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she pretty much potty-trained herself

Our 4-year-old commonly refers to her 19-month-old sister as "Little One." She'll say..."Come read this book with me, Little One" or "Don't touch that, Little One" or "Good job going potty, Little One." Yes, it's true. Our petite and sweet 18mo is going on the BabyBjorn Potty Chair pretty regularly now. She even woke up […]

Protect-A-Bed = Peace of Mind

In The No-Cry Potty Training Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Child Say Good-Bye to Diapers, author Elizabeth Pantley writes that "potty training is about daytime toilet habits. Nighttime dryness is a totally separate subject...it is achieved only when a child's physiology supports it - you can't rush it." In fact, did you know that […]

Potty Chairs (for parents who prefer simplicity)

BabyBjorn is a trusted brand when it comes to babywearing. In fact, it's the GOLD standard for front pack carriers. Moms all over the world proudly wear their babies in Bjorn's high-quality, stylish carriers. As it turns out, BabyBjorn is equally on-board with helping parents during the potty training years. The company offers two potty […]

Book Review: The No-Cry Potty Training Solution

Have I mentioned how much I love Elizabeth Pantley's writing style and parenting philosophy? Even the titles of her books resonate with me - I love her gentle, warm, and patient approach to parenting. It comes as no surprise to me that she describes her current relationships with her teenage children as being joy-filled and […]

Elimination Communication (otherwise known as "the diaper free baby")

When my friend Rhonda first told me that she held her infant son over the toilet to go to the bathroom, I thought she might be just a wee bit crazy. After all, her son was just a newborn - unable to sit or even hold his head up for that matter. She told me […]

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