Thanks to Lansinoh & mOmma

We've been giving and living on-the-road for over four months now. We're simultaneously excited and exhausted, petrified and peaceful. We're also gearing up to launch a "phase 2" of our year of learning (stay tuned).

In the meantime, I wanted to say a huge thank you to two of our sponsoring brands.

Lansinoh is a brand of products that supports breastfeeding. Listen in as I share a few of my favorites. Also - I follow Lansinoh on Twitter (do you?).

mOmma (pronounced with the long o, like Mozart) is a line of dishes from Switzerland for little ones...especially under age one. Check out this candid little clip I caught on camera a few mornings ago, pre-breakfast. Two. Cutest. Kids. Ever.

Have you ever used Lansinoh and/or mOmma products? What did you think?

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15 comments on “Thanks to Lansinoh & mOmma”

    1. I've watched it about a hundred times too. The best part is that it was totally candid - even the little "byes" at the end. Somehow I ended up with the cutest kids ever. :)

  1. The mOmma products are great! I especially love the little spoon that stays upright. And I like how the plate is nice and deep so food doesn't go flying anywhere. We also have a sippy cup that we've never used my son doesn't drink out of them anymore - so I'm excited that we'll get to use it on the baby :)

  2. I really like Lansinoh products. In fact this week, I stocked up on their nursing pads for my expected new arrival in a few weeks. Lansinoh nursing pads were the only pads that I found to be extremely absorbant and discreet. All other nursing pads that I tried, the outline could be seen through my shirt, felt bulky, and did not hold as much milk as the Lansinoh pads.
    I also used the Lansinoh ointment on sore nipples those first few weeks. I have had summer babies, so I would put my ointment in the fridge and if my nipples were too sore, I would simply apply the cooled cream directly to the nursing pads. What a difference that made!
    If I know an expectant mother who is going to nurse, I will frequently gift the breast pads and cream since they proved to be invaluable to me!

    1. Thanks for sharing that tip about putting the cream in the fridge! Good idea - I'll have to remember that when we eventually have baby #3.

  3. I love the Lansinoh products. I didn't need the cream but the pads were great. My 2 year old liked the videos too!

  4. Lansinoh lanolin is amazing stuff. It saved my nipples a number of times. I never needed the breast pads, I never leaked. But the leftover boxes are packed away waiting for baby number 2 someday.

    Your girls are so sweet. I love how videos.

  5. I did use Lansinoh products when I was nursing and agree that they were excellent products - good quality! I

    I've seen the mOmma products but we've never used them. My kids are getting big enough I won't invest in them for us now, but I have been buying things like this to give at baby showers - so useful and you really don't realize how useful until you try using the other alternatives! I especially like the big easy-to-use handles on the silverware!

    1. Our girls are actually a bit too big for the mOmma product line too. We recently passed on the set to a friend with a just-turned-1-year-old.

  6. Lansinoh is a LIFE SAVER! I used both the ointment and the breast pads for MONTHS after both of my kiddos. In fact, I typically give both when giving a shower gift...regardless of what else I may make/get, I always include these two items. And, truth be told, I am not one of those glamorous nursing moms...I had heaps of milk (is that an overshare?) and pretty much wore Lansinoh breast pads every day for almost a year. No joke!

    And your girls are just precious!

    1. I often buy Lansinoh cream as a baby shower gift too. Sometimes I put together a little "breastfeeding kit" for new moms that includes nursing pads, snacks, and a nursing tank or nightgown.

  7. I just found your blog a few days ago, searching for Skirt Sports skirts, actually, and I've been loving reading all of your posts! Your little girls are just so adorable!!! Y'all have such a cute family!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Kayla! Have you tried the athletic skirts by SkirtSports? I just wore my Gym Girl on a run this morning. :)

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