Sun-kissed in Seconds with Arbonne

Sun-kissed in Seconds with Arbonne 1When summer comes along, I start thinking about how I can get a nice warm glow and some color in my cheeks without sunbathing. I've tried quite a few sun tanning products (I'll share my favorite in another post...) and I've even gone to one of those spray-on booths where you stand nekkedd and turn every 30 seconds (anyone else know what I'm talking about?). 

But sometimes I need a quicker solution - just a little extra color, a little extra sparkle. That's when I turn to No Sun Intended Bronzing Powder by Arbonne. 

Here's the ad copy from the website:

"Get color that sparkles and glows, naturally, with this luxurious bronzing powder that gives you an instant, easy and safe tan. This powder gives all skin types a gorgeous, tanned look without the unwanted effects of the sun's rays and it works beautifully for face and body."

This is my favorite Arbonne product I've tried so far. The bronzing powder comes in a walnut-colored over-sized compact that includes a mirror...and the color of the powder is gorgeous. It's great to be able to look sun-kissed in seconds. 

If you're thinking about buying bronzer, I'd go with this cleverly-titled and easy-peasy-to-apply product from Arbonne. It retails for $28 and - best of all - by buying the product, you're supporting Rachel, a SAHM of two boys and the blogger behind Fitness for Mommies

I should note that the bronzer doesn't come with a brush (which is difficult for mamas who don't wear a lot of make-up like me), but just e-mail Rachel at [email protected] and ask her about the brush she gave me (I don't see it on the website). It's big and fluffy and works with the bronzer perfectly, and I think it's available for purchase...

WIN IT! One winner will receive the No Sun Intended Bronzing Powder by Arbonne and the fluffy brush mentioned above. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Sunday, May 25 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Monday, May 26. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address. 

*UPDATE* The winner is #7 Belinda. Congratulations!

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294 comments on “Sun-kissed in Seconds with Arbonne”

  1. This looks like an awesome product. I'm sooooo white right now that anything that gives a little color would be great!

  2. very nice for summer i need a good bronzer and this abronne line is suppsed to have great products thanks for the giveaway

  3. I work for a publication for cancer patients, so I definitely don't tan (at least, not on purpose). These types of products are so great because they help you look tan and healthy without the dangerous rays!

  4. This is a great way to get a summer look without the harmful rays! Good Luck to all! Have a fun and safe holiday! Thanks for sponsoring this contest!

  5. This would be great for me, I go to a tanning bed almost daily, but I do not get any sun on my face at all, I use a cover to keep to sun from getting to my skin!! So needless to say, my face is completly different from the rest of my body, a nice bronzer would be great!!
    Please enter me!!

  6. This is great. I love the smoothness that this bronzer portrays. It feels so light on your skin.

  7. I've had skin cancer on my face and now know better than to leave the house without sunscreen. Unfortunately, my pale skin looks so drab.

  8. I love the Arbonne products and finally after years of going to the tanning bed, I've given it up, so I am in real need of some color! Thank you for the great contest!

  9. I would love this. I don't get out in the sun either. My father passed away from melanoma so I am at high risk. So I am pretty pale and need this.

  10. I could really use something like this. I have avoided the sun for years. I just get too many freckles and sun spots.

  11. Who wants wrinkles? To prevent them, I stay out of the sun as much as possible. When I am in the sun, I apply spf to spare my skin. My face could really use some color! I would love to win this :)

  12. I am a tan-a-holic and have been doing everything I can to not go into the sun without sunblock this year. So far it's been torture, I have tried several self tanners, what a mess! This looks right up my alley, easy to apply and nothing long term!

  13. I love the sun but don't care for the damage that it causes so I love bronzers! Thanks for the nice and healthy giveaway.

  14. This looks like a great product. I have really fair skin so I go from extremely pale to lobster red in no time. This would be a great way to get around that. :)

  15. Love Arbonne products. Among the Arbonne products that I have, my favorite is the hand cream. A couple of my students were complaining of dry skin, so I gave them a bit. I've created monsters now. I had a parent send me a note asking what cream her daughter keeps talking about.

  16. I love Arbonne. Would love to try this. I am pasty white and can use all the help I can get. THANKS!

  17. I have yet to find a bronzer that doesn't make me look like I broke into my mom's makeup drawer and applied dark lipstick to my face with my fingers. haha. I'd love to try this brand and see if it works a bit better on me.

  18. have avoided the sun for many years but would like to get the slightly tan look, sounds like a nice product!

  19. Great contest! Count me in, please. I would love to try an Arbonne product - I have heard of them, but haven't tried any yet.

  20. I think bronzer is the way to go when wanting to get a sun kissed glow. It does the job without harming your skin! Thanks for this giveaway!

  21. I love anything that helps create the look of tanned skin without the serious effects of the sun. This looks perfect. Thanks

  22. Thanks for the great explanation of the product. I've tried a couple bronzers without much success. This one sounds almost mistake proof.

  23. I can never lay in the sun like the good ol' days when I was skinny and single. Chasing 4 kids, all I get is a farmer's tan.

  24. I hate starting the summer looking like shark bait. I usually get a nice glow with just a few short outings but I want to get a head start. This bronzing powder sounds like just what I need. Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. Great products. I used to be a sun-worshipper, now I'm a sun-avoider. These would be great to win!

  26. I'm very light skinned, so I can't use even the lightest of the light self tanners. This would be perfect for a little color. Thanks!

  27. I've always heard great things about Arbonne products, but have never had the chance to try them yet. This sounds like a great item to try!

  28. Its amazing what a difference a little color can do to your face. I too choose to do it in ways other than the sun. Arbonne is a great company-thanks!

  29. sounds fab - thanks for the chance to win. I don't suntan well so this would be a great thing for me to try out.

  30. I had a skin cancer scare not too long ago, so though I live in San Diego,CA now, I slather myself with sunscreen...and the effects are kinda dull, pasty skin. This sounds like it could really "wake up" my skin! Thanks!

  31. I'm a burner not a tanner :( I look at other woman with those pretty sun-kissed cheeks and necklines and would love to have it myself. I have tried a few bronzers but they are too orangish, after reading your review of your experience would love to try Arbonne's. Thank you for the chance and good luck everyone.

  32. I'm hopelessly clueless about makeup, as my only regular product is cherry chapstick! But I would love to upgrade and give this a try :)

  33. I love Arbonne's bath & skin products, but I've never tried any of their makeup. What a terrific giveaway!

  34. Thank you so much for entering me in your contest. I have not had opportunity to try Arbonne products yet and would love to try this. I like the idea of a bronzer rather than damage my skin. Thank you!

  35. That sounds interesting! I'm not sure I'd buy it, but I'd like to try it! I have such fair skin though I wonder if it would be too dark and look funny...

  36. I just heard about this today from someone who said it is wonderful. Sure would like to win it.

  37. I am the palest of pale and I try so hard to find a bronzer AND brush that can give me a healthier look so I can keep avoiding the temptations of the tanning bed. Yes, it is true. I am a former tanning bed addict....

  38. I've never tried a bronzer, but as I'm getting older, I know I can use all the help I can get.

  39. I have heard a lot of very postive buzz about Arbonne products and how great they are, however, I have yet to try any! I am actually in the market for a Bronzer but like most women (I think) I am worried that it will not look natural and will go on much too heavy. This Arbonne No Sun Intended Bronzing Powder does sound worth a try! I would love to win it so I can have a safe natural glow this summer! Thank you for offering this great product and for introducing us to Arbonne!

  40. I have been using products like this for approximately 20 years. Before it became popular. My skin has rewarded me.

  41. I am pregnant and so I can't really lay out in the sun this year. It would be great to have somewhat of a tan this summer with this product. I hope that I can win this. I'm so white right now! lol.

  42. I never really sunbathed except when I was a teenager but I have often thought about starting to go tanning. Then I stop because of the skin damage. i would love to be able to look sun kissed without the damage to my skin. [email protected]

  43. Stephanie, I heard more than one comment on your "tan" this last weekend as you were trying
    Sun-kissed out. Just wondering how many people said something?

  44. I love when summer comes around and the store shelves are full of bronzing products. It's a sunny feeling!

  45. My two favorite products for the summer are a good bronzing powder and a good water proof mascara.

  46. Years ago, I used to work for Arbonne so I know that their products are of superior quality. I'd love to win this!

  47. i would love to try this, i need a good bronzer for my tan impairment and i have always heard wonderful things about arbonne i have just never tried it

  48. Being over 50 I have learned not to sunbath, but I still want that summer glow. I would love to try this product.

  49. As a fair-haired pale skinned woman every ounce of brozer is appreciated. I wouldn't want to blind anyone.

  50. Hi! It would be nice to win a new bronzer for the summer. I like that sunkissed look but don't want to sacrifice my skin for it.

  51. This stuff looks great. I have such pale skin that I really have to avoid the sun; I get all my summer color from a bottle. I'd love to try this stuff.

  52. After working at a dermatologists office years ago I knew I couldn't be a sun worshiper any more. (Saw too many cases of skin cancer) So now in the summer I use make-up to get the look instead. I have heard great things about Arbonne products and this would be a great way to try out their skin care line!

  53. This would be great I have always burnt to a crisp very easily and now that I am older I am even more interested in protecting myself

  54. Oh that would be fantastic! I wear a nice bronzer now, and it makes all the difference in the world. It's amazing what a little bit of color can do for you. I have some makeup brushes already, so that wouldn't be abig deal for me :)

  55. I've been seeing bronzers on TV and magazines and am convinced that I should try them. This looks like a very nice one. Thanks for the chance to win.

  56. I don't expose myself to the sun often, so it's hard for me to get the darker look I'd like. So this would be great.

  57. I don't do sun well at all, so this would be perfect for me. At least I wouldn't look all pasty white and sick.

  58. Who has time to lay out and tan with 3 girls under the age of 5? Not me. I would love to get my summer tan with this. Thanks so much!

  59. The medications I take don't allow me to sun bathe any more. Plus, the sun rays are so strong now, skin cancer would be inevitable if I did. This bronzer and the kabuki brush would allow me to have a slight tan all over...I don't wear make up unless it's a special occasion because it clogs my pores. Yep, 53 and still getting zits. Damn that menopause! LOL
    Great giveaway - hope I win!

  60. I've never tried Airborne products before, I would love to give this a try because I have very fair skin and just get freckles

  61. I absolutely love bronzing powder, especially for the summer months! Please count me in! Thanks!

  62. I am so pale, and I never tan. I always burn then peel and then I am pale again. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  63. Evening, I heard about "Arbonne" quite awhile ago, but never really looked into their products. Bronzer is my most used summer cosmetic! Please enter me in your fabulous drawing. It is always appreciated!

  64. I can't get out in the sun like I used to because of meds I'm taking. So I could use this product for my pasty white skin tone. Woulld really like to try this.
    Thanks for the giveaway.


  66. I'd love to try this product for a healthier glow to my face without getting the damage from the sun! Please enter me!

  67. I am so fair skinned and never go out in the sun without my spf 50, needless to say i never tan. i totally rely on products like this!

  68. I gave up the sun years ago but I still love that sunkissed look. I actually have never tried bronzer but I think that it just might be the ticket!

  69. I have some friends who use this makeup and love it! I'd be so excited if I won and could try it out!

  70. I think I would end up saving this for the winter...i like to have a tan effect without endangering my skin.

  71. The past few years I've just resigned myself to pasteyness but I sure wouldn't mind looking more "seasonal". I'm too forgetful to put on a lotion for so many days in a row only to find that it doesn't work (probably b/c I forgot to put it on). I've never owned a bronzer but I know Arbonne has wonderful stuff and I'm sure this is no exception.

  72. I am constantly on the lookout for self tanning products. I have very fair skin and therefore do not brown up in the sun. I have two skin colors. Either white or red. This gives me the sun touched look that ironically I can not get in the sun.

  73. My skin is only a few shades darker than the background of where I'm typing right now. It never used to bother me--I liked the goth look--but now as a mommy, I'm finding myself around more "normal" folks and starting to feel freakishly pale. A bit of unnatural sun would do me a lot of good, I think!

  74. I am soooo pale. I could use a little color and sparkle to my face. Thanks for the chance.

  75. I could really use this! With the warm sunny weather here, I need to have some color. I would love to win this Arbonne prize. Count me in! Thanks! :-)

  76. The Anti Aging NutrimenC RE9 sounds like exactly what I need! Your give-a-way is very generous. Thank you.

  77. I have heard of Arbonne and have been to the site, but have never been able to afford there awsome stuff...for this reason I'd love to enter this contest in hopes that I could win.

  78. I love Arbonne products. My mom uses this bronzer and she LOVES it.
    Steph, I laughed outloud when I read about your *spray tan* comment. Although, I love going to get a spray tan when I need a quick tan:)

  79. I would L-O-V-E to win this. I am trying very hard to take better care of my skin, and not having to tan in the sun or under a lamp will help!

  80. I'd look like I got some sun
    if I wore this Arbonne
    Without the extra eye creases
    When I win things it sure pleases

  81. This sounds like a great product. It would be so nice to look like you spent hours out in the sun without having to actually do it.

  82. I have been looking for an easy way to get a tan this summer without having to go to the tanning place or lay out in the sun I would love to try this THANKS :)

  83. Thanks so much for the great giveaway, I need this because I am so fair and avoid the sun! Thanks!

  84. As much as I love the sun (oh how I love the sun!), I'm trying to avoid it (thanks to my first and hopefully last "sun spot"). This bronzer sounds perfect! Now if someone would make something other than spray on tans and goopy lotions to cover the rest of the body....

  85. I love Arbonne products, and I am as white as a sheet, so this product sounds perfect! Do you just use it on your face or everywhere that's showing?

  86. A few years ago I gave up on sunbathing, both for my health and because I've turned practically albino like my mother. Now it's white or red, no cute brown. I could definitely stand to find something that makes me look less pasty! I like the title, too...

  87. I have skin prone to break outs (omg, still! why? WHY?!) which requires that I use medication that tells me to avoid the sun. No chance of a natural tan here, so I've been looking for a bronzer to give me that summer glow. It would be cool to try Arbonne because the price is a little too high for me to buy it with out knowing if it would work for me.

  88. This sounds like a great product. I would love to try it out , I might have to buy some of my own. Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. I picked up a magazine in a waiting room the other day and read that bronzer is the new blush. I don't wear a lot of eye makeup, but without some color on my cheeks I look pretty washed out. I'd love to try this stuff!

  90. I am moving from Minnesota to Arizona next month and need to create a quick tan. My skin is so white it's fluorescent!

  91. this would be great in summer when i don't want to put on makeup!! being a teacher, the summer is my vacation and there is are lots of days i just don't wear any makeup!! thanks!
    moore.g at

  92. Ah, this sounds great! I don't go to a salon, I refuse to expose myself to too much sun and I've never found a bronzer that looks natural~And I really, really ever want is just a little splash like this. And wow, I just looked again and see that it's not only for face , my legs could use this in a hurry!

  93. Hi Stephanie, Thanks for the great post. I'm glad you like the bronzer and the brush. The brush you have is called a Kabuki Brush that retails for $25, however, with the purchase of the Bronzing Powder it is $10.

    Thanks again,
    Rachel M

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