we won't ever send her back

People ask if they are jealous, if they ever ask to "send her back."

But it's quite the opposite: our 3-year-old and 5-year-old adore her. Even six weeks later, they fight over who gets to hold their baby sister. Liv was in tears yesterday because she felt that she wasn't getting her fair share of baby-holding. Kayla always washes her hands first (without being asked) because she doesn't want the baby to get sick.

They also fight over who gets to throw the diaper in the trash. We have a Graco Touch Free Diaper Pail that opens "like magic" and, apparently, it's quite the thrill to have that job.

I've been praying that our three girls will be the best of the BEST of friends...and it appears that my prayers are already coming true.

we won't ever send her back 1
best buddies

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22 comments on “we won't ever send her back”

  1. I *always* wanted a sister. What could be better than having a built-in playmate and then--in later years--a closet to pick through right across the hall?! Those girls of yours are blessed indeed.

  2. My daughters adore each other and will notice when one is not around, but they definitely have moments of fighting! Still it is nice to see the love here.

  3. I was never jealous of my little sister either and always wanted to play and look after her. I think it's quite common too, we just seem to hear more of the siblings trying to kill each other stories!

  4. I think some of it is a myth, just like the myth of teen-age rebellion. I always pointed out to my kids that their relationships with each other were as important as to their other friends and to us as parents, and that they would always have each other, even after Mom & Dad have gone. Despite the sometime sibling bickering that would drive me nuts, as adults they are real close, talk( and text) among themselves all the time, sometimes more than to me, esp if it concerns something like body piercing : )

    1. "The myth of teenage rebellion." Thank you for saying that. I agree.

      Also: I sincerely hope that my girls share the same closeness that your kids do as they grow older.

  5. She's sooooo precious. My son, who is now 8, adored his sister to no end until she started to talk (she's 2 now). He still loves her most of the time, but there are sometimes arguments.

  6. I love this! We haven't had any jealousy either, it's been wonderful! Abbie (2) adores Jemimah and always wants cuddles. She constantly tells me "I love her" and "Jemimah is beautiful/pretty/soooo cute!" I'm praying for best friends as well xx ps are you doing vaccinations this time around?

  7. Beautiful! My two get along famously (well at least until they get overtired...) and I'm glad they are friends. The other morning my oldest got up awhile after the little one was up and playing and when she came down the hall the first thing he said was "I love you Tiny Bear!" it was one of those moments I'll treasure forever.

  8. Oh that picture is just AMAZING! I hope you plan to frame it.

    It's funny, the exact same thing has happened to me. If my kids ever feel shorted in any way, the baby is the last person they take it out on. My son is a doting big brother in every way. I'm so happy he's proving so many stereotypes wrong.

    1. I like the way you put it, Jenny: "If my kids ever feel shorted in any way, the baby is the last person they take it out on."

      Same here. It's not that they don't ever feel shorted. Sometimes they DO (and sometimes it shows in their behavior). But they've never once wished away the baby. They absolutely love her to pieces.

  9. This is so sweet. I think one of the greatest pleasures of having more than one child is watching your children interact. We just had our 2nd on May 9, and the only "issue" we have with our 3 year old is he almost loves her too much! He is constantly holding her and hugging and kissing her that she has a hard time falling asleep! He keeps saying, "We're keeping Katie at our house forever and ever, right?" We are so grateful Nicholas is such a good big brother!

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