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Best Grocery Stores in the United States

Finding the best grocery stores in the USA took a bit of travel. In 2011, we traveled 20,000 miles across the USA, spanning 30 states and 9 months. We toured businesses, volunteered at non-profits, went on roller coasters and ferris wheels, visited more children's museums and science centers than the average person will see in […]

Favorite Things to Buy at Costco [summer 2012 edition]

Over the past few years, I've come to like Costco more and more. The prices are good. The floors are clean. The aisles are wide. The grocery carts have side-by-side seating. The samples are free. The pizza is piping hot (10bucks for a HUGE one). Lately, we've been enjoying these purchases. Blueberries - You'd be […]

take a peek inside our grocery cart, part 1

If you bumped into our family at the grocery store, you'd probably see us with one of those humungous car-shaped grocery carts that are impossible to push. Tim can't stand them, but I usually convince him because the girls love it in there - laughing all the way. Here is what you would find in […]

bullet points (of time)

LAST WEEK, we read "Charlotte's Web" in two days. The next two days after that, we read "The Secret Garden." Now, we're on Chapter 8 of "Ramona Quimby, Age 8" (I think that's my favorite book in the series). TODAY, we are almost completely out of groceries. We ate the last piece of fruit in […]

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