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What I Wear Running (+ a giveaway!)

When I hit the road running, I almost always wear this uniform: LEFT TO RIGHT: V-Neck FitDry Shirt by Nike (I've had this shirt for 6 1/2 years! Eek! Time to buy a new one!) Endurance Capri by Moving Comfort Gym Girl in Crush Pink by SkirtSports Wave Ascend Trail Running Shoes by Mizuno Wide Headband […]

10 Tips for Training for Your First 10K

I ran my first 10K yesterday - my longest run ever! After kissing three little blonde heads, I walked out the front door into 44 degrees and glorious rays of sunlight. One foot in front of the other, I prayed and breathed with each step. If you've circled a 10K date on the calendar and […]

On Fitness and Feeling Good

I look over at my running shoes, knowing I should put them on. How is it so incredibly hard to get started? I don't know, but it is. I finally convince myself - remembering all of my reasons. I put on my sports bra. I pull back my hair. I gather shoes and sweaters and […]

How to Train for a 5K

Repeat after me: "I can run a 5K!" Yes. You. CAN. Even if you're not a runner (Neither am I). Even if you're not as teeny tiny as Darcie or as focused as Lisa or as tenacious as Michele. YOU CAN cross that finish line. Here's how... 1. Decide on a running plan. Health Magazine […]

Review: Wave Rider 12 by Mizuno

I don't spend top dollar on very many apparel items. Shoes are an exception. Especially running shoes. I need running shoes with ample support, plenty of cushioning, and lightweight breathability since I wear them several times a week. The Wave Riders by Mizuno fit that description. The pillowy bottom absorbs shock and the mesh molds […]

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