There's A New Printer On The Block...and it's very cool

There's A New Printer On The Block...and it's very cool 1Epson just released their newest printer...the Artisan 800 All-in-One ($299.99)...and it is fabulous.

It's a 5-in-1 printer, meaning that you can do all of the following with just one machine:

  • print
  • copy
  • scan
  • fax
  • ultra HD photo
It also prints photos in as fast as 10 seconds (a fantastic feature for a scrapbooker like myself) and you can print CD/DVD labels too. 

Best of all, this is a Wi-Fi wires needed. Just put it anywhere in your house, set it up with your wireless network, and -kaboom! - you can print. 

Want to buy one? Check it out at B&H or a variety of sellers across the U.S. and the 'Net.

Want to win one? 5 Minutes for Mom (Deadline: November 28) and Kirtsy (Deadline: November 30, I think...) are both giving one away right now!

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2 comments on “There's A New Printer On The Block...and it's very cool”

  1. Sign me up! Our printer just went ka-put. I wanted an Epson to begin with, but the price got in the way at the time. I am heading over to enter now. That would be great to win one, but either way we have to do something.

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