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Travel With Kids: Kansas City

If you've ever been to Missouri, there's a good chance you've been to Kansas City. The metro area encompasses more than two million people across the Kansas-Missouri border. On the first day of our trip, we stopped in at Union Station in Downtown Kansas City. Built in 1914, the building was originally a working train […]

1/2 of a year

Hi from Rapid City, SD. (This is a really cool area, by the way). (More on that later). Guess what? We've lived in an RV for 1/2 a year. Here are the stats of our trek across the USA so far: 182 -- number of days on-the-road 23 -- states visited 42 -- organizations served […]

What to Pack: TravelKiddy

Long trips can be hard for little ones. There is so much waiting (for the plane to take-off/land, for the stoplight to turn to green, for the car to get filled up with gas, etc.)...and so much sitting still. If you are under three feet tall, waiting and sitting still are two things that are […]

Keeping Small Children Busy + Happy on Airplanes

Our 3-year-old loves going places. To the park. The post office. The grocery store. Anywhere. When we announced that we were going to Disneyland, she talked about it for weeks. Truth be told, she is STILL talking about. In fact, I am still talking about it too. I'm ready to go back. I love that […]

Themed Weekend: Family Travels

I go back-and-forth about the worthwhileness of traveling with wee ones. On the one hand, I think: traveling with babies and tots is just plain crazy. It requires an over-the-top amount of energy, planning, and patience...not to mention - STUFF. It involves strollers, car seats, teethers, toys, nursing covers, baby carriers, diapers, wipes, extra pairs […]

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