Super (and sanitary) At-Home Date Nights, courtesy of Netflix

movie theater seatsI don't like the idea of sitting in movie theater seats.. I think about all the coughing, sniffly, sneezy, disease-ridden, snotty, yucky germs that are likely all over the seat backs and arm rests...and it's enough to give me the heebie-jeebies. 

I much prefer the comfort and cleanliness of watching movies at home. On our bed or couch. With plenty of blankets and pillows. And unlimited snacks. And the ability to "pause" for bathroom breaks and baby-is-waking moments.

When planning dates, my husband and I will often briefly contemplate going to the movies. But inevitably we look at each other and say, "nah." Movies are more thoroughly enjoyed when we don't have to think about 4-year-old Suzie or 16-year-old Johnny or 40-year-old Craig that likely sat in our seat before us, doing who-knows-what and smearing all kinds of yuck over the seat.

That said, your neighborhood Blockbuster is definitely not the way to go if you rent more than one movie per month. Renting a new release will likely cost you around $5 and that doesn't include gas or drive time or potential late fees.

Netflix logoEnter Netflix - the largest online movie rental service.

There are four plans to choose from:

  • $4.99 a month: 1 DVD at a time, Limit 2 DVDs per month
  • $8.99 a month: 1 DVD at a time, Exchange DVDs as often as you want
  • $13.99 a month: 2 DVDs at a time, Exchange DVDs as often as you want
  • $16.99 a month: 3 DVDs at a time, Exchange DVDs as often as you want

Even if you just watch one or two movies a month, it's much cheaper to just sign up with Netflix's basic plan than to drive down to your neighborhood Blockbuster...only to find that your movie-of-choice isn't available. With Netflix, you're guaranteed fast delivery, directly to your door.

netflix_mailerWith over 100,000 DVD titles to choose from, the selection is even better than what you'll find in-store. You'll be able to find everything from new releases to classics to documentaries to TV shows to fitness films. When you're done watching, just place the DVD in the provided, postage-paid envelope and send away. The next movie in your queue will arrive before you can say lickety-split three times fast.

Best of all, Netflix's site is extremely organized and easy-to-use. As you rent and rate movies, you'll even receive customized recommendations of other movies you might enjoy. 

Right now, we have Juno, WALL*E, and August Rush on our countertop. Fireproof is the next movie in our queue (along with 12 others). We're trying the 3 DVD a month plan right now, courtesy of Netflix. It's a little much for us, I think. We're not big movie watchers. The 1 DVD a month plan would suit us just fine. That said, I'm definitely ready to say sayonara to Blockbuster forever. I much prefer the convenience and cost-savings of Netflix.

P.S. If you're unsure if you'll like it, you can always just sign up for a FREE 2-week trial

WIN IT! One winner will receive a 6-month Netflix subscription package for 3 DVDs at a time (valued at $101.94). To enter, leave a topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, February 23 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #223 Barbara Wright. Congratulations!

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565 comments on “Super (and sanitary) At-Home Date Nights, courtesy of Netflix”

  1. We used to do this, when they first came out. We would keep our movies for months...that was fun. We finally just canceled. However, now that they have that new box (roku?) where you can watch whatever is in your queue, we're going to sign up again. Love that!

  2. My husband and I are huge movie buffs and we had a Netflix subscription that was a gift a while back but can't currently afford the subscription with money being so tight in this economy.

  3. We had a short free trial of Netflix a while back and we really loved it! Its great getting the movies in the mail so quickly. We would love to have a Netflix subscription!

  4. I've heard a lot about Netflix! I think its a great idea that you can keep the movies as long as you want and receive the movies you want to see w/o having to drive to the video store.

  5. We have had Netflix for about 3 years now and we love it! We have the 4 movies out a time plan because both me and my husband use a series disc (friends, frasier, etc.) for our workouts every morning on the elliptical machine. It works great for us because each episode is 20-25 minutes and when it is done so are we! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  6. I would love to win this prize. I love movies so much but haven't been able to go to the movies nearly as often as I would like these days. I would be able to catch up with movies I have missed if I was lucky enough to win. Plus, I have never tried Netflix but have always been curious as to how it works. This is a great giveaway. Thanks.

  7. Love Netflix! Used to hate having to rush watching movies or those late night trips to return them to avoid late fees.

  8. As a new mom, I won't be going out the movies any time soon, so this would be great. We used to have Blockbuster's version of this, but I would be interested to see what selections Netflix has

  9. Blockbuster is so outdated...they need to step it up if they are going to compete with Netflix. Especially now, since Netflix has contracted for the new DVD player that can stream the movie directly to your player.

  10. I have never tried Netflix. I know people who have and have been quite happy. Everytime I think about doing it, we slow down our movie watching. I think if I try I may get hooked, but I may also consider Redbox.

  11. I really prefer Neflix to going to the theatre or Blockbuster also. It is cheaper than doing either of those, plus no one kicks my chair or talks through the whole movie. If someone needs to talk or take a break, we can always just hit "pause", what's not to like. I had Netflix for a while, but it was one of the budget cuts I made recently, so this would be awesome to win. Thanks so much!

  12. I am 20 and my fiance is 21. We're a young couple with a 2-year-old. Needless to say, we don't get out much. I would absolutely love to try Netflix because we are movie fanatics and are always wanting to see the latest flicks that come out!

  13. I haven't tried Netflix but I had a free membership to Blockbuster for a while. It was convenient because it was next door to the grocery store but when my free time ran out I sure wasn't going to pay the high prices there.

  14. This is just perfect for a couple that can't even finish a movie in one sitting. Netflix would take some of the pressure off!

  15. my husband was just trying to talk me into this today and i kept trying to tell him that Redbox would be better, maybe this would convince me to make the switch

  16. This would be a great win! We love watching movies, but can't afford to rent very many, so this would be really nice. Thanks for having the contest!

  17. After recently discovering that I am where pop culture references go to die, I am considering a netflix subscription. It would be awesome to win it.

  18. I love movies but I live in New york and a movie ticket is $11.75 to $12.50 each. I can't afford netflix but would love to win this so I can catch all the Oscar movies when they come out on dvd. Thank you.

  19. I purchased Netflix from an online auction. We loved it for the week we had it and then we were notified by Netflix that the purchase was an unauthorized activity on the cardholders account. We were fortunate enough to get a refund from the seller but it took several months and a lot of work on our end. We want to get Netflix again but it just hasn't happened yet.

  20. I haven't tried Netflix, but I'd like to. I'd start out with the movies you have now. Good choices. Thanks for the contest.

  21. I love netflix. We are currently on the 3 out plan and love it. I love keeping up on the new releases and adding them to our q. You can barely go to the movies for the cost of a month of netflix.

  22. I really love Netflix and will continue with it whether I win or not BUT it sure would be nice to win a subscription for awhile.

  23. We have not had the chance to rent any movies since our local video rental place(West Coast Video)went out of business. So this would be awesome. Thanks!

  24. Netflix is way to go without worrying about all the GERMS at the movie theatre and the lines at the local blockbuster.

  25. I had Netflix for awhile but had to cut back on expenses. I would love to have it again! Thanks for the giveaway!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  26. We just signed up for Netflix last month and we LOVE it!! We've got the 2-at-a-time plan with free instant movies on your computer. I love to put on some stand-up comedy in the background while I surf the net.

  27. What a great idea. Receive movies in the mail, return them in the mail. I wonder if I could convince my husband that this would be a great idea for us.

  28. Hurrah! I'm a big movie fan, but always head to the library where I amass large late fines when borrowing and returning their DVDs late. Plus, I'm always on a waiting list for the more popular titles. It's a free service and I shouldn't complain, but doesn't always work for me when I end up paying fines! That's why I'd love Netflix. I never had a subscription and would be very grateful for the six months I can use it free of charge!! Thanks!

  29. We do have Blockbuster, and have been thinking of switching for so long. It such a drive from us, and the service there, well, it leaves a lot to be desired! I would love to give Netflix a try.

  30. My husband has been wanting to try Netflix for awhile now. I must confess that I haven't wanted to spend the money. Maybe winning this would convince me to make Netflix a part of our budget.

  31. I don't have cable, can't get channels to come in with that stupid box without a different antenna, so this prize would be a dream come true!!

  32. i enjoy watching movies and netflix makes it so much easier to do so. love the idea of no late fees and the ease of returning dvds right from your mailbox.

  33. I've not subscribed to Netflix, but I like having the videos being delivered to my mailbox. We live down the street from a middle-school and they fool with my mailbox all the time. I don't know whether anything has gone missing, but I would hate it if one or even 3 of the 6-month Netflix subscription package for 3 DVDs at a time would be taken. What would I do then?

  34. I LOVE my Netflix! If something comes up and you don't have time to watch the movie, you can keep it for as long as you want! It is great for getting older movies also!

  35. honestly, we have not tried netflix yet, and this would be a great way to ease into it..
    we rarely pay to rent a movie, we use the library for DVDs, but can't always access the ones we want.

    thanks for offering the contest, as always, great giveaway

  36. My son has been bugging me to try Netflix for a very long time and I have been thinking about it..Honestly we spend way too much money at Blockbuster so this would be a great benefit to us :D

  37. my family loves watching movies together sometimes its hard getting everyone to agree on which movies but in the end we compromise :)

  38. I've been a Netflix user for about 2 years now and I love it. It's so nice to open up my mailbox and see those lovely red envelopes. And there's no rush to watch them because there's no late fees. Our local movie rental store hardly ever had the movies wanted to see because we would wait till the weekend to rent them to avoid late fees. Thanks for this great giveaway! It would be nice to have 6 free months :)

  39. This would be great to have. I would use it for me and my sisters when we babysit. We cold take a movie of our choice for after the kids are in bed.

  40. we would love to have more "date nights" at home. since we've had our son we haven't gotten to go out because we don't want to leave him and his sister with the grands since he's nursing and still wakes in the night and she is a handful at alomst 3 yrs old. this would be so great! thanks! :)

  41. With the rising cost of... of...well everything, we just cannot afford to go to the movies anymore so we have been renting from Red Box. Having Netflix delivered straight to our home would be wonderful. My teenage daughter and her boyfriend watch movies at each others home almost every weekend (kids can't afford to go out anymore). This would just be all around great for our family!

  42. Teenage grandsons spend summer here- can't spend EVERY minute on the beach!!! Like the idea of being able to KNOW where they are and WHAT they are watching- great "combo" that gives me some peace of mind!

  43. I was at my step-daughter's house this past Christmas got to witness how great a Netflix account can be. It was convenient and easy and boy, would I ever love to win this prize.

  44. I've had to cancel my Netflix subscription to cut corners and save a bit more money each month, and I'm suffering serious withdrawal symptoms -- I especially miss the luxury of watching movies immediately on my PC from the Netflix site. I'd love the chance to get six more months of my movie fix, so thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  45. I have been contemplating trying Netflix but am still on the fence. My friends have Blockbuster and swear by it. I will have to do a better comparison myself in order to decide.

  46. I LOVE Netflix. I am the worst for forgetting about dvds and could have opened my own store for the late fees I paid.

    It's great having dvd's come to your house. You just drop them in the mail when you are done. It is really convenient and they have a HUGE library. Did you miss the last few episodes of a series? They've got it.

    If you're in to movies you've got to try it.

  47. I travel quite a bit and that makes it hard for my wife to go out to get a movie. She's have to take along all of the kids. This is a great idea. To be able to have the movies arrive in the mail whould make things much easier for her.

  48. I love to watch movies at home but hate returning them and the resulting late fees. Netflix sound like the answer to me.

  49. I have never rented from Netflix or any co. of its kind...I would love to have a try at it. I always thought it was an interesting way to watch the movies you want to without having to go to the movies or video store!

  50. Although I've never rented Netflix, my friend did. He found it pretty awesome, he would always get his movies the day after he ordered them...really fast.

  51. I use to have Netflix and really liked it! I would love to have a subscription, again. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  52. Like so many other families, we have been 'thinking' about joining Netflix. It would eliminate the problem of coordinating schedules to get everyone to a theater at the same time! And, the discussions about spending $20 for popcorn for everyone wouldn't even be an issue.

  53. I just cannot watch movies at theaters without getting upset. There seem to be more people who do not turn off their cellphones, bring small children to a R-rated movie, talk during a movie, or eat and drink loud. Yes, Netflix is the solution to avoid all the aggravation and stress to go to theaters. I used to subscribe to Netflix, but canceled it recently to save a few bucks because I feel the unpredictable economy ahead.

  54. We used Netflix for awhile and loved it! The movies were shipped very quickly and we rarely (if ever) received a dvd with scratches and gunk all over it (that's one complaint I have with Redbox - the movies are always yucky). We recently turned our cable off to save money, so having Netflix again would be nice so we can watch a movie once in awhile. Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. I haven't tried netflix yet, but I've been considering it. It's important to note that renting DVDs via the mail aside, you can also download select movies via the internet on the spur of the moment to watch them on your computer!

  56. Netflix has a terrific turnaround time, and with the cost of a movie in the theaters for two people, it is really a great bargain!

  57. Netflix has improved a lot since I first subscribed. I now get DVD's the day after they are shipped and it is much cheaper than the local video rental store.

  58. We've not tried Netflix. We go to HOllywood to get the movies but this would be a good way to save on gas driving to the store.

  59. I love Netflix! There are so many things I like about it: no due dates, incredible selection, ease or ordering, the queue!, the ease or returning and I could go on and on! The prices are good, too.

  60. I had the 3 at time membership to Netflix about a year ago. I absolutely loved it and would love to have it again.

  61. We've never tried Netflix but we've talked about it a few times. We watch a lot of movies and this would be a great way to see all the ones we've missed. Excellent prize!

  62. Netflix is awsome! We have used it a couple years ago, they are quick to work with you.
    I would loooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee to win this.

  63. My friend just had a new baby - five weeks early - with it being RSV season. She has to keep the baby away from people. This would be a great thing to give to her, Netflicks delivered right to her home, while she, her hubby, and the baby adjust.

  64. I've tried the ones at the library which are free. Not much of an up to date collection and not very diversified. Tried Blockbuster. They were too high although they had great quality CDs. But I LOVE NETFLIX. I'm presently on a plan and I don't even know which one. If I can't watch a movie over and over again, I don't order it so I usu. have one at least a month.

  65. We had Netflix before we moved and loved it. Right now we are just getting movies from the library, but I'm definitely thinking of going back. Love their selection.

  66. We don't like going to movies because people are so rude. Inevitably, someone gets a call. One guy even made a call. Then there was the grandma who brought the elementary-age grandkids to see Lord of the Rings. They were bored and we suffered for it.

    We don't have cable (quality's too bad in this area) or satellite (too expensive) or even an antenna (I'm not sure which digital antenna to buy). So, we watch DVDs. We've never tried NetFlix, but I've heard a lot about it and I'd love the chance to try it for free.

  67. Love Netflix! There are so many movies to choose from - horror for my husband, war movies for my son, Disney for my daughter and comedies for me.

  68. I have never tried Netflix, but have heard great things about it from family and co-workers. I have been thinking about trying it, but I just never got around to it. My family loves movies, so this would be great! Thank You!

  69. I loved having Netflix, but had to cancel the subscription to cut back on finances. We are home-bodies, so this really made for fun nights and weekends. They are so fast and efficient with their movies and they really are a great service! Awesome giveaway, thank you.

  70. I had to cancel our Blockbuster online subscription due to finances. I would love to try Netflix. It's a great prize. Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. I had my first encounter with Netflix at a relative's house a few weeks back, and I'm hooked! It really is awesome. I'm thinking about canceling my cable and just having Netflix. So this would be awesome! Thanks so much!

  72. I know most people think of Netflix for movies, but what I really like is that you can get whole TV series one season at a time.

  73. Netflix is great! They have a ton of tv series on dvd which is great since we don't get to watch a lot of them on regular tv. Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. I would love to win Netflix! We are actually considering signing up with Netflix and going to a cheaper satellite plan as the satellite's rates jumped again!

  75. I would love to do Netflix as my daughter does and they always have something to watch. It's great as it comes right to the house.

  76. Thanks! The truth is we have only been out to a movie once in the last 6 months - I prefer to watch videos at home for the convenience and low price,and it's so much easier to pause if anybody needs a bathroom break!

  77. with their 1 dvd plan now, primarily use their streaming service through the xbox 360, so 1 dvd at a time seems to work for us!

  78. I teach communications and English and love to reward my students with film clips and feature films when they've finished studying the book version. Hubby and I are real movie buffs too, but on our salaries it is rough to do that more than the rare treat

  79. We have a Netflix 1-at-a-time membership, which is all our budget can allow right now. It would be an amazing luxury to have 3 at a time!

  80. I have friends that swear by Netflix and I've been thinking of subscribing - if only for the nights I can't sleep and its too late to go rent a movie!

  81. I would love to try Netflix. I like the occasional foreign film, and I expect that they would have a good selection to choose from.

  82. I have tried Netflix before and loved it. It is SO nice NOT to have to go out to rent a DVD...we live 10 miles from ANYWHERE! Haven't convinced my husband yet, that we NEED it, but if I won it, I know he would enjoy it as much as I will.

  83. I've never had Netflix, but the people I know who have it, love it. The best part is being able to keep the movie as long as you want without late fees. So if something comes up and you don't get around to watching it, you're not out of the rental fee, you just watch it the next weekend.

    oinkmoobaa (at) yahoo (.) com

  84. I love Netflix! Used to me a member a few years ago, but had to let it go. Its so nice to have the movies come right to your mailbox!

  85. i would love to win this for my sister: she started the fre trial but had to cancel because of the rough economic times.

  86. The great thing about Netflix is that they have a lot of classic and hard to find movies, right at your fingertips. Some of them so obscure or old, I would never have a chance to see them in the small town where I live without needing to purchase them online. I love Netflix and have used it on and off as we could afford it. They also have most of the BBC series, too, which we love. I can give them a big thumbs up, especially now that they have streamlined their turnaround times.

  87. I did Blockbuster's version of this for a while and really liked it. It was more expensive though. We are currently using the one-movie at a time two movies per month with Netflix and it works out great. With out busy lifestyle we don't always get them watched right away and i love the fact that there are no late fees.

  88. I used to live way out in the boonies and only got one tv station so we signed up for Netflix. It was great - we had about four day turnaround and the 3-at-a-time program so we had between 3 and 5 movies show up a week. It really made up for not being able to watch regular tv, especially since their great selection includes lots of tv series. We canceled when we moved back to civilization, but I miss the convenience of not having to leave the house to pick up a movie.

  89. I just started using Netflix and I love it. It is so easy to see the movies you want to watch. This 6-month subscription would be great to win! Thanks!

  90. I love watching movies, but seldom do because we can never find time to go out to the theater. I buy movies from iTunes, but this seems cheaper, so perhaps I will have to try it.

  91. I've never used Netflix, but a lot of my friends do and love it, so I've been giving it some thought. This would be an excellent opportunity to take it for a test drive.

  92. Thanks for the opportunity...what a great contest. I had to cancel my premium channels -- cable just got too expensive. So now renting is the only way to go. Wow -- would I love NETFLIX!!

  93. I would love to try this as I feel the same about going to the theatre as you do. The luxury of sitting in your own home and watching the latest flicks is great.

    sharonaquilino at hotmail dot com

  94. we have wanted to try Netflix out but havent gotten around to checking them out yet so we go to block busters about once every 3-4 months, but for convenience we have been using the on demand feature thru time warner and watching movies that way which for us is about every other weekend, we dont watch as many movies as we used to with work and not really having much time but so many have been coming out that we would love to see I would love to try netflix and get caught up on movies we have missed, Thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway

  95. We haven't tried Netflix yet. I was perusing the site and they have some great oldies for rent. I have heard good and bad about the site..just haven't jumped yet. Thanks for the giveaway.

  96. I've always wanted to try Netflix, but just haven't done it yet...we usually use redbox, but then have to drive to get it back in time. This would be SO much more convenient, thanks!

  97. Netflix is so great! It is convient. We had a subscription previously before we moved and we really enjoyed it. It was great seeing the new releases and hard to get movies!

  98. We have 3 at a time plan and we love it! When option 'watch instantly' went unlimited we bought Roku player and we enjoy it a lot, but than we are a big movie buffs :)

    Thanks for the chance to save some money!

  99. i use netflix and its wonderful! I started with 3 at a time but the 2 at a time unlimited was a little more in my price range. It suits us great!

  100. We have subscribed to Netflix before and absolutely loved it! Since then, we've tried to cut back on all unnecessary spending, so we had to let the movies go, but I miss having such a convenient service!

  101. Hmmmm this would be perfect for us considering I just paid 30 bucks in late fees to the local video store!! It was just like the commercial, breaking my neck to get there and then finding out the stupid dvd is home in the player! UGH! Anyway, I have been a member of Netflix before and loved it, this would be great for the family AND my wallet!!

  102. We used to have a Netflix subscription but discontinued it when we were trying to trim back our budget! I miss it very much!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  103. Would love to try Netflix! My in-laws have nothing but great things to say about Netflix! Please, include me in your giveaway drawing! Thanks and good luck to all!

  104. Six months of free movies would be nirvana. I have so many I'm too cheap to rent. This would be perfect. Thank you for offering it.

  105. We've been members of netflix for several years. Although some of our friends said they had problems with it we LOVE it and would never go back to the video store again! I would love love love to win 6 months free. Thanks for having this contest.

  106. I've been wanting to try this because there is no Blockbuster anywhere near us (we live out in the sticks) s0 we have to rely on what few DVDs are for rent in our local grocery store and gas station. Netflex could be very good for us.

  107. I know what you mean about going out to the movies, I hate the chatter, the cost, the hassle and more. We use to be members of blockbuster online because you could get unlimited movies sent to our house and then you had the option of returning them to store for more free rentals or sending them back thru the mail. Well since I have become unemployed and the blockbuster is 3 miles away, and they have changed their online plans we have stopped. We don't have cable so we miss watching movies on weekends. I do rent from redbox the problem there is the good movies are always gone. I would love to win so we could enjoy family movie nights again. Thank you

  108. With my husband going back to school, we've been really cutting back on extras. However we decided to keep the Netflix, because you get a lot of entertainment for an excellent value. It's perfect for busy people as you can order what you want online and no driving anywhere.

  109. I'd love to try wife always makes me go out and return the movies in the middle of the night when all I want to do is go to bed!! This would solve that problem!

  110. Netflix is great! I tried the Blockbuster plan years ago, after my Netflix membership expired, and it just didn't compare. They were so fast in shipping the movies out. Unfortunately, I can't afford it right now. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  111. Most of the time we will use the On Demand feature for our movies. However, On Demand doesn't always have the titles we want to see. Net Flix could be useful.

  112. I have not been to a movie theater in I don't even know how long for all of the snotty gross yuck germy reasons you have mentioned and more.
    That said I also haven't tried Netflix... and we don't do BB any more because of late fees- mostly we buy them when they come to Wal-Mart if wehave to own them or PPV if we are really eager to see or wait for Starz.
    This sounds like a nice alternative for people like us.

  113. This winter my husband and I are finding it more difficult than ever to keep ourselves amused. We are both retired and on a fixed income so the free Netflix would be just wonderful.

  114. we use to have a sub to them but like many others this is one of the budget cuts we had to cut back on

    Thanks for such a great giveaway this is the best blog giveaway I have seen in ages

  115. I only have 4 shows that I like on TV. It's really a waste for me to keep paying for it? I have thought about Netflix but haven't tried them but would like to.

  116. I had to drop Netflix to buy gas last year but it is a great prize. It would be like winning every week for six months.

  117. I love vintage movies and documentaries, also some independent films. Netflix would be great for finding some of the more obscure ones for me.

  118. A friend of mine called me yesterday and mentioned how much he loved his Netflix and that I should try it. With that ringing endorsement I shall enter this wonderful contest.

  119. WE've been using the Blockbuster online plan for quite some time. My son is a very avid movie watcher, so I bought him a 3 movie a month plan. I've thought about NetFlix before, just never given it a try.

  120. I've heard Netflix is a great company, but I'm not sure how I would watch that many DVDs. I wouldn't mind giving it a try with a free subscription though.

  121. I also have Netflix and enjoy their new "watch instantly" feature. I have a large screen monitor so it feels like I'm watching a movie on my computer.

  122. We've been using Netflix for a year or so: one DVD at a time, 2/month. We love it! Don't forget you can watch online, too!

  123. We havent had cable in a loooooong time....but its okay because we looove to watch movies! we're seen all the movies we own at least 3 times a piece...I'm seriously considering getting netflix!

  124. With snow up to our knees, we would love to give Netflix a try. The mailman still seems to be able to get through the white stuff.

    Interestingly, Netflix was one of the few stocks that has done well this year. I think it says a lot about families staying home for entertainment.

    Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  125. I have the monthly all you can rent pass at blockbuster but the driving is expensive with all of the gas it takes. I would love this. and yeah I do agree... movie theatre seats... yuckkkk

  126. I have been a netflix subscriber for years, and I love it. It's much cheaper than HBO or satellite. My movie watching varies. Sometimes I watch a movie the same day I receive it. Other times when I am very busy it may take me a week or more to get around to watching, so the no late fee policy is perfect for me. I had the 2-DVD plan, but recently upgraded to the 3-DVD because my bother and my parents have been watching my netflix movies too. So it takes a while for each DVD to make it's way around the family and finally get mailed back. Only once have I received a disc so scratched that it would not play for me. I would recommend netflix to anyone. Thanks for the great give-away.

  127. Please enter me! We love Netflix, but we can only afford the 1-at-a-time, which means about 1 movie a week and bad TV the rest of the time.

  128. We recently decided that our Netflix subscription was something that we could live without. I would love to win it so that we wouldn't feel guilty about having it.

  129. I like Juno - hope you like it too. My roommate had netflix in college and I miss both her and the subscription about equally ;)

  130. Since our closest theater is 40 ,iles away we rarely go to the movies maybe 2 times a year This would be great since I have never seen the majority of the movies

  131. The economy his this household like most, our main entertainment focuses around free entertainment, this would be most appreciated.

  132. my husband just mentioned a few days ago about getting a netflick sub. I would love to win and give it to him for his bday next month. We never get to the movies so DVDs are the way we watch movies

  133. I used to have netflix but due to the financial constraints it was one of the things I had to quit, and boy do I miss it! :-/

  134. Our family is full of movie fanatics. We always choose to watch movies at home rather then go to the theater (not to mention it's too expensive). Unfortunately we no longer have a movie rental store within 25 miles of our house. This would be a wonderful and exciting prize for me to win. Thank You.

  135. Netflix sounds interesting. I would be willing to give their trial a shot. Im also interested in their online streaming capabilities.

  136. Netflix is a-mazing! We hated going into the blockbuster, looking at all those trashy movie covers, and never finding the good, clean, wholesome movie we were hoping for. I espcially love the netflix watch-now feature. My friends rant and rave about netflix! I'm thinking - "The Office" reruns - Here we come! :)

  137. I had to drop my Netflix membership recently due to the credit crunch so I would just love to win this and get it back for 6 months!

  138. I just signed up for the 2 week trial on Saturday and already had movies arriving yesterday. Great selection! We have a good-sized queue already set up that should last us a while.

  139. My local Blockbuster just went out of business, so I've really been thinking about a Netflix subscription! Please enter me in the contest. Thanks!

  140. I adore Netflix, but I use it for obscure British movies and shows that I'd never find in a brick-and-mortar store. For current movies, I love going to the movie theater, and I haven't died yet from any nasty theater germs.

  141. We still rent DVD's at the video store but I would love to have the chance to try Netflix. Friends have it and love it!

  142. Netflix is pretty cool. My son was gifted a three month subscription and we enjoyed the movies immensly. There must be a hub close by because they were so fast in sending the movies sometimes the very next day. I definately would enjoy this. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  143. I love Netflix, we are presently on the plan. However, I do in-home care and spend three nights a week with an elderly couple. It is very difficult to find appropriate programming for them on cable. I would love to use this there.

  144. I have been wanting to try Netflix for years.It would be great not to have to worry about late fees or having to make a trip to the video store,would be great just to have to walk to the mailbox to get my movies.

  145. I have had Netflix but now it does not fit in my budget. So I would love to win this prize. we ended up spending more on Blockbuster even when we watched less movies.

  146. I have had Netflix for several years now. I couldn't be happier with the service. On the very few occasions when I've had a problem with the DVD, they've sent a replacement quickly. Why spend all that money to go to a theater when you can enjoy the movies right there in your own comfy home???

  147. The past few times that I have been to the movies I was in crowded theaters with people around me who would either just not stop talking or texting. I’m done wasting my time and money at theaters since I don’t even get to enjoy the movie because I am distracted and annoyed by others actions. Netflix would allow me to watch movies at my leisure in the quiet comfort of my own home.

  148. As a stay at home mom of 5, I rent from the local grocery store every once in awhile as I do not get out often. This would be a wonderful win so the kiddies could be watching movies they have wanted to see when they are out of school - like this week.

  149. I LOVE my netflix. I have been a member for about two years and couldn't do without it! and would be very excited to get some free!!!

  150. I had netflix years ago when they first came out and would love to try it again. Actually we were just talking about subscribing before I read this post!

  151. You know what else is wonderful about Netflix? You can download a ton of stuff free with your membership. You can watch them instantly on your pc or Xbox360. Netflix is so nice to have!

  152. I have a looooooong list of great movies I'd love to rent from Netflix. What could be better than movies delivered to my home while I stay in my jammies? Sounds like Heaven to me. Count me in!

  153. a neighbor of mine has netflix and has been trying to confince me to try it. this would be a great prize for me to finally get to try it for myself! thanks!

  154. I have been wanting to try Netflix out for sometime now but I don't have a credit card where I can get a subscription. I love staying home with a bowl of popcorn and my family and watching a good movie, this would be wonderful! Thanks so much for such a great opportunity!


  155. I loved Netflix when I had it. Had to make cutbacks in the budget with things being so tight. I really miss it. Would love to have it back again.

  156. I agree with you about going to the movies. We have been using Netflix for a few years and absolutely love it. Right now, we are on 1 DVD at a time, 2 per month plan but would love to get more. We enjoy watching movies as a family on Saturday nights.

  157. I would love to share this with my family. We currently get movies from the library which is nice, but Netflix has such an awesome selection that it would be a wonderful treat

  158. My hubby and I are movie watchers. We run to Redbox once or twice a week. We've been contemplating Netflix but just haven't done it yet. I'd love to try it out. Thanks for the giveaway!


  159. I would love to try Netflix. We watch movies almost every Friday and Saturday night after the boys fo to bed but we usually just watch something we already own or what we can find on TV. I would love to watch a new movie every week :)

  160. I thought I was the only one who finds movie theater seats disgusting. Thanks for the chance to win a reprieve from going out to the movies!

  161. I've been wanting to get on Netflix for a while, but I've never been able to afford it! I hope I win, just for the streaming video alone!

  162. My wife and I became Netflix user a year ago. With the economy the way ti is, free movies for 6 moths would be a real treat!!

  163. I've been a member of Netflix for awhile. I get the one movie at a time plan. I do really enjoy it. It's so nice to get such a very wide selection of movies without leaving your house. (Well I guess we I do have to go to the mailbox.)

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  164. We love Netflix. We live in a town of under 300, so the nearest rental outlet is 12+miles away. This brings whatever we want right to our door and there is no rush...we see what we want when we want. Perfect.

  165. Like the great selection that Netflix has, but also like being able to order Redbox movies online then picking up to watch, usually rent 3 -4 at a time.

  166. I'd love to try Netflix! There's been a lot of movies I'd like to check out these last few years but haven't got around to. Thank you :)

  167. I've tried Netflix in the past and liked it, especially when it's an unlimited account and you can even watch movies online.

  168. Our neighborhood lost its local video store a while back when it went out of business. Sure would be nice to have all the entertainment I want just delivered through the slot in my front door!

  169. This would be a super family gift. Movie night with our kids seems to be one of the things that we have cut back on with the economy. Movies on TV just don't seem to be as exciting as having one arrive in the mail! All kids LOVE getting mail and movie night mail would be awesome!

  170. We are retired and movies on TV form a big part of our entertainment. We have often considered trying Netflix. Winning this membership would give us that chance, and then we might become regular members!

  171. This is such a great deal of a co. I get 1 at a time now. It would be so cool to get a better plan, my wife loves chick flicks.

  172. We love Netflix! We are doing the 2 at time right now and the boys love checking the mail to see if a new movie is in the mail. They get disapointed if it is one for me though. Oh and you can watch some online too!

  173. Ive never been one to be creeped out by movie theater oogies, unless I stop to really think about it. Thanks MetMomma.. Thanks..

  174. Netflix isn't the same experience as seeing things on the big screen, but it sure is convenient. The turnaround time is really fast and the choices are many and varied. Great contest!

  175. I never thought I'd want to join netflix but now that I have kids I find myself thinking more and more about it. The fact that you can just have a few DVDs just around and then send them back. Thanks a bunch.

  176. I love netflix. I have it now with the one at a time, 2 per month plan. I would love to be able to get additional monthly movies, but it really isn't in the budget right now. Thank you for the contest.

  177. Netflix is awesome. Something for the hubby...something for the kids...something for me! This three movie at a time would satisfy the entire the whole family.

  178. I've never used Netflix before. Hubby & I stopped renting DVD's because it got so expensive. We started to buy used DVD's, but now that he is deployed I stopped that too. If I had Netflix I'd be so glad I can catch up & see the movies I've been wanting to see for a while now.

  179. I have a an online membership to Blockbuster and they are getting ridiculously expensive. I would love to try out Netflix.

  180. I have always been interested in Netflix, but have never got around to trying it. This would be a great way to give it a try!

  181. We've tried both Netflix and Blockbuster online and have preferred Netflix for both delivery speed and DVD selection/availability. We stop getting Netflix to save money, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves to watch movies.

  182. We very rarely go the movies because it's so expensive. The last time we went it cost us $60 for the four of us and we went to the early movie on the weekend.
    We could definitely use this prize.

  183. The idea of netflix is very interesting to me. I would really like to try it because it is no longer in our budget to go to the movie theatre.

  184. would definitely love this as we are first time is now two months old. we have AGES to go before we can go to the movies again!

  185. I am impressed by the selection at Netflix. I love watching TV series on DVD, in fact that is pretty much the only way I watch them anymore. Thanks for the giveaway!

  186. This would be great. We don't go out to movies ever due to work schedules and financial restraints so we end up missing all the new movies. All the movies...actually until we buy them on DVD when they go on sale.

  187. Since I've become unemployed we stopped our membership. I'd love to start it up again. Thanks for the chance. we love our movie nights.

  188. When my neighbor told me she had Netflix I thought it was a ridiculous extravagance. Now, given the high cost of movie theater tickets as well as DVD rental charges and inconvenience, Netflix sounds like a mighty good idea to me. Well, let me confess. The real truth, and I'm embarrassed to admit it, is that hubby and I need at least two sittings to watch a movie from beginning to end, and feeling compelled to watch and return to the store quickly is just too much hassle. Netflix might just solve the problem.

  189. I've been dying to try Netflix, but my husband doesn't think we'd use it enough to get our money's worth. I'd love to be able to show him he's wrong!

  190. I love Netflix. It has changed the way we spend our evenings. We no longer have to worry about where we are going for a movie, or what we want to rent. Our Queue has all the movies we are into watching. When something pops into our minds, we enter into the queue, even if it hasn't been released yet. I never have to try to remember what I wanted to's already in the queue waiting to be delivered.

  191. I think Netflix is wonderful. I was figuring up what we were spending on pay-per-view each month because everyone wanted to see the new movies that were out and it was getting to the point of being rediculous. With Netflix not only do you get the new movies that are available they also have a vast list of genres so your viewing choices are unlimited.

  192. We watch a lot of movies here, so this would be a real money saver. Not to mention that they have a much bigger selection than when you walk into a Blockbusters. Thanks!

  193. We have been considering giving Netflix a try. We live in a rural area, no movie theater and no place to rent dvds. Being able to select our choice of movies would be much better than subscribing to HBO, Showtime,etc. and still not find anything we care about watching.

  194. I've loved Netflix since day one! You get the movies you want quickly, and you don't have to worry about late fees. You just drop them in the mailbox when your done. It's a no brainer!

  195. I'd love to be able to receive movies in the mail without having to worry about returning it on time and driving hurriedly to the video store before

  196. We had a year subscription to Netflix and loved it. I love being able to just drop the movie in the mail instead of driving to the store.

  197. i've been wanting to try this. me and hubby rarely ever go out. we always have our dates in.
    netflix would be great for that, and exspecially now that blockbuster might close

  198. I had to laugh at your post because my fiance and I went through that on Valentine's Day. We had planned on going to dinner and then out to a movie. But half way through dinner we both looked at each other and said "Want to skip the movie and just rent something?"

    It's cheaper and a lot more comfortable. Plus I love the idea of no late fees and holding onto a DVD as long as you need until you find time to watch it!

  199. I use Netflix at this time (the one-at-a-time plan). I would like a free upgrade for six months of Netflix! Netflix is so much better than Blockbuster Home Delivery.

  200. I love Netflix. I've been a subscriber for about three years now, but the prices keep going up on me. I'm on the 4 at a time plan right now which is just over $25.00 a month. I could definitely benefit from this.
    Thanks for the great contest.

  201. Netflix is great! We signed up when I had major surgery and knew I would be on the disabled list for several months. Thanks for the generous offer!

  202. I am agoraphobic. I would love to be able to watch movies as they come on the market. Any small thing that helps me to make my life more normal is great. I love movies and I miss them.

  203. I would soooo love to try Netflix. We just moved to a new area of town, and we only have one movie rental place, and it's not even that close by. With this cold weather, it would be great to just have the movies delivered to our mailbox. How cool is that?? Thank you! If I win, I can most definitely see the first movie we choose being High School Musical 3 ;)


  204. I love neflix. Every saturday night, my husband and I have our date at home watching whatever movie we chose for that week. I agree with you about the icky theater seats. thanks!

  205. My husband and I rarely go to the movies. I think it is too expensive and it is a lot more comfortable to watch movies at home. I can wait for a movie to go to dvd. It would be nice to have movies delivered to my mail box.

  206. Netflix is the best thing since sliced bread. Their service is the best. I have never had a problem with it. THe variety of films they carry is huge. I find the hard to find films everytime. I usually never have to wait long for new releases and they turn around time is incredible.

  207. Wow! I just looked at their inventory, and am seriously impressed! Is there a movie or TV series they DON'T carry?!
    My local, small Mom & Pop video store is retiring, so this would be a most welcome addition to my home.
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway...

    P.S. I'm with you about the germy movie theaters...ick. Invariably, someone is hacking behind me leaving nasties in the air, or in my hair...eeek!

  208. Netflix rules! Currently on the 3-at-a-time plan.
    combine this with my personal dvd player (gift from the Mrs.) and suddenly the wait in the airport isn't pure torture. Lunchtime at work turns into meal-and-a-movie (of course you don't get to watch the whole movie at once) nothing on tv that catches your interest? netflix to the rescue. and now they have instant viewing on your PC with hi-speed connection. just keeps getting better and better.

  209. Love the no due date feature. If the kids love a movie and want to watch it 20 times before returning it, no problem. And by then, you'll be sooo glad to replace it with a new selection!

  210. The great thing about Netflix is how deep their selection goes. They have classic films from the 30s, 40s, & 50s and not just the ones you see on tv all the time, either.

  211. I really like Netflix, I enjoy watching obscure movies that most people have never heard of, which means I can never find them at local video stores. Combine that with their Watch Instantly and Netflix is a big winner! Thanks for the contest!

  212. I have been a member of Netflix since they started. I can't believe how much they have grown. You can watch movies on demand now, right from your PC!

  213. I love NetFlix. We used to have it, and then we switched to Blockbuster's version of it, which was nice with the ability to exchange DVD's. But then we moved and now live nowhere near a Blockbuster and can't really afford to do it anymore. So, I'd love to start it up again!

  214. I have 1 at a time now and it's just not enough. I could easily go through 3 at a time since we rarely get to the movies with babies at home. Please enter me!

  215. I been using Netflix for over a year and i love it! I used to rent movies by my house but they discontinued so I would have to walk a mile to the library to see a movie since i don't have a car. Netflix makes like a whole lot easier especially when you can't drive to a video store.

  216. This Netflix subscription would enable me to get my independent movie fix...our movie rental place only carries major motion pictures.

  217. I love my Netflix. We watch movies all the time (we have a 2-at-a-time subs). I watch a movie just about every morning on their "instant" watch program while I'm working on my computer. I see movies I'd never would have normally.

  218. I belong to Blockbuster online, but I'm very frustrated with them--they never have the movies that I want. I have been thinking of switching over to Netflix, so I would love to win this. Thanks!

  219. My husband and I are huge movie buffs!! There is not a single movie genre we do not like! Before the economy got bad, we used to watch 5 to 7 movies a week! lol! When we really love a movie, we will watch it 5 to 10 times! It sure would be great to surprise my husband with a prize this grand!! Thank you so much for the contest!

  220. My Mom gets Netflix and brags about how great it is. I've been wanting to try but just can't fit in into our budget at the moment. We don't have movie channels so this would be fantastic!

  221. Netflix sounds like a great idea, especially for our family now. We are moving & have decided to not get cable for the first time. Our kids are freaking out;)

  222. I had a netflix account and had to cut it off due to some money problems but i've been contemplating signing back up for the 1 dvd at a time. I miss it so much it's a great value and so convenient.

  223. I have a couple of teenagers at home, and we all love to gather to watch movies. It's much more cost effective than schleping us all to the theater. I'd love to try Netflix.

  224. Netflix is so convenient and easy to use. You do need internet access though. I love the fact there are never late fees and now you can download movies to your computer or TV via a computer.

  225. Netflix is wonderful! If I won this, I would use the savings to order a Roku device to stream movies. Thanks so much for the great giveaway.

  226. I have a huge tv that my brother gave me and it is almost like watching a movie in the theater--would love to have a netflix subscription to catch up on all the movies I have missed

  227. I am totally with you as far as preferring watching movies at home verses a theater. Aside from the expense and germiness, there are usually people obnoxiously talking. We have subscribed to both Blockbuster Online and Netflix in the past and really miss it.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  228. We used to subscribe to Blockbuster Online but stopped that because they changed it and it wasn't quite as good. I have been thinking of trying Netflix but the trials seem to all be only two week trials which isn't enough to make a decision as to whether we would like it. So I'd really like to win this to be able to give Netflix a real try. Thanks.

  229. I have been a member of Netflix since 2000 and have received many,many movies and I have never had a problem. With the many new distribution centers the turn-a-round time is very fast. I love Net-flix.

  230. We have a thing at Blockbusters where we can do a similar thing at the store, get 2 movies and get 2 more anytime you return them. The problem is that there is NO selection at the store, I've heard netflicks has great selection and I'd love to try it.

  231. Netflix is fabulous! I've discovered so many films from their "you might be interested in this..." links that I would've never been introduced to before!

  232. I really like Netflix. You can catch up on the movies you didn't get a chance to see in the theaters for alot cheaper and alot faster. Their turn around time is awesome too. I would love to win this because I used to get it but had to cut back. Great giveaway!

  233. I miss having Netflix, I really enjoyed being able to rent any movie at any time. We were on the 2 at a time plan but I canceled our subscription as a way to save some extra money.

  234. I've used Netflix for a while now and absolutely love them. We do 1 DVD at a time but since their shipping is so fast, I can get approximately 3 movies per week. And the selection is fantastic!

  235. I've never tried Netflix but would love to.

    I also think about all those gross germs but my fear is the possibility of lice when you put your head on the back of the seat. Ugh! (didn't mean to add one more thing to your list of ickiness at the theater)

  236. When this first started, I was worried that DVDs would break in the mail, but that must not happen. I'd love to try Netflix, as I have friends that absolutely swear by it--thanks for the opportunity!

  237. I'm with you -- I prefer watching movies at home. I don't care that I have to wait a few months for the film to hit DVD. One time, I ruined a pair of white pants at the cinema.

  238. I think Netflix would be a cool subscription to have because you literally have access to every movie. I always struggle to find old or independent films at the chain stores.

  239. use to have netflix but my wife got laid off so we had to cancel it, would love to start it again for my wife...she feels bad.

  240. This, my dear, is why I love you.

    "I don’t like the idea of sitting in movie theater seats.. I think about all the coughing, sniffly, sneezy, disease-ridden, snotty, yucky germs that are likely all over the seat backs and arm rests…and it’s enough to give me the heebie-jeebies."

    AMEN! And AMEN!

    I've always wanted to try Netflix. I would LOVE to win this!

  241. I really want Netflix... I do not have cable and the new digital TV is not going well have lost NBC this weekend and to night ABC is gone.....

  242. We are currently on the 3 at a time plan. It would be nice to get the next six months for free. We also got the Roku, to stream over the TV and LOVE IT!

  243. We had Netflix for 2 years and had to cut back on one frill and that was it, would love to have it back, I truly miss it.

  244. I tried netflix almost 2 years ago and loved it. I had to quit because of money problems. It would be wonderful to win and watch movies again with my husband and kids. Thanks for the chance.

  245. I have really gotten tired with Blockbusters service both online and in the store, I have really noticed that they are carrying less and less of the films and TV shoes I want to see, just about ready to switch over to Netflix to try it out with this win

  246. I've considered Netflix for a while now because we live out in the boonies, but I haven't committed b/c I'm not sure I'd use it enough while my DH is in Iraq.... if I don't win, perhaps we'll give it a shot in a few months when he is back home.
    Thanks for the chance.

  247. I would love to try this too. I am a movie fanatic. GO whenever I get a chance but there are still those I missed or would love to catch again without paying the outrageous price of a movie ticket. Thanks for the contest.

  248. I would love to try Netflix. Especially since we can't afford to go to the movie theaters right now and there are so many dvd's I need to rent!

  249. I haven't tried Netflix yet, but I keep hearing good things. My husband and I are debating dropping the cable and just getting Netflix or nothing.

  250. This is something we would like to try. We go to the movie rental place 2 or 3 times a week. Thanks for the chance to win.

  251. My friend has had netflix for ages. Now they got a Roku so they can download movies from netflix and watch them on the TV!

  252. i have tried netflix and LOVED it, they are so fast. i do not currently have it so mama let me win!
    i love watching comedies.

  253. Haven't tried them yet but my husband is a movie nut and we don't get any cable movie packages. This would be a great "free trial" to find out if we would really use the service.

  254. We have never had a Netflix account and I have heard and read so much about Netflix I would love to give it a try.

    Thanks for a giveaway to MAYBE give me and my family a Netflix try.

  255. i once had netflix btu i was so busy with school during that time of my life i never watched or returned the movies. ive been meaning to get it again.

  256. this would be great. we don't live close to a blockbuster anymore and i love watching movies on my own time, which would proably be weekend morning. otherwise i am falling asleep. thanks.

  257. I would love to win a Netflix subscription. I have heard that it is the best for renting movies. I would love to catch up on all of the movies and tv series that I missed.

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  258. 100th comment! I've been talking about getting Netflix for about a year now. I like watching random tv shows (we don't have cable or sattelite service), and if I don't win this contest I'll probably sign up anyways. :) Thanks for running it!

  259. I've had to shave a lot of money out of our entertainment budget this year, but I made sure that there was enough left to cover our Netflix subscription. Fantastic service, we just love it, especially Netflix Instant.

  260. Netflix would be great to get a movie night set uo on a reular basis with our grandaughters. I understand they have a lot of choices & it's very convenient.

  261. Am so tired of feeling held hostage by the cable company... would love to try netflix as an alternative! Thanks for the opportunity!

  262. If I win this prize package I will have to seriously learn how to use our DVD player. At one time I considered myself technically advanced but my age is slowing that area of my brain.

  263. This would be perfect as most of the local video stores have gone out of business in my area. The one chain that survived has a pitiful selection of the indie films I'm dying to see. Help a gal out...

  264. This would be awesome. I have a large family on a super tight budget...I can't remember the last time we all went to the theater.. I'm thinking Star Wars Phantom Menace maybe....

  265. We use RedBox too. Unfortunately, I never get a choice. My 7 year old twins monopolize the selection. I would love to try Netflix so I can pick movies I want to see.

  266. Lately, we've been renting movies using RedBox, which is great on the wallet, but there are some drawbacks, selection for one. I would love to try Netflix for an at home date night.

  267. I had a year of Netflix subscription about 2 years ago and almost cried when the subscription ran out. The service is so easy to use and there is always something available that I wanted to watch.

  268. Chris' parents gave us the 6-month 3-at-a-time Netflix subscription for Christmas. Love it! We've been getting a kid movie, an adult movie, and a tv show season most of the time, allowing for different kinds of entertainment. So fun! When this one runs out I'd love to get another one. Thanks!

  269. I've always wanted to try netflix but I thinkit could turn out to be a waste of money. If I won this i'd be great cause I can see if I am actually getting a good deal.

  270. My husband and I rent movies very often and I finally gave in and subscribed to Netflix. I can't believe we didn't join sooner we love Netflix its so convenient no more late fees and they have so many movies to pick from.

  271. I was on bedrest for 12 weeks and subscribed to Netflix. It was the best-3 movies at a time! Unfortunately, we had to cut it out of our budget... I would love to have the chance to have Netflix again! :)

  272. My husband really wants a netflix membership, but money is so tight that on top of the cable bill, we just really can't afford it. I hope I can win this for him....he's such a great dad, and I do feel guilty when I have to be the voice of reason! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  273. I have been wanting to try Netflix for some time now. Would love the convenience of not having to drag two little kids into the video store with me.

  274. Netflix selection is great and I have so many movies to catch up on - the local video rental place does not have them all and often I don't have the time to go and pick up some from the local place or when I do, we don't always have the time to watch them before they are due back. Would love to win this and give Netflix a go.

  275. I've tried but not netflix. I do like the convenience of picking movies from my computer and having them delivered to my home. The turnaround is great!

  276. I've used Netflix for a couple of years. I love it. I used to manage a local video store. Netflix is so much better. The instant viewing option is great too.

  277. I would love to have a subscription to NetFlix! We have recently became a one income household and some things have had to go, since we have kids. A scrit to Netflix would be great to our family that has had to cut back. Thanks

  278. My husband and I love movies, my husband especially. He needs to watch movies otherwise he gets cranky. It's harder now to go to the theater with the kid however, so this would be the perfect solution!

  279. So funny for you to be posting on the yuckiness of movie theaters today Stephanie. I have a post up on precisely the same topic. We caved and went to the movies after our Valentines dinner and once we were there I remembered why we don't really like the movie theater anymore. I agree that Netflix is the way to go - especially when you live as far out as we do! We've had memberships with them off and on for a couple of years now and have NEVER had a bad experience.

  280. Netflix is the best thing since sliced bread..Ok, maybe not, but close! No more late fees! I don't know how I ever did without it, seriously. Thanks for the chance to win!

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  281. I haven't ever tried Netflix. It would be very handy to simply order movies online and have them show up in the mail.

  282. My husband and I do the $8.99/mo plan and we love it. In fact, I think it makes a great baby gift for new parents. It helps ease the transition of suddenly not being able to go out every night at a moment's notice.

    I would say we still go to the theater about twice year but we try to save that for movies that look better on the big screen -- The Dark Knight, for example. But more often than not when we're blessed with a babysitter we often think, "Why do we want to go sit in a dark theater and not talk for two hours?" For me, I'd rather use a babysitter to have uninterrupted adult conversations.

  283. I have yet to try out Netflix. It's been years since I've seen a "new release" movie. Usually by the time I see a movie it's already a few years old. I'd also like to be able to use Netflix to watch older movies and television shows that I haven't seen in years and years.

  284. We used to have Netflix, but it was opted out of the monthly bill when the economy turned for the worse. I have always enjoyed using it, and hope to again soon!

  285. This would be great for our family. This way everyone could choose what they wanted at Netflix instead of driving all the way to the video store only to find out they're all out of what we really wanted to watch.

  286. I had used netflix about 5 years ago but found that the turnaround time with getting movies was slow. I than moved to Las Vegas and wow could not believe the difference. It was like I dropped off the viewed dvd on Mon and on Tues received the next one on my queque. I am back in my hometown area now and have thought about giving it a go again so this would be a great way to test the waters.

  287. I've always wanted to try Netflix, and since we are going out less these days it seems like a perfect time. Unfortunately, dear hubby has put the cabosh on extra expenditures because of the economy. Thanks for the opportunity, though!

  288. I hear ya about the unpleasantness of the local movie theaters. Not to mention the outrageous price of the concession stand. Netflix is the best! We like to have our own movie marathon night and it's great that you can get the movies for your particular theme on the 3 at a time plan.

  289. I like the quiet of home. I hate how loud the Movie Theater is nowadays. I also don't like walking down a flight of stairs to use the bathroom or get a snack...or not being able to lay down and stretch out. I'm an old fuddy-dud!


  290. I love netflix. I had it for severals years at different levels and then had to stop it when I lost my job. But, someone gave me a few months of it as a christmas gift and it was definitely my favorite present! I love that you set up the queue of movies and when you send one back then new one comes without you having to do anything. it could not be easier!

  291. We live for our netflix queue!! Really it is an almost daily topic of conversation in our house since we have only basic cable. We also love the HBO series you can get into and the best part is you don't have to wait for next week's episode you can queue the whole series in a row!!!

  292. We love netflix, but had to cut it because of me losing my job and I would love to be able to get it back even for a few months, it would make my kids smile!

  293. we love netflix, but due to having to cut out expenses because of my job loss, we canceled. this would be fantastic to win! we miss it!

  294. We've been enjoying Netflix for over a year now! I won't ever go back to in-store rentals. Blockbuster really burned me with a 2-week late fee when I turned in a movie 3 days *early*, and refused to admit they were wrong. I had to pay the stinkin' fee, which was about $25. I was so mad! I never used a major chain for renting after that, but I wasn't a big fan of perusing the shelves of *any* local rental store, either.

    Netflix, though, is great. I can see all the new releases, find all the movies I meant to get around to but forgot about, get recommendations based on my likes and dislikes, see reviews, get content warnings, and even get hard-to-find documentaries, foreign films, etc. And don't forget about their play on demand feature, where you can watch a good many films on your computer! It's perfect for those days I want to watch something, but can't find anything on TV, and we're in between movies in the mail.

    Our family currently uses the 2-at-a-time program, which is just about perfect for us. It usually takes the movie 1 day to reach Netflix after we put it in the mail, and then 1 day to get back to us, so if we mail things as soon as we're finished with them, we rarely find ourselves waiting around for a new movie.

    I love that I can get my husband anime series on disk, which he loves, and old shows like Magic School Bus for my kids, and BBC miniseries for myself... it's a good deal all around!

  295. Netflix sounds like a great idea! My family and I would love to rent movies this way. No late fees is also a huge incentive. Thanks for the giveaway!

  296. We live in a very rural area and this is something that my family and I have always wanted to try. Thank you very much for making the opportunity available.

  297. used to belong, and they played staggering games when sending out- would love to retry and see if they improved the cs and the sending out methods

  298. I love the selection of movies available through Netflix -- you just can't find this many movies at the local rental store.

  299. We've been wanting to try Netflix for awhile now. Our family love to watch movies and this is such a great way to have movies on hand and not have to run to our video store. Especially on cold snowy days, where you just don't want to leave the house.
    Thanks so much for offering this giveaway.

  300. Can relate to your 'sanitary movie nights'. I'd rather pause a movie for life's interuptions than usher hand sanitizer around. Have been pondering subscribing to Netflix, would be fun to try it out free for a few months.

  301. Netflix is one of the great inventions of our time, it has surly made life easier for a lot of TV and movie watching people.

  302. I could really use this, I love movies but haven't been able to afford this. It's a great company. Thanks for the chance

  303. I definitely agree with you about the "3 movies per month" being too much. We would hardly have time to sit down for 2 hrs and watch one! But our family would love to try the 1 movie per month plan and see if it fits into our lifestyle.

  304. Netflix has always intrigued me but we don't rent movies too often. We definitely don't go to the theater but it would be cool to get movies delivered right to the house. Not sure though if I would want another monthly commitment with 2 new trucks, every little bit of savings helps LOL

  305. I have always wanted to try Netflix, I did have Blockbuster's plan for a year or so...but I have heard so many positive things about Netflix. Thank you. :-)

  306. We love Netflix, but it was one of our cutbacks last year unfortunately. We would love to win this and have our movies delivered to our door once again. Thanks!

  307. Another great thing about Netflix is their deep list of offerings. The video rental stores around here mostly offer new releases, so when you have a craving for, say, the first season of "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer," you're out of luck. With Netflix, something obscure is as easy to order as the newest thriller. Thanks for the chance!

  308. I had this before and I would love to have it again. It is a nice service and there is a wide selection to choose from.

  309. I couldn't believe how much Blockbuster wanted to rent a movie!! My family loves to have family time together watching a movie infront of our fireplace with some popcorn and pillows everywhere. It is perfect after spending the majority of the week running from sports and activities and lets us enjoy each other in the comfort of our home!

  310. I have heard of Netflix, and think this contest rocks because we seem to be staying all the time! The economy stinks, so we do lots of things at home, especially movie watching after dinner and homework. This would be fun to win. Great usual!

  311. We loved Netflix a while back but let our account lapse when we moved a couple of months ago. I'd love to join back up. It's a very convenient service for families with young kids...especially when it's cold and yucky outside.

  312. We haven;t been to the movies in forever and are SO behind on the movies that have come out in the last two years!!! We'd love this! :)

  313. I used to have Netflix but recently have gotten into Redbox (have you heard of it? it's super cheap - $1 a night) but I do miss not having to trek out in the cold to rent a movie - it was nice when Netflix just arrived in my mailbox!

    autumn398 (at)

  314. I've heard so much about Netflix and it would be wonderful to try as we just finished Season 1 & 2 of Heroes & want to watch 3 now! ;) My hubby just lost his job though, so we have to place all extra items on hold & tighten up the budget reigns until he finds a new job. What a great gift this would be for my hubby's 35th Bday next month! :)

  315. We have been doing pay per view for the *very few* movies that we rent each month. When I went to Blockbuster last week for the first time in a few years to rent a couple of films, I was shocked at how expensive it was! I don't know that we rent enough to warrant paying for a Netflix membership, but a free one is totally worth trying out. Thanks for the entry!

  316. I have been very curious about NetFlix, but have yet to try it out. We have been sticking with the local redboxes for newer releases, but Netflix would be great for some of those older movies I would love to see again!

  317. We're on the 2 at a time plan right now and we love it! It's perfect for our date nights because we love movies and we can put our daughter to bed and pop some popcorn and relax.

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