Glamourmom Mbody Starter Nursing Bra [giveaway]

Third time around and I'm still in awe of the miracle of breastfeeding. I'm wonderstruck that my body somehow creates this perfect food for my baby - in the perfect quantity. The milk heals and protects - guarding her from illness, giving her all of the nutrients her mind & body needs.

Glamourmom Mbody Starter Nursing Bra [giveaway] 1That said, breastfeeding isn't always easy. In fact, sometimes it's downright hard. There's a definite "adjustment period."

And certain products do make it easier...

For example, I really appreciated having the Glamourmom Mbody Starter Nursing Bra on-hand these past few weeks. The bra offers especially great support for when your milk comes in. It's stretchy and soft so it's ideal for day or night use...and the clasps are super easy so you don't have to struggle in your nighttime nursing stupor. Also, the bra has a higher cut than most (more like a sports bra) so it's more modest. Available in nude or black, the bra is available for sizes 34B through 40G.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Glamourmom Mbody Starter Nursing Bra ($39)! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Thursday, May 17 at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!” or “Love it” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Thanks to Glamourmom for providing two bras – one for review and one for this giveaway. 

*UPDATE* The winner is #65 Danielle K. Congratulations!

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74 comments on “Glamourmom Mbody Starter Nursing Bra [giveaway]”

  1. Breastfeeding can definitely be hard but it is so worth it! That bra looks amazingly comfortable!

  2. I like that the bra is breathable and adjusts over two sizes for the changes in breast shape that some along with pregnancy and nursing. I also like the high front for more discretion.

  3. I am also breastfeeding and have yet to find the perfect bra. Would love the chance to try this one to see if it iis the right one for me.

  4. This looks so comfortable. I am a first time mommy and so look forward to breastfeeding baby. This looks like a bra I could live in.

  5. I am super picky when it comes to a nursing bra. I like the looks of this design. I like one that is easy to undo and do and offers support.

  6. this just looks really comfortable but also holds you up when your full of milk i'd love to have it

  7. I can appreciate that breastfeeding isn't always easy. We just took a class on it so that when our baby comes we're more prepared.

  8. my friend toni is having her first baby after 9 years of trying, would be a great gift for her and her little gir.. she is going to give breast feeding a shot.

  9. It comes in 40G??? HALLELUJAH!!! I'm currently wearing a Motherhood 40F and it's too tight, AND it's structured and has underwire support, so it's impossible to sleep in (yes, worse than sleeping in a milk lake). Lordy, I hope I win, but I"m going to have to look into buying a couple either way. SO GLAD you posted this!!!

  10. Im now at 23 months of nursing with my second kid. I haven't tried this bra but if you say it's good, I'm sure it is, my Melinda g one that you reviewed a few years ago is still my fave!

    Autumn398 @

  11. I'm due in July with my second and I plan to breastfeed again. I love that this bra looks super comfortable!


  12. I could really use this, as my fifth baby (suprise!) is due in three weeks and, of course, we got rid of all of our baby stuff after #4.

  13. this bra looks like it offers the comfort and support I need from a nursing bra, would love to try it

  14. I loved breastfeeding & now my sister is breastfeeding her son. I would love to win this great nursing bra for her!


  15. This bra looks like it would be super comfy! The bra I slept in with my daughter was so uncomfortable. This would be perfect for when the new baby arrives. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!
    Erin E
    busymom369 at gmail dot com

  16. A good nursing bra is such a blessing to find! I had so much trouble finding comfortable bra's after my first daughter was born. They seem to be easier to find now after my 3rd child. Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!
    [email protected]

  17. I go with no bra at night and just lay on top of a bath towel - works really well and helps with blocked milk ducts. This looks amazing for the day time though, especially for those first several months when the chest is HUGE! :-)

  18. I actually need to order new bras since I have stretched out my old bra from my first... and my second is only 4 days old so it's going to be very handy for the next few months

  19. I just love your first paragraph : ) Producing milk was a challenge for me the first time around but I still nursed for 15 months! I am hoping for an easier breastfeeding journey this time, this would be amazing.

  20. A good nursing bra is such a blessing to find! I too appreciate the cut of this one. It looks like a nice option for modest layering.

  21. I still haven't found a nursing bra that is comfortable and fits well. I'd love to try this one and hopefully get some comfort in it.

  22. thanks for the giveaway.. would love to have a wonderful new nursing bra for when no 2 gets here any day!

  23. These nursing bras were the best with my girls. Soft, easy to access, and not too constricting for those first few weeks and at night! A must have for new moms!

  24. My favorite nursing tanks are the ones with the flip down cover. The bra I have, though, doesn't give me enough support. Thanks for introducing us to new products!

  25. The bra definitely looks comfortable. It is hard to find one that keeps your boobs supported and smooth under a t-shirt. I am still searching for one that looks great under any type of clothing and holds up after being washed. This bra would be awesome to try.

  26. I just had our 2nd baby on Wednesday and now my milk is definitely in! This looks super comfortable.

  27. I would love to have this bra! It is so hard to find comfortable ones, I am going to write this one down in case I don't win!

  28. I still need a good nursing bra for nighttime use. With my kids, breastfeeding = waking up multiple times a night, and weaned = sleeping through the night. There's a lot of nighttime nursing at our house.

  29. I'm in the midst of the engorgement phase of breastfeeding right now, and all I can manage to wear over my breasts are my bandeau tops. My nursing bras just won't stretch enough for this particular phase! This bra sounds wonderful!

  30. I don't think I've ever had a Glamourmom bra or tank, but I'd be curious to try it out! My bras seem to come from Target, Motherhood, or I had a couple of them from Babystyle.

  31. I am looking for a good nursing bra to put to good use after the birth of our baby boy in October! This looks like a really good nursing bra that would be so comfortable! I would probably never purchase this quality of a bra for myself and it would be awesome to win it!

  32. I searched high and low for the best nursing bras the first time. Wasted so much money, but finally fell in love with the Bravado design that is stretchy. This bra looks amazing and I do love the supportive, modest cut and the fact that you say it's comfy for night time. During the first few months, I really struggled with the "sleep bras" being supportive enough. This looks awesome!

  33. I really love the fact that it is a higher cut and can also work as a prevention for cleavage flashing! We are due with #2 in 10 weeks! :)

  34. oh man this looks like the perfect one! I love sports bras and actually wear one daily in place of a regular one.

  35. This looks really comfortable for when you are at home or in bed. I had a good nursing bra with my first, but it wasn't comfortable enough to sleep in, which I found I needed when I was breastfeeding.

  36. I agree with Laura - as a first-time mom (due in July), it's so helpful to have an idea of quality products. I've heard you want to wait as late as possible for nursing bras. Would you agree? I feel like I'm guessing on so many things I need! Beyond the giveaway, this week has been great for getting ideas for the essentials! Thank you!

  37. As a first time mom, I'm definitely in need of quality bfing products. I'm still confused about how sizing, but I'm sure I'll figure it out as I go. :-) Thanks for offering this great product!

  38. My darling daughter is almost 2 months now, none of the nursing bras I have seem to offer great nighttime support, which I terribly need!!

  39. I've definitely found it very hard to find a decent nursing bra at our local shops the last 3 pregnancies, and would love to have something better this time around. Maybe ordering one from a specialty company is the right way to go - this one looks great!

  40. This looks super comfy! I've been blessed with virtually no nursing issues !aside from the painful first week), but this looks awesome either way. Are you still in discomfort or is it better?

  41. I'm nursing for the first time and am learning how important the right size nursing bra is (I bought 2 bras before my milk came in and can't use them). I have glamourmom tanks but haven't tried their bra yet. It looks comfortable.

  42. I have one of their tanks and it offers great support. The clasp is super easy too. I would love the bra.

  43. oh this looks like the perfect nighttime nursing bra. My little one is two months old and am loving every moment of nursing her. Yes, even though she is an every 2 hour nurser I wouldn't have it any other way.

  44. A nice and comfortable nursing bra is a must have! I found that out the hard way with my previous baby. This time around it's one of the things on the top of my shopping list.

  45. We're hoping to have more success with nursing this time around, and a nice bra that's not awful for sleeping in would be fabulous. I hated the nursing bras I had with my first.

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