swinging high in north carolina

swinging high in north carolina 1Yesterday, Tim & I pushed our girls on swings at dusk.

Olivia kept saying "High!" and "Fast!" - big demands from such a tiny blonde-headed elfkin.

All of a sudden, Kayla burst out in cheerful radiance, "Liv is going so high for a 2-year-old! I didn't know she could go that high! We should TWEET about that!"

And then she tossed her head back, smiled and yelled, "Everyone will say that's the best tweet ever."

P.S. Did you notice I slipped our daughters' names into this post? There's the not-so-big reveal to a 5-year secret.

***A newspaper told the world today too.

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52 comments on “swinging high in north carolina”

  1. It's funny, I noticed their names in print right away. But when I started reading your blog, I didn't notice the absence of the names for a long time. The way you wrote about them was natural, and I went to comment about Kayla one day and thought... "hmmm... what IS her name?"

    After meeting them, I was always careful when commenting to not slip :)

  2. I noticed because I was confused, thinking to myself " who is kayla? who is liv?" (ps - those aren't what I thought their names would be, not that I know what I thought they would be!) Is Liv short for something?

    1. Should have read more closely - Olivia -- love the name!!

      PS - Love that Kayla knows what a tweet is =)

  3. HA! That was awesome. I seriously was reading the post and was like "who wrote this?? who is this about??" Then I realized :) LOVE their names! So happy to be a bit more personal! Love it!

  4. I had always planned to keep my girls names private on my blog but one day I hit publish and realized I slipped and used their real names. Oh well... c'est la vie! I know that my mother worries about names and places and faces being put out there into the internet world but I think the blog is something we can look back upon and be proud of what we accomplished as a family. Each of my girls now has their own blog as a record of their homeschool experience and of their journey through life.

    I love your girl's names!

  5. I thought they were the character names in your book at first. Pretty names, nice to put names to faces!

  6. I totally noticed and had to go back and read it a couple of times to see if there was any way you just "slipped". It is a huge reveal. And did you tweet it? Because you know it would totally be the "best tweet ever"

  7. Oh, YOU! You are so cute!

    I was reading, and then I was like, "Oh my gosh! She did it!"

    Hahah!! It was funny! You are such a storyteller, my friend!

    Hugs and kisses to Kayla & Liv, even though they don't know me......they are true sweethearts....I can tell...I have a 6th sense about these things....;)

  8. As soon as I read "Olivia kept saying...." I said out loud, "Oooooooo.....!"
    My husband asked what I was reading. He was as surprised as I was. ;D
    We both agree, your daughters and their names are lovely!!

  9. Yay! Beautiful names and beautiful girls! Were you guys tossing around the idea of revealing their names before the newspaper article?

  10. I sure DID notice! You had mentioned before that you didn't put their names on the blog... I always felt that was fine either way...

  11. Beautiful names! One time, someone left a comment on one of your posts mentioning Kayla's name so I knew that one. And I love the name Olivia :)

  12. Of course I noticed! I had read a comment where you accidentally used Kayla's name so I knew that one. They are such beautiful and classy names, so they suit your family just great! I really like how Kayla calls Olivia "Liv." That is a great nickname. I'd love to know how you and Tim decided on those names. Our son wasn't named until he was 2 days old and now I can't imagine him being named anything else.

  13. Yay! I love that you posted their names! I have always been curious! (They are beautiful names btw!) The part about Kayla wanting you to Tweet about her sister's swinging made me LOL, so cute!

  14. WOW! I was reading and thinking...who the heck is Olivia and Kayla?!?!?! Then it hit me! Beautiful names for beautiful girls! Your Kayla seems like she'd be a great companion for my Julia. I wish you all would head up to the northshore of MA during your giveeveryday travels!

  15. When I first read your blog post I was thinking, who? Did I miss something but then I re-read it with your comment at the bottom. You have never, ever mentioned your kids names in the last 5 years and I am pretty impressed with that! I love the Tweet comment.

  16. Smiling, because your girls' beautiful names would fit right into our family! You'll have to email me, or DM me to find out how, though, because my hubby's not quite ready for the "blog reveal" of their names yet. ;)

  17. Awww....those are such pretty names......very upbeat and classy. Thanks for sharing....you guys are amazing. I just wish I could meet you all in person. I bet my daughter will have a blast with Olivia.

  18. When I saw the preview on facebook, I was like huh? Did she accidentally forget and use her kids' names? But of course you didn't slip, you did it on purpose! Yay!

  19. Love your girls names...Olivia was going to be Jake's name if he had been a girl. Did it feel weird to write their names on the blog? The picture of daughter is so cute! It makes me laugh that our children know so much about social media. Jake sometimes will say "I am checking facebook."

  20. Such a fun story (and beautiful names) and I love that the newspaper article picked up on what I've been feeling like "the point" was from the Give Every Day Blog - it doesn't take a "big" thing to make a difference - just the small everyday stuff is enough - as long as we make the effort to do it.

  21. Woah! That was a big reveal, in my book! I had named them in my head, but they had very uncreative names (little and big, and you probably can guess who was who!). Your choices are much more awesome! :-)

  22. How could I not notice?? At first I was like, who is Olivia and Kayla?? And then it all made sense.... Beautiful names!...thanks for sharing. :)

  23. I noticed! I love how our kiddos know about Tweeting and Blogging and Facebook. My daughter always says, "Mom, you should take a picture of me doing (insert whatever it may be here) and put it on the blog." or she will say, "you should send that to your Facebook." Oye! Hope you are enjoying spring!

    1. Isn't it incredible? Our daughters know all about tweeting, blogging, facebooking, youtube, iphones, netflix, and laptops...and they're both under age five.

  24. I actually found out your girls' names awhile ago as someone had posted it on your fb page in a comment a long time ago. But I like the way you did so officially in this post so nonchalantly. :) By the way, what a cute little thing for your daughter to say about Twitter!! Oh and I love the way you have been processing your pictures lately. How do you do that? Or is that with an iPhone?

  25. Oh your daughter's have SUCH beautiful names!! Thanks for sharing that... I am still toying with whether to say my baby's name on our blog too but... then again, I'm sure there's no newspaper out there spilling the beans on me! LOL :)

    Fun post!

  26. Ha! I was like, wow, did everyone but me know your daughter's names, because that was the first I've ever heard them! :) Glad to know I wasn't just being oblivious!

    Did you intend to keep it secret for longer? What made you decide to keep their names private before?

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