Teach Your Toddler the Alphabet in 20 Minutes/Day

My daughter loves peering out the window through the cracks in the blinds as the kids from our neighborhood get on and off the school bus on weekdays. She is fascinated by the big yellow bus with the friendly driver who often will wave and smile warmly back at her when we are outdoors. I know that someday - I'm sure that "someday" will come much sooner than I can imagine and it makes my heart ache just thinking about it - I will likely be the one waving to my little girl as she climbs the steps and smiles back at me. If I let her take the bus, that is. ;)

For now, I am enjoying this wonderful pocket of time when my daughter is 2. She's learning so much, soaking up everything...and it's incredible to watch her mind at work. Two-year-olds really are little sponges and it seems like an optimal time to be intentional about teaching - everything from manners to numbers.

Teach Your Toddler the Alphabet in 20 Minutes/Day 1Christy Cook is a mom who had that very same thought and, as a result, created Teach My Toddler, "the first all-in-on learning system for toddlers." Designed especially for toddlers, the tote contains 17 coordinated teaching tools (teaching charts, board books, foam puzzles, and flash cards) to help toddlers master four skills: the alphabet, shapes, numbers (1-10), and colors.

The best thing about this system is that it's all-inclusive. It's nice to have all those learning tools in one spot...and in a handy-dandy tote with a handle no less! The concept is really quite brilliant and I haven't seen anything comparable on the market. It's refreshing to see a product that emphasizes parent/child interaction rather than the "set your child in front of this DVD and he'll become a genius in 60 days..." advertisements that are more common in the toy aisle. The foam puzzles are especially fun and are definitely my daughter's favorite component.

Teach Your Toddler the Alphabet in 20 Minutes/Day 2The downside of the product is that the corresponding illustrations in the board books and on the charts are not very good (in my humble opinion). For example, the kangaroo looks more like a dog than its namesake and the newt just looks plain weird. As we play, I find myself saying, "I know that LOOKS like a [NAME OF ANIMAL], but it's really a..." a few too many times.

I also should point out that I think this system is ideal for ages 18 months and up. A friend of mine and her 12-month-old recently visited and he made short work out of chewing up and tearing the foam puzzle pieces so use at your own risk with the wee ones. 

WANT ONE? You can purchase Teach My Toddler online for $39.99.

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5 comments on “Teach Your Toddler the Alphabet in 20 Minutes/Day”

  1. That's a neat looking system. We're in the process of learning lower case as well. Allison picked up the upper case early and well and to no credit of my own. She just pointed at letters everywhere asking what they were and that's how she learned them. If I'd thought about it I would have thrown in lower case then. I did get some flash cards with both upper and lower case but we really haven't done too much with them yet.

  2. I like that it includes lowercase letters; a lot of the teaching tools that I've seen (and that we have) for the alphabet focus primarily on uppercase. While that's great to start with, books are mostly written in lowercase letters, so it's nice when you can teach the two together rather than teaching the alphabet two separate times. Blondie's had her uppercase letters mastered for a long time, but there are still a few lowercase ones we need to work on.

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