Thank You Notes/Gifts for Physicians

Thank You Notes/Gifts for Physicians 1Yes, your doctor, midwife, or nurse is probably bringing in a hefty sum for the delivery of your baby (especially if you happen to have an OB attending your birth). Still, it's a nice gesture to bring along a small gift and simple thank you note for any parties that stand out to you after the delivery (labor nurse, doula, friend, mom, husband, doctor, etc.).

Go with simple gifts like a box of chocolates, a potted plant, a picture frame, a stationary set, or a gift card to a local coffee shop. Attach a small, generic note that says, "Thanks for making my birth experience memorable" or something similar.

You can keep these goodies in your bag until after the baby arrives and hand them out at your discretion. [Feel free to keep them to yourself if your medical team was less than exemplary].

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