Summer Fashion: UV Skinz

Summer Fashion: UV Skinz 1Sunscreen has always kind of worried me. It makes me nervous to spread a cream w/ chemicals that I can't pronounce all over my skin...or - even worse - on to my child's skin.

Just last week, I read another new study that asserts that Many Sunscreens May Be Accelerating Cancer (yes, accelerating!).

The news confirms my commitment to using only all-natural sunscreens...and to using them sparingly. Truth be told, I don't like smearing the icky, oily stuff on anyway...and my babes aren't big fans either.

The trouble, though, is that getting burned by the sun is also dangerous (and the sun comes out almost every day of the year here in Arizona).

My solution to this dilemma is twofold: Shade + Sun Protectant Clothing. Sun dresses and swimsuits with spaghetti straps are cute, but the coverage they offer is insufficient. Enter: UV Skinz, a California-based company that offers stylish sun protective swimshirts with a UPF rating of 50+. Options are available for men, women, babies, and kids. Most pieces retail for between $27-$43.

Summer Fashion: UV Skinz 2 Summer Fashion: UV Skinz 3

These pictures make my heart so happy! Maybe living in Arizona isn't so bad, after all. Still...I'm looking forward to the cooler days of autumn when we can pull out our hiking boots and hit the trails as a family again.

[Speaking of hiking, these shirts are PERFECT for it].

P.S. If you would like to stay connected w/ UV Skinz, you can Follow UV Skinz on Twitter or Like UV Skinz on Facebook.

Summer Fashion: UV Skinz 4WIN IT! One winner will receive a UV Skinz item of choice. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, July 17th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* UV Skinz sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 piece for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #70 Kristin Evans. Congratulations!

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114 comments on “Summer Fashion: UV Skinz”

  1. +1 for California Babies brand of sun lotions, moisturizers, etc. for when you absolutely need to use a lotion. Like many others, I prefer to just use UV-Protectant clothing, big floppy hats, and UV-proof umbrellas for our little guy. Fortunately he's too little to care how we dress him ;-) Living at the beach in CA, UV Skinz are a must-have and luckily have caught on. Nothing makes me cringe like seeing little vulnerable baby skin geting exposed to harmfull rays!

  2. I would love to have the Lavender Fun 'N Sun Bucket Hat for my niece

    ReggieM1961 [at] gmail [dot] com

  3. UV Skinz offers a great selection of products. I love the flame red ss shirt. I think having clothes with uv protection is a great idea, helps protect the skin from burning when out and about for a longer period of time. Thanks!

  4. I've been thinking of getting a rash guard for myself, but you see them in so few places. I prefer the long sleeve rash guards for my kids and now I've found a place to buy them from.
    I use Kiss my Face sunscreen on me and JASON or California Baby on the kids.

  5. Myson is allergic to sunscreen so we are always looking for new, cute UV protective clothing. They have some really cool, unique designs.

  6. I love using the UV-protective clothing. It's so much faster to apply than sunblock and doesn't wear off either. I just need some more hats for the little one.

  7. I think UV Skinz is a great idea. So much easier to put my daughter in a UV Skinz swim outfit than deal with spraying sunscreen.

    macd9900 at gmail dot com

  8. I need to get these for my kids! Lots of sunny days outside, and they are not big fans of sunscreen.

  9. This would come in real handy to win. We are planning a vacation to Florida, but I remember the last time we were there, I got a major sunburn, so I am leary about having the kids at the beach. This would solve that problem.

  10. This is our first summer in New Mexico and my the sun can be oppressive. Anything to help keep it off my kids skin comes in handy since we don't use sunblock.

  11. We just discovered these types of shirts. With living in Vancouver, not too many days require them but my babies are like me - so white white white! that we love to use them anyway. Gorgeous girl you have, too.

  12. I love sunshirts! I bought one for my baby this year, but despite it being a larger size than she wears, it is impossible to get it over her head (crying ensued). The ones you have here look like they have slightly bigger neck holes, so I should try this brand.

  13. These are so great for sun protection! I just started using something like this for water play and they are so great!! Def a great alternative to sunscreen!

  14. I ALWAYS have to put my son in a rash guard AND both of my kids get heavy doses of sunscreen. I'd love for my daughter to try one out.

  15. We don't use sunscreen because well frankly they're all chemicals and we don't want to bathe in chemicals. We do however cover up with clothing. I've never seen sun protective clothing and my curiosity is peaked. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway.


  16. I am mad about swimwear with more coverage - it makes so much sense! This is a great company with cute styles - very practical swimwear!

  17. I love swimsuits with rash guards for my girls. I like the extra protection of them, and I find them awfully cute!

    I do have to add that your daughters are simply adorable in the pool pics!

  18. Oh man - I ***hate*** sunscreen and wear protective clothing myself especially when I'm sailing. I've been thinking of getting some for Elizabeth but we're still debating with exactly what sort is best (too many options, and it looks like Elizabeth actually needs something to keep her warm in the water too)

    We do lots of sundresses, but only when we're going to be indoors or in the shade.

  19. These are awesome- who hasnt forgotten to reprotect their back and regretted it for a few days afterword!

  20. I think adults overlook the fact they should be wearing these too! I would much rather just wear a sun shirt than try to put sunscreen all over my back. Plus my husband hates sunscreen, but he doesn't mind wearing a sun shirt.

  21. I was just looking getting the same type of thing for my little boy. The sun is INTENSE here in South Africa. While we do avoid mid-day, even the other parts of the day are scary. Don't worry - can still provide a US mailing address if I win. :)

  22. We use the UV shirts almost everyday. My kids all have atleast two. I have found them on clearance many places at the end of the summer. Great deals.

  23. I've seen these before, and I love the idea and would love to try them, but I gotta ask: do they get hot in the long sleeves??

    1. They haven't said anything about the temp. The material is super lightweight (and they stay cool in the water). :)

  24. I need to invesigate some sunscreens that I am more comfortable with. I am always torn between the desire to protect my daughters skin from the sun and the reluctance to spread chemicals all over her. I'll have to check out this line for sure!

  25. i wish these were sold in stores around here, they seem so much easier than dealing with sunscreen

  26. I just had an argument..discussion, yeah, that's it, with my daughter about this. She got burned on the shoulders yesterday. I told her to be more careful. Eh...she's 25..she knows how to live her own life. LOL

    I love the colors of these shirts and would love to give one to my granddaughter.

  27. what I've read about sunscreens & Vitamin D (b/c I saw some comments about this) is that most of America is now Vitamin D deficient b/c we slather on the sunscreen all the time! This deficiency is bad for our immunity - but we don't need to be total sun worshippers to get our D from the sun - I also read that just about 15 minutes of direct sun a day (without sunscreen) is all we need to get our D - and you don't have to do that during the peak hours when the sun is the most damaging. So... I guess it's okay to have the kids out in the sun like really early in the morning for just a little bit...but then having these great shirts for the rest of the day would be the wise choice b/c after all - we need D, but we don't need all the UV! :) Great shirts/great giveaway! :)

    1. We don't worry a bit about getting enough Vitamin D here in AZ! The sun shines every single day of the year and we definitely get our fair share. ;)

  28. I have a BFB- Big Fat (adorable) Baby! He is a perfectly healthy breast fed little guy but at 7mo he is already in 18mo clothes... I had bought him a swim shirt but it's too tight- This giveaway is perfect timing!
    inalak at msn dot com

  29. For the first time I'm really needing some of these for my daughter.....I sooo worry about protecting her skin at a young age.


  30. Wow, i thought I was the only one who bought these for my kids! I have a really hard time finding these every year. I love that I don't have to use a ton of sunscreen.

  31. I love this company - I actually won a shirt from them last year (which my oldest son wears) but now that I have a new little one, I know he'll be needing some sun protection (when he's old enough to hit the pool that is!)

    autumn398 @

  32. This is a great give away. We always have one regular bathing suit (for shady, later in the day play) and one UV suit for our littles. Sunburns and cancer are no joke.

  33. We have a couple of these shirts. I agree with you about sunscreen. I try to avoid it if at all possible, but it is definitely necessary sometimes, especially with my very pasty white children. we try to spend the early morning hours outside, since we are up by 6 am most days.

  34. I think that these are perfect for the AZ summers. Yet, I have not yet tried them out. I do use sunscreen on both of my girls, but try to limit how much suncreen I apply on them, in combination with limiting the amount of time that we spend out in the sun. We use wide brim hats, and try to stick to the shade too.

      1. My three year old loves hats, but my eight month old will not keep her's on for very long - in fact she's never really liked baby head bands either!

  35. I hate sunscreen and will only put it on my girls when we are spending the whole day outside. Even then, I prefer to put them in rash guards so that I don't have to spray them all over. (I prefer the spray sunscreen to the lotion).

  36. I'm awful about doing the sunscreen thing. I don't typically burn and neither does Sugar - although we do get really, really brownish! Goose on the other hand is fairer skinned like his Daddy and he burns easily, so I'm having to be more conscious about using sunscreen and have been looking at other options because I really despise the feeling of sunscreen. Of course, I don't even use lotion because I don't like how it feels :)

  37. I have a similar outfit for my daughter because I hate the feel of sunscreen. We went to a pool party a few week ago, and with the "wetsuit" and a hat I didn't put sunscreen on her at all and it was fine! I was worried that she might bet sun on her face from reflection off the water, but she didn't even appear to have tanned. I do still wonder if I should be doing more... Anyways, for now we mostly avoid the direct Arizona sun. Luckily we have a large shade tree in our backyard.

  38. I'm one of those people who actually believes that the sun's rays aren't as bad as everyone makes them out to be. There's so much to be gained from Vitamin D. The research is staggering.

    That said, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. So I try to cover up the susceptible spots (nose, cheeks, shoulders, chest and back) with sunscreen when we are outside in full sun for extended periods of time. But it's hard to know if it's working especially if they are in the pool. These shirts look like the perfect solution. Did your girls complain with them on at all? Were they too hot?

    1. My girls actually love them...and my 3-year-old gets so excited that she and her sister "match." :)

      As far as the temperature goes, I don't think they're hot at all. The material is thin...and, besides, they're usually completely soaked when they're wearing them!

  39. We just had to say no to a hike in Yosemite due to the fact that we just were not sure how shaded the trail was. And I just hate sunscreen also!! These would be perfect for us!!

  40. I would like to try these for my little girl. I have used California Baby sunscreen on her since it is supposed to be one of the better ones. It's very greasy though, and after several days of wearing it, her delicate skin starts to break out. It would be nice not to have to put as much sunscreen on her.

  41. I went from being one that only used natural sunscreens on my kids- to not believing in them at all. I think if we were going to be outside for longer then an hour, I would do it (and I have it always handy in case this happens), but I don't really think that's too common. I give Capri lots of healthy oils (like extra virgin cooking oil), and also rub a little on her when she goes out, and its perfect. I also think that a little burn that goes away in a day or two might be better then the harmful affects of those chemicals. However- I protect with shade and these clothes, I LOVE them. I really need new ones for Capri, hers are too small, and so are Thatchers!

    The girls look adorable!

  42. I love UV skinz and have them for my daughter. I can't believe how many kids at our local pool run around in bikini's. Seriously? They are going to do that when they are teenagers and you can't stop them. While they are so young and their skin is so sensitive I like to keep them and their skin safe!

  43. I've always been sensitive to sunscreen, and this summer, the ultra-sensitive stuff made both my kiddos and me break out! They always have to swim with a t-shirt, but I'd love to put them in long sleeves. Another thing to put on our wish list!

  44. I, too, have been reading a lot of negative press about sunscreen lately. I have seen clothing like this before in various children's stores, but I really think this is of better quality and I definitely like the colors!

  45. We spend alot of time in the sun at the pool in the summer. I have seen these, but never purchased. They would be great for all of my children!

  46. Without going to a specialty store it is hard to find swim wear that offer UV protection and options like long sleeves. It is just as hard to find her a decent swimsuit as it is for myself. Would love to try UV SKINZ for Ava.

  47. I saw that article too! And a previous one that said that most commercial sunscreens don't really block all that much of the damaging rays!

    We use what we call our "swim shirts" a lot, and this comes at a perfect time, since they are getting a little small for the girls!

  48. man! i didn't know sunscreen was bad for us. on myself, i put it on whenever i go outdoors. for my 2 month old, i know i can't use sunscreen yet on her and have been keeping her out of the sun. but she will need to be out in the sun at some point. it's good to know there are ways to keep her skin healthy without having to put on too much sunblock. speaking of SPF, what natural brands do you use and recommend? i had purchased a mustela one for her but don't think it's natural or anything. your posts are so perfect for the new momma... i'm always learning something new!

  49. We love clothing with UPF protection. Our son ALWAYS wears his "swim shirt" and I received a hiking shirt from REI during their Grand Opening and I just LOVE IT!! This would be a great contest to win for our daughter!

  50. This swimwear seems to me would offer better protection than a layer of cream that could wash off in the pool/lake.

  51. I hope this type of swimwear becomes the norm soon! My son has super fair skin that burns quickly. He wears a hat and long sleeves whenever we're outside for long. I haven't figured out how to get him to keep his sunglasses on though!

  52. This looks like a great product. In addition to not worrying about chemicals, you don't have to worry about re-applying.

  53. What doesn't cause or accelerate cancer. As a mother, I am getting so tired of hearing about these studies or news stories. Can't we just live our lives? I cover my babies well and make them wear hats, but trying to keep them in the shade all the time, with my girls, that will never happen.

  54. my kids love to wear their shirts, they know that its less sunscreen they have to wear. I would love to win something from UVSKINZ. I can't believe sunscreen accelerates skin cancer.

  55. I remember doing a study in college on sunscreen and reviewed the research out there...they say anything over 40 can actually harm more than help. Worries me with all the push lately to change labels and provide 50+ sunscreen. I always wondered if the swim shirts worked and how comfortable they are. I have seen a lot of adults with them on this summer at the pool. I think this would be a great option for my little one.

  56. I would love to get one of these for Eleanor! I put sunscreen on her one time, and she got a rash. :(

  57. We're not big on sunscreen either and prefer natural sun-blockers like shirts and shades. Our son has very sensitive skin and it seems like sunscreen makes him break out. These shirts would be perfect for him!

    1. Most sunscreens make my 3yo break out too! We've been using Episencial's Sunny Sunscreen w/ success (but we still use it sparingly).

  58. I too hate having to smear sunscreen on my children. But even in NY, where the sun doesn't shine all year round, the sun can be brutal! The last week and a half we have been under a heat advisory and a sun advisory. We've been just hanging out inside, so I don't even have to think of putting sunscreen on the littles.

  59. Our little one wears sun shirts all the time if we're going to be out for more than 15 minutes (and if it's not early am). They really are great and are wonderful to protect skin from mosquitoes in the evening too! My husband and I wear UPF clothing when outside as well and only do sunscreen where the clothing does not cover (faces)...we're also BIG hat and sunglass fans! But it is really important to get good sunscreens - stay away from TITANIUM DIOXIDE! You want zinc oxide sunscreens! YES, good organic sunscreens will be white (some are whiter than others) but that's just something you'll have to get used to if you want a healthier sunscreen. We like Loving Naturals, Green Screen (Kabana Skin Care)...they have a tinted one that's not as white...and Miessence's Reflect outdoor balm (not vegan).

  60. Why is a good sunscreen so expensive???

    I love these tops, they look really cute on your girls.

    I bought both the kids swimshirts this summer, but, I don't think they have any UPF ) :

  61. I just bought the woman's zipper jacket after trying for a year or more to win one. We can always use more though here in our Texas home! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  62. These swim clothes are so great! Your little ones are just precious! Your #2 is looking more like #1 (at least in the pool picture). I love that they play together...I can tell big sister is a GREAT big sister!

  63. I love this idea! We are in the sun a lot, and this would be great. Zac wears a long sleeved swim shirt, but Lilly just loves her bathing suit, so I lather her up. Something fun and trendy and cute like this might give her the motivation she needs to wear it!

  64. My children are both complete sun babies, they are happiest if they can spend every day out in the little kiddie pool. This would be great!

  65. I have similar shirts for my kids too, but they are short sleeved. I like the idea of long sleeved, I guess I didn't realize that was an option. At swim lessons there were a few shirts like this being worn. I love that they are modest too!

  66. I bought some long sleeve rash guards for my little one since he's under 6 months of age, but I need some for myself too!

  67. It seems like my little ones are living in there sun protective clothing this month. I agree, it's the only way to go.

  68. I feel the same way about sunscreen! Why is it big mystery to many that Vit D deficiency is high right now? There are sunscreens out there that are 100 spf! I was shocked when I saw that.

  69. It's all about moderation...enough sun to get your vitamin D...then get out so you don't get skin cancer. That's why God invented trees...for shade! Doesn't surprise me about the sunscreen, all those chemicals we can't pronounce...funny thing is, check your cereal boxes and canned soup...probably some of the same ingredients! ;)

  70. Wow, I hadn't heard anything about the sunscreen. Now that I have, I most definitely will be needing something like these. It's pretty sunny here most of the time and I do worry about my girls getting burned.

  71. I heard about the new sunscreen announcement as well! It sounds like a horrible situation- to wear sunblock or not... I am such a huge fan of rash guards, and even more with the chatter about sunblock!

  72. Sun shirts are a great invention! We live on the east coast of Florida so we spend a lot of time at the beach.

  73. Sunscreen is one of my least favorite things about summer. Such a pain, and the chemicals scare me too. We use California Baby, but I agree that UV clothes are a much healthier solution!

  74. I think one of these shirts would be great for my little girl she is so fair and burns so easy. And sunscreen is not my favorite thing to put on either.

  75. I read something once about the link between sunscreens and vitamin D deficiencies... Who knows, but we rarely use it. My kiddo loves running around outside in his diaper. The sun isn't as crazy intense here, and we aren't out in the worst part of the day very often (if we are, and for long periods of time, I do put a little bit of sunscreen on him). Plus, the diaper makes for a cute tan line :)

  76. Yeah, sunscreens are kind of scary. We try not to use them, but they are kind of a necessity when we go to the waterslides that are only open mid-day... At least I have found some that aren't quite so nasty for my kiddos!

  77. We always use some sort of sun protective clothes with our little one. He loves wearing his sunglasses too and we try to teach him the importance of blocking the sun from his skin. UV Skinz also makes it easy because they have so many styles to choose from.

  78. My three-year-old is just starting to recognize that she's the only girl at the pool with a "shirt" on. For now I've convinved her it's okay because her little brother wears one too. Hopefully more parents will dress their kids in more protective warm weather clothing.

    1. Becca - I keep waiting for that day to come. For now, she happily wears it...and I am grateful for that.

      Like you, I hope that sun protective clothing becomes more popular among parents and kids.

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