The Outdoor Family: A Giveaway Event

The Outdoor Family: A Giveaway Event 1Here in Southern Arizona, we are all holding our breath for the end of summer.

Tim and I (and the girls) are all going crazy from staying inside in the AC so much. In fact, we keep going outside - hoping with all of our might that we'll be greeted by the tiniest hint of autumn in the air.

Case in point: we went hiking this evening at Cienega Creek (one of our favorite spots). It was too-hot and the mosquitos were biting (they always get me!). We still had a good time (we always do when we're together), but...I'm ready for lower temperatures. Nanny Nature has been on vacation far too long - I hear she's been on the East Coast. ;)

Over the next few days, I’ll be debuting a mini-series of giveaways that revolve around enjoying the great outdoors with your family.

All giveaways will be linked to this master post for your convenience and will close on Monday, October 11th at 11:59pm.

Which season do you spend the most time outdoors?

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30 comments on “The Outdoor Family: A Giveaway Event”

  1. I just realized that you ar here too..I just moved to Tempe from WNC (asheville) and am trying to learn my way..I was hit by a car on my bike 2 years ago and had to have a weather change!..trying to get use to the heat and am learning some trails and riding a bike again..slowly!..will continue to read and learn from you! Thanks
    [email protected]

  2. I love fall because of the cooler temperatures and the bright colored leaves. Unfortunately, our fall was short and the temperature has quickly dropped to chilly and not great for hiking. We kind of missed our window and finished the season with one more outing on the boat.

    Cute new carrier.

  3. Today is the day for cooler weather, right? Cooler weather up here for us in Phoenix... How about you guys down there?? We even got a bit of rain today and are supposed to get some tonight and tomorrow...Crossing fingers! =)

    1. It was WONDERFUL here today. "Hello, Autumn! I hope you're here to stay!"

      * I even went on a 2-mile run this morning to celebrate. :)

  4. We are pretty fortunate to have great weather all year round. With the exception of cold/rainy days in the late winter, we go outside as much as possible! I love that you take your kiddos out in nature and on adventures!

    1. Thank you, Tiffany! Tim took the picture and it makes my heart happy to look at it. Arizona's mountains are spectacular!

  5. Maybe on your Give Every Day tour you could stop by MN in the fall. It's gorgeous here in the fall with all the colors. And our kids could go crunch-crunching through the leaves in the backyard and we could build big piles and jump into them. It's quite chilly here in the morning (40s) but is still warming up to the lower 70s during the day with bright, glorious sunshine. It's perfect!

    PS...AZ has mosquitoes? I had no idea! I always thought that was Minnesota's claim to fame. Or claim to annoyance, as the case may be.

    1. I hope we do travel through MN, Jenny! I'd LOVE to meet you.

      And, yes...Arizona does have mosquitoes (unfortunately). I wouldn't mind at all if they went extinct in our great state.

  6. I'm SO excited for cooler weather! Which baby carrier are you wearing here? I'm wondering if I should try to make a mai tai or just save up for an Ergo...whatcha think?

  7. Spring and Autumn are my favorites. We spend the most time outdoors during those times, and I love it. There's just nothing like fresh air for the soul. It's usually still pretty warm in October, but we've been having some gorgeous cool weather lately. It's been wonderful.

  8. Now that I live in AZ, I definitely spend the majority of the winter months (October-April) outside. I totally miss the fall season of the Midwest/Northeast though...that is by far my all time favorite time of year and smell to the air! :)

  9. We had our first frost last night. Winter will soon be here :( Maybe when my son is old enough to ski it will be more fun. Anyone know if a certain carrier would be good over bulky winter wear for cross country? I usually wrap, but I'm worried it will slip put on over a jacket.

  10. I've noticed we spend more time outdoors in the spring and fall. Here in Northern Colorado we're so giddy for the snow to melt and signs of life in the spring. By mid-summer it's a little to warm for comfort, and we start to gake the outdoors for granted. But by late August we realize our time to enjoy being outside is short, so we get back out and soak it up as much as we can before cold weather is on us again.

  11. we usually spend lots of time outside in the summer, but it was eleventy zillion degrees here all summer, so we are getting outside this fall. camping in the fall, with the crisp air and changing leaves, is one of my favorite things!!

  12. Mostly we're outside spring & fall. Winter can get waaaay too cold and summer is humid & lots of mosquitos this summer! I think it reached freezing temps last night so I'm hoping the mosquitos are gone now!

  13. It's October, for me! We are in hog heaven right now, because the temps finally came down last week from being in the 90s. Today's high is 65!!! Yay fall!!!

  14. Mostly in the summer her in Utah, We have such crazy weather at times, that we can't count on good weather in Spring and Fall (you might be hot, you might get snow), but we take advantage of the nice days that we get in Fall and Spring when we can!

  15. We spend the most time outside in Fall, and I am so excited that the temperatures are high of 81, low of 53 here in our area now (FINALLY!). Summer definitely gets unbearable here, so this is a welcome change. Maybe this year we'll start taking some weekend day trips to some state parks and walk the trails with our 3 year old.

  16. I think all seasons are fairly equal here except maybe winter with a baby... it just gets too cold! And this summer we really didn't get much of a hot spell, but other summers there is a period of a couple weeks where we don't go outside much! :)

  17. We are outside most of spring and fall--and usually summer, but this one was rough. This summer was ridiculously hot and humid, and we are now enjoying a truly beautiful autumn! We love being out in winter and the snow too, but it just requires more bundling and also being careful when the dangerously low temps hit, so we definitely spend less time outside in winter than the other months.

  18. I was going to ask about the carrier too, we're in the market for a new one. Since its only livable in Phoenix from October (sort of!) to April, we're about to embark on camping/hiking/being outdoors as much as possible season, and I need a better way to tote the 5 month old around!

  19. I spy a new carrier! :) Is that the performance Ergo?

    We love Spring and Summer here because we can be outside all day everyday! Winter is COLD here and sometimes even Fall can get cold. :(

    I think we need to trade some weather with each other! ;)

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