Summer: When A Kid Can Be a Kid (and adults can join in the fun)

Summer has this remarkable way of helping me remember what it was like to be a kid (especially now that I have one of my own). There are so many "youthful" things about the season - popsicles and lemonade stands, bubbles and swimming pools, beach buckets and long walks outdoors, tank tops and flip flops, rosy cheeks and amusement parks, bare feet and beaming sun rays. 

Summer: When A Kid Can Be a Kid (and adults can join in the fun) 1Apparently, Lipton Tea has been thinking about the youthful side of the season too because they recently launched a "Free Your Y" (your youth) campaign to get the word out about their new line of tea products, Lipton White Tea. As part of their campaign, they're giving away $45,000 (Grand Prize: $25,000, 2nd Prize: $10,000, 3rd Prize: $5,000) through the "Free Your Y" video contest. The contest asks people to share - via video - what they do to feel young and active. You can enter in three categories: Move & Groove, Tricks and Feats, or Free For All. The deadline to submit your video is May 11.

Summer: When A Kid Can Be a Kid (and adults can join in the fun) 2To celebrate Lipton White Tea and the Free Your Y contest, I am pleased to be be giving away another summer "trademark" - a bike. And not just any bike - a Lipton-branded Fuji Crosstown 2.0 bike (retail value $399). The winner of the bike will also receive 5 coupons for a free 1.5 Liter Bottle of Lipton White Iced Tea and a $75 check for professional assembly*.

Want to get in shape and feel like a kid again? Hop on a bike and let the wind blow through your hair. 

Want to feel energized and refreshed (and help your immune system and heart at the same time)? Grab a Lipton White Tea To Go on your way out the door (just mix with water and you're on your way) or savor a cup of warm Lipton White Tea with Island Mango and Peach before the kids get out of bed in the morning. You can read all about the health benefits of tea on the Lipton site. 

* The Pepsi/Lipton Partnership will provide a check for $75.00 to be used for professional assembly of all Lipton Fuji bicycles awarded.  Neither Pepsi Co. nor Unilever is liable for any injuries, damages or accidents that may result from the receipt, assembly or use of this bicycle.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Fuji Crosstown 2.0 bike. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Wednesday, May 14 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Thursday, May 15. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #711 Julianne. Congratulations!

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767 comments on “Summer: When A Kid Can Be a Kid (and adults can join in the fun)”

  1. I used to ride a bike nearly everywhere I went. With the price of gas, I may have to return to this mode of transportation - at least part-time. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this contest.

  2. Haven't had a bike in years. Can't walk anymore due to foot problems so this would help give me exercise and get rid of computer butt.

  3. Everyone in the family has a bike but my wife. It'd be great to have this so the whole family could go for rides together.

  4. I am drinking the tea right now as I am typing and I love it...I would love a new BIKE....LOVE THE SWEEPSTAKES WOULD LOVE TO WIN>.,,,,tastes great

  5. They say riding a bike is like never forget how. I'd like to test that theory!

  6. this looks just like the bikes we used when we were growing up in upstate new york, before we were old enough to drive. I loved my bike. Wish i could win!

  7. Love the bicycle especially in the yellow in middle age I love to ride. Perfect for health and fitness with cardiovascular increased capacity. Many Thanks SW

  8. THis bike is exactly what I need to get in shape after the baby is born. It is just perfect. What a great contest.

  9. I remember summer time as a kid where we would play all day! We were expected to play outside and we LOVED it! Now I am a mom, I can hardly force my kids to go outside and when I do w/in a few minutes they are back asking if they can come back inside! I would love to get my family into riding bikes! we have some wonderful bike trails in my town. We rented bikes a couple of times last year and all rode together!

  10. Wow, this would be great! My hubby and I were just looking at bikes the other night when we were out shopping, and were kind of stunned at how much a "good" bike costs :( We'd both like to take up bike riding again to have a more active lifestyle. Especially to set a good example for our kids :)

  11. I would love to win this bike it would be used alot especally since gas prices are rising so much I can ride the bike every where and it would help me lose weight along with drinking lipton tea

  12. I would love to start riding again. Used to all the time when I was younger. Haven't since my bike was stolen off the front porch in college, and that was much too long ago! Thanks for the chance and motivation!

  13. i need a bike really bad. please enter me and thanks in advance if i win. i hope all of your days are blessed.

  14. I love the new specialty teas from Lipton. The bike would be great as I have two young boys (+ 2 grown daughters) that have way more energy than I. This old woman just might actually be able to catch up with them on my own bike!

  15. I would love to have this bike and I could always use the exercise and fresh, clean air to clear my somewhat fuzzy head.

  16. Lipton Tea & biking are a great combo. Tea is refreshing after a good long ride. Love the new white tea blends .

  17. This would be great. I havent' had a bike since someone stole mine a couple of years ago. (Of course, the tea coupons would be great with that. (Not to mention the check for someone else to assemble it properly!) How nice!

  18. How I LOVE Lipton Green tea in the hot weather! Iced, it is the perfect cooler. And, this bike is wonderful! I'd enjoy riding it on our beautiful bike paths and all over town!

  19. I love the taste of tea, espically in the spring, I like to ride my bike, and keep my tea on the side....

  20. After miles and miles on my dreadmill-oops! I mean treadmill- I am ready for a different way to get out and get fit. With tons of trails nearby, I'd love to be able to hop and go with the two little ones in tow behind me, and leave the dreadmill FAR behind! Thanks!

  21. with the cost of gas and groceries this would be a big help, I have always loved riding bikes and this would be great

  22. I was just thinking that I need to get a bike. I need the exercise and need to cut back on using gas. This looks like a great bike. I love Lipton products as I drink tea everyday. My daughter could use this too. It has been ages since either one of us have been on a bike - now that is just not right!

  23. I just love Lipton's pure leaf teas! But my husband will put the bike to good use! Thanks for the contest.

  24. I just moved back to my hometown after years of living in the big city. Being back in the same town I grew up in brings back many memories of my youth when I traveled up and down these streets on my first two wheel bicycle. It was purple with a basket on the front ad a big "banana" seat. Its actually a great town for biking. Wide streets with bike lanes and not a lot of traffic. I would love to get out on a bike for a ride down memory lane. Unfortunately, my bike is not in the best of shape. Winning this bike would certainly help me get in touch with the memories of my youth.

  25. I so need to lose weight and get into shape and this bike would be a inspiration for me to get out since the weather is getting nicer every day!

  26. Biking is my number one priority this summer. I've decided this is the summer I'm going to start biking to work. Benefits include getting in shape and "being green". An added bonus will be biking with the kids on our wonderful bike path by the river. Family time!!

  27. Considering my age as a whooping 45 year old hag now and not getting no exercising cause I don't get off my PC most days. it would be a joy for me to get out and ride this Fuji Crosstown 2.0 bike and maybe hit a curb or 2 and think I was doing a bike trick.... but then again I may break my neck if I'm not to careful. So what if people stare at me if my buns hang over the seat! And Tea, oh yes. I would take it along with me and make everyone thristy while i show off my drink. Its all good. Ok, sometimes that is!

  28. I would give this to my daughter if I won. She's almost 16 and her bike is sort of girlish for her. We live in a smaller town and a bike is nice to have; it's impractical to drive 6 blocks to run errands and it saves on gas to have a bike. Thanks for the contest!

  29. I had a baby 2 weeks ago and this would be the perfect way for me to get back in shape! Plus, who doesn't love Lipton's White Iced Tea? Yummy!

  30. I'd love to win a new commute-friendly bike. I rode a bike to my first job when I was 14 and walk to my current one at 36, but this woudl certainly expand my range!

  31. Okay, so I just got home from a few days at Disneyland and now we are in the midst of moving. I obviously had not been exercising enough previous to this, because all my muscles are SORE! Yet, this is momentum. Now I need to KEEP on exercising. So I was thinking...a bike would be another great add on for the exercise and now that we live less than a block from a park with bike trails...woo hoo! Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  32. My mom just got my oldest daughter a bike, now all the kids have one and I can't keep up walking, it would be cool to have a bike so I could ride with them. I could never go buy a bike for myself, there's too much other stuff we "need" so the chance to win one is great!

  33. I hve been reserching rails to trails and can't wait to get back on a bike- this would get me off to a great start!

  34. The high price of gas may provide an extra benefit to Americans who will switch to walking and bicycling to places they would have normally driven. I am finding my 'inner Y' as well, returning to these forms of transportation to keep the family budget intact...The plus is, 'getting' to our destination on bike or foot is part of the fun...and to top it off, great exercise for our family.

  35. I would use the bike to work off some of this extra baby weight.. and with the high gas prices it would help a lot!

  36. I would love getting back into biking. I live out of town in the woods so biking would be a great way to explore the outdoors.

  37. This is a GREAT looking bike! I had a nice bike that broke when someone crashed into me when I was pregnant. The baby turned out fine - I'm with her now, but the bike was ruined.

  38. I enjoy bike riding but sold my bike years ago. I would love to get back into it.
    Something i do to help stay young is listen to music and dance ( alone with the shades down). If i won the bike, at least i won't have to "hide" my excercise. LOL

  39. I would love to win this bike as I need another form of transportation in the summer. Gas Prices around here are horrendous! It would also help me get back into shape!

  40. Want to hear something crazy? I didn't learn to ride a bike asa child! My husband just taught me last year!?!

  41. this would be so great for my daughter, she left her bike at her ex-best friend's house and can't get it back. And i really want her to get out more instead of spending all day on the computer

  42. What a great prize! Maybe with this I could revive my long lost bike riding skills and lose a few pounds.

  43. This is a great prize. My bike is rusted in the garage. I would love to get out this summer and get some exercise.

  44. I could use this to get back in shape. I feel very unhealthy right now and need a boost. Let's Go Lipton!

  45. I have 2 boys, 8 and 11, and the younger one just learned to ride his bicycle. As part of trying to encourage him to ride, I bought a cruiser style bike for myself so we could ride together. Having a bike again after all these years has been great and I've gotten a surprising amount of use out of it.

    The problem now is we only have 3 bikes so either me or my wife needs to stay home when we all go out. I'd give her this one if I won it so we could all go trail riding.

  46. What a wonderful prize. I would love to win the bike so my 11 year old daughter and I can go bike riding together through the woods. We would love it!!

  47. I have been wanting to get a bike for a very long time now. It's been literally two decades since I've ridden, and I find myself daydreaming about being that carefree again. I would be scampering about our neighborhood on this bike as if I were a kid again!
    My health has become a topic of concern now that I am older, and this would be just the motivation that I need to find my inner child and fly away with her!

  48. What a contest.. We've been talking about biking as a family but there are 6 of us and we're a few bikes short.
    Also, the white Lipton tea is it.
    Thanks for the chance to win

  49. Nothing better than sipping some Lipton tea while coasting down a long long hill on a bike like this.

  50. What I like about this bicycle is that it has fenders (no mud on your back!) and doesn't have those rat trap foot pedals! I'm always scraping my leg on that type of pedal. Great giveaway!

    P.S. I've tried the Lipton white tea and it doesn't upset an empty stomach like regular tea.

  51. I would love to win this because I need a bike so I can go riding with young daughters. I think riding together would bring us closer together, but I don't have my own bike to ride with them. (And I'm not fast enough to run while they bike!)

  52. Fuji makes a high quality bike... and has for a long time. My best friend in middle school had one back in the mid eighties. I remember being so jealous, since I was stuck on some no-name cheapy. Still though, we had great fun riding around back then. It would be absolutely awesome to win a nice Fuji bike now. Not only would it be fun riding... It would no doubt bring back a lot of great memories.

  53. My teenager and I were just discussing who much we miss bike riding. We both need new bikes though. This would certainly help cut down on the price of replacing them.

  54. Bike riding is the best way to get errands done without having to pay the price of gas! I"d love to have such a nice bike to ride.

  55. With the rising cost of gas I am reconsidering a new form of transportation to and from my job. If I would win a Fugi bicycle I would not only benefit from the needed exercise, at age 55, but would be able to save some gas mileage as well. I can still remember the excitement of my first bicycle as a young teenager, a used, freshly painted Schwin banana seat style. It didn't even matter that I had to share riding time with my 13 siblings. A bicycle during my youth was quite the luxury item. A bicycle now would get me back in shape, provide shared time with my own teenager and save on gas. Lipton diet green tea has been a refreshing drink in our household for many years. Lipton's white tea is equally refreshing.

  56. I would love to win this bike. I have been trying to be more active with the weather getting nicer and there are some bike trails near my house that would be great for riding this. Would also like to win the tea because I haven't tried the White Iced Tea yet and I am a big fan of iced tea!

  57. I haven't really been able to spend time riding a bike since I was a teenager. I love watching my children ride around our home but I still need to get my own bike. If I won this fabulous bike I would love to go on long bike rides with my chilren and enjoy lots of quality time together.

  58. What an awesome giveaway! Biking is great fun and good exercise. I would like to win this contest.

  59. I haven't had a bike ride since I was a little kid. I would love to have the opportunity to win this! Thanks!

  60. Yes, I need a bike not only to keep in shape but also for transportation due to the gasoline prices. I'm glad I won't have to assemble it myself, thanks to the assembly check. When I have run my errands and gotten my workout, I can refresh myself with Lipton white tea. I drink that now. It is so refreshing.

  61. It really does bring me back -- when I think of biking, I remember the springs and summers when I was a kid -- we used to ride in the nearby park. And you know what? I was really fit back then!

  62. summer is such a wonderful time of year, bike riding is a favorite past time of ours. To win this bike would be great, and a real treat for our family.

  63. i have a bike seat for my son. i can sure use a bike to put it on! wow that would be just fun riding through the park!

  64. I remember as a kid I would ride my bike everywhere. We would never ask our parents to give us a ride to the store so we could get something to drink. I am lucky now if I can get my kids to walk a couple of blocks without wanting a ride. The wife was just talking about us getting bikes and start riding again and I have to tell you with this gut I am getting I could definitely use the exercise.

  65. What the worst is... living in Portland, Oregon-- bike capital... and, not having a bike. With the weather improving, I'm craving a bicycle. I hope the old adage is correct: "It's just like riding a bike, once you learn you never forget."

  66. This is a pretty awesome looking bike... I'm sure, if I won, it would be used a lot, what with me going to college soon (and after that I plan on not driving, ever, especially since gas is so exorbitant and I'm not going to be any different than most poor college students).

    Anyway. Thanks for the opportunity.

  67. Funny, I was just talking to my sister-in-law about the fact that neither of us ever learned to ride bikes, and we hoped that this would be our summer to finally learn. This Lipton bike would make it possible!

  68. I'm not sure this prize could be any better! I am completely in love with Lipton's teas right now--specifically their To Go packets in apple-cranberry--and my 6 year old really really wants to learn to ride her bike. I haven't had one since college but I hear you never forget how to ride, right? I have a bit of winter weight I'd like to distribute around the streets of my fair neighborhood, too. :)

  69. This would be so great for my new exercise program. Going to the beach in a few months, and my body is no where ready for it! Love the ice tea also!

  70. This bike looks like a great way for me to keep n shape. I already love Lipton White Iced Tea and drink it all of the time. I go to the doctor a lot and I always get it and take it with me all of the time.
    Thanks so much for giving this away. I know it will give someone a great exercise alternative.

  71. I need to be able to get to school and the car is not cutting it with these gas prices. It costs me probably 60 to 100 bucks a week to get to school. I live right near bike trails that go straight to school. It would be perfect.

  72. What could be better than White teaa to go. You get all of the anti-oxidants in a convenient little package. My family really needs more excercise so this bike would be great.

  73. Warm weather is here, finally! I live in Northern Maine and its been A very long winter! I have put on a "few" pounds this winter, and would love to "pedal" them off with this great bike! And quench my thirst with some tea!

  74. I am at a time in my life when learning to "ride" again would be a really good idea for so many reasons!!!

  75. Hi! I have lost 23 lbs. and need to lose 32 more lbs. My husband rides a bkie for a green healthful sport. If I had a bike I could join him and hopefully lose the rest of the weight I need to lose! Thanks!

  76. The city I live in gets very smoggy in the summer with all the lawn mowers and kids cruising Main Street, and this year they've announced they'd like everyone to cut back on their driving. This bike would be great to get around on, save gas and money, and get into shape all at once. Thanks for the contest!

  77. I walk to cincinnati state university about 30 minutes each way....winning a bike would be a relief!

  78. I love Lipton Diet White Tea with Raspberry! We buy it by the case around here and make sure to keep it on hand all the time. Much better tasting and for you than pop. Really nice bike, So bright and sunny. I'd love to ride around here with Ian... all I have now is a stationary bike for when it is lousy outside and I can't motivate myself to do any of my exercise dvd's.

  79. First of all, I would love the bike because my husband needs a new one and wants to get in shape. I also love Lipton tea and have purchased the white tea several times.

  80. I was looking at new bikes...even though this may be too sporty for me, i would love to try it! Gas prices are too high and walking to grocery shop may be too a bike is the way to go!!

  81. I'd love to win this bike, I dont have one right now and I'd love to put a kiddo seat on it for my daughter and take her out riding! Please enter me!

  82. As a kid I didn't ride bike much. Being from a large family we had to share a used bike. Could use one now because with the high gas prices I can hardly afford to "drive" anywhere. Great prize!

  83. What fond memories of riding my bike in the summer with the wind blowing through my long hair, not a care in the world! Ready to hop back on.

  84. This reminds me of when I learned to ride a bike. I grew up on a busy street in Brooklyn and never had an opportunity to learn but in third grade, we moved to the suburbs and everyone I knew was bike riding. Well, I wasn't the most athletic person in the world and I've always been a clutz but my dad overheard me lieing to my friends that I knew how to ride. So, that cold March afternoon he took me to the boardwalk to learn to ride a bike. It was horribly cold and I fell about a billion times but my dad knew that if he gave up on me I would never have the courage to try again. So, as my three siblings sat huddled together in the car, dad and I persevered until I was able to ride a bike. I never thanked him for that because I was so mad that I was being forced to keep trying. But, my dad would be awful proud to see me riding a bike now.

    Happy summer everyone!

  85. I need this so bad! I finally broke down & bought a bike at a yard sale. My husband promptly tore it about to "fix it up" and now I have no bike...for about a year now!

  86. The definition of summer has certainly changed since I was a kid. We could spend an entire afternoon riding a cardboard box down a hill and not tire of it. Blowing on a blade of grass between your thumbs is a lost art. And when's the last time you saw a pair of roller skates that required a key? But a couple of things that traditionally signify summer haven't changed.... and that's ice tea and bicycles! So drop a lemon wedge in that white tea... then go show a kid how to put baseball cards in the spokes of his/her bike.

  87. Wow that bike is gorgeous and I would love to win. I sure do need to get into shape and something like that would make it fun!

  88. I've been telling my husband that we need to get bikes now that we have a baby and live in a bike-friendly neighborhood without much traffic. A free bike would be a great way to start that effort! Lipton is awesome for this giveaway!

  89. 40 is just around the corner for me, I do not feel that old at all! I want to stay young, both inside and out. Winning this Lipton prize would give me a boost to get up and get going with my son. I currently do not have a bike so we usually just go for bike walks (he rides his bike, I walk), it would be nice to do circles around him sometimes!! lol. The only thing this bike is missing is a bottle holder but I would quickly add that so I could carry my water and Lipton White Tea To Go. Great giveaway, good luck everyone and if you don't win remember, to stay young/stay active!

  90. I recently moved to a community where I could easily bike to the neighboring shopping center, restaurants, etc., but I don't have a bike. This would be GREAT if I win it. PLUS, living in sunny Florida - every day's a Lipton Iced Tea day.

  91. The bike is cool but I love the $75 for "professional assembly" ..... one less think I'd have to do.

  92. This is JUST what I need! I've been waiting to get new tires on my daughter's bike to see if I could ride it! This would be MUCH better!

  93. This summer I will be living with a couple of my best friends in a house together in our home town (Cape May, NJ). Since we are all juniors in college this will be our last official summer together before entering the 'real world'. All of us plan to spend it like we did before the college days-- riding our bikes to the beach, riding them to work, working till 11, then relaxing all night. Only problem is that I'm the only one without a bike! I love this post because the opening paragraph brought me right back to those old times we used to have in the summer. It was like we didn't have a care in the world. Even though you may have been talking about a slightly younger age group (popsicle and lemonade stands, and bubbles), I'm not going to lie-- I want to take part in all of that this summer!

  94. This is the perfect campus transportation for my daughter! I can see her enjoying the tea when she arrives at class in style.

  95. What a great prize! I'd love to have the bike because I haven't had one in years and my son is going to be getting his first bike for his birthday next month. It would be great to ride along with him!

  96. Nice bike. My daughter loves riding her bike in the summer. I would love to win this for her.

  97. We love to bike but I have a hard time keeping up on my old yard sale special. Now that my 10 year old is keeping up with Dad, I guess I need new wheels!

  98. Tea and Bike, Bike and Tea. Two of the best things of my childhood. I was weined on tea in a bottle and have been drinking it ever since, (51 years now). There's nothing better. (And now Lipton has a white tea which is even healthier.) Yea! As a young child, I would pick up thrown away bike parts and build a bike. If it was stolen, I'd build another one. But that was a long time ago. Today, now that I'm retired, I have the time to start my childhood again. Get back into bike riding now, and perhaps in another 30 years I'll have to go back to drinking tea from a bottle. ;-)

  99. We have a biking trail that passes within a half mile of our house, and ALL of us need the exercise -- our biggest problem is that we're one bike short of everybody being able to ride at the same time, and somehow that seems to get in the way of getting OUT there, and breaks up the "whole family together" satisfaction-thing... And now is prime time for riding here, too!

  100. With the price of gasoline today, the price of DRIVING where I need to go is rapidly approaching a reasonable price-per-hour of my time!! With any luck, maybe I can start getting some much needed exercise AND saving significant $$$ while doing so!!

    Looking forward to hearing back (always strikes me as an odd parting comment, but it works for me)!!

  101. I haven't had a bike since I was a teenager. I would love to own a bike now that I'm older. I could use the exercise!

  102. I recently gained some weight and am looking forward to spending a lot of time outdoors working the lbs off! A new bike would be an incredible way to get started!

  103. I use a recumbant bike in the basement, but it is boring and dark. Now that summer is here, I'd rather ride outside, so I'm entering this wonderful giveaway for a Lipton Bike.

  104. Ive really been wanting a bike. I havent had one since I was a kid and I could really use one now to help me stay in shape and take bike rides with the boys as a family

  105. I bought the "Cadillac" of bike trailers - and have a really old, hand-me-down bicycle to pull it with! Now that I have two to haul, I would love a new bike for our summer treks! Thanks!

  106. I am going to be entering my first sprint triathalon next month and this would be so helpful for it! A great new bike to race with. Thank you for considering me!

  107. I've been taking my new dog out for a bike run for the past two months, and I've been using a rusty one-speed bike. Help! My thighs are killing me! We'd both enjoy this bike.

  108. This is a great giveaway. This bike would be awesome for hubby. We just recently bought bikes, he has wanted one for himself for so long and I personally think he settled on the one he got so to have this nice Fuji would really be great. Then we would have a bike for my 24 year old stepson when he comes over and we can all go to the state park and ride together. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  109. I love Lipton Tea, I haven't tried the white tea yet, but I'm sure when it gets hot out I will be sipping some! This looks like a great bike, I know I could really use it, thanks for the giveaway!

  110. What a great way to get in shape - bike riding and cooling down with some Lipton White Tea. What a great prize!

  111. I remember my young days riding my bike all over town. Man, look how far bikes have come. "Welcome to the future" With this bike I could log some miles. Thanks for this contest.

  112. I really need to get back into shape and this is just what the doctor did order. Fresh air, exercise and better health.

  113. my husband and I were just talking about getting bikes. Biking is fun and a great work out. I know I need to work out!

  114. Boy howdy, do I need some motivation to lose the rest of this baby weight. Double the babies left me twice as fat - do you think they make a double-wide seat for this bike? ;)

  115. What a great give a way - since gas is going through the roof, I've decided to ride more places. My bike is in decent shape, but not great, and a brand new one, would surely help keep my resolution, yes? :)

    Lalycairn at

  116. My bike has been sitting in the shed for years without use. Just this weekend I decided to get it out and get active again. To my dismay the bike is no longer in working condtion...totally shot! So I am really wanting a new bike.

  117. My officail retirement date was this month and I am changing my whole lifestlye. No better way than drinking tea on a new bike. Thank you

  118. I would love to win this wonderful Lipton Branded Fuji Crosstown Bike because then I can cycle around with my 2 oldest children. Right now I don't have a bicycle to do that, so the kids must stay within a block of our home when they ride, but if I had the capability to ride with them we could really venture a few miles around our area all summer long! I would love to be able to do participate with them and have some great outdoor bonding memories to make this summer. Thank you for offering this great giveaway!

  119. I desperately need a bike! I've been having trouble getting enough exercise, and with a bike (and trailer) I could take my kids with me!

  120. Let's get pumped with a new bike and new lease on life! Count me in as a want-to-be dedicated rider!

  121. I would love to win this bike. I'm in nursing school which is only 3 miles from my house..too far to walk but close enough I feel guilty driving. If I had the bike, I could bike in instead.

  122. This would be awesome! We just bought new bikes for my son and hubby, but couldn't afford one for mom! I could finally ride with them! And NOBODY drinks more Iced Tea than me! Im totally addicted!
    dansan826 at

  123. Old or young, this bike knows no age...I love riding with my husband and feeling the wind in my hair. Yellow is my favorite color and the tea can't be beat.

  124. I'm an iced-tea fan so the Lipton would be fab. I recently started exercising more and have used my hubby's bike a few times, but it's rather uncomfortable. A spanking-new one just for me would give me a little extra incentive to get out there.

  125. I just turned 63 and I have decided to return to the delights of childhood. I haven't ridden a bike in years but I can learn. I haven't been much of a tea drinker either but I have learned to love it. You are never too old to try something new.

  126. When I was a teenager, riding my bike to my best friend's house everyday was a MUST! As an adult, I have forgotten how freeing this made me feel. With today's higher gas prices, I may have to get back to my roots of riding that bike again. This time I'll put a basket on it so I can haul my Lipton Tea and my essentials to work with me.

  127. First let me start with, my family is the biggest bunch of lipton tea fans, we drink a gallon a day .ok, Now the Bike ..... I am trying to change my life, i had 2 seizures,for unknown reasons, last fall. I was out of shape and ate poorly. I am trying get in shape and make better choices. I have lost 20 lbs since November, by watching what i eat and walking, the weather is breaking and biking will really help. If I win the bike, I know I will continue to work out. ..I want better my health, feel better and show my kids the right way to live .

  128. I have been wanting to get a bike! I had two surgeries last year and want to get back in shape. I have lost about 18 pounds in the last two months but want to rebuild muscle! I am not able to use much gym equipment and some workouts are out of the question, so biking would be awsome! Thanks for a chance to win a great giveaway!

  129. A fuji Bike , does that mean that normal crosstown traffic would whizzz past as if you were riding down mt fuji =)
    with the gas prices heading higher than mountains any way to cruise past the SUVs sitting in rush hour benefits more than the wallet!

  130. I used to bike alot and then after my cheap walmart bike broke down I never got around to getting another... the one your offering looks really cool... especially for free! :P

    I work in construction so get some good exercise that way but on my days off and when I am not working I want to get back into biking... I would love to build up to a marathon of some sort... that is one of my dreams!

    If I don't win I hope the person who does win appreciates the bike... don't let it collect any dust ;-)

  131. Great prize! With gas prices the way thay are I need to bike more places and we can all benifit from exercise.

  132. YES! I'm a cyclist & my bike is getting worn. AND I'm a loyal Lipton tea drinker! Duh, the perfect winner....

  133. I love the bike and love the tea. I've been using a treadmill forever but always wished I could be out on a bike instead.

  134. I love this tea, I have been slowly getting back in shape, lost 15lbs so far, but I was just telling my daughter that I really need to buy a bike so when she goes on her bike ride I could go with her everyday and hopefully get the last 10lbs off
    Thanks for a awesome contest

  135. Last time I rode a bike, I was wearing bright yellow, elephant leg peanut pants. Remember those, or am I totally dating myself enough to hang my head in shame? Anyway, an Irish Setter pulled me off my bike by the leg of my lovely pants, put some nice dog teeth holes in them and caused me to go running home to nurse my now lifelong fear of Irish Setters. Not the dogs fault I suppose, considering those flapping gigantic-legged bright yellow pants were sort of the equivalent of waving a red cape at a bull, but whatever, I'm over it and would like to ride a bike again. I haven't seen one Irish Setter in my new neighborhood, so I think I'm safe.

  136. I have been biking since I was little and been drinking tea from the womb! Perfect combination for me. Please enter me.

  137. OMG how cool would it be to win that bike?!?! I'd get Connor one of those bike trolleys and pull him all over the neighborhood seeing as I haven't had a bike since high school it could get interesting though! :)

    I blogged your contest on Prize-A-Tron

  138. I would really enjoy this bike - my husband and I have been discussing getting bikes recently so this would be perfect!

  139. I have been losing weight pretty regularly but have reached that plateau point where I need to do some major cardio to get past the hump. Basically, the doc said lose weight or stroke out. I don't see where I really had a choice. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  140. I havent rode a bike since i was little, that would be fun again. and i love free coupons also.
    enter me please

  141. This is a great giveaway and since my kids always take whatever bike I might get maybe I can keep this one.

  142. What a great prize for the summer time. My families two favorite summer things, iced tea and outdoor activities. My youngest daughters recently took off their training wheels and now I can't get them inside the house. My husband and I were recently talking about getting us some bikes. What a great way to get one!!

  143. First off, I'm not related to the "Lipton" tea
    people...if I was I could afford my own bike...
    with the price of gas...I'm ready to peddle to
    work...and I could use the exercise.....

  144. Another great giveaway. Hubby and I had talked about getting bikes pre-baby, but never did. This would be great to win, of course we'd have to get hubby a bike and a seat for my son too. It would also be nice to switch things up and bike instead of walk with the stroller.

  145. I really need a bike to continue on my weight loss journey. I have lost 20 pounds by walking and need something new to help me keep it up. I love all kinds of tea and really want to try this kind. Thanks for have this site.

  146. I am so out of shape. This prize would be great. We have the Pinellas County Trail here which would be a great place to use it.

  147. They say you never forget how to ride a bicycle. Although I may not have forgotten how to ride, I did forget how much I enjoyed it.
    Husbands and children come, and it's less personal fitness and more bedtime stories and big wheels.
    After having spent countless hours in the driveway with a pillow strapped to her butt and all the protective gear Sports Authority could offer, my daughter is cruising the neighborhood in her first big girl bike.
    Now, all these years after giving up my Huffy for a mommy car, I stare at her in jealousy and run after her, and lose my breath in the process.
    Every day there are more and more distractions and life committments that keep my daughter and myself from really enjoying things together. How wonderful would it be, to ride along together and not only keep our relationship healthy, but our bodies too?

  148. What a great contest!!! I drink Lipton tea all the time. It would be great to add bike riding to my weight loss routine.

  149. My favorite childhood memories involve bike trips on summer days-- my mom would pack a little picnic lunch for me, which I'd place in my bike's basket before pedaling to nearby Herring Run Park to enjoy it.

    I *love* Lipton's "Free Your Y" campaign, which is really inspiring!

    Thanks :)

  150. DH & I go biking every Saturday. We are unusualI guess, we don't do the bike paths, we bike through downtowns & neighborhoods.

    When we travel, we also rent bikes, to us it is the only way to really meet folks and see a city. We have biked downtown Washington D.C., Boston, Philly, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Antonio, you name it. (O.K., Vegas was a mistake, pretty hairy & dangerous riding on the Strip) But every where we go, we are tagged as those old peeps on bikes and are welcomed!

  151. I'm a huge fan of Lipton white tea, especially the peach, raspberry and nectarine flavors. It's so light and refreshing, I love that it's lower in sugar than most other teas.

  152. I recently decided to get a bike for the first time in years, just because most of my traveling is now close to home and gas prices have gotten ridiculous. Thanks very much for the opportunity to win one, and this one looks great.

  153. I need a bike so I can ride with my young son. He is an only child and it is hard to get him to go out and ride on his own. This win would really be appreciated!

  154. My son just loves to ride his bike, but I think he gets frustrated riding back and forth since I have to walk when he rides. This bike would be absolutely wonderful for both of us, him for company, and me for the great exercise!

  155. My four year old just got his first bike and i would love to be able to ride around our beautiful neighborhood and enjoy his childhood.!!!

  156. We really need a new bike for our baby trailer. Being able to take my son behind the bike instead of using the van will be great for my health and our fuel budget. Plus, the bike will remind me to drink more tea, which I love!

  157. I remember riding my bike from sun up till sun down a long time ago. I guess I stopped when I learned to drive but thinking about it now, I really miss that old single speed bike.

  158. What a wonderful bike. I have been working at home for more than a year and I really have to get out more. This bike would be my incentive to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air.

  159. I have been riding an exercise bike and it just isn't the same, is it? It would be great to have a "real" bike again.

  160. I could so use this! My 'baby fat' excuse is getting old since he's 14 weeks old husband has a bike, but I don't! Thanks!

  161. VERY nice bike! Seeing as how I'm the only one in our family of 4 that doesn't have a bike, I'd love to win this prize! Thanks for the chance!

  162. My son has really grown and he keeps stealing his mom's bike. I would love to give him this bike.

  163. I used to love riding a bike as a kid, I was on it all day. I bought a bike in my twenties and it was the WRONG bike, the gears were way too confusing and the seat was the most uncomfortable thing I ever sat on. I quit riding. Now I have kids and I want to be able to go out and ride with them. By the way, I thought I would hate the white iced tea until I tried it. It is REALLY wonderful stuff, much more mellow than regular iced tea. I love the white tea raspberry flavor, it is my favorite.

  164. I Really need a new bike; and this bike looks soo Awesome and fun to write! I would Love to ride it right by the ocean when we move either to Florida or back to the Jersey shore!! I love riding my bike with the ocean air on my face.

  165. I'd love a new bike, I'm trying to get in shape since swimsuit season is coming up, and I just moved into a great area to bike in, trails all over and everything.

  166. I would love to have this bike! I have recently started dieting to improve my health and a bike would help immensely! I also just love the flavor of Lipton white tea.

  167. this bike would really hike up my new life style down here in Arizona. It would make me the hit of the bike club I belong too also. 150 members strong and we keep on growing.

  168. Love the bike, love the Lipton Tea! To start my mornings cycling, leaving husband, baby, and laundry behind (at least for an hour or so)- how great would that be?!

  169. I remember riding my bike with my friend Tommy when I was a kid -- one of my fondest memories of childhood. It would be nice to have that feeling again.

  170. Wow, this bike is awesome. This would be a great way to exercise and spend time with my son!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  171. Just the thing for getting rid of the winter poundage and chasing the kids through the neighborhood!

  172. If I won a bike, I'd certainly try to ride it often. It's just that if I was to pick ways to spend money, a bike isn't high on the list.


  173. I've been wanting to get me a good bike to ride in order to get back in shape. This bike would be AWESOME!

  174. We have a great bike trail here, but I have a not-so-great bike. Now that spring is here, I really want to get out there and get back into shape, and riding this awesome bike would make me the envy of the trail! Please enter me in your drawing! :)

  175. I do not drive a car and live 5 miles from the nearest store. Believe me, this would be greatly used and appreciated.

  176. Wow, perhaps at 55 I can finally get out and get some exercise...thank-you very much for such a great prize

  177. This would be wonderful for getting back into shape. my goal for the summer this year is to get out and enjoy the nature. I find its much easier to meet a goal of weight loss if I don’t consider it a goal. So far so good the weather is beautiful and the scenery even more so. My diabetes is much better than is was. Hoping to get off of the meds for that eventually. just getting out and enjoying myself. My daughter has adopted my bike since hers broke so it would be great to have my own again. We have such a nice area to ride out here the only passing traffic are squirrels and birds.

  178. This bike looks much nicer than my previous hand-me-down. And just to top it off, that one was stolen last year before the birth of my second child. Crossing my fingers.

  179. I always loved riding a bike as a kid, in fact I got in big trouble once for riding away without telling my parents where I was going. I would love to ride again!!

  180. I would love to win this prize because I NEED to learn to ride a bike! It would be perfect for me to ride to work, get exercise and good for the environment too! and ok... I can share it with hubby too :)

  181. We just got a bike to have a bike to pull it with would really be grand! ;) Also, white tea - yum!

  182. My kids have been trying to get me to purchase myself a bike for the past year. If I win this, I won't have a choice but to test out the old adage, "It's like riding a bike."

  183. biking use to be a family activity and now the grandkids expect us to continue the tradition.this grandmom needs a new bike.thanks for the chance to win one

  184. WOW this is a HUGE prize! I was just telling my Mom yesterday that I would really like to get a bike someday. I used to have one, but it finally got to the point where it couldn't be fixed anymore. This would definitely fit the bill for a new bike, huh! Plus, I LOVE Lipton White Tea - it's very yummy!

    Thank you so much for hosting such an awesome giveaway, and thanks too for telling me take part. Much love and God Bless!

  185. Our entire family is really trying to cut down on the amount of driving we do. My husband either walks to work and I've been walking to metro station. We would both love these! Fantstic contest!

  186. As hopeless as it seems, all these prizes would fulfill some needs! Thanks for trhe chance!

  187. Wow, I'm the 371st commenter..lots of people want to win this baby eh? Please please pick me because I had such a deprived childhood (ok not SO deprived)that I never learned to ride a bike. Nearing my mid-twenties now it's embarrassing! I'd really love to have a bike to learn on and ooh, attach the baby thing behind so I can take my daughter with me! Thanks!

  188. ...thanks for the contest, what a great bike !!!

    (Although I don't think the Fuji Crosstown 2.0 is the one shown in the photo above; click on the hyperlink).

  189. Your timing couldn't be more perfect! My husband just had his 60th birthday & was talking about wanting a bike to get more exercise with. thanks for a great contest!

  190. Bicycling is great for weight control, circulatory and respiratory exercise and reducing the consumption of gasoline.

  191. This would go to a very worthy person, my son whom is twelve years old. He's a straight A student and works very hard. He also has a job after school dog walking. He uses his bike all the time and really needs a new one!

  192. I am retired, and I am a diabetic and I have become very sedentary I keep promising my self I will get out and walk but can't get motivated. This may be just what the doctor ordered to get me out and active. Winning a bike may just put some exercise and fun back in my life. Thanks for the chance to win.

  193. I love the "tea to go" I keep them in my drawer at work - this helps be bring plenty of water during the day, plain water gets boring some days. I love to try new flavors too!!

  194. My husbands bike broke. The kids recently learned how to ride without training wheels. If we won this we'd finally be able to ride as a family. After riding we could relax with some Lipton tea. Thanks for the contest.

  195. With gas prices so high, I would ride a great bike like this to work for sure. Plus I LOVE Lipton teas.

  196. What a fantastic bike, and a wonderful contest. I am hoping to start biking more, especially to local places.

    Thanks for the contest! Jodi

  197. I am so proud of my husband. He has needed to loose his middle for awhile now! He has begun watching his caloric intake and rides our exercise book. So far, so good!!!!! He has lost 30 pounds. He enjoys riding his bike on the trails here, but his current bicyyle leaves much to be desired. Please enter me in your drawing for this fantastic bicycle. I appreciate it. Thanks,Cidi

  198. There is nothing more peaceful than riding on a trail, enjoying nature, clearing your mind and riding a sweet bike like this would just top off the whole experience. Of course I would love to win it but to whomever does, please enjoy!

  199. Too bad people don't bicycle nearly as much as the European's. They have bike racks all over like we have parking spaces.

  200. I would love to win this bike for my wife. We just moved to the East Coast and can't afford for her to go to the gym. This would come in awfully handy exploring our new town. Thanks for the great contest.

  201. I love that bike and I love Lipton Tea. I'd also love to have that bike to keep in shape, since my bike got stolen recently :(. Thanks for the giveaway!

  202. A nice freshing Lipton tea after a long, adventurous ride. Nothing better I like to do to relax!!!

  203. I have always wanted a bike that actually fit my body height etc and look nice! I would love to ride away on this!!!

  204. I rode a bike daily when I was living in Japan, and really want to get back into that habit. I live in a fairly bike friendly city, but haven't purchased a bike yet.

  205. Having not gotten on a bike in at least 20 years, this would be great to get into shape and see explore the area that I now live in

  206. I love cycling ... it really does take me back to my youth when that's how us kids got from point A to point B - by pedalling! We didn't ask mom or dad (or someone else's mom or dad) to drive us, well unless it was VERY far away and VERY dangerous. If we wanted to go the beach, the shopping center (we didn't really have malls back then), movies, skating rink, etc ..., we biked! I would love to see more people in general biking these days - whether for fun or for commuting purposes. Not only will we all be conserving energy, but we would be in great shape!

  207. I would love to win this bike. Nothing says summer better than Lipton tea and the sunny color yellow. I have not owned a bike in years. In fact the last bike I owned was stolen and never recovered. I am hoping that the Karmic Gods see this and help me win!

  208. We've been replacing our bikes as money allows and this beautiful bike would be just perfect! Bilking is our big family activity and we would love to continue it in style

  209. I love the Lipton tea line, I am completely addicted to the white tea with island mango and peach, very yummy! (They also have a white tea with blueberry and pomegrante that is fantastic too.) I will definitely have to try the tea to go that you mix in your water bottle - thanks Steph!

  210. I would love to win this great bike. It would be good for me and good for the environment! The bike looks great.

  211. What a time to be fortunate to win a bike for a prize! Gas prices as they are, more peddling is a very smart idea!

  212. I would love to win this so I can get into better shape! And the Lipton Tea will help quench my thirst while I'm riding.

  213. This does sound like a great bike and my kids are finally getting good enough on their bikes that I may even be able to ride at a decent speed! Thanks for the great contest!

  214. Wow - what great fun, to re-learn how to ride a bike while I am teaching my kids how to ride theirs. It's been so many years, I wonder if I still remember how they work!!! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  215. I would love to have a bike to ride with my kids. They are just learning to ride their bikes now.

  216. What a great bike, and a great gift for my significant other who is in a difficult health condition. This would certinly be a great help.

  217. Love it! My hubby and I were just discussing getting bikes to boost our workouts - especially since I was just diagnosed with osteoporsis at 32...

  218. This is awesome! I need a bike..I let my sister "borrow" mine and she still has it. We have a trailer for the youngest, the older two both have their own and my husband does. I'd love to win!

  219. My hubby and I just brought out our bikes and got them cleaned up and tuned up and spiffed up, so that we could get our cycling on...I have such an old bike that we even considered putting a new one on the shopping list! Maybe not if I get lucky!! AND yummy tea to go with it! :)

  220. my last bike was stolen...of course that was back in 1962 and i haven't ridden one since....but no time like the present to get back on I suppose, because it does really look cool.

  221. I need this SO badly...I am so out of shape and have not been able to afford one this year...and something I want -- used to ride all of the time...and loved it...and would love to get back to it...and I LOVE tea...
    Please enter me and thanks for great contest :)

  222. Now that's what I need to get my exercise and then finish it up with a nice cold glass of Lipton Ice Tea

  223. Lipton White Tea is much more thirst quenching than soda and tea is supposed to be a natural source of antioxidants that contribute to better health

  224. I live at a camp/resort where everyone gets around with golf carts. I would really love this bike so I can be in a lot better shape than the ones riding.

  225. Here's a trip through the WayBack Machine: this Fuji is quite nearly a color match for the Schwinn Lemon Peeler, with the slick rear tire that had the matching sidewall stripe.. yellow for the Peeler, orange for the Orange Krate, red for the Apple Krate - and, added later to the line-up, green for the Pea Picker.

  226. wow i love to try to win this so i an get out and ride . and wellit would be nice to own a bike and well have some tea please enter me in thanks

  227. This is a great bike, we could use it around here. After discovering the Lipton White tea I dont drink anything else, it tastes great and is so refreshing.

  228. A Fugi cross town bike would certainly be nice, gas prices are outrageous! This would be a fantastic win...and Lipton White Iced Tea, wow! :-)

  229. The last new bicycle I got was a Beach Cruiser 20 years ago. This would be fantastic and just in time for summer bike rides with my girls. Thanks!

  230. I like that bike, wonder what the height is on it. would someone who is 5'1 have a hard time riding it? Would certainly do me good to ride around town.

  231. Thanks for the contest. I've been thinking about getting a bike and this would just make it that much easier! :)

  232. Yum. I love your Liptons Ice Teas made with splenda---they are fantastic. And now you have white tea which has no caffeine--yay! Thanks Lipton!

  233. I'd love to get back on a bicycle, and would love to found out if you never forget how to ride! I love Lipton White Tea, too, so thanks for such a great giveaway!

  234. I feel a little silly posting in the hopes of winning a bike. It seems a little childish to me but I guess that's what I like about the whole idea. I want to feel young again. The idea of feeling the wind in my hair and sun on my face without a care in the world sounds marvelous.

  235. I've been thinking about getting a new bicycle, but i can't afford it. My old Schwinn, which I faithfully ride all spring, summer and fall long, is shot. The gears are going bad and a spoke broke on it a couple weeks go. The guy at the bike shop said he has to replace the whole wheel ($55). I hope I win this one.

  236. Gas is so expensive! I would love this bike to get me to and from class! Plus its a great way to stay in shape..

  237. My 5 children just starting riding bikes together since my Oldest Son repaired any flat tires and their having a ball! Maybe I could get off my seat and get exercise with them-thats where you come in. That is a sharp looking bike and we Love Lipton tea. The White Tea sounds good-everyone could use a boost!

  238. I am rapidly approaching a state of critical mass. This bike just might help me get a handle and allow me and the solar system to avoid my mass collapsing in upon itself and drawing nearby energy and mass into it, i.e., becoming a black hole. This is only a slight embellishment of the facts.

  239. The Lipton white tea varieties are excellent - I love the hot tea bags, and bottled teas. Haven't tried the tea-to-go yet. (And I'd really love to win the bike.)

  240. when I got my first bike at age 6 I felt free. Even now I get that same feeling of freedom when I'm on a bike. What's even better about this bike is that it's Lipton-branded. I love lipton

  241. I would love to have a bike so I could finally go for rides with my boyfriend. My two legs can't keep up with his two wheels!

  242. Well, I'm a huge tea drinker, so I'd enjoy the tea along with the bike. It's been years since I've ridden, but the Fuji Crosstown 2.0 looks very cool and if I won, I'd be riding again!

    Proudly. Wobbly. Possibly falling down or going splat at the bottom of my rather steep hill. And getting up and doing it all over again!

    I miss riding, I really do! I've got foot problems, so walking and running are out, at least for now. Biking, that I could do!

    Winning it would give me incentive to conquer my fear of the hill... which is not only fear of going SPLAT down it, but fear that I'm not strong enough to pedal up again, LOL!

    Appreciate the chance to win!

  243. I would love to have a new bike for riding this summer. I would take it to the beach and ride up and down while getting a tan.

  244. the bike i have needs two new tires --the rear tire is worn and flat--repair or win a new bike..

  245. I have been planning on getting a bike for a long time now so that my husband and i can go riding. It will also be nice exercise for after I have my baby in june.

  246. It sure would be nice if it were me,
    To win a bike all new and shiney.
    I would be in much better tone
    If I were biking instead of home on the phone!
    There's lots of hills here in Maine
    My chubby little legs would struggle and strain!
    But soon I'd be feeling all svelte and new
    And when I looked in the mirror I'd be sure to thank You!

  247. I've been wanting a bike so badly. This one seems wonderful and I really hope to win it. I also love iced tea and want that prize also.

  248. Thank you for helping us to think about exercise and fitness and of course Lipton to quench our thirst on hot sunny days.

  249. Wow... lipton white tea and sweet tea are the most refreshing after a hard day's work!! With a new bike I would enjoy a refreshing lipton tea once I returned... ahhhhhhhh refreshing!! fridge is stocked

  250. Wow-are you kidding me!? Someone will win a bike!? I would love to get in better shape this summer with a bike. I haven't ridden one since I was a child. I would be so excited if I won!

  251. We don't have any bikes at the moment as we couldn't take them on our 16 1/2 circumnavigation aboard our sailboat.
    Would love to have such a bike!

  252. Lipton makes some of the best flavors of tea, one of my favorites is white tea. What better accessory for summer than a bike with the Lipton logo. I would use the bike to join my daughter on her daily bike rides around the lake, so good mother daughter bonding time.

  253. My husband and I both decided to be more active this summer with bikes and/or roller blades. This bike not only would fill the bill but it would save us money also...can't beat that.

  254. This would be the ticket to gas prices and the 40 lbs that I want to get rid of. Thanks for the chance.

  255. I rode a bike last year for the first time in over 40 years, and apart from getting over the soreness of the saddle I loved it, so I would love to win this bike.

  256. I'm the only single mom I know who does not owmn a bike. This one would get me up to speed (no pun intended.


  257. I would love to win a new bike - mine is 10 years old and you can tell - also? we are a lipton tea family - we drink all their products - but love the new pyramid tea bags the best - thanks!

  258. Wow! Very nice bike! I do not have a bike and would love to have one! When I am not running, I could ride! Thanks! :-)

  259. What a great giveaway. Love this bike and we can really use this. Thanks so much for offering this giveaway.

  260. WOW! I don't ever think I've seen a BIKE for a giveaway before! That's awesome! We have a bike trailer for my daugher and it is such a nice change of pace from the usual walk or jog.

  261. I have been begging my husband for a bike for exercising for so long...this would be a fabulous win since I would no longer have to nag at my husband for one. I recently was told by my endocrinologist that I am developing late onset type 1 diabetes (although there is nothing to prevent type 1 as there would be to prevent type 2) I would like to start exercising to decrease the quick jump into diabetes. My father died of type one (as so, his father, mother, brothers and sister). I was the only one in my family to have the "gene" as they call it and it is inevidable that I will have it within the next year or two (maybe sooner). I'm just trying hard right now to eat better, exercise and be cousious about what I put in my body.

    Great contest...

  262. Gosh, I sure could use this bike! Not only do I need the exercise, it sure beats a stationary bike at a health club for the umpteeth time. What a great prize giveaway!

  263. Wow! I would love this and use it everyday even in the rain!!!

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

    metropolitanmama rocks!



  264. Where I live Bike riding is a way of life, but neiother my husband or I own a bike...This would be a lovely addition to our house.

  265. I live in a sustainable community where everything is supposed to be in walking distance... since I live more on the edge, having a good bike would help ensure I keep the community beautiful by not using my car... not to mention, I'd be getting in shape too!

  266. With the price of gas so high now ($3.75 here this morning), I could use this to get back and forth to work this summer!

  267. Wow! Thank you for such a great giveaway!! My mom and sister are doing the STP (seattle to portland) race this year, and I just couldn't do it... couldn't commit. Maybe next year, if I have this bike! :)

  268. Wow, what a giveaway! I went running the other day (yes, finally) and a couple passed me on their bikes and I thought, "Oh, that looks so much easier, I think I need a bike." It's been years since I've been on a bike and I wouldn't mind getting back in the saddle.

  269. I really need to exercise, and I have been wanting to get a bike. I could also use the bike for some short errands to save money on gas and help out the environment.

  270. What a great opportunity to win this bike and help my soon to be wife learn how to ride a bike...She never learned as a child...This way we could both go biking...Thanks for the chance to win this

  271. My husband has been wanting to start riding again. This would be a great surprise.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  272. Oh I would LOVE to win this! My husband and I are talking about getting a pair of nice, quality bikes to hopefully last us a long, long time. But wouldn't it be great if we could win one?

  273. My son wants me to bike ride with him-but I don't have one to ride. Would love to win! GLA

  274. Love to have a bike. Can't ride my husbands anymore it makes this terrible clacking noise!

  275. A BIKE!
    Oh I could use one of those too. My girls have one but it never seems on is in the budget for me.
    Thanks for doing this.

  276. I live 5 minutes from work and gas prices here are higher than alot of places. I need this something awful because I can't afford gas to get to work and if I can't get to work I can't pay my bills and then I will be homeless. I also never get exercise so riding my back to work would get my body unflabby and more healthy

  277. Id love to win this for my girlfriend. I have a road bike and she really wants to ride with me. Getting this bike would mean we could go on rides together.

  278. I would love to win this bike. I really need to have some enjoyable exercise and bike riding would be the best ever!And I LOVE Lipton Tea.

  279. I love to ride but don't have a bike, I moved out to the country and this would be great!

  280. Can you believe I don't have a bike? My husband goes bike riding with my older children and I stay home with the babies. It sure would be nice to go riding and let him stay home with the babies once in a while. I can't ride his bike because it's one of those road bikes with the pedals you have to snap your shoes into. Winning this would be so nice. Now, to find a place for it in the garage, that's the next thing...

  281. Oh what a great giveaway! I've been wanting a bike for a few years now, and with the upcoming move to sunny California I plan on using one as a way to use my car less! But not having to buy one would be a big help on the California budget!

    Also the Lipton white tea is delicious! Who wouldn't want some free coupons for delicious tea?

    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  282. Great prize - I would love to win this to give to my wife of more than 38 years - she has never owned a bike before. THanks for all the great contests!

  283. Before I had children, I use to ride all the time. My one son just learned to ride without training wheels last week. He did real well and has rides as soon as he gets home from school every day.

  284. My son loves the Lipton White tea with Raspberry. I wish we could find some of the other flavors in the non-diet versions.

  285. If this does'nt inspire me to get out there and get busy, nothing will! Generous give-a-way!

  286. Great contest and prize. Definitely a plus to get some exercise in as an alternative form of transportation.

  287. The Fuji Crosstown 2.0 bike would fit early morning rides up on the new bike path on the Mississippi River levee.

    At present, I walk that path on early mornings (gets kinda' hot after 9:00 a.m.). It would be lovely to join the biking crowd!

  288. Great giveaways.Love the bike,need to lose the weight that I put on during the winter.

  289. Great to keep in great shape, I have the perfect place to ride it, on my street there is no traffic

  290. This would be great since my kids take every bike I get, my 13 year just took the mountain bike I got for christmas a couple of years ago.

  291. Want to try biking again and this would be a perfect way to start. I think bikes have so evolved since my riding days that my five year old granddaughter would have to teach me everything about today's bikes and biking!

  292. I really miss bike riding. My old bike bit the dust over 10 years ago and I've been wanting a new one ever since. Please enter me.

  293. I so need a bike I'm trying to walk but I'm not burning enough calories off and I know a bike would really help me to reach my target weight. What a great contest thanks so much.

  294. My husband rides his bike to and from work and has become an avid roadie. This would be nice to win so I could tag along.

  295. wow, just started working out for the first time at 40! what a great and fun way to work out!
    3beez at bellsouth dot net

  296. I'd love to be a kid again and ride this bike around my neighborhood. In addition, riding a bike would help me stay in shape while having fun!

  297. What a great giveaway just in time for summer! I remember many days biking around our block until the sun went down. The kind of summer days that you never wanted to end. I can't wait to teach my kids to ride a bike and watch them build some of those same memories. Biking is great, its an activity the whole family can enjoy.
    I also look forward to trying the Lipton White Tea. I havent heard of it until now, it looks great. There always seems to be a pitcher of Lipton tea in the fridge in the summer. Its really great stuff!

  298. I would love to have this bike-mine is shot! My husband and I live near a couple of state parks and this would be great for the trails! I love me some Lipton tea too!

  299. I'd love to give hubby my old bike and give this one a try...Then we could both take the kids on bike rides instead of just me pulling them in the buggy and hubby running along side us.

  300. This is a great looking bike. I'd love to win it. I'd be just as thrilled to win a supply of tea from Lipton! I drink their Green Tea often. It has a light but distinct flavor and I appreciate the health benefits of drinking green tea. I will have to try the White Tea too.

  301. oh I would love a bike. My hubby just got a Harley and spends countless hours cruising. If I'm goina ride a bike, I want benefits from it like a better body ! We just moved her to a kinda big city and it would be so much nicer than driving everywhere.

    Thanks so much for the chance