Summer Fashion: Petunia Pickle Bottom

Summer Fashion: Petunia Pickle Bottom 1Raise your hand if you want a Winnie-the-Pooh diaper bag. No? How about a bag with soccer balls and baseball bats on it? Elmo? Dora? Bright pink daisies? No?

Me neither.

Couture moms-to-be want a bag that doesn't scream "dirty diapers inside here." They want a bag that is upscale, chic, elegant...a bag like the ones offered by Petunia Pickle Bottom.

The Ventura, CA company offers backpacks, shoulder bags, totes, satchels, and clutches with refined details and a sophisticated edge.

Summer Fashion: Petunia Pickle Bottom 2I recently had an opportunity to review the Boxy Backpack in Rhone Blooms. The exterior is stunning and sensible. It wipes clean easily...and also features a built-in changing pad, a detachable dirty diaper pouch, and plenty of pockets. It reminds me of something you might see in a cafe in Europe - worn by a vogue mama wearing a flowery dress w/ a gorgeous, rosy-cheeked baby on her hip.

The only downside that I can possibly see is that it's a little wide in berth (see right). Oh, and then there's the price (gulp).

Other than that, though, it's perfectly lovely and functional at the same time.

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Summer Fashion: Petunia Pickle Bottom 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a Picnic in Provence Boxy Backpack ($169; pictured left; would make a great shower gift!). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, July 17th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Petunia Pickle Bottom sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 Boxy Backpack for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #186 Rachael. Congratulations!

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398 comments on “Summer Fashion: Petunia Pickle Bottom”

  1. I am looking for a diaper bag for my first child, and I'm wanting a backpack style and can't find one I like anywhere. Just so happened to have found this post, and WHAT A BLESSING it would be to win this bag!!! :)

  2. I just had my fifth baby! This would be wonderful to own, I think it would hold everything I would ever need for my kiddies!

  3. We we suppose to post on this blog or the link on Facebook? I posted on Facebook...I hope that was ok too. Please check it out there. thanks Andrea

  4. Beautiful bag and I like the backpack style. My shoulder bag can get unruley at times and slides down when trying to alsocarry my baby.

  5. I want this so badly - to hang on the back of my daughter's wheelchair and to carry the computer she uses to talk with. I keep switching bags trying to find one that works, but I need a boxy bag for her boxy Dynavox. Other bags are too narrow.

  6. Petunia Pickle Bottom is proof that diaper bags don't need to be dowdy. Love the function of the zip-down changing pads on their bags, and the form can't be beat.

  7. i could really use this when i take my daughter to the pool! i always carry snacks & a sandwich so we don't spend so much money there, plus the backpack is so cute!

  8. Even with the "boxy" look, this is still a great looking bag. So practical for traveling and shopping with kids.

  9. This bag has so many possibilities. I'm a nurse and carry heavy reference books. This would be perfect!

  10. oh I love picnics of any kind especially small intimate ones with 2-4 people and this would be just Grand for that

  11. This seems like such a great idea. My mom's co worker is having a baby and so I think this would make such a great shower gift.

  12. wow those bags are gorgeous! a bit pricy but gorgeous. I know a mommy to be who would absolutely love one but never be able to afford it.

  13. We are expecting a baby in a few weeks and still don't have a diaper bag yet. I hope we can get one. Thank you so much!

  14. What a cute bag! I would think you could even use it after the baby out grows it, for outing or things like that. Seeing as I just found out today I was expecting, this would be perfect!

    1. Congrats on the happy news! It sounds like today was a big day for you. :)

      I wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy.

  15. It is a gorgeous bag. A little pricey but if it is good quality then I can imagine getting good use out of it!

  16. This is a really nice looking bag and seems to have all the "bases" covered. I like that the exterior can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and the liner is water resistant as well. I also like that it can be carried as a backpack or as a messenger bag.

  17. Oh my gosh that's a gorgeous bag..I'm stuck with a man diaper bag because my hubby wouldn't let me get a girly one, I would much rather carry that pretty bag around!

  18. I love the styles of the fabrics for these bags and they look great, however, I wonder how hard it would be to manage due to the width and how other mothers handle the size. But I would definately be up for finding out!

  19. You are so right. Cutesie has its place but not with the myriad of bring alongs you have when you have a little one.

  20. would love to have a chic diaper bag. I usually don't even carry one because I hate the one's I have. So my purse is always crammed full of baby stuff! This would be a life saver.

  21. That bag would last way beyond the diaper stage. That boxy shape makes it so much easier to fit in lots of essentials for any age kid!

  22. I love PPB diaper bags!!! My husband and I are expecting our first this winter and I have been scoping these out! So practical and so cute! I love the side pockets for bottles and the zip down changing pad is so convenient. Pick Me!! :)

  23. I would be so excited to win this backpack! I love how functional PPB diaper bags are with the zip down changing pad that can be used for multiple reasons to all the compartments inside to organize all the things your baby needs! They are the cutest bags on the market!

  24. Wow...I love your bags! I wish I had discovered them with my first baby! But at least I discovered you with my third! I cannot believe how gorgeous the fabrics are you use!

  25. I just discovered PPB and I am in LOVE. I really dislike the character themes as well and really love something that is unique so these bags are PERFECT!! Glad I found your blog, some really awesome stuff. I can not wait to get my first PPB!!!! Your little ones are dolls btw (I am sure you already knew this lol), what adorable pictures of them.

  26. The bag has a beautiful exterior and in spite of looking so nice it's also wipeable. I really like the backpack style. It is large enough to have room for everything you need and pockets to stay organized. Would make a fabulous gift.

  27. I LOVE Petunia Picklebottom bags and would kill for one! I'm going to be TTC soon and would really like to have one of these bags for myself. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. I have a PPB shoulder bag and i absolutely love it. I was torn between getting a shoulder bag and a boxy backpack but decided on the shoulder bag. I do wish sometimes though that i had chose the boxy back pack as i think the shoulder straps would be so handy when you need two hands. The patterns and quality of these bags are AMAZING!

  29. I've never heard of these - gorgeous! I have used a purse as my diaper bag for eons now. And it's jsut as disaterous as you can imagine. My husband calls it "The Black Hole" and it's impossible to find anything. But I jsut can't bring myself to diaper bag. This looks like a good solution!

  30. I love the color you chose and it seems like something i'd choose too. This will be great for work. I start Aug 1, I am so excited!!!!

  31. PPB just released a line for Target and 10% of the purchase price will go to Baby Buggy Charity to help families in need. I really like the idea of donating but not when the bags are made with PVC. The original (and really expensive) PPB are prettier as well and I wish they would donate some of those proceeds as well. It would make me feel more comfortable about splurging on one.

  32. So, I don't read your blog for a few days I come back to such great giveaways like a PPB bag!!! I hate those charcters diaper bags too. I don't want my diaper bag to actually look like a diaper bag. Right now I'm using a Vera Bradley bag that I got on sale, but I would rather a backpack style bag.

  33. I LOVE PPB! I have a boxy backpack style and I LOVE it! I love how much room it has because I tend to pack a lot of things! It is perfect for going on trips too! I can't wait to add more PPB bags to my collection!

  34. This backpack can serve so many purposes. It's a great work bag, diaper bag, laptop bag and all around comfort bag. There's no shortage of uses here.

    Great giveaway! Thanks for sponsoring.


  35. Cute, cute bag! I've admired this brand for a long time, but would certainly never be able to afford to buy one new! I love that there are getting to be more & more stylish, non-whinnie-the-pooh options out there.

  36. I love PPB!!! I am looking for a large bag to accomodate two boys in cloth diapers. This is a great choice.

  37. I love my Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag!! I wish I could say that I bought it new, but I found mine at a garage sale. It was a little stained in the inside and a little bit frayed and needed to be washed, but I still saw the beauty and the high quality workmanship that goes into such a product! My favorite thing about the PPB are the straps and the hardware to connect the straps! The straps are smooth, strong and so very comfortable! I am hoping one day I can afford a brand new PPB bag, but for now I am proud of the one that I have!!

  38. My favorite thing about Petunias are the beautiful patterns they use. The boxy looks like a great size bag from your photos to toss all your summer gear in & go with your little one!

  39. I love that! Not for the every day outing as we've for the most part outgrown the need for the big diaper bag, but for longer outings where we need snacks, multiple diapers, extra outfits, etc. I can think of a bunch of uses, and I do agree that it's super cute. :)

  40. I LOVE PPB! These bags are so beautiful and wonderfully functional! The Picnic in Provence also happens to be my favorite Spring 2010 pattern on the Boxy. Definitely the best diaper bags out there!

  41. These bags are beautiful! I checked out their Spring 2010 collection on their website and love, love, love it. I want the Scout Rubicon Rucksack.

  42. I know just what you mean! I have been using a Winnie the Pooh diaper bag that I got at a shower and it is time I got something a little "hipper."

  43. Man, you are having some excellent giveaways!

    I agree with two things: A little wide and I couldn't afford one. HOWEVER, I gave my daughter a high-priced diaper bag with her last baby and it is the only one that held up. You get what you pay for.

  44. I just had my third baby and am in need of a new functional diaper bag. They are hard to find.I have two older boys and I am often packing my daughter up for a full day of cheering her older brothers on, this bag seems to have everything I am looking for. I will cross my fingers that I I win! Thanks for the chance!


  45. I love PPB! They are gorgeous and functional. I splurged on a clutch (outlet-priced, but still a splurge for me) and found it to be worth every penny... even if I had paid full price for it. I especially love the changing pad, even though I had planned on removing it and not using it-- I use it all the time. A boxy would be great for those days when we're out-and-about all day and need to carry more stuff!

  46. I have had PPB bag envy since the first time I saw one. Just sooooo much nicer and sturdier than the formula branded one I used for the first 6 months. So much softer and prettier than the (much cheaper) brand that I splurged on a year ago. I finally gave in a couple of weeks ago and bought my very own PPB during their clearance sale, but I could only afford a "touring tote" not the boxy backpack I really crave. (And need: bags do not stay on one shoulder while I'm walking with, running after and scooping up my daughter.)

  47. Ohhh I just LOVE Petunia Pickle Bottom! I drool over their bags all of the time! Their prints are just gorgeous, and when it comes to quality and durability, I've heard nothing but good things! I'd love a Boxy Backpack for myself! :)

  48. Hello :)

    My 3 month old daughter has a ton of stuff....what baby doesn't, right!? I would love to have this bag not only for its amazing looks but its use. What mom doesn't want to be stylish and cute holding a little snot bubble :) Thanks!

  49. I've heard great things about their bags, and this one looks like it would be very stylish! My son is almost a year old and I still don't have a diaper bag for him yet, because I'm pretty picky, but this bag would be great.

  50. I am definitely looking for a backpack style diaper bag, and one that somehow makes me keep stuff organized. my husband is constantly complaining that i just throw everything in the bag, and he blames the bag, although i think it partly me :)

  51. I ADORE PPB bags! So fun, functional and stylish! I love how this boxy is glazed...awesome for cleanup! ;)

  52. Beautiful bags! The price is outside of our budget for items like this, but it would be great to win one :-) Right now we have just a plain black Eddie Bauer diaper bag from Target. Not very stylish at all...but my husband doesn't mind carrying it around.

  53. My wife won't stop talking about this bag and claims it is the most fashionable and quality diaper bag out there. She cloth diapers and says it has room for these along with all the other stuff she has to carry. It would be nice to win it for her.

  54. Nothing wrong with a pooh bag. To each their own. This is a beautiful bag although. It does not scream "mommy!" and looks well made. My husband would kill me if I bought one bc of the price. :)

  55. I carry a Miche big bag - love it because I can make it match my outfit by just changing the outside of the bag instead of having to completely switch bags. Fortunately I have a sis-in-law who is a distributor and she gives me a discount, otherwise... I wouldn't have more than one shell.

    That said - I love this bag and it is the type of thing I would use for a picnic, etc... I agree with you on the two downsides - the girth and the price aack!

    Let someone else win this prize. I salivated over bags like this when I was pregnant and had newborns, now that Goose is a year old we're not needing to carry as much and since we're not having any more babies I'd rather see someone who will get more use out of this bag win it!

  56. I just recently fell in love with Petunia Pickle Bottom products since I am a mom-to-be!
    I love the idea that diaper bags can be fashionable, functional and very cute!
    She's my hero for designing a line of some of the most stylish bags out there for moms :)

  57. My 1 yr old son is always on the go and keeping me on my toes. A functional yet trendy bag like this would equip me to keep up with his ever busy needs.

  58. I love PPB!! So functional and fun! The changing pad is the best part. Well besides the fantastic prints. OK all parts are great!

  59. this is a beautiful bag! i love that it is a backpack and has a "wipeable" exterior. the zip out changing pad also comes in handy. as a mommy of three boys (ages 6, 3 and 8 weeks) this would carry everything we needed from diapers and wipes to snacks, bandaids, sunglasses and wallets.
    thanks for the chance to win : )

  60. I am on my second PPB bag. My first I purchased off Craigslist and it was just too tired after my oldest baby grew out of it. I am glad they now have the "glazed" line that hold up much better than the "Japanese" fabric ones. I love these bags so much they are wonderful!!

  61. I guess when you have a baby you definitely need your hands free and this would make make a great way to tote baby stuff around apart from being stylish.

  62. I love having my hands free. It feels good to carry something so stylish when totally sleep deprived.

  63. Been eyeing those petuna pickle
    bottoms since I had my son almost 3 years ago. Now that baby # 2 is on the way, would love one!!!

  64. I've been using a Skip Hop Dash bag which has been great, but it's not nearly big enough to hold everything I need, especially on days we go to the pool. I'm hoping this Boxy Backpack will be the size I need for my every day needs! (I also breastfeed.. I can't imagine having to pack a couple of bottles in a diaper bag! How in the world do moms do it without a huge bag???)

  65. I have always heard great things about Petunia Pickle Bottom! They look awesome and sturdy (and hopefully are easy to clean).

  66. I had a couple very nice bags that went in the closet after my daughter was born since it doesn't work to carry a purse and a diaper bag. Now my wallet just goes in the diaper bag :) Having a more stylish one would be nice.

  67. I love the idea of a back pack type diaper bag. How neat is that for the zoo, etc. Also its not babyish so you don't exactly outgrow it once they're toddlers.

  68. I'd love this bag. I agree that noone wants to carry a "baby" bag around. This is stylish and looks more like a regular bag than a diaper bag.

  69. Oh what I would do for a PPB bag! You are oh-so-right about the lame diaper bags now-a-days; right now I carry a backpack I've had for years because I can't bear the thought of Elmo, etc. Not able to take that BIG gulp at this time though :) Maybe someday I can splurge...hopefully before my boys are all grown up!

  70. PPB are the best! I drool over these when I go to Nordstrom. They go with everything and not your ordinary boring diaper bag.

  71. Love PPB bags and their fabrics. This one is beautiful! The quality is amazing and this one has tons of room for a mama of two!

  72. I think this baby bag is gorgeous especially since I can use it for a day out when I get all dressed up. Thanks for the giveaway because I could never justify spending that much on a baby bag.
    rmartinclarke at gmail

  73. I never knew about PPB bags until AFTER I had kids. I recently went to a baby shower where the mama received one. I was really impressed by the quality and how well thought out the actual function of the bag was. Even though I am out of the "diaper bag" phase....I have friends and sisters that are just starting their families and I KNOW that they would love this bag!!

  74. This pattern is my favorite and love the BP style. I love the waterproof coating on this one too. Definitely worth the price IMO.

  75. This is a great diaper bag and beautiful patterns! This style is my favorite with the strap and backpack feature. I hope I win!

  76. I think this bag has a great, classic color scheme and looks functional too, with pockets for all the necessities--bottles, pacifier, etc.

  77. That is a cool bag! I love the shape of it.

    No, I have never wanted a diaper bag with dora, or elmo or anything other cartoon on it. Ha!

    I've always had a nice practical pottery barn shoulder sling. But, it would be nice to have something pretty!

  78. I can't afford Petunia Pickle Bottom, but I've been a big fan since way before I was pregnant. As a children's librarian I get to present our Baby Time storytime and the PPB bags have always been the most eye-catching out of anything I've seen in the storytime room.

  79. I love PPB bags! I have one of the smaller bags now and even though it was pricey I feel like you really get your $$ worth. I am 14 weeks prego with my second now and need to upgrade to the next size so there is room for everyones stuff! I would love to win this bag :)

  80. PPB bags are gorgeous! And they are even more gorgeous when you get a deal on them at an outlet sale! One thing that somewhat eases my mind over the cost is that PPB bags can be used way past the diaper and baby stage - I honestly would carry some of their styles as a regular purse, and not just a diaper bag. Before my son was born, I bought just a lower price range bag that looked like something my husband could/would also carry in public - that was the wrong way to think about the situation! When my husband and I go out, he usually carries our son and I carry the bag, therefore the whole "something a man would carry" reasoning didn't pan out. I now tell all my pregnant girlfriends to think about this before they settle on buying some kind of "manly" bag. Further, the bag we originally bought from Babies R Us was a brown faux suede bag and the brown dye they used on it rubbed off on my clothes, subsequently ruining one of my white nursing tanks. Needless to say, I am happy I discovered PPB.

  81. I've often looked at them on the website and drooled, the last picture was helpful, I've never seen anyone wear one as a backpack and they are pretty wide but I guess that means there is lots of room in them which would be perfect as we have a one year old and are expecting twins so a roomy diaper bag is just what we need.

  82. I have a Petunia Pickle Bottom nappy bag, and I get so many compliments for it, I feel like a celebrity sometimes! A close family friend is expecting a baby, and I so much would love her to enjoy the same feeling - and she is also so gorgeous, that the bag would enjoy being carried by her too - so I hope to win this bag for her. I love the changin pad in my bag, I not only change my baby in the bathrooms on it, but when we are out and about or when i work out and she is with me, I lay her down on that mat and she enjoy doing almost what I do. Petunia bags are truly the best combining style and function seamlessly.

  83. it looks super light and comfy, the fact that you can carry it with little girl in tow makes me want it even more!

  84. I love petunia and own many! If I won this I'd give it away on my blog:-) boxy is my hubby's go to diaper bag, mine has been the clutch or the cake carryalls!

  85. The PPB bags are beautiful and may be a little pricey for a diaper bag, but before having kids I've spent over $150 for a purse without a second thought. The best thing about PPB bags are they don't look like diaper bags, so you can still use them long after baby is out of diapers. The only problem is which one to choose, so many cute designs!

  86. I have been wanting a Petunia Bag so bad! My friend has one and she loves it. It so great because not only is it fashionable and cute, it is very useful too. My friends spent forever deciding on a bag and she absolutely loves the features.

  87. I love unique things in my wardrobe, so when I found out I was expecting our first child I was shopping in a quaint little town in TX and saw my first PPB bag... LOVED it so much I bought it! that was over 3 yrs ago and any time I leave my house next to my baby it's right there with us! Love these bags they are so practical and look new even when well used for years! Cheers for PPB!

  88. Just adopted our second baby and definitely need something bigger - LOVE all the PPB BAGS! So cute and functional too :)

  89. I am happy to see that someone has finally discovered who carries the diaper bag! Love the PPB bags!

  90. I just received the Crosstown Clutch for a present and it is beautiful! I can't wait to use it and would love to add to my PPB collection! Stylish and functional, how much better can it get?!

  91. I am having my second baby girl in the next 2 weeks and this would be a great addition since my hands will be full :) Yey!!

  92. I LOVE PPB! They are just so gorgeous and sumptuous and classy and divine - I could go on... This is the first time I have seen the Boxy Backpack on someone and I must say it is a lot bigger than it looks in the pics on it's own. I would be happy to win any of their bags they are all beautiful - my fave is Cake Collection *sigh*.

  93. LOve Petunia products-they can cost a little more than the average diaper bag but because they are not the avereage diaper bag-I have a touring tote which looks like a purse and I get compliments everywhere I go...and my baby daughter loves this bag she is always trying to get into it:)

  94. While the "glazed" style (which is the type that you reviewed) is practical as well as pretty, you should check out the "Cake" style PPB bags - I think they are Beautiful but not practical, would only use that style when going to a social event as they are very stylish.

  95. I have been wanting one of these.Petunia Pickle bottom has the best quality bag around plus the look ! It does not look like your typical diaper bag this is why i love it so much just can not afford this one

  96. are BEAUTIFUL! I don't need the diaper bag...just wanted to tell you how lovely you look in that picture...and you have some hot legs! What I wouldn't give for long, lean legs! Petunia Pickelbottom is a great company. The gals that started the company are great women and hit the target with their designs! I 'know' one of them through a friend. Another great giveaway Stephanie!

  97. Oh my goodness! Picnic in Provence is one of the two patterns I love (the other is Tea on Thames). I don't have a PPB and have been sitting on the fence about buying one after owning 3-4 diaper bags that so far, just doesn't have that "ooomph" and style for me.

  98. i have always wanted a petunia picklebottom bag, but the budget just hasn't allowed this to happen. someday....someday...

  99. would love this for my new baby come september. It is so cute! and I could defanately use a new one.

  100. I love my Petunia Pickle Bottom bags! The boxy is extremely roomy & extremely funtional especially if you are running around after a toddler.

  101. I've heard great things about these bags and love that you can wear it multiple ways and hang it from the stroller too!

  102. After hearing about Petunia Pickle Bottom on a post on BabyCenter, I was quickly hooked. I describe them to friends as Audrey Hepburn style. I love the variety of patterns and styles. I haven't really even considered the backpack style, but it does look VERY roomy! Probably great for a parent with more than one child.

  103. I love PPB diaper bags, but I have yet to own one. It just isn't in our budget, so I admire them from afar. : )

  104. It was their name that caught my attention. You can't help but feel giddy saying it. All of their bags are beautiful. But it was my husband that spotted one in the store. lol I didn't even consider getting one until he saw it. He's man enough to notice great quality and design!

  105. It is so great to know that there are beautiful "mommy" bags out there! Every mommy needs, wait deserves to have a functional & BEAUTIFUL bag to haul all that baby/kid gear around!!! I am SO hoping that my next bag will be this Picnic in Provence Boxy Backpack because I need a bigger bag! (Fingers are crossed!)

  106. Wow! I have been drooling over these bags for a while now. They are so stlyeish! I would be so honored to have one. God Bless

  107. After two kids and five years have passed, I finally wore out my dragon sunset roll boxy backpack. It was beautiful and I loved carrying it. Sort of dresses up the whole diapering idea. Needless to say, when searching for another for my third kid, I started with PPB. This one would be perfect (esp. the price... ha! Free).

  108. LOVE my PPB- a friend told me about it and I tell EVERYONE! I love all the designs- it is SO hard to pick a favorite

  109. Love PPB bags and slings. I have a touring tote and love it, but with addition of my daughter Caitlyn, a roomy boxy backpack would be wonderful! And a wonderful addition is a detachable dirty daiper pouch...also great for soiled clothes. PPB are beautiful and well made! Have mine for 3 years, and it still looks brand new!

  110. I love Petunia Pickle Bottom. I just ordered a clutch for $38 during their outlet sale, but would love to get something bigger for our little arrival coming in September!

  111. I love how the fabrics of Petunia Pickle Bottom's bags are chic and stylish yet functional allowing for easy clean up. The backpack looks big enough to tote all of the extra essentials every mom needs. I would love the opportunity to have one with my new baby on the way!

  112. I've been going between this bag and a few others. I figure the cost isn't that bad for how beautiful and useful they are. I should be using this bag for at least 3 years and usually spend between $50-$70 every six months or so for a new purse. I especially love the removable changing pad!

  113. I had a touring bag with my 2nd child cause I didn't want to carry around a cheesy diaper bag and wanted to treat myself. I used it everyday for 2 years. I now have 3 kids and have been contemplating doing a boxy backpack or shoulder bag, just gotta get over the price tag. But they're so worth it. I can still be a mom but feel cute at the same time.

  114. Great article! The price may be hefty but you can tell they are great bags that will last a very long time. Plus they are very beautiful!

  115. These bags are beautiful and very well made. It's great you can wipe them clean too! I would love to win one for my daughter.

  116. Since having a baby (6 weeks ago) I've become completely obsessed with diaper bags. The obsession just morphed from "regular" bags, to ones for a mommy. They really are to make us happy...the baby doesn't really notice, I don't remember any diaper bags that MY mom had!!

  117. Beautiful Bag. I wish more diaper bags were that wide, it is very difficult to find a lovely bag that can accommodate cloth diapers and a few odds and ends :(...looks like this one would!

  118. This is the exact pattern I've been wanting for a while. If I don't win it I'll be asking for this for Christmas. I just sent the link to this bag to my DH, hoping he might surprise me with it one day. He was in shock when he saw the price, but when I explained the quality he was almost convinced and wants me to show it to him in person. I love the coating on the bag so you can wipe it clean! Love how they are functional and cute! We'll be having two soon and I this bag would be perfect.

  119. I am DYING for a boxy backpack! I have a PPB shoulder stap bag that I love, but would love the backpack part!

  120. I love Petunia Pickle Bottom bags! I have a shoulder bag and a touring tote and would love to add a boxy to my collection. These bags are so pretty and functional at the same time.

  121. I recently started looking into diaper bags again ( I am due in 3 weeks), and I love the Petunia Pickle bags....I am waiting for someone to hopefully offer to buy me one- cause the price is a little high for me- I would love to win a boxy backpack for my soon to be new addition! They are so practical and chic!

  122. When I was pregnant, I heard a lot through forums about these bags. I took a look at the website and thought that they looked really nice, but there was no way I was going to spend $160.00 on a diaper bag. I had the baby, went to a parenting group, saw 2 different prints and decided that I really really wanted on. I have been trying to keep up with the outlet sales they have been having, but they are still close to $100.00 at those.. I just can't justify the expense right now, but darn I would love one of these bags, especially the backpack style one here.. it's my favorite!

  123. Oh, I love these bags! I love the backpack style. So much easier to carry, without all the strain on the shoulders! This would be great to hold all the stuff my 3 little ones require!

  124. I loves these bags. I have one which I got when my daughter was born and love it. The only thing is the material I got on my mine wasn't very durable and the fabric on the bottom ripped off. I would love to have another and give it another try.

  125. Beautiful bag!They are so chic,and I love that they don't look overly babyish.Thanks for a chance at winning!!!

  126. I've heard of Petunia Pickle Bottom products and have gawked over them as I finally decide I can't spend the $$$ on them. The are so gorgeous, I would love to have one.

  127. I LOVE the boxy backcpack. I had one with my daughter and it was awesome. We use cloth diapers, which add bulk to most bags, but the boxy backpack took it like a champ. I was able to keep 3 or 4 cloth diapers in there along with the millions of other things a baby requires you to carry at all times with ease :) I am now due with my second daughter in August and this bag would be perfect for my expanding family.

  128. I have a PPB from when my son was born and I still love it, although it is pretty worn out now (it doesn't have the glazed fabric). The patterns are so beautiful. My fave diaper bags for sure. I'm planning on getting another before my twins arrive!

  129. It's going to be your purse for however long you carry it so why not have something that is cute and stylish? I love all that Petunia pickle Bottom sells but the boxy diaper bag is SO cute! I just wish I had discovered them with my first baby and not my third!


  131. PPB bags are great!!! They are fantastic for carrying around baby things but the Touring totes also make good handbags as well. Lots of pockets to help organize all the things you need. Quick trip to the store and the Touring tote is perfect. I can carry my wallet, cell phone, and still have a ton of room for the things the kids might need. The Boxy Backpack is great for longer days shopping and can easily hold a full days worth of stuff for the kids as well as my necessities (wallet, phone, keys). The backpack straps make it easy to carry one child and hold onto another and the longer strap is great for putting around the handle of the stroller while shopping and allows for easy access to anything that I might need.

  132. The PPB boxy backpack is great since it is so big and well organized. I love that it not only has the detachable changing pad, but also that it has a dirty diaper pouch, so everything has a place where it belongs! Being a newer mommy, I have learned the hard way how important it is to be organized! Another great feature is the ability to wipe the surface off, since everyone knows how messy things can get when babies/kids are around!! My 8 month old has definitely proven that! All in all, this is a great bag that I would LOVE to own!!

  133. I love the size of this bag. It seams a little big, especially for breastfeeding moms, but it would be the perfect size and style for traveling!!!

  134. I love this print- exactly Because it is not Winnie the pooh or Dora! This is so stylish yet functional. My red satin brocade diaper bag I got online is frayed and dingy... And hard to clean up spills! The wide strap on this Petunia bag loooks super comfy for my often achey shoulders! Life would be So much easier with this versatile bag!!

  135. I've had my eye on the PPB boxy backpack for a while. It is the perfect size for everything I need for my twins!

  136. I TOTALLY deserve to win a Petunia backpack!!!! I just had two baby girls, 11 months apart. They are now 14 months and 3 months old. What I love about the Petunia backpacks is that are quite deceiving. They actually hold way more than they appear to. Now that I have two babies, I totally need another diaper bag. I've had to splurge sooo soon on a double stroller, extra car seats, etc. It took my husband and I years and a little extra help to have our oldest daughter Olivia. A second child was not even thought of when I found out I was pregnant with my baby girl Ava - especially since I was on birth control and did not miss a pill!!! I swear! God works in mysterious ways...apparently Olivia was destined to have a sister! And Mama is destined to have a Petunia! Extra kids need extra bags! My Vera Bradley diaper bag was just not cutting it for two babies...

  137. I love Petunia Pickle Bottom!! This backpack would be great for my little guy. My first 3 children are 18, 16, and 14.5 and things sure have changed!! Everything is sooo much cuter and functional now.

  138. I love that it has the option to be a back pack or a shoulder bag. With baby #2 on the way a back pack style diaper bag would come in very handy!

  139. PPB diaper bags are the most beautiful ones I've seen. I especially love the glazed bags...a cinch to wipe clean and perfect for those of us who live in rainier weather.

  140. I love Petunia bags. They are so beautiful. The Picnic in Provence pattern is absolutely gorgeous, would love to own one! The backpack feature is awesome. Would be great for babywearing and when running after a toddler. Thanks for having this giveaway, very exciting!

  141. I am a PPB junkie! I love the designs and different styles of bags. I have gotten so many compliments on the bags that I have. The bags are worth the investment!

  142. I love Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags and blankets. I have a son who is turning 1 the beginning of August and this would be a great 1st birthday present for me and him. : ) Plus it's blue! Thanks for the chance to win it.

  143. How beautiful. I am one of those Mums who doesn't like the cartoon characters or the obnoxiously loud "kid prints" on my baby stuff. Their bags are beautiful and classy and I don't know about you, but every Mumma I know wants to be thought of the same way.

  144. I LOVE PPB!!!! Touring Totes, Shoulder Bags, Slings, Blankets, Bedding, you name it I love it!!!! Yes, it's a bit on the high end of the money scale but saving up to buy one is well worth it!!! The quality is better then great. I'm expecting a BOY (second child, 1st is a girl) in February and would love to have one less expense to have to save up for. ;) If only I could own everything Petunia Pickle Bottom I would be in a Heaven on Earth!!!!!

  145. I am due in September and have been looking for a cute diaper bag until I came across Petunia!!! I just love all of their bags... and products... I got a carrier, a sling and a snuggle set for my baby boy... i haven't got my bag yet... can't make up my mind!!!

  146. I just got my first PPB (touring tote) about two months ago, and I LOVE it. It is so functional, yet stylish. I get compliments all the time. People think it's a purse! That's fine with me, since I really don't like the look of most diaper bags. I could use the extra room in the boxy for my twin girls!

  147. I absolutely love the Petunia Pickle Bottom Bags! Backpack style bags are perfect....especially as the mother of twins! I definitely don't have an extra hand to hold a diaper bag and 2 eight month old boys! It would be really terrific to win one of these and definitely help with all the stuff I have to carry with me! If I could afford one, I would definitely get a Boxy Backpack!

  148. I have gone through several diaper bags per each kid. I have all boys and wanted something that is stylish, yet not girly. I'm all for function and a bag that is worth my money. Petunia Bags are great! Thank you for offering something that is pretty enough for me, yet okay to carry around the boys!

  149. I love my PPB bag. I have the tote (two actually) and I tell everyone how wonderful it is. I get compliments on it all the time. I have even had men suprised that it is a diaper bag.

  150. I think PPB products are great and functional! My friend owns a boxy backpack and i got to play with it when i saw her last! When i had my son 3 1/2 years ago, the last big pamper present for myself was my beloved Coach diaper bag. Now, im due in 3 months with a girl and im trying to figure out: Coach or PPB?

  151. When I found out I was pregnant with my second child I knew that I would be using my diaper bag for a long time, so I wanted one that would last, not only in durability, but also style. I LOVE my PPB bag and I used it for a full three years, and still now when we go out for all day adventures,and although it is well worn I STILL get complements on it every time I take it out. Now my youngest is 4 1/2, and just three weeks ago I found out that I am again expecting! And although My PPB is still usable I feel that I deserve a new PPB bag! ;)

  152. Every mom I met with the boxy loves it and felt its worth the price. I have a cake and clutch and if the boxy is as good as that - sign me up! Plus the patterns are to die for.

  153. I love my boxy backpack. I happened upon PPB because I had returned a few baby shower items at Nordstrom and it was love at first sight. I love that it doesn't look like a diaper bag, has tons of space and the backpack straps (which was one of the big selling features for me). I just bought a clutch and love that as well. It may be pricey but I looked at tons of diaper bags of similar price points including Oi Oi, Reese Li, Fleurville etc. and this one was the highest quality for the money.

  154. PPB bags are soooo nice and stylish! If you are going to carry a diaper bag like most of us mommies do, then it should be something amazing like a PPB!

  155. I have a boxy already, and I love it! It holds so much stuff. The only downside is mine is old and is looking worn and ragged. I would love a new one especially one as cute as this!

  156. I have nothing against Winnie the Pooh, but I agree, who wants a daiper bag with him on it when you can have one of these gorgeous bags by Petinia Picklebottom? Thanks for this great giveaway!

  157. Originally I wanted a PPB bag, but the husband said "Nope!" To make a long story short... my diaper bag is dying and we need a new one! I've told him, "Next time we're getting a PPB!"
    Here's the hoping we win!

  158. I want one of these bags so bad! Unfortunately it's out of our price range since my husband is in dental school. But with two kids, it would be awesome to have a stylish, big, hands-free bag like this one!

  159. I would love to win a PPB. I have been looking at them for awhile but right now can't justify spending the money so winning one would be great. I have a 7 month old and 4 year old so this would be perfect!

  160. I have LOVED Petunia Picklebottom diaper bags for years! They are so hip and chic and would be a great accessory to any outfit, for any occasion! I'm on my 4th child now and have never been able to afford one...but always hoped I'd win one!! I hope this is my chance!!

  161. I love Petunia Pickle bottom. The price is a little steep but worth every penny for the quality and durability. They are very stylish and a great accessory for any mommy (or daddy!).

  162. PPB has always been a desire of mine. I have a few friends with Boxy's and I drool over them! They say that they're spacious and the changing pad is the best part of them. With a 2 year old and a 10 month old, I'm looking forward to the day I can have the experience of a PPB myself!

  163. I love so much about the bag. The fact that the fabric looks beautiful but can be cleaned so easily. A built in changing pad, Genious! Never fails mine has fallen out somewhere when I need it and i am stuck using paper towels. I love that it has pockets on the inside and out for convenience. I don't own a bag like this but look forward to someday (hopefully before baby 2 arrives at the end of the year).

  164. I love PPB bags! I am about to be a first time mom and have been drooling over there whole line! I would love to win a boxy pack pack, I love the blue and yellow on the picnic in provence! I love that these bags don't look like your typical diaper bags!!!!!

  165. You get what you pay for, diaper bags included. While PPB bags are out of my current budget, I think the cost is totally worth it. It's quality, attractive, and it will last.

  166. I think Petunia Picklebottom makes the best diaper bag. I have tried many of off namebrands and none of them ever seem to have enough pockets or just something in general is missing. I think Petunia makes a cute and stylish diaper bag as well as meeting the needs of an everyday mom.

  167. Living in NYC A Putunia bag is a must. Unfortunately paying rent is also a must lol. I have a goal that by years end I will own one. So as a sahm I fill out surveys and try to save every penny I can so I will be able to sport one of these at the playground. I'd love to win this bag so I can closet my generic one. They are truly exquisite and the craftmaship is worth every penny!

  168. I have a PPB boxy backpack that is now several years old and starting to show some wear and tear. I have been window shopping for a new PPB especially since I now have a new baby girl. I adore my PPB. It is roomy for all of those baby essentials (even for 2) and I can fit some of my things in there as well! I get so many compliments on my bag. It is very stylish and makes you feel a little more polished and put together, even on those ponytail because no way am I getting to fix my hair kinda days!

  169. My wife has been talking about this bag since we had our daughter two years ago. From a man's perspective, and from what I hear from the wife, it is practical and fashionable. My plan was to eventually buy one when she will be carting around things for two kids, but an opportunity to win one is great! Thanks!

  170. I have been eying the Boxy Backpack. It is beautiful and functional with plenty of room for this cloth diapering Grammy to pack all the adorable fluffy diapers I need for a day out with my grandson.

  171. I LOVE PPB !!!!
    If your pregnant or already have your blessing in hand.. you need one of these amazing bags ! They have pockets for everything you may need and some for things you didnt know you will need ! Not only are they fashionable but for someone who works in the manufacturing/distribution industry they are very well made and the quality is just awesome ! Sure they are a little more expensive than the norm... but if you think about all the other bags you never have to buy since the PPB does it all.. you could actually be saving money in the long run !
    I am the first to suggest that i will buy the diaper bag for all of my pregnant friends and family and i love seeing their faces when they open it up !
    Once suggestion.. i always see requests for out of country shipping.. i live in CA so im golden and right down the street in so cal BUT look into being able to go international so that you can reach out to more PPB fans ! (ive got experience in exporting, commercial invoices can do it !!!)
    Keep up the great work PPB- LOVE YA !

  172. I've been looking at Petunia Pickle Bottom bags for awhile now. They're gorgeous, and like you said, they don't scream "I'm a diaper bag! Look at me!!" I like that they can be reused as a bag for another purpose after diapering days are over as well. :D

  173. I have been eyeing the backpack by PPB for a while and think it would be even better now that I have a baby and a toddler. A great looking, but practical bag!

  174. i have been checking out PPB diaper bags since my husband and i started trying to have kids! i ran into an old friend and she had a boxy backpack.... i started drooling! she went on and on about how great it is and she still finds it useful even as her daughter is 1 and a half. we are expecting our first in january, and I would LOVE a PPB backpack!

  175. PPB bags are fabulous, I have a few of them (outlet sales ROCK!). The Boxy is huge, I would love to have one! The glazed fabric is really easy to wipe clean, too.

  176. I love these bags! They fit so much in them I think it is great that the changing pad is built right into it!

  177. I have 2 PPB diaper bags and I love them. They are beautiful and practical. I use one for every day and one for "fancier"/special occaisions. My son is two and they still look brand new! I'm going to be having another baby in September and I'm in the market for a new diaper bag.

  178. I love that a mom could be stylish yet practical at the same time. PPB allows for a little couture fashion!

  179. I am a mother of two who wants to feel still like a lady with a stylish bag. Petunia Pickle Bottom has definitely captured that with their line. I am having a hard time getting the funds together to get one, but still web shop daily with dreams of having one in the future. With 2 boys and their stuff having something like this would make me prepared and still stylish at the same time!

  180. I had a PPB Boxy back back for my first born and I just LOVED it!! I have now used it for 4 years and I would love to get a new one to retire my old one. It did keep up well for the past 4 years, but like all girls I am ready for a new style : ) I hope to win this bag.

    Thank you!

  181. i have wanted a petunia boxy since my first was born! no matter what, i just cannot justify that price... my sister in law just got one and i have been coveting it ever since :) i sooooooo would love to win :)

  182. My friend has a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag that she was given at her shower and it is so awesome! I immediately knew I had to have one like it and started looking. After realizing that I would not be able to justify spending that much money on a bag, I looked around to see if there was a bag that was anything like the Boxy Back Pack. Well, of course, NOTHING is like it! UGH. The design is simply exquisite :) I love the way it can be easily worn as a shoulder bag, on a stroller or (my personal favorite because I will be carrying my baby in a sling) as a back pack.

  183. I love PPB and would love to own one!! Backpack style bags work best for me with two little ones as we are always on the go.

  184. I love the Boxy Backpack, especially with the adorable colors and design of Picnic in Provence! The style is so useful with its generous sizing and the ability to switch from backpack to messenger bag so easily. I love it!!!

  185. My current diaper bad only has a shoulder strap that is not long enough to wear across my chest or hang from my stoller, and my shoulder is killing me! Baby in one arm and 30lb diaper bag in the other...ugh!! I so badly want the Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy bag!!! It would be so nice to wear it as a backpack or be able to take it off and hang it from the stroller...talking about it makes me excited!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!

  186. I really love PPB! I like the roominess of the Boxy Backpack, and really don't mind it's berth, because it can hold so much. I also like the clips that they make to make it easier to hang your bag on your stroller. It's definitely time for me to take that step and get myself one! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  187. I love Petunia Pickle Bottom! I have always wanted one but couldn't afford it. They are so functional and look fabulous!

  188. I have been drooling over this very bag and print for several months now. I just had #4 and I am still carrying my PPB Touring Tote from baby #3 that I (we) have outgrown. 4 children requires a lot of things to be! To win it would be a blessing (ahhh...back pack straps...heavenly)! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  189. A PPB diaper bag is the #1 thing on my baby/nursery gotta have list! One of my friends has one and I admire it every time i visit. I would give my left arm to get a PPB diaper bag! Everyone thinks I'm crazy for wanting one so bad, but all PPB fans understand, dont you?
    It's a baby must have!!!

  190. I would love a PPB!SO many of my girlfriends have them, they are so great and are so chic! Please pick me, I am a mother of two boys and another on the way!

  191. I love Pp bags.....I have a crosstown clutch and constantly get complements on it. With two boys and another boy on the way its nice to carry something that still reminds you of your feminine side while you are toting around cars and trucks. They have such great patterns that you can not go wrong...everyone is a timeless classic.

  192. My gf has one, and she LOVES it! So, I just got one, and I LOVE it too, and it is so worth the price, but I need another one to give to all of my gf's since THIS is what I ALWAYS buy for them! :-) Thank you Petunia Pickle! :-)

  193. I absolutely adore my PPB Boxy Backpack. It's big enough to carry around cloth diapers, change of clothes and other neccessities without being too large. And the backpack straps mean my hands are free for fishing rocks out of my son's mouth or chasing him across the park as he follows the ducks.

    I do not find the price to be a deterrant as I have carried my boxy every day for the last 18 months and it still looks great!

  194. I have wanted a PPB bag for so long. You are right they are a bit pricey for my budget. I have heard they hold up pretty good though. I really need something stylish to transport everything. Since I am starting back to school in September, this would be a wonderful welcome back to more stress present. Especially since brown and blue are my colors :D

  195. They are certainly beautiful. When you are a young mommy wearing spitup it is nice to have something luxurious every once in a while :)

  196. I LOVE PPB. I have a few of the bags that I have been lucky enough to find on sale. I absolutely love the usefulness of the bags. They have so many pockets. They are great

  197. I bought a Petunia PB diaper bag when I had my first child and I LOVED it! It was so cute and I used it for a couple of years. It got pretty dirty, though, and wasn't super easy to keep clean. I love that PPB has glazed bags now - they're so much easier to wipe clean. Plus, I love all the new patterns they have.

  198. I LOVE PPB! Beautiful & great quality! I have a Boxy Backpack that I bought used at a garage sale and I love it, very conveinient! Problem is, its seen better days! I would love to win a brand new PPB Boxy. I would cry!

  199. This backpack would be the perfect size for 2 kids! I love the Provence pattern as well, I have the budget friendly shopper tote in this pattern! :)

  200. I agree I have wanted to get a boxy backpack for three years, but I could never justify spending the money. As far as the Pooh or Dora diaper bags I agree, cute but usually cheaply made and fall apart quick, now that I have my second baby I would love to win this PPB bag! :)

  201. I love my PPB! It is the perfect size and great for organization. Would love to have another one around or to give it as a baby shower gift (which I need to buy gifts for a couple of expectant mothers). I get compliments on my bag all the time!

  202. One of my friends has a boxy backpack and suggested I get one for my 2 year-old daughter and my 10 day old daughter. I want something stylish, but roomy enough for both babies. I really like the attached changing pad! This bag comes so highly recommended I would love to try it out for myself.

  203. I have a PPB clutch and absolutely love it! I receive so many compliments on it and no one can believe it's a diaper bag. They are absolutely gorgeous bags and every momma should reward themself by getting one. :)

  204. LOVE LOVE LOVE Petunia Picklebottom!!! I have the touring tote, bedding, blanket, onesies and socks. Such a refreshing change from the generic pastel baby gear with cartoon characters. I'm expecting my first baby any day now (due date is July 20) and I can't wait to start using all of my Petunia Picklebottom gear!

  205. There is something amazingly wonderful about a diaper bag that doesn't look like a duffel bag. I love that PPB has been able to give Mommies a stylish option that still always you to carry ALL of the "necessities" :) Plus, I love this pattern!!

  206. I got the Heirloom Boxy Backpack a few months back and it works great. I love having the option to throw it on as a backpack or use it as a messenger bag.I love the browns in my Heirloom but sometimes you want to switch it up and the blues in this bag would be a great choice.

  207. The backpack style is my fave for diaper bags. No straps falling down your arm pinching little hands, no bag swinging and knocking down small ones. The PPB boxy is very sturdy, I had gone through 3 other bags before it. So far so good. :)

  208. Petunia Pickle Bottom definitely helps new moms to easily transition from a designer bag to a diaper bag. Their designs are not only fashionable but very practical, such as the backpack model which can also be worn over the shoulder. As a first time mom who use to use designer bags I can honestly say I would proudly carry a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag.

  209. When I was pregnant with my son I picked up a used Petunia Pickle Bottom Shoulder Bag. I love it! But, I've always wanted a Boxy Backpack and couldn't afford it. I think backpacks make great diaper bags because you have to do a lot of bending down as a mom, and the shoulder bags tend to slip and fall off your shoulder. And the fold out changing pad is genius!!

  210. I love the boxy bag:) Yes, I will agree with those who say it "seems too pricey", however, when you really consider the fact that most woman will happily shell out twice as much for a Coach or LV bag- why wouldn't you pay $160 for a stylish diaper bag with unparalleled quality and design? A PPB is so trendy, you can totally use it as a purse without your little one in tow and no one would be the wiser. The only comments you are likely to receive are "wow, what a great bag".

    Combine that with the fact that they come with a wipes container, changing pad, and stroller clips at no additional cost- your making a wise investment (plus have you taken the time to research the re-sale-ability? There never ceases to be a million women wanting to buy your hand me down)

    Bottom line- Treat yourself and your baby to a PPB!!! You won't regret it:)

  211. I have been in love with Petunia Pickle Bottom ever since I have been pregnant and keep my eyes out for specials and deals hoping I can grab one in the next 4 months before my baby is born. They are stunning and always draw my attention when I see them in person.

  212. I am in love with the idea of this backpack. I love the look and the patterns. I don't know if I could spend the money on it. I would need to read many reviews to see how people like theirs. Beautiful Bags.

  213. I would love this backpack. I need something bigger as I'm about to have son #2. This one would certainly fit all the stuff I need! Plus, it's gorgeous!

  214. What a beautiful bag! The price makes these hard to convince the hubby of :) But winning one would make us, ok well especially me, very happy. Packing up the baby for a trip out would be that much more exciting and with all the built in extras that much easier.

  215. I just love Petunia Pickle Bottom items! This bag is so pretty. As an expectant new mom, who has to go back to work pretty quickly, this bag would fit right into my lifestyle. I have been eyeing the bags for a while now.

  216. I love all of PPB's bags, my favorite so far being the new style clutch with the convertable strap. I have it in Tea on the Thames, which is a great neutral pattern. I would love to win this contest and test drive a boxy!

  217. I absolutely LOVE Petunia Pickle Bottom and so does my daughter, now just over a year old she loves the designs on them and all the different pockets and places for her to put things and take them back out. PPB has been a lifesaver for myself and my girlfriends, we actually have a "community diaper bag". It's like the sisterhood of the traveling PPB. We take turns with it and pass it around every week or two!

  218. The Boxy diaper bag is so great! I was lucky enough to buy one from Craigslist at a great price and ever since I have been in love with all things Petunia Pickle Bottom. Their bags are so functional, beautiful, and modern. I would love to win another boxy for my small collection. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  219. I don't have any children at this time, but I want to be pregnant in the very near future. I am excited that there are functional yet stylish bags out there from PPB. If it's something you're going to use everyday for a couple years, it's worth buying something really great!

  220. We have a backpack style diaper bag right now that is falling apart. We love it, but I don't know if it will last through the rest of the kids...these look cuter than what we have!

  221. PPB bags are beautiful and the ones with the glazed fabrics are practical and durable. Love them. I've purchased my bags at either the PPB outlet sales or on sites like and at 40% or more off, I think the prices are great. I'm pregnant with babies #3 and 4 right now and until they arrive I'm using my new Cross Town Clutch as a purse. I've gotten tons of compliments on it - no one can believe it's a diaper bag! With four kids in the works, it's probably time for a Boxy Backpack.

  222. I just saw this bag in person today, I LOVE it even more now. I really like the glazed fabric, I think it would be so easy to clean. I wanted to buy it... but i could not justify the price. So winning this would make my day =)

  223. PPB is a high quality brand that carries stylish yet functional bags. I would be overjoyed to have one. The price is what stopped me from having one. Just couldn't justify the $. I love the fold out changer and that it can clip to your stroller.

  224. I absolutely adore Petunia Pickle bottom! It's so refreshing to have chic diaper bags that have style!
    I would love to have the backpack, it is very convenient in times where you are carrying multiple things at once. I find that with a shoulder style bag it tends to fall off my shoulder and can be a hassle.

  225. I love PPB bags! They are classy yet contemporary and better yet they last forever. The boxy backpack is nice because it is so versatile, going from shoulder bag to backpack in seconds! What a great prize! :)

  226. The perfect bag for Poppy & Mommy! Poppy is the affectionate name given to our in utero baby at the time we found out we conceived and read that the embryo was the size of a poppyseed. Poppy will eventually have his or her own name(in 27 weeks time) but for now really wishes for a PPB boxy bag!

  227. I adore Petunia's baby gear! With a toddler now, it's hard to find a great bag that is just the right size. This bag looks perfect for that very purpose! What a gorgeous bag!!

  228. I got my first PPB boxy backpack 5 years ago with my son. That thing has been thru so much - it desprately needs replacing - this would be a perfect way to do that!

  229. I love PPB. I have a dry clean only bag, so this bag would be great, so you could just wash the outside down with a rag. I have a touring tote that is functional for shorter trips and acts as a purse also. I get lots of complements on the bag. I think they are functional without having to look like a diaper only bag. They also work great for cloth diapers :)

  230. That is a gorgeous bag! I absolutely LOVE PPB! So glad I'm not the only mom in the world who doesn't love to tag Pooh along with me everywhere I go.

  231. I love my boxy backpack...which I acquired from an online outlet sale from PPB. It's totally awesome. Very spacious and lovely to see! I'm quite proud to tote it around. There really isn't anything I don't like about it...but if there was one would be the noisy velcro closure. That and it seems like I'm always tangling the shoulder strap in with the backpack straps! That's user error, though!

    1. I hadn't thought of it before, but - now that you mention it - the velcro closure is really noisy! Still, it's a lovely, spacious bag w/ so much style. :)

      1. I actually don't mind the velcro 99% of the time...only in church and when my little one is asleep! The prettiness and functionality of the bag make it worth it.

  232. My wife and I both love Petunia Pickle Bottom. This Picnic in Provence bag is great because it would work well for either a girl or a boy. We are expecting our first child in October and would love to have a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag!

  233. Absolutely LOVE my PPB Boxy Backpack. I went through two other generic bags before I decided to sink some money into the PPB purchase, and I can't even begin to tell you how worth it it was to spend the $ on the PPB. I would recommend this bag to every new mom!

  234. PPB's Boxy Backpack was the perfect size for a long plane ride. You can hold bottles, food, diapers, extra clothes, toys and even my wallet, phone, keys and make-up.

  235. Love this bag, it is beautiful!!! I have not tried the backpack style, but it would be nice to free up my arms a bit more, especially now that I have two little ones!

  236. I have been dying to try one of these petunia pickle bottom diaper bags since I can remember. I can never find a bag that is big enough. I have a 1, 2, and 3 year old! So storage is always an issue for me and this looks PERFECT!! These days this is a little out of my price range so winning one would really be AWESOME!!

  237. I have zero fashion sense, but am IN LOVE with diaper bags!! With my first child (who is now 17) I had a kiddie looking bag. I remember thinking, "who is carrying this thing, him or me?" In hindsight, I should have started a business THEN. So this time around I told my husband I was getting a bag I LOVED! I have gone through 2 junk bags and he finally sees my point! I saw these bags in a store and they are soooo nice! This is a great giveaway!!

  238. I am 7 months pregnant and I have already bought my Petunia Picklebottom boxy backpack diaper bag. I love it and can't wait to use it! Yes, we were initially shocked by the price...we don't have a lot of money. But after taking the time to think about it, we realized that we will use our diaper bag for about two years for our son, and then possibly longer if we have another child. We picked a beautiful pattern that works well for a boy or girl baby. Its the coolest diaper bag I have ever seen! In my opinion, it is soooo worth the investment. You use your diaper bag every day for years!

  239. I first fell in love with petunia pickle bottom before I was pregnant. I saw a friend carrying one at a birthday party and "knew" I had to have one when I had a baby. Very few places carry them in the small town I live in, but I have always browsed them online. I am now expecting my first little one in October and really would love to have one!!

  240. I love these bags!!! I am expecting another little bundle of joy this fall and this would be perfect. Currently I have Hyperemesis Gravidarum and I have been unable to work for the past 5 months and we have been watching how much we spend. I think these bags are beautiful and I always see them around. I would love to win this beautiful bag!!!!!!

  241. I have gone through 3 diaper bags in the 10 months I have had my daughter and I think that the boxy is what I am looking for! I love that it can be worn as a back back, keeps your hands free for everything else!

  242. I have a PPB Cosmo bag, but now I have two babies (well one is turning 2 and one is 9 months) and I need a bag with more space. This one looks awesome! Love that it is a backback too!

  243. I LOVE the boxy backpack. I received one as a gift for my first mother's day. Mine is the brocade not glazed and I REALLY wished I had gotten the glazed. The one I have is still holding up well, but gets a little pilly on the sides and snags easily too. Two of my must haves in a diaper bag are the option to use as a messenger bag or backpack and outside bottle holders - this bag has both! I have about 10 girlfriends that are pregnant right now and would love to give anyone of them this gift.

  244. I have been wanting the boxy backpack even before I was pregnant!! They're just too pricey for me. My friend has several of them so I know they are very fashionable and they do last a long time. If I don't win this giveaway, I might have to start thinking of investing in one.

  245. I have been trying to decide what diaper bag to commit to. My son is 8 months old now and I still haven't settled on one, but I've heard so many people rave about Petunia Picklebottom bags!

  246. I have 2 PPB bags and they are awesome! I have been wanting to add a boxy backpack to my collection for awhile since it has more space.

  247. i love petunia, i got the swallows on the seine boxy backpack when my daughter was born and this one would be perfect for when we have a boy!

  248. I'm due with my second next month and I've been eyeing the PPB diaper bags. I just can't get over the price tag and I know DH would disown me if I bought *gasp* yet another bag! Would totally love to win one. Thanks for the opportunity!

  249. I have never owned one but I love PPB bags. They are gorgeous! As a mom of 3 and 1 on the way I need both my hands free at all times. A Boxy Backpack would be so convenient and stylish too!!

  250. I love Petunia Pickle Bottom bags! this would be perfect since I just had baby #2 and this would leave my hands free to chase after my 2 year old!

  251. Petunia Pickle Bottom has the best and most gorgeous diaper bags!! I searched high and low for the perfect bag for me when I had my first baby this year. We don't have alot of money, but I wanted something classy, not cheesy. I went with the Kalencom because it was what I could afford. However, I'd LOVE to have a Petunia Pickle Bottom!

  252. I love the petunia pickle bottom backpack style bags and have been trying to save up money for one. My cousin got one of them and so I saw how awesome they were and have been dying for one ever since. I would love to win this one :)

  253. I absolutely love the boxy Petunia Pickle Bottom bags. We have had a rough first half of the year financially so I have been unable to afford one but have had my eye on one for a long time. It is exactly what I need to carry all my stuff around for and with my baby boy. I have been looking at so many diaper bags and can't find anything that would work better than the boxy. My favorite feature is the fact that I can wear it on my back when carrying my baby. I'll definitely need something like this when I have two babies in tow. I would love to win this diaper bag!!!!

  254. I found one of these at a discount store before having my daughter and I LOVE it. I love the versatility of carrying it as a messenger bag OR a backpack. The quality is awesome, and it's large enough to fit all a baby's needs, plus mom's needs too. I have been drooling over the new wipe-able fabric bags (mine, unfortunately, is not). I would love a new one for my new babe, due the day after this contest ends!!!

  255. This is a great bag! The fact that it has backpack straps would make it really easy and convenient for me since I have I take the stairs to get to my apt. everyday hauling my daughter in her car seat and not having to worry about one shoulder strap making my bag fall. Plus it holds all her belongings and that fold out diaper pad is cool for when you can't find that restroom that is not baby friendly. And it's so sheek and stylish...

  256. I love how this bag doesn't scream diaper and that the pattern is so stylish that it could be used for other things once the little ones are grown up.

  257. I have been drooling over PPB diaper bags for months, but just can't bring myself to spend the cash. I really love the cake collection, but this one seems more practical because I'm sure it will get dirty. I blogged about it earlier this week and then saw the giveaway today on PPB's facebook page!

  258. I can't wait until I can wake up and see a Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper bag full of my daughters toys. Until then.... I will keep dreaming. I love to dream.... Someday my dreams will come true. =)

  259. I love Petunia Picklebottom bags. I have a clutch for quick trips, but I would love a boxy now that #2 is on the way. Love the pattern too!

  260. I recently discovered PPB and love their bags- as everyone else says the price is a bit touchy. Although they can be used for much longer than a regular diaper bag! I love that they clean so easily =) with little ones that's a huge plus!

  261. Petunia Picklebottom makes the most stylish diaper bags! They are totally unique and stand out! The boxy back pack is nice because it can hold several items for baby and it has a nice long strap.

  262. Even though these bags are really boxy (hence, the name), they are very practical because you can fit ANY and EVERYthing inside of the bag. The best part is that you do not have to look like a mom from the 80's carrying a corny bag that has tiny toons all over it. The horror!

  263. My favorite part is that as a backpack, it leaves my hands free for picking up babies, toys, folding strollers, and so on. I can't imagine going anywhere without one.

  264. I had the Boxy Backpack for my daughter. I bought it at a consignment sale for $7.00. I loved this diaper-bag so much, unfortunately we moved and somehow it was lost or thrown away! I would love to win one, I miss mine so badly!

  265. I am obssessed with my Petunia. I have a 3 month old and we have 2 bags the Tranquil Tibet and Turkish Twilight. I usually rotate between the 2 depending on my outfit and mood. The price is a bit high but i got both of mine on sale. It has so much room and we love the detachable changing pad. Also wipes clean and you never have to worry about staining it. So stylish and chic even my boyfriend loves to carry it. I love PPB i even have the crib sheets!! Overall the bag is amazing and worth the price!

  266. I absolutely LOVE PPB! Although I do not own one, yet! I haven't really the money to splurge on one! This is an awesome opportunity to win one! :)

  267. I love the mature design of the fabric. It's still lovely to use after your children are older. Plus, it's great when you have to hold both of your toddlers(as I do for putting over the stroller, and day trips too.

  268. I had other diaper bags before my PPB boxy and have not purchased anything else since. I love these bags. They are beautiful, stylish and fit everything I need for a day trip. I also have the stroller clips to attach to the stroller and go. I am hosting my friends baby shower in August and would love to give this bag to her as a gift!

  269. PPB is the BEST!! My sister raves about them and has 4. I have seen her Boxy and it can fit SO many things! I love that it's a backpack too. In my opinion there is NO other diaper bag that can compare. Now I just need one. :)

  270. This bag is beautiful and functional; the best combination! I am due with my second child next Friday (July 16th) and it would be amazing to win this bag since I will need room to carry things for a toddler and an infant very soon! Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  271. Petunia Pickle Bottoms are beautiful!!! If you cant see spending that kind of money on the, you can sign up to get their outlet announcements or do a store sale like the Nordstrom sale that is going on right now!!! You can also check out their designer line for Target bags are less then $50 ;-)

  272. I've been drooling over petunia pickle bottom bags. But i am not sure if i want to spend the money to buy it. I am sure the bag is worth it, and probably will last longer than cheaper bag. But since i am not working, i still havent bought it yet :(

  273. I love that the Boxy Backpacks come with the pull-out changing pad. I'm so disorganized already that I think it will help to have it all right there, rather than fumbling for it in a public bathroom.

    I also love the new glazed prints because they look like they're so easy to clean!!

  274. The fabric on this bag is gorgeous! I like that it allows you to have your hands free- I know that I need my hands free when carrying my infant and holding my 3-year-old's hand! I like that it can't slip off your shoulder when worn as a backpack- that is one of my biggest pet peeves with most other diaper bags.

  275. These bags look amazing! I love the Picnic in Provence print- just stunning! I bet these bags would be great to use post-baby as well. Thanks for sharing!

  276. My friend 1st introduced me to PPB and I fell in love with both the function and fashion of the bag but the price was a bit much for me. So I bough one second hand off of eBay. I would love to have a brand new beautiful ppb backpack.

  277. PPB does a great job at making very cute diaper bags which make life easier for moms. I love this Boxy backpack diaper bag and I agree that it is a little pricey. I can't imagine spending that much on a diaper bag but I would love a PPB bag if I found a good deal on one or if I win one! :)

  278. I totally love this bag, i love the fact that you can use it as a back pack (w/ 2 lil ones u need to go) or on the stroller =) Would love this as a late b-day present (july 11th)
    thank you =)

  279. I have always loved PPB bags. I just love how innovative her bags are. They are pricey but beats price!

  280. Baby 1 is on the way and I think she'll be a better baby and I'll be a better mommy with this bag! Please pick me- how cute could that bag be? Not any cuter. Plus I've been obsessed with PPB for quite some time now :)

  281. I just got my first PPB bag yesterday from their outlet sale, but I could always use another! I am in love with their bags. Also got a carrier which I love.

  282. I have been drooling over PPB bags for quite some time, and finally saw a couple of them in person today. I love the craftsmanship and practicality of these bags, and I especially love that they don't scream DIAPER BAG! I didn't want to give up my personal style when I became a mommy!

  283. The bag looks great & appears to hold a lot. I am sure with all that I would carry that a backpack would save me from visits to the physical therapist.

  284. I love the Petunia Pickle Bottom clutches they are so cute, but soo expensive. A back pack is defiantly more functional when holding a little one in your arms. :) Its really the only way to carry a diaper bag without killing one of your shoulders.

  285. That bag is beautiful, and with two kids I would love a diaper bag I could wear on my back. I wear one over my shoulder right now, and it always seems to fly forward when I bend over and knock someone out ;)

  286. My best friend is due with her second child and is not indulging in the usual baby showers and buying nice things for this baby, since she already has all of it. But it would be nice to present her with such a cute bag. I love their designs.

  287. I love the look of these much better than a cutesy cartoon character bag! My current bag is reaching the end of it's lifespan (it's looking dingy and ragged after 2 1/2 years) so I have been trying to find something to replace it, but all the other bags & totes I have hanging around just haven't worked right for carrying all my & my son's assorted stuff!

  288. I like that it wipes clean. We have had, at times, milk leakage in baby bags and talk about nasty. I would have to toss them in the washing machine to get the smell out.

  289. Now that is a diaper bag that you could be proud as a peacock to tote around. I've never considered a backpack style bag. I'm due in November with our first baby... so I am definitely in the market for a diaper bag (a stylish one at that!).

  290. I've never seen these bags before, but they are really cute. We are expecting our first child the first of the year and I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for cute, stylish, affordable baby gear. I'd like to stay away from the "cutesy" baby patterns as well.

  291. I have never tried a backpack style bag, so I would be curious to see how it would work. I definitely can see the hands-free benefit of one with young people in tow! These bags are pricey, but definitely pretty!

  292. I've seen people carrying these bags around and I thought they were awesome. The prints are great as well as the quality. I would love to upgrade my little regular bag to this awesome diaper bag.

  293. I am pregnant with twins and this bag looks so big and I would probably be able to carry all their things in it! I love the patterns also!

  294. The first paragraph you wrote screams ME. That's how I was with my first baby, I didn't want any cutesy cutesy bag. That's why I love my plain black skip hop!

    The Petunia Pickle Bottom bags are great too. Many great prints and wow at some of the features!

  295. I'm due with number 7 in January and would love to sport this un-diaper bag bag. I know that I definitely need a backpack and this one is so classy to look at.

    Thanks for hosting this contest!

  296. I HATE traditional diaper bags. All of my "diaper bags" are really big durable purses. Most have just as many pockets as diaper bags. My favorite is a Vera Bradley that got for 40% because it was retiring. It would be nice to have a real diaper bag that isn't gaudy :-)

  297. Petunia Pickle Bottom perfect for prancing around with your punie ones. Practical, Pretty, and Pleasing!

  298. I've always admired Petunia Pickle Bottom bags. This would work great for a change of clothes/camera bag- something I keep looking for as we've said so-long to the diaper days.

  299. One year for Christmas, long before I was married or had met my husband (ie: long before I had a baby!), my mother accidentally bought me a diaper bag as a gift - she'd thought it was a purse. It was a funny mixup, and we only discovered this because I noticed the elasticized bottle holder on the side and a small diaper pin logo on the zipper. But that is how it should be, I suppose - diaper bags are for MOMMY to carry things and therefore don't need to be "babyish" in theme! These bags are great and cover the style factor sooo well!

  300. This would be great for a family outing. I am always looking for something new and nice to bring along with us. Neat designs, too!

  301. With my first child, the diaper bag I carried was far from fashionable. This time around I plan to do things differently! No winnie-the-pooh diaper bag for me, LOL! I really like the differnt styles and designs Petunia Pickle bottom offers.

  302. I just saw a Petunia Pickle Bottom in a window display at the mall - the awesome colors and pattern caught my eye. I definitely could use a backpack style bag with my 1 year old running all over the place (and hopefully soon there will be another baby in my arms!) It is a little wide, but so am I! Ha!

  303. I absolutely love the idea of a non-traditional diaper bag. But the price scares me. The prints are lovely, but for $169 I could buy a dozen new cloth diapers. I guess I'm just too frugal.

  304. That is beautiful! I love that the bag is gender neutral and would actually match (not clash!) with my outfit!

  305. I love all of PPB's stuff but MAN are they ridiculously pricey! Even when they have stuff on baby steals I can't afford it!

  306. I agree with your is somewhat wide and indeed pricey. But it holds a lot, I can see us using it for big outings.

  307. Had the touring bag from petunia & got compliments all the time on it. They make a great diaper bag!

  308. This would be so fun to win. I have yet to find a diaper bag that I like. And even if I didn't like it I know plenty of new mommys who could use it. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  309. I have had difficulty finding a diaper / backpack style bag that I liked until I read your post. Amazingly stylish and functional.

  310. I love petunia pickle bottom and always wanted one with my first. I had no idea they were started by a mom in Ventura, I grew up in that area. I agree they are so classy looking and not baby-ish!

  311. I totally heart PPB but don't own a single thing. Mostly because of the money. I did splurge with my first baby and buy a Vera Bradley diaper bag and that has proven to be worth it--I bring that thing every where and proudly display its cute design over my shoulder.

    P.S. That first picture of you is GREAT! Did you get new glasses or are you starting to wear them more? Either way they look great on you!

  312. I;ve seen this company reviewed on other blogs but haven't taken the leap b/c of the price tag --- why do the stylish things cost so much?

    autumn398 @

  313. What amazing diaper bags- these posts are showing me all kinds of great products I didn't know were out there, & I just had my third girl!

  314. Forget diaper bag!! I'd use if for my older girls when we go out and about! They look like a lot of fun!

  315. I really need a new diaper bag this time around, but all the ones I love are way too pricey. The color of this one is beautiful, but thank goodness it wipes easy. Any mama would look fabulous wearing it! :)

  316. Petunia Pickle Bottoms are beautiful! I was thrilled to find out that they have the glazed fabric now, which keeps it looking newer for a longer period of time. I would love to give this to my sister-in-law who is expecting her first girl!

  317. I have never heard of this company before! I wish they would have sent you a carrier to review also so I knew the scoop on them. We are welcoming #2 this winter and would love to have this bag to store all our newborn and 2 year old goodies! Thanks for introducing me to PPB and if you know anyone who has one of their carriers - send them my way!

  318. I've been "shopping" for diaper bags since long before I was I have a 4 month old and I'm still amazed at all odds and ends I need when we go out! A good diaper bag is key to mommyhood!

  319. I have loved the Petunia Pickle Bottom bags since I first saw them but just can't justify the price. I'm sure they are worth it though.

  320. I too prefer the backpack style diaper bags, so much easier when you have more than 1 kiddo to hold hands with. These are so pretty, but a little pricey.

  321. It is a gorgeous bag although I do agree it is a bit pricey. Any mom would find it useful and stylish. I like how it can keep all your "baby" things organized too. Plus you can also get some gorgeous bags in other styles too from them. The possibilities are endless.

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