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Battle of the Baby Washes

While at Target this afternoon, Tim and I started reading labels on baby washes. Which one, we wondered, was the best, the healthiest, the safest, and the sweet-smellingest? We tried to decipher the long words and lingo, weighing the costs with the bottle's promises. After the blur of options, we reached for the nearest bottle […]

we won't ever send her back

People ask if they are jealous, if they ever ask to "send her back." But it's quite the opposite: our 3-year-old and 5-year-old adore her. Even six weeks later, they fight over who gets to hold their baby sister. Liv was in tears yesterday because she felt that she wasn't getting her fair share of […]

Our plan for April 2012

People often ask what our plan is for after this year of travel. I now have a definitive answer: We'll be having a baby! We also hope to be settled somewhere by then. A real-life home! With freezer space, a porch swing, a dinner table with room for friends, a library card, a craft closet, […]

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