Summer Fashion: Undertease

Summer Fashion: Undertease 1Once when I was in middle school, I went to a "Colors" workshop with a friend. Remember those? A specialist held up all kinds of fabrics to my skin and gave me a tiny booklet that told me all of the colors I should wear (and which ones I shouldn't). I don't really remember what colors were "my colors," but I think turquoise was on my "yes" list.

There was also a fashion show to demonstrate "How to Dress for Your Body Type." "Hourglass" people like me were advised to wear v-neck and scoop-neck shirts, wrap dresses, bootcut pants, pencil skirts, and monochromatic outfits. I was also told to avoid turtlenecks, light-colored tops, and baggy clothes. I generally agree with all of those guidelines (except  for the wrap dresses and shirts - I have yet to find one that looks good on me).

I especially love V-necks (the deeper, the better) and scoop necks...but I also am keenly aware of modesty. So I layer. Often.

Summer Fashion: Undertease 2I recently had an opportunity to try a few tops from Undertease, a Utah-based company that offers tanks, tees, and camisoles in an array of colors that are specifically designed for layering. The Signature Line is the original line w/ plentiful sizing and style options. The Suzy Q line is new and specifically designed for climates with warmer weather. Want to guess which line I prefer? Clue: I live in sweltering Arizona.

I wear my rose-colored Suzy Q cap sleeve tee often (see above right). Suzy Q pieces range in price from $16-$22.

Maybe I better get a turquoise one next... ;)

Have you ever been to a Colors Workshop? Do you think they're bogus or brilliant? Also - Do you agree with the "dress for your body type" advice that is commonly dispensed in books and magazines?

Summer Fashion: Undertease 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a Suzy Q Cap Sleeve Tee ($18) from Undertease. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, July 17th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Undertease sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 tee for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #42 Lisa. Congratulations!

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100 comments on “Summer Fashion: Undertease”

  1. Do you know if the Suzy Q line (or Undertease for that matter) is still in business? I would love to get some more tees but can't seem to find them. Thanks!

  2. They have such dark colors.. I would have to pick the clay color. They should add some light greys and blues hint hint.

  3. I haven't ever been to a Colors Workshop, but I would like to. The dress for your body type seems to work.

  4. This would be perfect for my wardrobe. I hate when my shorts are too big and my shirts are too small. This would make things much easier!

  5. I really like the layered look, I have never heard of a colors workshop, but it would be interesting to find what colors work and what colors do not work.

  6. I've never even heard of a colors workshop. However, I do agree that you should dress for your body type.

  7. I've never even heard of a colors workshop! I don't really follow those "dress by your bodytype" articles, I think I've been in this body long enough to figure out what looks good on my own.

  8. Beautiful colors...I love the amethyst and limestone. I've never been to a colors workshop but I think that is a good idea. How many times a shirt looks great on the hanger and I put it up to myself and the color doesn't seem so nice, or vice versa. Thanks!

  9. I do agree with what's in magazines for body shape. It's mostly accurate with me. But I have never been to a color workshop.

  10. I'm short, so layering always makes me look bulky and shorter than I am so I really like the idea behind these tees!

  11. im a redhead and am always told to wear neutrals and earth tones. how boring! turns out i can wear pretty much any color i want (minus orange, clashes with my hair) and get away with it. And for clothes I think wear what looks good. All clothes are cut different and if it works, rock it!

  12. I think there is some wisdom to the whole 'colors' thing. I remember eagerly reading "Color Me Beautiful" when I was about ten years old, only to be heartbroken to learn that I wasn't "supposed to" wear my beloved oranges and golds. Truth be told, however, CMB was right - I love those colors, but they make me look a tad deceased. :-)

  13. Never been to a colors workshop. There is some truth to the dress for your body type thing, but I still try everything on just in case!

  14. I love layering shirts -- I'm still nursing, so having two layers helps with being discrete, although we almost never nurse in public anymore. Plus I just like the way it looks!

    I've never gone to a color workshop, and now I'm kind of intrigued!

  15. Yep! I've been to many colors workshops. The funny thing for me is that the best colors for me change with my hair color. So I don't buy into the skin tone colors thing. I'd love to try out these shorts! A light layering option sounds great!

  16. The body type thing is a hard one. My body has changed so much since having the tinies that I hardly know what to wear anymore.

    I do know that I love jewel tones and black. I'm particularly drawn to teal blues for some reason. So I just go with it.

  17. I have been told that I look good in winter colors, and I have found that to be true! My favorite colors to wear are purple and emerald green.

    Love the sound of this shirt. I almost always need an undershirt on, for modesty's sake!

  18. These days it seems you have to layer as all the tops you buy are made of such thin material. I like the idea of using it for modest nursing as well.

  19. I've never been to a colors workshop, but I agree with the concept. I also agree with the concept of layering - I do it all the time! Even in summer I layer pretty much every day.

  20. I love layering. I am "pear" shape and they advise that I wear v-necks and wrap dresses but I feel X-Rated if I don't put anything on underneath!

  21. I love layering also. I have family in Utah. They always have on undershirts and can find them EVERYWHERE! I live in the pacific northwest. I can occasionally find undershirts, but never when I'm in the market! I need to start shopping for them online or when I visit my family!

  22. I live in tees most of the year. They become fabulous layering pieces in the winter and stand alones in the summer. In between a sweater topping them is just fine. , like, you, prefer vee necks. They seem to better flatter my shape.

    I can always use tees.


  23. I've never done a color workshop, but think there are certainly styles that are more flattering to different body types. I do a lot of layering too - mainly for modesty's sake - I've been surprised to realize how much a baby can pull & tug on even a fairly modest shirt, and expose way more than I want to!

  24. I love this shirt. I always wear v-neck shirts and often times I peek out when I bend down. This would sure help.

  25. Nice shirt. I really like the fact that it is a bit longer so you don't show your belly inadvertantly.

  26. I've never heard of a colors workshop before...
    I love to layer and dress for my body shape...v-necks, wrap dresses, a-line skirts...and with my 18 month old constantly tugging at my shirts, Undertease sounds like a great solution!

  27. I love layering - I'll often wear a dress that has think straps with a cap-sleeve shirt under it... now, I have to be careful that I don't start looking "school marm"-ish! LOL! ...but it does look cute with some of my dresses.

  28. I have never been to a colors workshop, but it sounds kind of neat. I'd be interested in what they had to say!

    I do love layering, I'm not sure why, but I like how it looks.

    Plus I usually have one of my nursing tanks these days.

  29. Never been to a colors workshop- and stopped reading fashion magazines when I realized that they just make you feel bad about yourself no matter what size you are!

  30. I've never been to a colors workshop but I've read a lot of material on the subject.. and for the most part I think they're good advice for people who need a bit of guidance. As with all things, you should go with your gut instinct when it comes to colors :)

    Same for the body type advice, except I'm not so fond of that as much because there seems to be waaaay too much focus on "fixing" supposed flaws. I may not be a textbook drawing of the female form, but I'm not broken either!

  31. being preggers now I could totally see myself using one of these under one of my regular shirts that is way to small once i get a bump goin!

  32. All of these giveaways are introducing me to a whole new world of clothing I didn't realize was out there! Good work, Stephanie! I'm especially impressed with the price of all these shirts.

  33. I've never been to a colors workshop but my mom and I always discuss what colors work for us. I agree with most of the dress for your body type stuff but I have the same problem as you with the wrap dresses, they say that I should wear them but I can never pull it off without the "girls" being too overexposed.

  34. I've never been to a colors workshop but I want to. I also can never figure out my body type-when most articles or books do it, its very generic. Petite, tall, skinny-what if you're in-between? Being 5'6 I'm not short or tall and I weigh 115-not skinny or big.

  35. I've never been to a color workshop, but I think I'd fall in the in-between stage; it's neither brilliant nor bogus, but a good guideline for some people because of colors that complement skin tone. As for the "dress for your body type," I can never figure out what body type I am, exactly. What I'd love to do is go on something like "What Not to Wear" (even though I would probably be mortified) so that they could give me a good one-on-one lesson in dressing for my body. Either way, though, I LOVE layering and I don't have enough camis. Thanks!

  36. I've never been to a Colors Workshop but I have the book Color Me Beautiful which lets you choose your "season". I can't decide if I'm a summer or spring. I would like to layer my clothing more but I never seem to get it right. I should check out Undertease for some ideas. Thanks.

  37. I love layering to expand my wardrobe options, but still stay modest. My sisters love Shade tanks and tees for layering, but the ones I've tried are too tight at the armpits. Weird, I know. I haven't heard of this brand, but I'll definitely be checking them out!

  38. I did one of those "color workshops" in junior high and was so depressed with the results. All the "okay" colors were ugly and definitely not in fashion. So, instead of boosting my confidence, it deflated it. (But I guess that's how middle school is, anyway!)

  39. I'm going to have to check this company out. There's nothing I hate more than thinking a shirt is high / modest enough only to realize when I am out and about that I was wrong and am uncomfortable with it. I try to remember when in doubt to layer!

  40. Well, this line is brilliant for me, I'm obsessed with layering {so happy it's in fashion}. A cami under a tee is a must have for me, so I LOVE the Suzy collection! Thanks!

  41. These look great and I love the color they come in. I have never been to a workshop, I usually dress in what I feel comfortable in and think I look my best in.

  42. I have never heard of a Colors workshop, but it sounds interesting. I am not sure what my colors are, but it might be fun to try!

  43. I have never been to a colors workshop but I'd love to go! I would love for someone to tell me what are "my" colors and what clothing appeals to my body type! I have never been good at figuring that out myself!

  44. I never heard of a colors class - I could've used that in high school! haha! I mostly get my color advice from the What Not to Wear show! :) But I think these "tease" are great - I love the layered look but I hate the bulk and extra warmth in the summer...what a great product line!

  45. Oh, I do love to layer too whether its summer, fall or winter. :-) My mom had a "colors" book and I'm definitely a winter....they were so right on about the colors too.

  46. I love layering my outfits so I would definitely wear this anytime of the year whether alone or under a jacket or cardigan. Thanks!

  47. I went to a "colors" party with my mom when i was in Jr High, I think I was a winter, but do not remember what colors they were. I love the layered look and I think their clothes are cute.

  48. Even though my breast feeding days are over, i still love under-tees. I even like to wear them to bed instead of PJ's.

  49. What a nice array of colors are available in this tee! And I do think there is something to be said for dressing for your body type, especially with bottoms. It's been a long time since I've done the color thing (it was with seasons...I think I was a summer but I don't remember the right colors to wear!) but I definitely know that there are some colors that make me look better than others!

  50. I want to learn to be more fashionable and this would be a good start. I know very little about how to dress for my body type either.

  51. I have never been to a color class. Also the fashion advise changes non stop so i just wear what i think looks good on me which dosnt always match up with the latest trends.

  52. Hmmmm... I think I am a winter, or something, from the color workshop thing. But, I'm not really sure. I should try it again.
    I love undercami wearing. These look nice!

  53. I too have never heard of a color workshop. But I tend to like the darker colors, so lately I've been trying to add more color to what I wear. I'm not really a big reader of magazines, so I'm out of the loop whenever it comes to whats "fashionable".

    I do layer often - I agree that it can be so hard to find modest tops, and undershirts really can help out.

  54. I've never been to a color workshop, in fact I've never even heard of them. interesting. I love bright colors, especially blues on me.

  55. I have never been to a color workshop. I finally got bold a few years ago and realized that my colors are 'jewel tones'. I love yellows and light greens, but alas...they just don't work on me! I, like you, wear scoop and v-neck shirts. You will never see me in a crew neck t-shirt. I feel like one of my brothers when I wear a higher necked shirt. Maybe it's my short neck...who knows. I just know that I do not look my finest in crew-necks :) You on the other hand...look pretty much fabulous in all of the pictures you post!

  56. I've never been to a colors workshop, but with my red hair and very fair skin I'm keenly aware that certain colors just do not! work on me for anything. And then there are other colors like black that I wear a lot of, but not for pictures because it washes me out so bad.

    I'll have to check out Undertease. I really like layering and find it essential with some of the low cut tops out there.

  57. I've never heard of Undertease, but I do buy a lot of stuff from Shade Clothing, which is basically the same thing. As for the colors thing, I think you should wear whatever color you like, but I do agree that some colors look better than others on people depending on their hair color and skin tone.

  58. I never been to a colors workshop, sounds pretty interesting. Most of the time I do agree with the dress your body type advice in books and magazines. I love layering!

  59. They look adorable, but are they long enough? Ilayer for the same reasons as you, but I am so tall, it is hard to find long layering pieces!

  60. I remember doing the Color workshop in high school too - I never fit exactly in a category... almost any color works for me except yellow - I'm too olive toned for yellow to work, it makes me look jaundiced!

    I too am conscious of how much skin I'm showing so have learned to layer because I like v-necks and scoop necks, but am definitely not comfortable showing off that much skin. In the Fall, Winter and Spring it's great - in the summer, notsomuch... I love the idea of the SuzyQ line that is designed for warmer weather!

  61. I love to layer since I am tall and most tops you buy are shorter than I like. I don't want any midrif skin showing after all! I usually layer with a longer tank under a tee.

  62. I have never been to a colors thingy, so I have no idea what my colors would be..LOL...and for dressing for your body type, I think that for the most part it is pretty true.

    I love layering tees! They are wonderful and luckily here in Utah companies who sell them are plentiful

  63. Those "dress for your body type" outfits never really work for me. I am very conscious in how I dress as I am on the larger size and do not want to accentuate my negatives. I also layer often, I actually wear a spaghetti strap tank under most of my outfits. Especially now that I am nursing, I loosen up the straps and pull them down with my bra so that they cover my tummy/back :)

  64. These look absolutely perfect. I have tried to find good tees/tanks to layer with, but often they are too short. So while they make the TOP of my more modest, but stomach ends up peaking out. ;) These look like they are nice and long?

    1. I actually haven't tried. My 16-month-old only nurses at night these days.

      That said, the material is soft and pretty stretchable so I imagine the camisoles would work for that purpose. :)

  65. I've never been to a Colors workshop, but I am pretty sure I've learned over the years which colors look good on me and which ones don't. I think the clay colored under tee would be a good layering piece for me. Thanks for the chance!

  66. I've never been to a Colors Workshop. But I do think that there definitely are certain colors that work better on some people and some colors that don't work at all. :-) The style guidelines tend to be pretty right as well.

  67. I have never been to one of those workshops, but sounds interesting. I think most of those "dress for your figure" guidelines are right on, but I say the heck with the color guidelines. Where what you like! The brighter, the better. :)

  68. I never liked those workshops, I was always told I didn't quite fit in any group. Didn't need that in highschool :)
    I do love layering, it really helps with breastfeeding in public.

  69. I have never heard of Undertease, but it does sound interesting. I love to layer my clothes and these days it can be hard to find a shirt that doesn't need a light tank or cami to go underneath it. I have never heard of a color workshop for clothing, only makeup. But just the same there are colors that work well with certain skin tones or hair colors. And yes there are some types of clothing that look great on someone and some that they should NOT step out of the house in.

    1. I try to avoid all pastels because I think they look horrible on me (and completely wash me out).

      My best colors (I think) are dark and rich colors: navy, wine, pumpkin, kelly green, etc.

  70. I remember doing a color workshop when I was around 7th grade. I think they might have told me I was a Autumn. I don't completely disagree but I don't completely agree either.

  71. I never thought I was much of a scoop neck girl, but I purchased one on accident once (I grabbed it off a pile that I thought had v-necks) and my husband just about drooled. So, yeah, I like the scoop!

  72. I love undertease. I love deep v-necks too, but hate tugging at them trying to be modest. The undertease are a great way to still get the appearance of the v-neck with the modesty that we need.

  73. I layer a lot too...especially with nursing tank tops nowadays! I don't mind a v neck without another layer, but I try not to go too crazy. I generally do agree with the "what to wear" columns, except that I'm not adventurous enough to try all the options. :)

  74. I think layering is essential, it flatters the body and gives modesty (and it super cute!). Thanks for all the great giveaways!

  75. The first post seldom wins but I'm crossing my fingers anyway. Thank you for sharing these Tees. Like you I like to wear V-necks and low scoop necks. I think they look best on me. But I don't like showing that much skin. I'm off to check out all the colors I can pick from!

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