Sun Protection Zone: Better than your typical swimsuit

Sun Protection Zone: Better than your typical swimsuit 1I just registered my daughter for swim lessons through the local parks and recreation program. The sessions are two weeks long and cost $2 (yes, $2 for the whole two weeks!), and my daughter loves the water! The lessons will run M-TH so, needless to say, we'll be out in the morning sun a lot. 

Of course, I'll put sunscreen on my daughter, but - if you have a toddler, you know that they don't particularly like to stand still and that they are unaware of the benefits of sunscreen. So, although I put sunscreen on my daughter, it's not always spread evenly on her skin and it's quite easy to miss a spot which is why...

Sun Protection Zone: Better than your typical swimsuit 2I'm super excited that she'll be wearing a suit from Sun Protection Zone all summer long. The suits are long-sleeved, which is brilliant since most of the sun will hit my daughter on her chest, back, and arms when we're in the water. The suit is also SPF 100+...and did I mention it's really cute? 

Sun Protection Zone: Better than your typical swimsuit 3Sun Protection Zone also offers long sleeve rash guards for children and adults (I think I might like to try this one), sun hats for children and adults, sunglasses, and more.

The suits retail for $30 and can be purchased on the Sun Protection Zone website. 

Here's a little equation for all of you mathematician moms out there: A squirmy toddler + a sometimes forgetful mama (yes, I sometimes forget the sunscreen) + a normal swimsuit = too much sun. BUT the first two factors + Sun Protection Zone = less sun on my precious little girl's skin.

I'll also be keeping the following tips in mind from The Skin Cancer Foundation:

  • Seek the shade, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Use a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher every day.
  • Cover up with clothing, including a broad-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses.
P.S. In case you missed it, here's a photo of my little beauty in her SPZ suit.
P.P.S. Stay tuned for more pics from our summer swim lesson adventures in the coming month.  

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Sun Protection Zone set, which includes a long sleeve suit of winner's choice (available in sizes 1T-6), a children's adjustable legionnaire hat, a pair of children's sunglasses, and a Solar Safe UV Sun Monitor Wristband. To enter, simply leave a  comment on this post prior to Sunday, May 25 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Monday, May 26. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #4 Kristen M. Congratulations!

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214 comments on “Sun Protection Zone: Better than your typical swimsuit”

  1. These look good and protection is mandatory these days. We also got the uv hats (Nammu), and kids love them! They are bandanna style, so they fit nicely and stay firm for a long time.

  2. This is a great idea! I love how cute the blue suit is and the protection it offers. My 21 month old would look fabulous in it and I know he would be protected. Thanks for the great contest!

  3. This would be great for summer in the water as we will be having. Hopefully they will make a sunscreen I can apply with a hose, then I'll really be set.

  4. I'm always looking for good ways to protect my 2 yr old from the sun, and was just telling my friend that I was hoping to find a long sleeve swim shirt. How perfect!

  5. I would love this for my son! A boy that is 4 years old has absolutely no tolerance for sunscreen application >.< And this would be perfect for when we go to the beach this summer. Hope you and your daughter have fun with the swimming lessons! :)

  6. What a great contest! I have a sun-block t-shirt for my toddler whenever we go to the pool, but these look so much more advanced! Thanks.

  7. I love thesem, I have two small babies/ toddlers with the youngest having very fair skin, I know she will burn easy, so this would be teriffic for her, and I would want one for my son too, he has dark skin but you can never be too carefull with your children, and it is great to teach them about the damamge that the sun can do to your sking!!
    Please enter me!!

  8. My girl would look sooo cute in one of those. My wife is a sunburn nut wiht our kids. This is a great idea.

  9. I am hyper vigilant trying to keep my 4 year old daughter from getting too much sun on her skin (a little is ok because we need the Vitamin D the sun produces in us). Both of my naturally dark skinned parents have had surgery for skin cancer recently. And my husband is fair skinned like his family. So my daughter's skin is my top priority when we go to the beach or pool. These products would be all encompassing!

  10. Wonderful giveaway, and awesome product. Thanks for having it, and bringing the awareness to the forefront!

  11. I had skin cancer on my nose about three years ago (in my 30's). Doctor was surprised to see it at my young age and after Mohs surgery, I have scarring and a slightly upturned nostril. Needless to say, please make sure you protect the little ones from the sun as doctor suggested this damage was most likely incurred when I was a child.

  12. This is a great giveaway! I'd love the blue for my sons. We live in Southern Arizona where the sun is harsh. To make matters worse, I have two pastey white boys with red hair. The need some serious sun protection. Thank you for the great contest.

  13. I love the Pink Hibiscus suit. My 3 yr. old loves to swim but stays cold no matter how hot it is. This would be so great for her. Thank you!

  14. What a great giveaway! We do everything we can to protect our daughter's skin but we could use some help from these great products.

  15. I always try to apply sunscreen, but invariably I tend to miss places. This is a great way to protect kids from the harmful effects of the sun.

  16. My little one has red hair and very fair skin, so this suit would be used all the time. As it is, I apply SPF 50 to her face every single morning. Yea, me!

  17. this is a great product, we are all fair skinned and need to protect ourselves extra in the sun...very good and just in time for the summer rays!

  18. Great idea. I live in Central AZ and the sun is so very intense. I really love the long sleeved suit w/ 100% protection for the little ones. Thank you for the information.

  19. I think one of my children might be allergic a little bit to the sun so this would come in real handy for me.

  20. im a mother of 2 and my kids love to be outside. its hard to tell how much sun is to much. this would be great

  21. My 2 (almost 3) year old daughter needs this. When I break out the sunscreen, she runs away.

  22. My little girl has very fair skin and freckles but loves the water and sun so any of these products would be great for her.

  23. I love the outside in the summer. Could really use. I walk the pool for 1 hour every day. Please enter me, thank you

  24. What awesome products. I've always wondered, if sunscreen is so advised, why don't lotion makers automatically put it in for all of us?

  25. What a great giveaway. I go through a bottle of sunscreen a week on my 3 kids (yeah, I'm a sunscreen fanatic) and this would really help cut down on the time I spend lotioning up my kiddies.

  26. I would love these for my girl's. I was just diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer in November. It was because I never protected my skin. I want to make sure my 2 girl's don't end up with the scars that I have ended up with. Wonderful product. Thanks

  27. UV appropriate sensitive clothes; this is fantastic!!! Keep it up for the wonderful contests. Thanks

  28. This is awesome! I know that I can never get enough sunscreen on my screeching son. He fights it to the end, so I never know how protected he is--thanks!

  29. What a great set & nice products. We definitely struggle to get sunscreen on squiggly boys, and the full protection of these great suits would be a good thing.

  30. What a great swimsuit!! Love the picture of your daughter. I had to laugh when I read the equation but it's oh so true! I'm expecting a hot summer so we can definitely use this! We're also traveling to Belgium for 3 weeks in the summer and it would be so cool to show off this suit to the grandparents! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  31. I wondered where the great suit in that photo of your daughter came from. Please enter us, and thanks for the introduction to this swimwear site.

  32. This is a great prize for the summer. The only challenge is keeping a hat on my kids' heads. They're good about letting me do sunscreen, but stick a hat on their heads and it gets pulled right off! The rest would be great!

    I can't believe the swim class is $2. That's phenomenal.

  33. Oh my goodness - my husband was just talking about long sleeved bathing suits for the kids last night. What a coincidence! I would love to have at least one of my kids protected for free - even if I had to pay to get one for the other one!!

  34. I would love these! My kids have had me in the pool for 2 weeks straight and no matter how much I apply sunblock they're still getting too much sun!

  35. My mother has just had a bout with skin cancer so for our family this hits home....this would be perfect for my little granddaughter. No worries. I try really hard to stress to the whole family how important it is to protect yourself from the sun....this is adorable.

  36. The sun was never anything we were concerned about when I was a kid. Now we know it is somthing to pay attention to on our baby's fresh, new skin. It is hard for me to get into the habit of remembering the sunscreen. As well as he does not like to sit still for me to put it on. I like the long sleeve swimwear. It's great they make these for little tykes too.

  37. This would be so perfect for my granddaughter who is really fair skinned.
    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful contest.
    I would LOVE to win !!

  38. My son totally needs this! He has a triple whammy of malignant melanoma family history, fair skin, and life in a super sunny climate, so he needs all the protection he can get.

  39. My little boy has a bad skin reaction to most sunblocks, so this would be absolutely perfect.

  40. I have the age spots to prove that I did not take care as a kid. I would like to do better for my children.

  41. What a great prize! We live close to a waterpark, which I hope to visit often over the summer. The long sleeve swimsuit would be great. I can just see myself missing some spots with the sunscreen and don't want my son getting burned.

  42. These things are really cool! You can't really find any of these in stores. It has been well into the 90s here in Texas, and we are so looking forward to swimming this year. These would definitely be very beneficial to us because my son is so fair skinned that I think he will burn just by looking at the sun.

  43. My son really needs this, we just found out he's allergic to the sun but he loves to go swimming and to play outside.

  44. These are so cute! I would like to get them for our trip to the beach this year! My kids are very light skinned and need this kind of protection. Can i buy them at a store?

  45. Wow what a great prize! My daughter is an absolute fish in the summer. We love to drive to the Jersey Shore and she knows I'm a stickler for sunscreen but she isn't a big fan. This would help us both feel safer!

  46. I like the styles of the suits...we have yet to do anything but traditional suits.
    Great giveaway! Count me in. bebemiqui82(at)yahoo(dot)com

  47. I just bought my two year old grandaughter a wading pool. She got a little pink the first day, even with sunscreen. This cute suit would be perfect for her. Love the picture of your cute little blondie!

  48. I worry so much about my 1 year old when we go outside. She is allergic to the sunscreen. The long sleeve rash guard would be a perfect solution for her when we go swimming.

  49. This would be fabulous for my little girl when we take our beach vacation this summer. Thanks so much for such a terrific giveaway!

  50. ANOTHER TERRIFIC GIVEAWAY!!! I have 2 grand daughters (2 and soon to be 4, years old). They love their swim lessons and playing in their own pool, but hate it when Mom slathers them down with sunscreen. I would love to win this swim-safe package for the 2 year old, who doesn't even comprehend sun damage yet, and, this set would give her parents some much needed relief about keeping their little girl sun-safe without distracting her from her swim lessons or pool play.

  51. What a FANTASTIC idea! I hadn't ever thought of something like that for my pale little boy. I slather on sun screen whenever we go out because of his sensitive mostly-irish skin (just like his mom!) btu this is a way better idea! And with lots of sun in our future in California, this would be perfect!


  52. My daughter would live in the pool if we'd let her, she could really use this stuff. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  53. She is so cute! Those blue eyes and blonde hair are wonderful. Please enter me in your sun protection giveaway drawing. I have a nephew that is very fair and burns easily. This would go to him!

  54. This is so great for a little one and the parents. It will be so much easier to handle them in the water.

  55. God bless the person who designed these! It would be so much easier to put my little guy in a suit like this rather than the t-shirt we always had to put on over our swim suits growing up. The t-shirt always would get the air bubbles and be floating on the water surface while in the pool. I love that they have the SPF of 100+. Your little math equation is so, so true!

  56. That is adorable. I would love to win so my son would be covered from the sun. Thanks for the opportunity.

  57. Both of my parents have had skin cancer, so sun protection is something that I take very seriously for myself and my kids. This would be a wonderful prize to win to help protect my girls! :)

  58. wow, how awesome ... i love these.. my grandfather had skin cancer so i worry about my kids ... to the point of over protective worrying . We spend alot of time at the beach and win the family history of cancer. I would love to win this for my daughter, the suit is exactly what i was looking for... i have been looking for something similar in my area and haven't seen anything that well made. thanks for the great contest!

  59. At the moment I'm searching for a good chemical free sun screen for my girly (girly #2 is still too small for sunscreen - of course maybe not if it's chemical free - I'll have to look into that) Anyway, again looking forward to our vacation I was thinking that it'd be great to have more than one suit. we have one short sleeve one that covers more than the cute tankini she was given but this sure would be wonderful and make me worry less about my fair child. And can I add WOW! Only $2 for swim lessons, that's wonderful!

  60. If they had had these when I was a kid, my skin would be in such better shape! I was such a pool rat - lived at the pool- and I hope my son will love it as much as I did. But I hated sumscreen - I think this is a great solution. Besides, Jack will feel like a little surfer dude!

  61. I spent yesterday outdoors gardening with my 10 month old playing nearby. She had on a sun safe hat but I forgot to think of her arms in the sleeveless dress she was in. She is now sporting some bright pink arms. I vow to start assembling an arsenal of sunblock products for her. I need to do something to relieve my mommy guilt.

  62. This is awesome! Even though I apply sunscreen to my son religiously, when we're out in the pool, I still worry it's not enough!

  63. I always worry I missed a spot with sunscreen. This set would really help protect the most vulnerable parts from the sun!

  64. Living in Corpus Christi and being so close to the can't help but take the kids out in the sun...this would be a great win for my kids and I.

  65. This suits sure are great
    Til its warm out,I can't wait
    If I wore one of these in my size
    People at the beach sure would have bugged out eyes!

  66. This would be great for my little dude. He has such sensitive/pale skin. I always worry, even with sunscreen on. This would help a lot! Thanks!

  67. All of those thing would come in handy for the long summer days. I think I like the Solar Safe UV Sun Monitor Wristband the best.Being a forgetful mommy too. This would help to keep the kiddos from any sunburn.

  68. This would be great for camping!!! We go to a swimming hole and we would get so much use out of it.

  69. My grands love being outside but are so fair complected. If they had these, we would not worry about their playing outside in the sun.

  70. What a great contest! Definitely something we need here in Florida on the Gulf where the sun can burn so quickly.

  71. great contest! we're in Florida, and it's hard to keep the active little ones adequately covered up...

  72. We usually forget the sunscreen and end up borrowing it from the hubby's sister so this would save my sister in law a bit on sun screen, I would only need enough for her exposed skin. Not sure how cute it would be on her though, I would have to see it. She is super cute in bikinis but she tends to take them off so this might be more comfy and safe on her skin. She loves swimming, it is still a bit cool for it here in upstate NY but will be needed soon enough with the weather the way it usually is.

  73. It is also hard to put sunscreen on a wiggly toddler who is extremely ticklish. It took me almost 20 min just this morning to put it on her whole body (we hit record temps today). A full body bathing suit would have made it much easier

  74. Wow, all of these sun products look great. Being a family of early skin cancer, I'm all for protecting my little one's skin from the start. Thanks for offering such great products to help do that.

  75. These suits are great. I have one for my 2 1/2 year old. He hates to have sun screen put on his body. This works great!

  76. This sounds great! My daughter has red hair and super-fair skin and she really needs a lot of protection. Even with sunblock she tends to burn so it would really benefit us to have one of these suits, and I love the idea of wristband, too!

  77. Oh how cute! I love the pink tie die. And the price for the suit is not bad at all, I may buy a suit for each of my little ones

  78. That is a TON of stuff! And although I love entering contests for fun little trinkets and cute stuff, it's nice to enter one for something important for my children. This would obviously be quite useful in these desert summers. Thanks!

  79. I wish we'd thought to get something like this before we went to the coast last weekend. But we've got plenty of pool playdates ahead of us this summer.

  80. This is a great package. I'm surprised by how reasonably priced the long sleeve suits are. We are moving this summer to a sunnier location and this is something the kids could use.

  81. Wow- these are an awesome idea- I am a big fan of extra protection- DS wore a protective shirt with his trunks all summer long.

  82. wow ~ the wristband would come in handy while swimming this summer!! great site with lots of useful items!! thanks for sharing!!
    moore.g at

  83. That is seriously SO COOL!!!! I love those. My kids should be wearing those rash guards. Yes, I forget sunscreen too- especially when we are just playing outside. I would really like to win this contest, thanks!

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