Something Colorful: HOTmilk Lingerie

hotmilk lingerieA Note to Nursing Bra Designers.

I think I speak for all breastfeeding moms when I say:

We want color. We want "punch." We want pretty. We want pizazz. Oh - and we definitely want comfort too.

We don't want nude and black and blah.

At least one brand out there has heard our voice...

HOTmilk Lingerie is a New Zealand company that specializes in camisoles, nightwear, and lingerie for pregnant and nursing moms.

The company offers colorful, sultry pieces and sets that have intricate details - an excellent combination of glamour and practicality.

I received the Her Desire Was Dangerous set and it is lovely. The deep red and black combination is sophisticated and the sparkles are subtle and attractive. I especially appreciate that the bra is supportive - WITHOUT underwire (am I the only nursing mama who doesn't care for wires?).

If you're looking for pretty nursing bras, stop over at HOTmilk Lingerie. If you're on Twitter, you can find them @HOTmilkLingerie.

YOUR TURN: If you could design the perfect nursing bra, what would it be like?

Something Colorful: HOTmilk Lingerie 1WIN IT! One winner will receive a Slip Into Seduction nightie (~$89) by HOTmilk Lingerie. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, March 2nd at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

* I received a product for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #17 Tarah. Congratulations!

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81 comments on “Something Colorful: HOTmilk Lingerie”

  1. Yes, you are right about nursing bras, usually when a woman is pregnant the manufacturers of nursing bras just make plain Jane style bras. Either plain white or off white or another plain and boring colour. And you are right too that even pregnant mothers searching for bras need pizaaz. The bra you show is a perfect example of how to do it right. Obviously after the baby arrives, and if you have enough energy after giving birth to a newborn, you can take the more sexy lingerie route and maybe get yourself a nude or more risque bra but when nursing the one in your example is the way nursing bra manufacturers should follow.

  2. The perfect nursing bra? Since my little one is still in my tummy and I haven't had the privilege of nursing yet, I'm going to have to design my bra purely on looks. It would definitely be hot pink, seamless, silky and smooth. It would have lots of hooks to adjust several inches, to accommodate a changing body. No underwire, but perfectly supportive.

  3. I would love to try this baby on. I also yearn for cuteness and support without wire in my nursing undergarments. I have currently have 2 speeds: frumpy-comfy-around-the-house-nursing-tanks and uncomfortable-going-out-underwire-nursing-bras.

  4. The perfect nursing bra would have to be comfortable, functional, soft, and supportive while also being completely cute or sexy!

  5. My sister is due with her first baby in a few weeks and this would be a great gift for her. I know I never found anything like this afer I had my boys.

  6. What beautiful undergarments and lingerie! Any woman would feel beautiful in this line. I'm not an exception.


  7. I love the fact that HOTmilk lingerie has a men's section aptly named milkman! It's designed to let us know what a woman wants and help us out and, let's be honest, there are plenty of times we need that help!

  8. This nightie is so gorgeous & feminine & sexy at the same time...I think the perfect nursing bra line would be functional, comfortable, but also have a variety of styles, sometimes you want neutral/practical, sometimes you want pretty & girly, then other times you want hot & sexy.

  9. I will definitely look into a non-underwire nursing bra after the next baby. I got terrible infections nursing my first two.

  10. I absolutely love this line! I totally had to enter! The perfect nursing bra would be lacy and available in bright, vibrant colors like blues (which is my favorite color by the way) without an underwire, thin but supportive straps (I can't stand thick granny straps) and provide a good amount of support. One of the things I have noticed about luxury nursing bra companies is they don't make their pretty bras in big sizes (which is what I need) so that would be my last desire. : )

  11. A friend of mine and I were just talking about nursing bras the other day. She is a really tiny person, and even when she is nursing has a barely A cup. Think she can find nursing bras that small?? Nope! I was a barely A until I started nursing (and have continued to grow since then, but that's another issue altogether), so I have had more luck than she when it came to finding good nursing bras. I just feel bad for my friend. SO... if I win this, it's to give to my friend in the hopes that she'll find something she can wear! (She's due with her 4th baby any day now)

  12. My husband should be the one entering me in this contest since he's not too hot on my grey sweats and easy-access (for nursing, people!) tank top that I usually wear to bed. But since he's packing up our whole life onto a truck right now, I'll enter for him. After the move, I'm definitely going to need this. :)

  13. The perfect nursing bra would fit so comfortably that it felt like wearing nothing, and it would hold up through repeated nursings during the day and washings during the months.

    These are gorgeous! I'm off to look at everything on the site.

  14. If I could design the perfect nursing bra it would fit everyone, magically. It would just be pretty yet comfortable on everyone, even if while nursing you have to wear some humongus size. =)

  15. The perfect nursing bra would be 2 toned, in strong colours. I like a little hint of sparkles or jewels too. It will be feminine, sexy, while at the same time still being supportive and practical. It would need to have lots of extra hooks at the back for the expanding and shrinking ribcage (so you can wear it during pregnancy too!). A one handed cup clip is a must! It would have to be available with large cups to uplift all us generously endowed ladies! But not too full-cup, as they make us look like Grannies, even with the pretty colours! It will not fall apart with lots of use, and is easy to wash - preferably in a lingerie bag in the washing machine! Of course, the perfect nursing bra would have to have some matching panties of some kind too!

    I love my Hotmilk bras!

  16. I actually stopped wearing nursing bras a few months ago even though I am still nursing, because they are so boring! This would be great to have a hot new option that is still practical!

  17. I am due with my first this summer. Although I cannot yet specify any preferred requirements for a decent nursing bra, I can lament the boringness of blah nude and black since I have looked online at what I have coming.

    pretty colors + great function = bliss

  18. I ordered a bra today! I am excited to get it, and see the look on my mans face! I would love to win the nighty! Oh LA La! ;)

  19. For me, the perfect nursing bra can be latched and unlatched with one hand.
    The ones I like best are shaped like an upward hook and they 'click' into place.
    The ones I can't manage with one hand require you to thread a tab into a square-type-buckle (like a seat belt).

  20. This could very well be the best looking nursing bra I have ever seen! With 3 month old twins, I feel like nursing is all I do!
    If I could design the perfect nursing bra, it would actually do all the work for me! haha!

  21. I just heard about these bras! I'm totally impressed with their designs.

    My request - something to make me feel pretty instead of a mis-shapen milk bar! ;)

  22. My question is, where was this stuff when I really needed it. Though I'm still nursing my clingy toddler, I haven't seen the need to invest in any more nursing attire. However, these pieces from Hot Milk (love the name) are simply fabulous!

    I looked and looked before a gave birth to my daughter for stylish maternity and nursing wear; to my dismay, I didn't really find mush out there.

    Having said all that, I wouldn't mind winning a freebie! Either I will use it or my oldest daughter who will be starting a family at the end of the year.

  23. The perfect nursing bra would actually fit. Would lift. Would separate. Would be pretty. Would have easy one handed function. Would hold a nursing pad so it doesn't fall to the floor when you unhook. Would not cost an arm and a leg.

  24. I have been nursing since 2003 and all of my nursing bras have been white!!!

    I want color! I want patterns! i want them to not only be functional but beautiful.

    Easy undo is a must! Nothing is worse than a screaming nursling and a stuck breast!

  25. I am with you! I hate underwire, yet am always looking for a bra that is supportive enough without it. Plus, I like color. I want to feel sexy and cute after taking care of my two girls all day long by myself.

  26. I totally had to smile at the name of this brand. I love it!

    After Lucy was born I went to Nordstrom's and decided no amount of money was too much to spend on nursing bra if it was comfortable. So I got fitted, found a bra that felt great and $60 or $70 later I went home. Only to find out that the bra was too sheer and was not ideal issues. So I had to return it and opted for a cheaper version instead. Oh well.

  27. I almost dont believe their line are meant for nursing moms, becuase they are so pretty. Gah, I just pulled out my "nursing box" to wash everything for #2's arrival and was instantly nauseous, and it had nothing to do with being pregnant. I am needing some things that are pretty to look at too!

  28. Well, I am pregnant with my second baby right now and due in April. I would love a glamorous nursing bra...something to make you feel sexier when most of the time you don't. If I could design my own bra it would be comfort first, then ease of use, and spice it up a bit with some cute color and design.

  29. The perfect nursing bra would not cut into my armpits nor would it cause mono-boob (larger ladies, you know what I am talking about!)...I am so glad I am over the whole nursing bit but I have sisters who are just starting!!


  30. My biggest reason for not buying any pretty nursing bras is the price tag. I stuck to the plain and VERY borning white ones. I would have loved an affordable red one.

  31. Oh jeez. This is a terrific company! Breastfeeding is not conducive to feeling sexy, in my experience. The clothing tends to be unattractive and purely functional. It's really great to see something with function that is also really beautiful!

  32. I like nursing bras that are comfortable and not bunchy.... sleep bras are awesome! I don't like that most are limited to white or black and ugleeee.

  33. The perfect nursing bra would not only look like something I'd wear when not nursing, but able to hold up to the wear and tear it gets. And holds its form!

  34. A sexy nursing bra...almost seems like an oxymoron! Plus comfort, now that is something worth trying! Nursing clothes and lingerie always seems matronly or blah, but we aren't just incubators and milk factories...we're wives and needing to feel like desirable women. This is a great way to start without compromising our roles as mommies!

  35. It is so rare to find anything sexy related to motherhood, this is wonderful. I'm expecting our 3rd in May and just knowing that something like this is out there will make my hubby happy, thanks!

  36. Wow! Stephanie, you always find the greatest finds! This is fantastic. In fact, I was just at Target the other day, looking at their nursing wear and hoping to find something new, sexy, and comfortable. Alas, no. I agree with the need for comfort, but I think that looking good is a little bit of comfort in those week/months post-partum when it's tempting to feel like a cow. Gotta look good, too!!!

  37. Comfy and lace free. lace is too scratchy... at least if there is lace there has to be a backing for the entire back of the lace so it can't scratch me.

  38. I have to say I am impressed with the line and cost. Once in a while I can find a colorful nursing bra, but there is always a hefty price to go with it. I would definitely wear a hot milk nursing bra.

  39. Nursing is such a special time however I know I didn't feel very glamorous but this line would make any mama feel wonderful. Plus when I was nursing I did not care for an underwire.

  40. I love that there are some fun CoLoRfUl nursing & maternity underthings out there - with my son all I had was white, black & nude nursing bras - how blah!

    autumn398 @

  41. You're not the only nurser who's not in love with underwire. I won't wear the stuff. But, looks like some fun clothes...although being 1 week away from my due date I'm not feeling so 'fun' at the moment. Thanks for sharing.

  42. I think their line is gorgeous. I never mind the underwire (I'm currently nursing my 2nd), but I do hate drabness of it all. And their line looks fancier than what I would normally wear even non-feeding! My husband would be thrilled. Haha.

  43. Oh - forgot to answer the question - Yes, I hate underwires (nursing or not - but especially in a nursing bra) I also hate straps that creep, hooks that are awkward to do and undo modestly. I like pretty underthings, that are comfy and supportive without squishing me.

  44. I am soooo tired of my boring nursing bras - I'll have to check HOTmilk out. Although, I'm about done with this phase of my life so I doubt that I'll justify spending anything - at least I can dream and tell other pregnant women I know about it!

  45. O wow I am pregnant with twins and I may need this :) anyhoo a perfect nursing bra would be one that is wayyy comfortable, Gawgeous and simple!

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