The Outdoor Family: Bass Pro Shops

The Outdoor Family: Bass Pro Shops 1I'll let you in on a little secret about Tim. Back in the day, he used to be in 4-H. He had a special horse named Charlie. He told me all about it on our second or third date.

I'll also let you in on a little secret about me. In high school, I almost always listened to the country music radio station in my car - often with the windows down, my fingers tapping the steering wheel. When I was 17, Tim bought a bottle of Strawberry Wine and we had a picnic (all because of that song).

I guess you could say we both have a tiny bit of country in us - even to this day.

Bass Pro Shops is an outdoor retailer that appeals to people who love and work the earth - ranchers, farmers, hunters, hikers, and fishers.

Here are a few fun country-inspired pieces that would make great gifts for your spouse, your kids, or yourself:

The Outdoor Family: Bass Pro Shops 2He doesn't have to be a bonafide cowboy to appreciate these all-leather RedHead Rancher Waterproof Work Boots (see left - $99.99). Waterproof, weatherproof, and winsome...these boots can carry any guy from the barn to the business office. Tim says they're mighty comfortable and I say they're mighty good-lookin'.

The Outdoor Family: Bass Pro Shops 3

Our little sharpshooter is a serious threat because she's so cute she could cause a heart attack. Here she is wearing the Embellished Straw Cowboy Hat for Girls (see right - $12.95).

The Outdoor Family: Bass Pro Shops 4How about this Matte Cuff Bracelet (see left - $4.94) to add a little southwestern flair to a western woman's wardrobe? Fashioned with glass beads, it's a pretty piece that is bound to be noticed.

BPS has plenty of other gifts and products to peruse - at great price points. If there's a store near you, you should stop in and check it out for yourself (bring the kids - the displays are fun).

Do you listen to country music? If so, what are a few of your favorite songs - past and present?

The Outdoor Family: Bass Pro Shops 5WIN IT! One winner will receive a $50 Bass Pro Shops gift card. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, October 11th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Bass Pro Shops sent me samples for review purposes and is also providing 1 gift card for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #116 Rena. Congratulations!

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  1. Can't believe it but we spent 8 hours at Bass Pro yesterday!!! During the summer they have kid's club events in the afternoons and on Tuesday evenings archery, shooting and rock climbing are free! Great seafood in the restaurant and the girls loved/hated seeing the fish feeding - poor baby tilapias: )

  2. My family enjoys the trips to Bass Pro Shop!! We live in the counry, have horses,hunt, fish, and love to be outdoors. Would love a giftcard to take shopping!!

  3. I was raised on country music by my mother i am in my 40s now. I remember a song way back than called Barbara Fairchild - The Teddy Bear Song, And i would have to say still today it is my favorite
    waitressdani (at) hotmail (dot) com

  4. I HATED country music when I was younger (in high school you couldn't pay me to listen to it). But I have come to like some country music and I actually LOVE the old school country music - especially Patsy Cline! I taught my 2-year old nephew to sing my favorite "Walking After Midnight".

  5. I used to be a major country music fan. I knew every single Alabama song by heart. Really, any country from that time is awesome. I find it hard to get into the country music these days. I do enjoy Tim McGraw though.

  6. I don't really..I do listen to Taylor Swift though! Her songs are catchy and it's hard not get them stuck in my head.

  7. I only listen to country when I have to :) But, really there are SOME good country songs and artists. I love Garth Brooks' old stuff, and Lady Antebellum, and Taylor Swift, if she is even considered country.

  8. I had no clue that Bass Pro Shop carried Men's boots - this boots look great to me: RedHead® Wedge 12'' Wellington Boots for Men
    Chris Ann

  9. Thanks for the giveaway...tend to gravitate towards the classic country artists rather that today's:

    Johnny Cash- Ring of Fire, Orange Blossom Special, etc.

    Patsy Cline- Walkin' After Midnight, Church, a Courtroom, & Then Goodbye. etc.

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  10. Not a real country music fan - but I do like Taylor Swift. This gift card would be great for my step-dad. Thanks!

  11. We all listen to some country. I like more of the current country that's got a crossover appeal, like Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now" (LOVE them) and Carrie Underwood. But my husband's pure old-fashioned country....George Jones and George Strait country!! Thanks.

  12. I was never into country I am more of a classic rock fan..def leppard, creedence, the eagles :)
    My mom was a huge country fan she would always listen to the song by Lynn Anderson - I never promised you a rose garden..she also loved johnny cash and charlie rich :)

  13. I am an outdoorsman and familiar Bass Pro. They carry some great gear and quality merchandise!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  14. I love country music! My favorite older songs are Dan Seals "One Friend" that we played at our wedding and anything Keith Whitley. For newer songs I love Miranda Lambert's "The House That Built Me"!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  15. I love country and listen to it mainly I love kenny chesney, tim mcgraw, and martina mcbride, along with classic artists like george jones and conway twitty thanks for the chance to win [email protected]

  16. i listen to country music, well texas country! i love love love texas country and if you havnt heard it you need to! we have jason boland, stony larue, ryan bingham, robert earl keen, and whiskey meyers just to name a few. its all i listen to and its amazing! wow you can totally tell im from texas hahaha.

  17. I really don't listen to Country Music very much but my husband is a big fan. I'l always have a soft spot for Randy Travis and Alan Jackson, though.
    beckytag618 at gmail dot com

  18. My dad, since retiring, has rediscovered the country in him. Just this weekend, he proudly showed me a picture on his phone that he'd taken of his 3-arrow bullseye. He then pulled out his brand new compound bow and arrows and went on about his trips to the archery range on base where we live. He really is like a little kid with a new toy. I love it. I'm so thrilled to see that he's finding things he wants to do and keeping himself amused while he waits for my mom to retire. (He also volunteers at my daughters' school library and is driving handicapped people to and from appointments! Go Dad!)

  19. I don't listen to country- that and opera are the genre's I fail to appreciate properly but there was that one song in the movie Coyote Ugly that I don't exactly hate. Some have said LeAnn (sp) is more crossover though- but that's about as country as it gets here.

  20. I listen to country very rarely... I did see a new guy named David Nail on tv that I REALLY liked! He had several great songs!

  21. I live in the country. Although in the city now, I still have a little bit of country in me too!
    Lovefool827 (at) yahoo (dotcom)

  22. I've never shopped at the bass pro shop before. Looks like they got alot of stuff we would be interested in. :)
    chevybelair1 at juno dot com

  23. I don't like country music and always teased my dad about his favorite singer Marty Robbins. I now listen to that music I made fun of because it reminds me of him. I started listening to all his old tapes and now I even have some of the songs on my Zune. Sometimes, I'll listen to it on shuffle and hear Megadeth and then Marty Robbins LOL

  24. Yay Bass Pro!! I feel lucky to have been raised to love fishing! Back when I was a little girl, I have the fondest memories of learning to fish with my Dad. Now that I'm older, and have a young son of my own, I'm looking forward to sharing my love of nature and fishing with him. :)

    As for country music, I like old school country-- Randy Travis, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, etc.

  25. My kids love Taylor Swift! That is there favorite country singer. My hubby and my son love to fish also! We live right on lake Saint Clair in Michigan so fish is something the do quite often. They would be so excited if we won this gift card. Thanks for the great site and great giveaway!

    msjem2001 at yahoo dot com

  26. I do order seasonally from various sporting goods catalogs and web-sites. Bass Pro Shops has a great line of cast nets and fishing gear I would like to purchase. The gift card could purchase a great bait cast net. Thank you.

  27. I am surrounded by country music fans, but am generally totally clueless myself about the various stars and trends in the genre.

  28. We do listen to country music, but we're more fans of classic country - Johnny Cash's "Walk the Line," Dolly Parton's "Jolene," and anything by Tammy Winette, for example - moreso than modern singers and groups. We have started to get into Sugarland and Lady Antebellum, however; they both have a great sound that fuses country and rock, which we love.

  29. We have a Bass Pro Shop about 30 minutes from our house. They have a great variety of items and their store is really cool to visit...=D

  30. You're right about the displays at BPS...and I love it when they have interactive set-ups for the children like a shooting range. As for country music...I don't listen to it; however, I do like one song I heard about a year ago called, "You're Gonna Miss This" by Trace Adkins. I used to have it playing on my blog before I cut out the music. That song just sums up my feelings about each stage of my children's lives.

  31. I'm so excited that you have some guy-friendly giveaways going on! My FIL practically lives & breathes Bass Pro, I'm not sure he knows that other companies make clothes for me lol Thank you for the opportunity :)

  32. I'm curious . . . Does Bass Pro Shops sell a lure to reel in Tim McGraw?? If they do . . . . I 'M BUYING IT!! :o)

  33. When I first moved to the Dallas suburbs, they were building a Bass Pro Shop by my house. My friends back home decided to come visit on opening weekend of the Bass Pro Shop, just for that reason. And we spent all weekend there! That was the country come to town if I ever did see it. But I do love Country Music.

  34. I love bluegrass and country. I just downloaded the classic, "Don't Call Me Angel". I also love stuff by Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift, and Sugarland to name a few. For bluegrass, Ralph Stanley is one of my favorites.

  35. I was never in 4-h but, my sister was. Strawberry wine, that brings back a few memories, lol. That was the first drink I had ever had and I think I drank nearly the entire bottle. Ahhhh the regretful moments of our youth, lol.

  36. First of all, how adorable is Tim in that picture?!?! And of course little miss is always adorable! =)
    I do listen to country music! Love so many songs and artists. Loving Sugarland's "Stuck Like Glue" song right now! =)

  37. My husband gets the Bass Pro shops catalog & as soon as he gets it I can't get his attention for the rest of the day.

  38. I never used to listen to country music untill I met my girlfriend. She introduced me to the music of the country as I so call it. She took me horseback riding, and I really enjoyed it. I had never been to the countryside, and she took me with her to visit her mom, and I must say, the songs, describe the country so well. I use to listen to mostly metal but I really enjoy listening, to country to unwind.

  39. I grew up in Kentucky, so country music, was the only thing I ever listened to. Lorrie Morgan, Shaina Twain, Rascall Flatts, and Mary Chapin Carpenter. Most country music makes me feel good, and brings back memories of me with my dad when I was kid.

    1. Lorrie Morgan was one of my favorites in the 90's. I loved singing along w/ "What Part of No," "Except for Monday," "Five Minutes," and "Good As I Was to You."

  40. Well, I love pretty much anything from Martina McBride or George Strait. I like a lot of Alan Jackson too. My hubby is into more of this crossover of rock/country, but I don't like the lyrics too much. I am a lyrics person. :) If it isn't a nice, sentimental, or amazing song...I turn the station!

  41. This would be a great Christmas gift for my husband. I love country music - especially Sugarland and Martina McBride.

  42. I haven't listened to country music since my parent made me endure it on our trips cross county 20+ years ago....Bass Pro shops is my dad's favorite store though!

  43. I'm not an outdoor person at all! But, my husband and sons love to fish and Bass Pro Shop is one of their favorite places to go to shop and look at all the fishing gear.

  44. We LOVE bass pro shop, we went to one in Memphis in February my husband was in love, the huge fish tank they had with all the fish was pretty awesome, would love to win this for my husband I am sure his tackle box is needing some new tackle.

  45. Just heard Willy Nelson and Wynton Marsalis' project and its brilliant! Country is really becoming more exciting and experimental..

  46. When we go camping and hiking we are always having to stop and pick up something that is needed. And my husbands favorite store for that is Bass Pro Shops. So I know that he would love this.


  47. No , I don't listen to country music much....this is a great giveaway....I would give this to my son Andrew-he loves to fish and hunt thanks for the giveaway

  48. I drive alot with my work and XM radio keeps my country music tuned in, a long time listerner. Bass Pro is the greatest store for everything we need for outdoors.

  49. I am not a big country music fan, but I love Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton, and Strawberry Wine is a great song!

  50. I was never a huge fan of country music until i spent afew years living in Tennessee....most of the people i met all listened to country music. i really liked the dixie chicks......not sure of the names of their songs though :)


  51. We had lots of horses growing up and miniature horses after I married. Bass Pro is a regular stop for us when we travel into town. I'm sure I could find something to spend the GC on :)

  52. Country Music is my favorite genre of music! I love Toby Keith, Alan Jackson, Martina McBride and so many others!

  53. I got into country music in High school and listend for a long time. I still listen now, but not my only options. I love Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, and Faith Hill, plus more.

  54. I love to fish and sometimes I don't even mind if I don't catch anything. But now that the kids are getting to that age where they can join me, I probably need to update and/or upsize my tackle box and accessories - at least to make room for the camera! :)

  55. I love country music. It all begins and ends with anything by Kenny Chesney...that boy can sing (and he is not too rough on the eyes). Thanks for the chance

  56. I don't listen to country music in the car, and actually only listen to the news station since that is the easiest time for me to find out what is going on in the world (yes, I'm a geek!)

  57. Bass Pro Shop is a favorite of the guys in my family. I would love to win this gc to use toward a Christmas gift for one of them.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  58. In college I started to listen to country music. A guy I knew loved to two-step at the local cowboy bar and I was hooked. I became a fan of country AND dancing! Man, was he good at it. Me? Not so much but it was a blast! I was totally into Garth Brooks at the time and even bought two of his CDs. I don't listen to it as much anymore but I will admit that I'm a Tim McGraw fan (in more than one!).

  59. This may get me disqualified . . . but I really don't like country music! :0)

    I do like Bass Pro Shop though - their "aquarium" is so cool and one day, Lord willing, when He grants us children, we'll take them there to see the fish!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  60. They have an awesome remote control duck game that I want to get the kids (including the big one called DAD). It's a great store and we just love to go browse.

  61. You would think with a name like Bass Pro that it would only be fishing gear, but they stock a large variety of items!

    1. not sure if my previous comment posted- sorry too tired to retype tonight- mostly just listed some faves. Love your country hearts...

  62. I'd buy something camping-related if I won. When I moved to the US a couple of years ago it was hard for me to wrap my mind around an outdoor store focusing on hunting and fishing, but now it doesn't bother me anymore :)

  63. Hi Stephanie. I'm a true blue country girl. I was born in a small town in Louisiana, and now live in Texas. I know how to shoot a gun, change a tire, ride a fourwheeler, out fish my husband and my brother, go hunting with my husband, landscape my house, work at a building materials store..... not just listen to country music. You pretty much can't get countrier than that !! I could use the gift card for an update for my clothes, or give it to my husband as a present. Please consider me for the card, thank you in advance.

  64. My parents were both 4-Hers growing up on farms and ranches. One of my favorite activities was riding horses at my grandparents' places. The rodeo was an annual event for us, and we loved it! Thus, we grew up with country music. Though 80's rock took its place as number one for me for lots of years (and still probably does), I am and always was a country fan through and through.

    Favorites - tough to choose as I like most of it, but I love Alabama, George Strait, and Reba. I was a huge Garth Brooks fan as well. As for favorite songs - "If You're Gonna Play in Texas," by Alabama and "Lonesome Dove" by Garth Brooks. But honestly, there are too many to list.

  65. I like country music--Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Sugarland, Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts are some of my favorites. My husband is a hunter and outdoorsman, so I would get him something nice from Bass Pro. Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. I have lived in the country all my life and love it! I listen to country music occasionally. I can't say that it's my favorite, but growing up around it, I can stand to listen to it. My husband loves to fish and he is teaching our 8 year old to fish as well, so a Bass Pro Shop gift card would come in real handy for those two. I must say, your little sharpshooter is adorable!

  67. the last thing my husband bought from bass pro was a machetti, because every family household with children should have a machetti right?

  68. Another former 4-Her here, but I was involved with cows mostly. I can't wait till my sons get involved and show cows too. Anyway, my favortie country song is Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts. I was our wedding song.

  69. I have never been to Bass Pro Shops but after reading this post, I may need to take a trip. It sounds like a great place to go for a little shopping and fun!

  70. My husband loves to fish, and loves to go to Bass Pro Shops just to look at all the "stuff". Okay, he also buys a few must-haves.

  71. I like to fish so a trip to Bass Pro Shops is not torture for me like it is for some women. Besides, I like the outdoorsy decor they have!

  72. I listen to some country, not all. Sugarland, Shania Twain, Reba and a few others. It's not always on at the house, but it's definitely on my iPod.

  73. I like country, but I don't like it when the country singers go to far over into pop. Taylor Swift is a great example of this, her first album was country, but her second was basically pop marketed as country.

  74. There is a Bass Pro Shop within a mile from my home. This store has everything. Any sport related item, plus food and clothing. Bass has it all!

  75. I LOVE country music. I am really digging anything by the Zac Brown Band lately, especially the two songs "Highway 20 Ride" and "Whatever It Is"

    bakergurl02 @ yahoo dot com

  76. We do listen to country music. My favorite is probably "Waiting on a Woman" by Brad Paisley. I like a lot of his songs.

  77. We love Bass Pro, here are our reasons. Out here we have a great restaurant, 2nd... I have even got baby gifts from bass pro they have everything! And coming from a fly fishing family, we really find everything we need here!!

  78. We love Bass Pro Shop and this would make a wonderful birthday gift to me as my birthday is Oct 11 :0)

  79. I have really liked the Bass pro shops and I would really like to win this gift card. Would you please enter me!
    Thanks alot!


  80. My husband love Bass Pro, he was totally bummed when the store closest to us was wiped out by the Nashville,TN flood!!! Thankfully they are in the process of cleaning it up for re-opening.

  81. I love Bass Pro Shops. I remember visiting the one in MO when I was a kid. Then they finally opened one in Vegas and now, there is one here in CA. Woo Hoo! I can browse for hours. And I usually end up spending too much money. But, they have everything we need for our camping trips!

    Gigglesandlollipops at gmail dot com

  82. Bass pro shop is SUCH a fun place to take the kids!! Capri loves it there! I am in some need of some cowboy boots because my brother who lives in Southern California (but belongs in the country) is getting married, and they are theming their malibu wedding with a country theme, and the whole bridal party is wearing boots!

  83. I like the fact that they do have Lures and such for fishing. We have a reservoir not to far from our home. Yet, the better fish actually come from a river a few hours away.
    lfhpueblo at msn dot com

    1. I'm sorry in my comment above I forgot (having a brain glitch day again, due to migraines and lack of sleep) to say that I do listen to Country and Western Music. I love Dolly Parton's Butterflies, Larry Gatlin's All The Gold, and so many others I'd fill up this page if I listed them all.
      lfhpueblo at msn dot com


  85. We don't listen to country music but we do love Bass Pro Shops. It's so much fun to shop there and my granddaughter loves seeing all of the stuffed animals and the fishing pond.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  86. We love Bass Pro at our hose. We go there at least once a month if not more!

    I like country, my husband can listen to it but he won't turn it on himself. A few years ago we had a chance to sit in the 18th row at a Keith Urban concert. It was a great concert and Keith and his band members are all amazing musicians!

  87. Bass Pro is a fun place for kids to go too. They have an indoor rock climbing wall and Christmas crafts/coloring/Santa at the holidays. My father in law is one of their best customers. I'd love to win this card for his Christmas gift. He loves to fish!

    myyearinhaiku at gmail dot com

  88. We are big fans of Bass Pro. We live on a farm and have avid deer hunters in our house so they get a lot of business from us. The clothing, shoes and household items they have are must haves in our house.

  89. Bass Pro Shop is my husband's second home. He can stay in there for hours.
    Shaunda.Eppes at gmail dot com

    1. I secretly like Taylor Swift too. I sing along really loud in my car whenever "Should've Said No," "Our Song," or "Teardrops on My Guitar" come on. ;)

  90. I do listen to country music. My all time favorite songs would be between three of them. Song #1 Check yes or no and Song #2 Jesus take the wheel and Song #3 would be There are three wooden crosses (Randy Travis)
    I would get my husband the RedHead® 10'' Bone-Dry Expedition Insulated Hunting Boots for Men. We love Bass Pro Shops. Sometimes we find really great deals for the kids some shirts. They love their shirts and they usually last awhile and not fall apart on us after a few washes. Bass Pro Shop Rocks!!

  91. I would get my husband the RedHead® 10'' Bone-Dry Expedition Insulated Hunting Boots for Men. We love Bass Pro Shops. Sometimes we find really great deals for the kids some shirts. They love their shirts and they usually last awhile and not fall apart on us after a few washes. Bass Pro Shop Rocks!!

  92. I did listen to country music a lot growing up, and all through high school. I don't really any more...but still kind of consider myself a country girl at heart.

  93. I went through a huge country music phase around my college years. Garth Brooks was always my favorite, and the Dance remains a tear jerker for me to this day. :) Country songs to me are just so full of heartfelt emotion... :)

  94. I love to listen to Sugarland....I would love to go to a concert of theirs. I also like Brad Paisley's music!

  95. I like country music for dancing! I love two step and country swing. Unfortunately my husband got his fill of country music when he was a child and now would rather have dental work than listen to it, lol.

  96. Woo hoo for Reba music! :)
    I'm with you on this one... I love country music and just can't help it!

  97. I was raised on country by my dad. In fact, my brother and I were talking recently about the songs that opened our eyes (ears?) to the fact that there were other types of music. How funny.

  98. All country here. I love the old Gene Watson stuff, my dad was a HUGE Don Williams fan. For new artists I am big into Jamie Johnson and just love Brad Paisley. :)

  99. I started listening to Country when I lived in El Paso, TX and regularly did the drive from there to Tucson. It really grew on me? Now it is my 2nd radio station, behind NPR.

  100. We don't listed to country, though my father always used to.
    I like Bass Pro Shops for fishing and boating accessories. I hadn't really noticed the Western items before reading this.

  101. Bass Pro Shops are a regular visit around our house, lol. I love THE CHAIR as an oldie Country song. The new Kenny Chesney BOYS OF FALL is my latest fav. Country ROCKS!

  102. I've loved country music since high school, and have always been a bit of a cowgirl, and outdoor lover. But, I hadn't ever been to a Bass Pro Shop! Then an old friend of mine came to town and we were out 'gally vanting' around and he ended up talking me into going to Bass Pro! We spent several hours just wandering around looking at stuff (fish, clothes, camping gear, boats (him), and FUDGE (ME)!! I'm officially a convert!

  103. I have gone through country music phases. I'm not currently in one, but that's mainly because I never listen to the radio and if I do it is NPR.

  104. Love country music! Some recent new ones that I like are Steel Magnolia - Just By Being You and If I Die Young by The Band Perry. There are so many that I love though. Saw that you like Alison Krause, love her and enjoy other bluegrass from time to time!

  105. I love Bass Pro Shops ...I could tinker in there for hours! I'd love to get some nice flannel shirts for winter. Or maybe some boots for my son. Thanks for the entry!

  106. I'm not much of a country girl, but i do enjoy the Dixie Chicks!
    Never shopped at Bass Pro- would love the chance!

  107. Even if we're not buying anything, I love strolling around their stores. They have so much more than just sports-oriented products.

  108. I couldn't ever be anything but country.Living in Tennessee in these beautiful mountains and growing up here all my life its in my blood. Grew up with hearing Dolly Parton ,Johhny Cash & Hank Williams. Then of course we live right near DollyWood so you hear of Dolly all the time. We finally got a big wonderful Bass Pro Shop over in Sevierville Tenn where we love to go, espeacailly my son in law & my little grandson, true fly fishermen to say the least. wonderful post & pictures you did on this Bass Pro Giveaway, thanks
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

  109. I love the way country music tells a story. It's so much more "complete" than the rock & roll stuff. It warms my heart. I pretty much like all country. It's just a good listen.

  110. Garth Brooks is apparently in town, filming a Lifetime movie... and I have been thinking of country a lot lately!!! And I remember all the times we talked about country music in high school. Fun times. I miss good country music. I turn the radio on now and it's all stuff I don't know. Perhaps I should download a few oldies from itunes...

    1. I'm the exact same way! I rarely listen to the radio anymore so most of the songs that I know are from the 90's! ;)

  111. I love classic country music. Songs like "Kiss an Angel good Morning", "Ring of fire", "El Paso" and "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" are among my favorites.

  112. I have a secret love for country music too. I used to love it in high school but most people that know me now wouldn't guess that I still love it! And I have always loved to ride horses :)

  113. My husband and I love Country Music. Wish I could same the same for our kids. They're starting to like some of the more modern, crazy music. Seems like I sounding more like my Mom with them, "turn that music down." lol
    My family & I love to camp. Bass Pro offers great fishing gear which would be great for when we camp & fish.
    Thanks so much.

  114. My husband loves Bass Pro for their cooking selection...he loves smoking meat and they have a great selection of items.

  115. I never cared for country music, but my husband likes it. Over time, I'm learning to like it more and more, but I still won't turn on a country music station on my car radio

  116. I am more of a rock and roll girl but I did have Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson albums when I was younger. I appreciate good music of all sorts. And now I do like The Dixie Chicks and Lady Antebellum.

    1. Ah, the Dixie Chicks! I like quite a few of their songs, including "Heartbreak Town," "Cold Day in July," "Without You," and "Tonight, the Heartache's on Me."

  117. I was "converted" to country music in high school and have never looked back. Even when I got a whole lot of crap about it where I worked - I got to pick my own radio station for my part of the lab and I alternated between country and Christian. Got crap either way! ;)
    So, for that one year I knew ALLL the songs and anytime I hear one of them it takes me back... especially Whiskey Lullaby (where I almost won a trip to New York to see Brad Paisley in concert if only I had actually printed out the lyrics to the song the night before like I had thought!) and Tim McGraw's Real Good Man. It's was actually quite apropos for the boyfriend I had at the time, slimey that he was.
    Country goes along with memories, that's for sure!
    Favorites though...
    She's a Butterfly by Martina McBride (and pretty much that whole album)
    Lots of Faith Hill... etc! :)

    1. Whiskey Lullaby is a beautiful (and heartbreaking) song. Alison Krauss' voice is positively angelic. Have you heard her sing "When You Say Nothing At All"? We played that one at our wedding.

      I also like Martina. "Wrong Again," "Valentine," and "Concrete Angel" are among my favorites.

  118. I used to strongly, strongly dislike country music (hate is such a strong word, but . . .) Then I went to college in Oklahoma, and it was either strongly, strongly dislike every roommate's favorite music or figure out if there was a country chick buried somewhere inside me. I found her, and she occasionally resurfaces, though not as often since moving from Oklahoma.

  119. When I was a teenager, I listened to country music all the time! Now, I get depressed listening, but my hubby still does. This gift would go to him as he is a big time outdoor guy and would find something at Bass Pro Shops!

  120. Did you know Bass PRo had a summer camp thing where they would do crafts for the kids and they had things they could do like cast a line from one of their boats and if you got it in a hoop you got a prize(everybody got a prize though) and my 2 &4 year old at the time got to shoot bows and pellet guns. They also got to earn little pin badges for learning about the different things. It was really fun, then at the end of the day they made s'mores in a fire pit in front of the store. I love it and so do the kids because of the huge fish tank they have there, they are always asking if we can go to that store with the fish.

  121. growing up in Arizona, AND being friends with the FFA kids in high school, I sorta "got into" country music. It's def not my typical "go-to" music - except I LOVE Lady Antebellum and Carrie Underwood :-)

    I'm actually not very country at all...especially for an Arizona girl. No cowboy cowboy Wranglers in my closet!

    We've been to BassPro - great camping gear selection!

  122. growing up in Arizona, AND being friends with the FFA kids in high school, I sorta "got into" country music. It's def not my typical "go-to" music - except I LOVE Lady Antebellum and Carrie Underwood :-)

    I'm actually not very country at all...especially for an Arizona girl. No cowboy cowboy Wranglers in my closet!

    1. I am so out-of-touch with the "new" country music scene. I actually had to google "Lady Antebellum." (Really). ;)

      I don't have a cowboy hat, but I do have 2 pairs of cowboy boots that I adore.

  123. With our local waters now open for fishing after the oil spill in the Gulf, I would love to present this gift card to my hubby so he can put it toward some new fishing equipment. His eyes light up like Christmas when he walks into a Bass Pro Shop!!!

  124. Well, I didn't know if there would be anything I needed at Bass Pro Shops, not being an outdoorsy person. After looking at their site, I found that there are some things I could use! They have nice ladies' clothes and jewelry that looks fun!

  125. I have always loved Strawberry Wine! I grew up with country music and still love it. Some of my favorite songs are Bobby by Reba, Fight Like a Girl, and Two Dozen Roses. I've finally even talked hubby into listening to country, and my 6 year old loves it too!

  126. I've found Bass Pro shops to have some of the best deals on camping gear. It's always such a fun store to wander through too.

  127. I used to listen to country music more years ago, but I still like a good country love song every now and again. I have gravitated to southern gospel which still has that southern sound, but a much more uplifiting message than some country songs! :) We have a Bass Pro Shop near us now, and it is a lot of fun to visit with the kids. My hubby would be in fisherman heaven if I won this one!

  128. I grew up in rural Michigan and even though I live in Minneapolis now, I still drive a pickup and listen to country music. Right now, I have Sugarland's first CD in my CD player and it gets a lot of play. I also love Darius Rucker right now. Growing up, it was Garth Brooks all the way!! The Change,Which One of Them, and We Shall be Free were always my favorites (although can I get a shoutout for Standing Outside the Fire, too?).

    1. I'm glad you mentioned "Standing Outside the Fire" (that's a good one!). I also really like "The Dance," "The River," and "What She's Doing Now" by Garth.

  129. I have never really been into country music, I do know a couple popular songs though ( :

    My brother in law is a big hiking, hunting and fishing (friends call him "sea bass") kind of guy. For Christmas Bass Pro Shops is the first place I look to for his gift.

    They have great sales too!

  130. I am a huge country music fan. My all time favorite Country singer is George Strait, I have been a fan since I was about 12. I always loved the song Father's Love (one of George's older songs). Right now I don't get to listen to the radio very often, but I love the song Chicken is from a couple years ago, but I think it it funny.

  131. Here I thought Bass pro shops only had fishing supplies! That hat could not be more cute on your daughter and I know my daughter would love it too!! Now I guess I have a new shop to check out for outdoor gear don't I? Thanks!

  132. The Strawberry Wine picnic is so funny & adorable. Ha!
    I do love country music. Scott & I both listen to it a lot.
    My favorite song is probably Brooks & Dunn, "Meet in the Middle".
    I've never been to Bass Pro. But, Scott went for his first time about a month or so ago when he was in Manteca with his boss. He came home raving about it & now says we need to take a family outing to the store. A day trip to a store seems funny to me. But, he said the store is that cool.

  133. Love that you both are a little bit country! I love country music...and it is often on in the car. I even got my Austrian husband to enjoy it! One of my favorites from the 'old' days (the 90's :-) is Tim McGraw's "Don't take the girl". That song used to make me teary eyed! George Straight is always a class act, and of course...Johnny Cash is the best...and I love me some Willy far as the new guys go...there are quite a few good ones. I just don't like cheesy country...and there is quite a bit of cheesy country.

    1. "Baby Blue" by George Strait has always been one of my favorites.

      Also - I agree with you about cheesy country. There is a lot of it (and I'm not a fan).

  134. I was in 4-H too, been wondering what it's like now days and if my kids will do it. I like the old country music best...Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson :)

  135. I can't convince my husband of the beauty of country music - but I love it! I did manage to convince him to have our first dance song at our wedding be a country one though. :)

  136. I am a country girl at heart. I have listened to country for years. Not so much right now but I have phases with my music and I know that country will come back. My current favorite country song right now is Luke Bryan - Rain is a good thing.

  137. I didn't listen to much country in high school but I love it now. I don't have as many fave songs as I do groups - Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum, Sugarland to name a few!

  138. I've never really loved country music, but it doesn't bother me like it used to when I was in Junior High.

  139. I like to listen to country, but haven't listened much lately...there is a song by Brad Paisley out now, Anything Like Me, that's really cute.

    I used to be in 4-H too! I showed beef cattle, sheep and goats! :-)

  140. We love Bass Pro :) and I love your little one in that hat - so cute!
    We don't normally listen to country - but I love southern gospel :D

  141. I love country music! I listen to a variety of artists although I must admit I have to be in the "mood" for country music. My hubby on the other hand loves Bass Pro Shops but not country music. He can spend hours in that store!

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