babywearing basics (plus, my favorite/least favorite carriers)

If you were to see me in real life - at church or running errands or at the park - this is what you would probably see: A curly-haired woman with green-hazel-blue-gray-always-changing-colors eyes - holding a preschooler's hand and carrying a toddler on her hip or in a carrier. Smiling at you (I smile a […]

Super ZOOper

This morning Tim & I took the girls and met some friends at the zoo. We've never taken our girls to the local zoo. (I know!). I carried our 1-year-old in the ERGO (best carrier ever...in case you're wondering)...or on my shoulders. She pointed and smiled at everything - she's the most peaceable baby. Our […]

10 Disneyland Tips: With A Baby + Preschooler

Disneyland is a fun place for all ages - even the ittiest bittiest babies. There is so much to do. So much to see. So many smiling faces. To ensure that your experience at the happiest place on earth is extra happy, here are my top 10 tips for navigating Disneyland with a baby and […]


Remember that old show? With Penny, Brain (Penny's dog), and Dr. Claw's metal arm with the clenched fist. Well, there are countless baby gadgets that abound on the market. They may not be as cool as Inspector Gadget's devices (I could totally use an extra pair of go-go-gadget hands popping out of my hat sometimes, […]

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