closet, Maurices is the place to go.

  105. I LOVE Maurices! My favorite store by far. When I was in high school, I lived in Japan. My mom and I would always go to Maurices by my Grandma's house in Minnesota when we came to visit. Then, I moved to Tucson. No Maurices to be found :(
    Recently, I discovered a Maurices in Casa hour away, but much closer than Minnesota!

  106. We have one at our mall and I usually only shop when they have a sale!! They are geared more towards 20 somethings and since I am a 20 something mom this would be a lot of fun! Thanks for the chance and the jeans you picked out as an item you liked SUPER CUTE!!

  107. The have very cute stuff. I used to shop there when I was in college (which was l-o-n-g ago), but would love another experience with a little shopping spree.

  108. I have never heard of Maurices but I do like their clothes! They look great for a busy mom who wants a little bit of trendy in her wardrobe.

  109. I used to shop at maurices also...there isn't one where I live now, but once upon a time they had very nice dresses that were modest enough for church. I think I could probably still find some things there that would work for me.

  110. I used to shop at Maurice when I lived in Idaho. There aren't any out here. I liked that they have so many sizes in one shop. One shirt I may wear a large but another style might be an xl. It is nice to not have to go to another store(read: plus size store) just because I need it to be a bit bigger.

  111. I love maurices as well and we recently got one in our town. I actualy have not bought anything since they have been here but would love the opportunity to go shopping!

  112. I love Maurices! I used to shop there all the time in Flag. You're right, it's kinda trendy, but dressier trendy than Old Navy, closer to Gap for sure. They have great sweaters/scarves etc in the winter, and I always liked their shoes and shirts. I never bought jeans there though, I'm picky bout my jeans. Oh, and the awesome dress I bought for Amanda and Mark's wedding, I got at Maurice's! :)

  113. I actually really love Maurices. Yes, it is more geared towards those things, but you can find great accessories for really cheap, and some great staple items too. My favorite thing about Maurices is there FIT. Although they cater to the younger age group, they have sizes that go all the way up to 24, and unlike their competition (like forever 21), their clothes have more room for booty and hips :).

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