THAT was easy...{our taxes are done and it's not even March}

filing your taxesSeveral years back, my husband and I went to H&R Block to get our taxes done. We dutifully brought our paperwork and sat in front of a guy in his sixties. He asked us question after question - prompted by the computer screen in front of him. The process was long - mundane - and there were a few questions that we couldn't answer because we had forgotten this receipt or that document.

Then, we (okay, husband...he's really the Tax Guy around here) discovered TurboTax.  And we've been trying to persuade our friends to switch over ever since.

It's Simple. Easy. Affordable. Convenient. Perfect for Busy Parents. 

And TurboTax guarantees that you'll get your biggest possible tax refund. 

TurboTax logoThis is how wonderful it is: You sit down at your computer and answer questions in your timeframe (the process is streamlined and organized). You can even collect the necessary paperwork as you go. 

Oops! The baby is crying or dinner needs to be made or your daughter's basketball game starts in five minutes! No problem! Just save it and come back later. No rush, no hassle. 

As you go, your "totals" will adjust so that you know how much you owe...or how much you will be refunded. And TurboTax even "flags" any potential problems.

Best of all, if you use TurboTax once, filing your taxes in subsequent years is even easier because the program will automatically import your tax info from the previous year. Sweet!

Still worried it will be confusing? You can live chat with a TurboTax rep 24/7 or call the FREE hotline. 

It's easy-peasy. Try it once and you'll be a "convert" forever. Well, at least until you become a billionaire. Then, you might want to hire a pro...

YOUR TURN: Have you filed your taxes yet? "How" (TurboTax, H&R, private accountant, etc.) do you usually file? 

premier turbotaxWIN IT! There will be three winners. Each winner will receive a code to file their Federal and State tax returns...FREE...with TurboTax (good for Premier bundle, valued at $85). To enter, leave a topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, March 9 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winners are #24 Jeremy, #100 Darcie, and #105 Krissy. Congratulations!

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119 comments on “THAT was easy...{our taxes are done and it's not even March}”

  1. I would love to win this giveaway especially since Turbo Tax helps my family out with our taxes so much. Winning a free copy would really come in handy. This is a great giveaway. Thanks.

  2. I love using turbo tax. This would be a life saver, I must get my taxes done soon. They make it easy even though I have to file for my personal buisness along with my regular taxes.

  3. I use TurboTax software every year and it makes filing easy. I usen't used their online version yet though.

  4. TurboTax is a lifesaver. My husband has used it for filing our taxes for many years. Haven't gotten it for this year yet. Thanks for the contest!

  5. I use TurboTax Premier and have not purchased the software yet. I am hoping that I will not have to purchase the software this year. That would be a bonus.

  6. i used to do my own taxes but a friend has been helping me the last few years and she has turbotax. the software knows all of the ins and outs so one doesn't need to read all of the rules. i would feel like i died and went to heaven if i won this and could do my own taxes. thanks in advance if i get lucky and i hope all of your days are blessed.

  7. I've used Turbo Tax for years, but never have efiled. Love that they pull info from past returns off your computer and fills in quite a bit of info. Very helpful for business expenses, etc.

  8. I love turbotax! My mother-in-law owns the program, so every year she lets us use it. It's so simple! It would be great to own our a copy ourselves.

  9. I haven't done my taxes yet either. My brother uses turbo tax and suggests it. I'm considering going to H&R block though. That's where my father goes and he ended up getting a whopping 1,000 more than he expected. That wont happen to me considering I owe but it was pretty exciting for him.

  10. I used tax software one year, and found the "start-up" cost of entering lots of data the first time was high. I guess that if I reused it year after year it would be more useful. But at the time I moved to a no income tax state, so it was not a big savings. I generally do taxes myself, and would gladly use tax software if it was not a significant added cost. But for people who pay accoutnts, I can see the benefit. So I would really like to win and try it again. I live in a high tax state now, and getting ideas to optimize would probably be a big help.

  11. This would be so helpful to me. I do my taxes myself and I have made several mistakes in the past so this would be perfect for me! Thanks for the chance!

  12. Count me in the 'haven't done it yet' group. It's not entirely my fault though; I was waiting on one last form.

    I've used Turbo Tax for years and I keep going back because they make it so painless and efficient. I'm a big fan obviously. The only thing that would make it better is if it were free to file. :)

  13. I would love to win the TurboTax. I have heard how great it is. I would love to understand the taxes better.

  14. Have heard alot about TurboTax and how great it is to file using it so I'd like to find out first hand so maybe I'll win and thanks. skyxsky27(at)

  15. I've used Jackson Hewett for the last few years, but I have a sneaky feeling they use a program very similar to Turbo Tax.....and they charged me $250 to fill in the numbers I provide.

    I can do that myself with Turbo Tax and it costs a lot less!!

  16. No, we haven't done our taxes yet. Last year I think we used Tax Cut software. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. We used to go to H & R also and then someone told me about Turbo Tax and have used it since. I haven't done ours yet this year. I'm not sure if we are getting anything back or if we have to pay. I'm procrastinating since I'm afraid of paying. Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. I haven't done our taxes yet this year. I normally use Turbo Tax, and it's pretty straightforward (although this will be our first year with a child, so who knows!). I always go for the budget version of TurboTax, and I'd love a chance to try the PREMIER version.

  19. We've put off our taxes so far this year, we will probably end up owing in. We usually do our taxes ourselves, but this year there are some things we are not so sure about, would love to have Turbo Tax help.

  20. I still have to do my taxes. I have been thinking of purchasing this software, but winning it would be so much better!

  21. What a timely giveaway! We've always filed online but have tried different companies to get the best price but have always loved Turbotax! This would help us get back to the one we love! :)

  22. The last 2 years, I've used H and R Block online to file. It's pretty simple, but I'd love to try TurboTax instead. That's my project over Spring Break - and I want to get it over with as quickly as possible to enjoy my week off!

  23. We usually use either turbo tax or tax cut. We haven't done them yet however we hope that it will be a better tax return for us this year! You can't escape it, it always comes!

  24. gawd I hate this time of year... for the next five weeks, I'll keep saying, this coming Sunday I'll do it, then it gets put off another week. This scenario plays out every year like a bad movie script.

  25. We have considered trying TurboTax for the last few years but, because of itemizing, investments, and any other 'fear-factor' excuses, have stayed with the same preparer. We would love the opportunity to try this and compare the results - and hopefully scold ourselves for not taking advantage of the TurboTax system sooner! :)

  26. Ever since I have been an adult (and it hasn't been that long), I've been using TurboTax, and I wouldn't do it any other way!

    And nope, I haven't done them yet, nor have I purchased any software. Therefore, it would be great to win this!

    [email protected]

  27. No! I usually use TaxCut. I have to get going...haven't even bought the software yet, so I sure hope I win!

  28. I would love to fire H&R Block next year...We've already done ours this year to the tune of $236! OUCH!

  29. I could really use some good software for taxes. My mom died last spring, and I have to file taxes in three states as well as federal taxes this year. So being able to benefit from some automation would help. If they re-use the data across different states that would be great. But I am wondering if it will help much with my particular situation, with two part year residet state returns, and one non-resident return. This is not the usual situation for most people. But I guess the more complicated things are, the more value you can potentially get from good software.

  30. We went to H&R Block and had them do our taxes last time, and they messed up!! ugh. That really ticked my husband off. It would be great to just do it ourselves. ya know. shadowsangell(at)

  31. i haven't filed yet, i need help! (I usually do it myself but not this year, a little more complicated)

  32. I have filed my taxes already. I did it through Turbo Tax online. I used the Deluxe Edition...very easy and painless. I get better at it every year.

  33. I've always done my taxes by hand. I think this is the year where I finally cave in and try to do them with some software.

  34. We don't usually file until the last minute. My son was born on April 15, 2005, right after we mailed our taxes in. We rely on my father-in-law to fill them out for us. I am hopeless when it comes to doing my own taxes. I wonder if Turbo Tax could help even me!

  35. If I win I can save some money, I used to pay 200 bucks each year to have my taxes done. I hope I get a nice refund :)

  36. We used to do the H&R Block thing, but the last year or two Chris has been doing it himself. It'd be lovely to have a program to follow instead of some inexpensive (but possibly iffy) website, though! I've obviously heard of TurboTax, but never used it before. Oh random number generator gods, be kind and choose number 54!

  37. I haven't filed my taxes yet. We usually e-file, but things are a little more complex this year and I'm not sure if I'm comfortable e-filing.

  38. We just sit around the dining room table each year and manually scrawl out notes and fill in the forms. Not elegant but we haven't been audited yet. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  39. We haven't even started working on our taxes. I have a feeling that we are going to owe a whole lot. It would be nice to not have to pay for the program this year.

  40. I use Turbo Premier each year and I love it. I have yet to purchase this years copy and free would be great. Especially since my hours at work have been cut back and money is tight.

  41. Personally I have use Turbo Taxes online software in the past and loved the format and the control I had over preparing my own taxes

  42. we haven't filed just yet. We love turbotax. It's the most user freindly of all the software available out there. thanks!

  43. My husband does our taxes too though I din't know what software he uses. We got our return almost a month ago. :)

  44. I don't need to win our taxes are almost finished - I use H&R Block's online "Tax Cut" software. It is awesome!

    Now all I have to do is go over all the numbers one more time and make sure I've got everything right...

  45. I have never tried Turbo Tax. My brother tried it this year and he finished his taxes in less time than it takes to go see an accountant!!

  46. Haven't filed yet. I usually use a private accountant. I'd like to try this and save some money. Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. I've completed my taxes but I haven't filed them yet. In the past I've primarily used TurboTax. I've also tried H&R Block's website and had a so-so experience with it.

  48. I love turbo tax and I've used it for several years before my husband and I got married. It made doing my taxes VERY easy and helped me take advantage of all the exemptions I was eligible for

  49. No, I haven't done it yet (augh!) I've only had a pro do it once, because it seemed to sorting out what we needed was the worst part. I usually use Turbo Tax. (At least I don't scream as much as I used to with other software and before software.) Each year, we add more and more complications. I'm not looking forward to it (who does?) but winning the software would take some of the pain out of it.

  50. I do my taxes myself, no preparer, no tax software. I haven't filed yet.

    Great giveaway. Thanks!

  51. We've been discussing getting this so we can get our taxes done. I'd sooo love to win so we can save the money! Turbo Tax rocks!

  52. I have not filed my taxes, I'm afraid to. You see, most of my friends and family have already filed and had to pay money. I lost my job and I am on unemployment. I can't afford to pay the government any money. I don't want to get into any trouble but I need this software in order to get the maximum deductions possible in order to reduce the amount I owe!! I need the help!! Turbo Tax is the help I need for my taxes!!

  53. Already filed our taxes and got our refunds (and spent it LOL). We also use Turbo Tax (home and business) and have been for many years. It's a really good program.

  54. First: don't worry about entering me, my taxes were filed early in February and have already been returned. Yay!

    We started using Turbo Tax the year after we were married. So... this has been our 8th year using it. It *really* turned into a lifesaver when we moved and started renting out our condo instead of selling it. Suddenly, having a rental really seemed to make taxes complicated. But Turbo Tax Premier makes it SUPER easy! I look at the completed forms at the end of the whole filing process, and I'm immensely relieved that I didn't have to try to fill out those forms myself. Turbo Tax really does make the process *so* easy! We eagerly go back to it year after year, despite the cost of the program. It just makes life easier. And hey - can't complain about returns in the thousands of dollars, either!

  55. Wow, what a timely gift. My husband and I were just saying that money is too tight to go with H & R Block this year, so winning this would take the sting out of the fact that we have to figure out how to do taxes!

  56. We've been using Turbo Tax for years, and we love it! What's great is that I can also do my business taxes at the same time, easy-peasy. We filed ours a few weeks ago and already got our refund. I'm getting a new office space soon. Woo hoo!

  57. For the past few years we have used an accountant because Joe owned his own business (I was not going to tackle those taxes). Our accountant was also a friend and I always felt as if we could get a bigger return elsewhere. Once I have everything organzied I am going to try and use turbo tax and see how it goes - if it is horrible I will go back to the accountant - but we will see. I would love to try this out.

  58. ALready filed and refund recieved! (I always do my taxes right when we get all of the info from employers and banks, etc)Wahoo! I have been using Turbo Tax for atleast 10 years! I love it! If I do win, I would pass my code on to a family member who has yet to do thiers =)

  59. I always lay it all out and do it by hand and swear I'll never do it again...each year. I just can't handle spending $ to do my taxes (which should be free). So, if I when this, I'll be sooooo happy!

  60. We just went to our accountant but maybe we should try it on our own next year. I like the sound advise he gives us each year, but I don't like the $200 price tag.

  61. I wish this also did taxes for other countries! We are facing a tax from SE Asia (an effort to kick most NGOs out... not the smartest move).
    I am going to email you my birth story, Steph... Promise. Life's just busy. We should get together sometime. ARe you free to hang out?

  62. I like getting it done at Jackson Hewitt because they give you Refund anticipation loans and if they make a mistake on how much you are getting back they cover it for up to 7k. I like getting my money now! IT does cost more, I guess I wouldn't mind waiting though if I got more and I didn't need it for anything important we already got our federal and state taxes back this year though so unless this extends to next tax time I don't think I could use it. I have been wanting to try it though, looks cool.

  63. last year i filed mine via taxslayer and plan on doing the same thing this year but i am STILL waiting on a 1099....i know it was already supposed to get here, so i'm getting annoyed because i WANT my refund =) and i'm too afraid to file before i get it b/c i don't know the exact amount it will have listed on it....BUMMER!

    autumn398 (at)

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