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Summer Fashion: Cake Lingerie

There used to be a day when nursing bras were boring. Beige and white were the only color options available. If you were lucky, you *might* find a black bra at a specialty boutique. The sizes were wonky, the fits were all wrong, and they certainly weren't alluring. Fortunately, we live in a brave new […]

Something Colorful: HOTmilk Lingerie

A Note to Nursing Bra Designers. I think I speak for all breastfeeding moms when I say: We want color. We want "punch." We want pretty. We want pizazz. Oh - and we definitely want comfort too. We don't want nude and black and blah. At least one brand out there has heard our voice... […]

Nursing Clothes Review: Japanese Weekend

As I mentioned in a previous post, nursing clothes are not a necessity...but they can be very nice. Especially in circumstances that may require you to nurse in public (example: taking a trip by plane). ¬† I know some women feel comfortable nursing anytime, anywhere - but I'm a more private person. If I am […]

Nursing Clothes: An Introduction

Think of this as your primer about nursing clothes. Nursing Clothes 101. A Q & A session for the new mom and mom-to-be. Here goes... WHAT ARE NURSING CLOTHES?¬†Essentially, they are tops, tanks, camis, pajamas, and dresses that provide easy access to your breasts to help you nurse with ease...at home or on-the go. This […]

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