The Benefits of Babywearing - and how you can get a free sling

The Benefits of Babywearing - and how you can get a free sling 1You're probably already aware of the benefits of babywearing - including the prospect of a happier, smarter, and more peaceful baby.

Aside from all of the scientific data and research, it's just great for a mom to be able to have her hands free. Plus, there are so many terrific slings and carriers out there that are stylish and chic. Take, for example, the MetroWrap by Metro Momma (pictured).

Now, on to the real reason you're reading this post - free slings. There's a contest over at Hold Me Near for your chance to win a hotsling. The deadline is July 25, 2007.

***If you are low income and can't afford a sling, you can apply for one at No Mother Left Behind, an organization that is dedicated to the mantra that "every mother deserves a baby sling, whether she can afford one or not!" On the flip side of that - if you have a baby sling that you no longer use, you can donate yours to a mom in need.

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