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Car Seats on vacation: rent or bring your own?

If you're planning to fly anywhere and drive when you reach your destination (in a rental car, in a taxi, or with friends), you have three options: (1) You can rent a car seat from a car/baby rental company when you arrive. (2) You can bring your own car seat and carry it on the […]

An Airline for Families

So, I have this idea. Somebody ought to start a brand new airline...specifically targeting families. It would be an instant success. Parents would flock to buy tickets in record numbers. Here's what I have in mind: Friendly Attendants in Fun Costumes. I have to say that I was quite disappointed in our airline attendants on […]

Best Carry-On for Parents: backpack

If you would have caught a glimpse of me at the airport this past weekend, you would have seen me with my baby in an ERGO on my front and a pack on my back. Backpacks are ideal carry-ons for parents. wearing one allowed me to keep my hands free for other important tasks - […]

11 tips for flying with babies + toddlers

I still remember the carefree days of traveling, pre-kids. Waiting in the airport was barely a nuisance. I could check my e-mail, read a magazine, or strike up a conversation with a fellow traveler - all while sipping a hot drink and nibbling on a scone, decked out in fashionable garb from head-to-toe. Stopping in […]

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