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Breastfeeding products, tips, and advice for moms and moms to be.

My Favorite Nursing Bras, Tanks, and Clothes

I have four children - ages 10, 8, 5, and almost 9 months. Over the past decade, I have nursed for six and a half years collectively (approximately two years for each baby)...and I am currently nursing my 9-month-old baby! That is a lot of breastfeeding! Although nursing bras,¬†tanks, and clothes aren't strictly necessary, I […]

New Report Says Breastfeeding is "Silver Bullet"

It happened for the first time two weeks ago. My 10-month-old baby got sick. Up until then, she has had no sniffles. No runny noses. No fevers. No ear infections or aches. No doctor's visits. Not-a-one. At ten months, she's eating a¬†wonderfully colorful diet of fruits, vegetables, organic meats, and dairy products; she also still […]

Glamourmom Mbody Starter Nursing Bra [giveaway]

Third time around and I'm still in awe of the miracle of breastfeeding. I'm wonderstruck that my body somehow creates this perfect food for my baby - in the perfect quantity. The milk heals and protects - guarding her from illness, giving her all of the nutrients her mind & body needs. That said, breastfeeding […]

"Does breastfeeding hurt?" [the painful truth]

Most nursing sessions begin like this: I turn on music, clench my lips, gather my courage from way down deep, and muffle a scream as she latches. I breathe. My shoulders tense. Sometimes I cry, tears splashing down my chest. I ALWAYS pray - for mercy, for strength. Most of all - for healing of […]

She weaned last night.

The last few weeks, she's only been nursing right before bed. "Nurse me, peas," she'd say at bedtime in the sweetest of voices. But last night, she fell asleep while I was reading "The Indian in the Cupboard" out loud (Amazing book, by the way...we're all enchanted by it). Tonight was the exact same scenario. […]

The (secret) benefits of extended breastfeeding

In the mornings, when the sun begins shooting gentle rays through the cracks in the blinds, my 19-month-old begins to squirm beside me. I look at the clock and the hands tell me it's still a little early yet. So I lay a gentle hand on her back, "Shhh...Mama's got you." Her body curls into […]

Summer Fashion: Cake Lingerie

There used to be a day when nursing bras were boring. Beige and white were the only color options available. If you were lucky, you *might* find a black bra at a specialty boutique. The sizes were wonky, the fits were all wrong, and they certainly weren't alluring. Fortunately, we live in a brave new […]

Something Colorful: HOTmilk Lingerie

A Note to Nursing Bra Designers. I think I speak for all breastfeeding moms when I say: We want color. We want "punch." We want pretty. We want pizazz. Oh - and we definitely want comfort too. We don't want nude and black and blah. At least one brand out there has heard our voice... […]

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