The Final Hours: What to Do The Week Before Labor & Delivery

The Final Hours: What to Do The Week Before Labor & Delivery 1I remember the week or two B.B. (Before Baby) quite vividly. The diaper changing station was set up. The crib was assembled and the linens were washed. The baby's clothes were laundered and organized by size. The hospital bag was packed.

And I waited and wondered what else I should be doing to prepare and waited some more. Now, looking back, I realize what I should have been doing...what I had the freedom and luxury to do...before baby made her wonderful appearance and beautifully disrupted my life forever.

Here are a few suggestions for first-time moms who are in "the final hours" (or days or weeks):
1. Read lots of books. Go to Barnes & Noble, shop online, or visit your local library and stock up on books of all sorts - parenting, child care, fitness, cookbooks, NY Times best-sellers, all of the classics you've always wanted to read. Sit down, get comfortable (as comfortable as you can be during your third trimester, that is), and feed your mind.
2. Go to the movies. After baby arrives, it may be quite awhile before you venture into a theater again so see a few movies on the big screen.
3. Catch up on your scrapbooks and photo albums. Pictures will accumulate even faster with the arrival of your baby...
4. Prepare make-ahead meals to freeze. Do it yourself or head to a kitchen designed with this idea in mind. [See previous blog: TrendAlert - Gourmet Food Prepared by You]
5. Savor time alone. Linger at the bookstore. Write on your laptop at a coffee shop. Go out with a friend.

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