The Outdoor Family: ERGObaby Performance Carrier

The Outdoor Family: ERGObaby Performance Carrier 1Tim & I like to hike. When we began having babies, we had two options: (1) Stop hiking and wait until all of our kids were old enough to hike on their own (that might be a long time coming...) or (2) Carry the little ones. We decided on the latter.

For shorter hikes, our 4-year-old can hold her own. She's quite an able hiker for being so young. For longer hikes, Tim carries her part way in our Kelty carrier.

When our baby was younger, I carried her in the ERGO on my chest. Now that she's a toddler, I prefer to carry her on my back (The only downside of carrying her on my back is that it's harder to get her situated without help from another adult. Once she's in, though, she's content.). She also likes to get out and do a little hiking herself when we are on flatter surfaces.

The Outdoor Family: ERGObaby Performance Carrier 2ERGO recently sent me their newest Performance Carrier ($120) in Spring Green to review. I was giddy when it arrived. You see, this is the "ERGO for outdoor people." It has all of the same great features as the original ERGO, but it's lighter in weight, has a more durable exterior, and is lined with mesh for better breath-ability.

I haven't used it on any long hikes yet, but it's proven itself to be awesome on shorter hikes.

The Outdoor Family: ERGObaby Performance Carrier 3So. I bet you want to ask me, "If you had to choose between the organic carrier and the performance carrier, which would you choose?" That's a tough one because they are VERY similar. I almost couldn't tell the difference. If you intend to use the carrier at least semi-regularly in outdoor pursuits, I would say to get the performance.

Do you have any babywearing questions for me? Feel free to ask.

WIN IT! One winner will receive an ERGObaby Performance Carrier ($120). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, October 11th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* ERGObaby sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 carrier for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #28 Tiffany. Congratulations!

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192 comments on “The Outdoor Family: ERGObaby Performance Carrier”

  1. darn! missed this one... but we do have the organic ergo carrier. i've used it since she was a newborn (which was actually a little hard to do)... recently (she's 5 months), sophia doesn't seem comfortable in it. not sure what i can change. i tried loosening, tightening, lower on my hips, higher on my waist... got any magical advice? thanks. :)

  2. Ohhh, love this Carrier!! It looks so cozy and I like that its lighter weight than traditional ergo's. Would be so happy to win this for my little bean :)

  3. I honestly believe that Babywearing is a huge plus for parent/child bonding. Any extra time that a child can get next to their parent is good in my book. I've got a relative who is pregnant right now, and I know she's extremely active. She would love this! Thanks!

    michelle (at) harrisbb (dotcom)

  4. I had a friend loan an Ergo to me a few months ago for my baby son. It was just too hot here in the South, though, to wear him, I thought. I gave it back when she had another baby but would love to try again now that it's getting cooler. I've heard such great things about Ergo, I'd love to try the Performance Carrier.

  5. I would love to venture into baby wearing with one of these. I have seen some carriers that seem so flimsy that they look to be accidents waiting to happen. The ERGO carrier looks nice and sturdy!

  6. I have the organic ergo but this would be great for when we go hiking! I recently went to Devil's postpile in Mammoth CA with baby & she was just sweaty!!!

  7. I've been lusting after the Performance Carrier since it came out! I need it! We hike a lot and I need all the help I can get to keep us cool!

  8. I love the idea of baby wearing it keeps your little one close and safe :)
    The Organic Twill Sienna Sunset carrier - Stripe Lining is just gorgeous :)

  9. The Ergo is very well engineered and made of quality materials. Would like to have the chance to try it out.

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  10. Looks so cool, we just had are third he is almost 6 weeks old and we love going hiking and geocaching are kids love being outdoors, but finding away with a little one is a challenge, are other two are 3 and 4 and with them we more or less stopped until they were walking, but this time they are not going to go for that!

  11. It's nice that it's a gender neutral carrier. A lot of the carriers seem feminine and I'd feel weird using them, but this one looks alright.

  12. Your kids are beautiful! I'm TTC my first, and I've been reading a lot about carriers and slings. This one looks pretty comfy and my husband and I go for a lot of walks, so this is definitely something I'm going to invest in....hopefully soon!

  13. I have a totally adorable but "weighty" 16lb two month old baby boy :) I currently have a Moby wrap and have been looking into the Ergo since he is growing so fast; I thought it would be a good choice for when he can hold his head up well. I have been reading wonderful things about this carrier and it would help me out so much when chasing my 18 month old around outside.... and since we live in the blazing south the Performance sounds like the one for us. And the spring green color is so great :)

  14. this would be great to own! we have a three month old and we love to go on hikes. we haven't done it for weeks because the stroller doesn't go too well on the trails around here.

  15. The ERGO has been on my wishlist for a while now! We loved our Moby Wrap, but it's not as functional now that our daughter is 11 months old - this would be the perfect carrier for us now!

  16. Before my pregnancy, I intended to wear y baby. Then I found out I was having twins. I did find a couple of carriers for twins, but I let my research for the perfect carrier run too long. My babies grew and I got a sling, just to try something out. It was a late start and they were not really receptive, but then, it could just be the type of carrier I had. I still want a carrier, and think a single carrier is what I should have had all along. Carrying one at a time is just fine...but a second carrier for my husband would be great. I have seen one twin mom who carried one on her back and one in front. That is an option, too.

  17. I've been looking into all the different baby carriers. I have a friend with an Ergo and she just loves it. I had a Moby Wrap with my first child, but I definitely like the look and structure of the Ergo.

  18. I adore the green! My first baby is due this winter & I desperately need a carrier. The ERGObaby Performance Carrier looks like it would be effective, safe & comfortable.

  19. I don't have a carrier for my 22 month old, but everyone says that the ERGO is the way to go when carrying an older baby, so I would love to check this out...would be much better than trying to drag the jogging stroller everywhere, especially as he likes to get out and walk and then one of us has to keep pushing the empty stroller. :)

  20. Okay, you told me about this carrier awhile back and I've been crossing my fingers that I would come across someone giving one away & look it ends up being you! The new baby & I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this =)

    autumn398 @

  21. I love baby wearing. I've never tried the Ergo before. I mostly use the Moby Wrap or sometimes the New Native Sling.

  22. Wow, you used it for hiking.....this ERGObaby Carrier must be very comfortable! I like the fact that I can use it as a front carrier or a back carrier. My husband and I enjoy outdoor activities too, and our recent hiking trip was to Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. It could be the last one for a while....because we are planning to have our very first baby ;), and I am planning to get a durable carrier like this one. When it comes time to purchase a baby carrier, I am definitely going to look into ERGO baby carries. It looks also fashionable too!

  23. Thanks so much for the review! My fourth child is now 10 months old and I'm realizing the need for high-quality carrier. I've been doing lots of research on the ergo (which is how I stumbled upon your post). It was great to get your thoughts and see your pics.

  24. I love to go outdoors and have been pining for an Ego carrier to use with my little one, now 15 months. She hates the stroller, but loves to be in the sling we have. It's good for short excursions, but anything too long and mama looks like Quasimodo ;-) A back carrier would be awesome, especially when I want to take her with me on photo outings ;-)

  25. Hey you! I don't want to win this, so if you choose my number, please try again and give it to a REAL MOMMY or DADDY who will use this!!!

    I just wanted to say how much I would have LOVED this back when I had little ones the right size for it. Of course I do have adult children too who knows...maybe someday soon I will be a grandma using one to tote the cutest grandbaby in the world into nature!!! :D

  26. My cousin just had a baby and I'm sure she would love this product. It looks like it would be comfortable to wear and provide support for the child.

  27. I love the fact that the Ergo Performance carrier is mesh lined for breathability, my son is a hot potato and overheats really easy. Your little one looks comfortable riding on your back, which is important to me because I'm not sure how long I'l be able to carrier chunky monkey on my front.

  28. With all of the hiking and camping that we do this looks as if it would be wonderful and so much more comfortable to take for our son.
    I know that he gets tired of riding on our hip and we both get exhausted carrying him that way.


  29. i'm a soon to be mom and practically live outdoors....i've been looking around for a baby carrier that would fit my lifestyle and this looks like it would be perfect! i know that once i have her i will want to be back outside enjoying nature....and i'll be ready to get off the baby weight! :)


  30. The Ergo can get pretty hot in the summer, esp. in the lower back strap area. I've never seen this in stores yet, but I'd really like to feel and test it out!

  31. I have been wanting an Ergo since I found out we were expecting! Now that Connor is born, I want one even more! LOL! I thought I'd prefer the organic, but since I would love to use it for walks/hikes, etc, I think you're right, the performance may be better...

  32. I'm actually about to go on a cross country adventure with a 2 1/2 year old and a 7 month old, and I am borrowing an Ergo from some kind friends because my "little" baby already weighs 25 pounds, and his chubby thighs don't fit into any other carriers, and his ongoing reflux makes slings prohibitive so what we really, really need is an Ergo of our very own in a lighter weight and yet sturdy fabric, able to withstand everything he can throw at it. (And I need to pause to take a breath, apparently!) The fabulous green color would just be icing on the cake! (btw, just saw your give every day plan and am blown away! Great gobs of good luck to you!)

  33. We too LOVE our ERGO. We got in when my DD was under a year and used it when we went to Disney...iit was alife saver. My DD is now 2.5 and we still use the ERGO. She now rides mostly on my back now. I wish there was an easier way to get her onto my back. How are you liking the new green ERGO, is it really much lighter than the other ones?

    1. If you already have an ERGO, the Performance probably isn't different enough to warrant another purchase...unless you want a second carrier for the car, a second child, extra-long hiking adventures, etc. ;)

  34. I so want to try the ergo..I have tried a moby wrap which I didn't like because it takes to long to wrap and the ends drag around on the ground when you are putting it on, A Sakura Bloom sling which is really nice but not for long periods and aecosash carrier whcih I really don't like because fo they way the baby fits into it

  35. I've never tried either of those,however, I love the look of the ERGO. I've always been concerned about my babies hips coming out of place(how mommy of me). But that green ERGO looks like it holds your little ones legs in a nice position.

  36. My kids are all past this stage but my friend is having her 4th baby this next week and this would really help her stay active with her family.

  37. So we just found out that after 8 years of marriage and infertility, and 3.5 years of trying to adopt, the Lord has brought about for us to adopt a newborn! We are so totally excited! Because I will not have had the chance to "bond" with baby for those 9 months, I plan on carrying my baby everywhere so she's always close to me! This would be perfect. Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. First of all- I LOVE this picture of you (and the cuties). You are so perfectly you. Fresh, classically beautiful, energetic, "just doing it" mommy :)
    I really like my ergo and found it essential for baby #2. Thanks for the recommendation. I use it almost daily- in fact I just wore the little miss to a certain football game right beside a certain someone's house tonight. I have been contemplating trying her on my back bc sometimes she gets frustrated with not being able to see everything that is going on.
    I think that the breathability of the performance version might be nice for the AZ heat. The organic gets a bit warm- I just tend to intentionally underdress the babe when I know we will be wearing.
    The infant insert was ok- I felt like it was safe although bulky. I didn't actually use it as long as one might.

  39. I went to look to see what the weight restriction would be but i didn't see anything. I am curious: is it just how big the child is when he/she grows out of it carrier to be carried. I did see where they said that they have a 5" waist extender. nothing wrong with that actually very good.

  40. I love the color of the carrier! I am thinking if there wasn't a noticeable difference, the performance carrier is a great choice!! But I would take either one :)


  41. This thing is so much higher tech than the one I used to wear. Seems like eons ago. Don't enter me in this one as I don't need it, but wow. COOL!

  42. I'd love to try the Ergo performance! I wear my 10 month old daily and we're outside a lot with my 4 year old. Thanks for the opportunity!

  43. i still wear my son and hes two, lol! I just got a heavy duty carrier for when we hike!

    my question is how much does your yougnest weigh?

  44. We just had our first grandbaby and one of these would be great to take him along for walks, shopping and up camping.

  45. I would love to win the Ergo! I've got a mom friend I would donate it to - she has 4 little ones and is using a very *unhealthy* and hard-on-your-back carrier right now, but that's a money issue for them. I know she would appreciate it so much. Good giveaway!

    PS - I'd love to see Ergo or another baby carrier company with wraps or slings donate to a women's shelter. I volunteer at one and there are always a million strollers and car seats, but not much in the way of carriers that bring that closeness and bonding that many of the moms living in shelters really need. Maybe you could get them to do this for Give Every Day!!

  46. I've been wanting to try the Ergo. I'm due in December with #3 and this would be a great opportunity to try Ergo!
    knockedupandnursing at gmail dot com

  47. I have really wanted an ERGO. Now that I have another baby coming I'm hoping to get one. Thansk for the info on the performance vs. regular.

  48. I wore my son in a sling until he was 6 months old (he got too active for the confines of the sling after that) and have wondered what might work if our family wanted to go on a hike. At 2, I think he may hike for a while, but a light carrier sounds like a good back up plan for when his little legs say no more.

  49. I love that color! Super fun! I need something to put my little guy in while he is on my back and that looks fab!

  50. We LOVE wearing our babies. When we began our journey almost ten years ago now, the only carrier I knew was the Snugli. I had a blue one with ugly designs but I proudly wore my precious bundle until he outgrew the carrier. Three kids later we now have a MOBY and adore it however on hot summer days it traps the heat. Friends have suggested the ERGO and I am saving my consignment money in a jar in hopes of buying one before our little girl (currently 3 months old) is a year old.

    I think babywearing is healthy for parent and child, not only does Mama have her hands free, she can exercise, clean the house, participate in group functions, breastfeed, and bond with her precious bundle. We were able to have a spontaneous adventure shortly after Elianna arrived (read about it here and she was happy and content in her MOBY. It was awesome! As Ellie gets bigger I think an ERGO will suit our needs better. Thanks for the great post and the cool giveaway! :0)

  51. I LOVE my ergo! Seriously, they are some comfortable and every time my non napper falls right asleep in it, resting on my chest. I turn every one of my friends who have heard that bjorn is best right to ergo!

  52. I love that it can work either in front or in back. There are some incredible hiker baby carriers out there, but this looks like something that would also work for everyday uses.

  53. I'm posting a comment here because we would love a 2nd Ergo. It's our go-to carrier for our 6 month old, but frankly we still use it for our almost 3 year old. It's hands down the most versatile, long-lasting carrier.

  54. It sounds like a wonderful carrier. I've heard such great things about Ergo and would love to have one to carry our next little one around in! I love the color too, how fun!

  55. This is a must-have for any new mom. I'd love to win it for my friend Sarah who is expecting her first child; and really can't afford to buy a carrier, especially a good quality one.

  56. I would love this because my sweet baby has outgrown my simple wrap, and I want something that won't kill my back to carry him!

    elizabethglassturner (at) gmail (dot) com

  57. Our families favorite past time always involves being outdoor, enjoying all the many activities we can participate in. Here in Utah, there is so much to do all year long. The outdoor activity we enjoy the most would be hiking. It is so nice to be up in the mountains with the fresh air and beautiful scenery. The ERGObaby Performance Carrier would be great to have to put my daughter in while we are hiking.

  58. I love the idea of being able to continue with my hobbies of hiking or camping with my kids and having a carrier that is light and works well for active parents. I live in the Seattle area, so there is lots of places to go and experience the outdoors. I would love to win this so I could use it with my little one!

    [email protected]

  59. Oh my goodness I would LOVE to win this ERGO carrier! I tried on my friend Carrington's a while back with my son Cody and it was the most comfortable carrier I have ever tried! My husband and I have been looking around for a good carrier to lug our chunky little guy around and this would be perfect for us! We have a baby bjorn carrier but it is too small now for our 8 month old and it is very uncomfortable, hopefully we can win this and get an upgrade!! :)

  60. With #2 on the way, an ergo is definitely on my list! The kelty is great but it hurts my shoulders after a while. I've only heard good things about the ergo and it's much more versetile.
    heatheranya at hotmail dot com

  61. We LOVED our baby bjorn carrier, and we really miss having a carrier now that she has outgrown it. I would be THRILLED to try out a carrier that works for toddlers!

  62. I've never had an Ergo before but have always wanted to try it because of the countless rave reviews I've heard about it. We have a trail behind our house that the Performance Carrier would be perfect for. I can imagine carrying baby #2 (due next month) while walking with my 2 year old.

  63. I love babywearing but I need something that will be great around the house. My son is just finally old enough to be worn on my back and I'm hoping that will help us.

    I'm stuck in that my-son-is-too-little-and-my-toddler-wants-me-all-the-time-and-my-husband-works-even-crazier-hours-then-before time of my life. My son also has started wanting to be held all the time and my house is getting messier and messier and it's driving my whole family in the crazy!

    I could really use this! I hope I win!!!! Plus 10/10/10 is my 26th birthday and this would be such a cool birthday present to win! :D

  64. I made the mistake of buying a black Ergo with flowers on it. The mistake part being black shows all sorts of stains and is hot and my husband won't wear it because of the flower design. I would love a less girly carrier that would suit my husband better.

  65. My friends all swear by the Ergo I love the color and could definitely use a good carrier for my baby while running after my 2 year old twins

  66. Babywearing is awesome. You can bond with your baby, get chores done, take walks, etc. I have read so many wonderful things about Ergo. I don't know about hiking though. We would definitely do alot of walking.

  67. I've been coveting an Ergo carrier for a while now. We've been ttc for awhile now (longer than anyone should have to). I'm still trying to stay optimistic though! Hopefully 2011 will be our year to welcome a little one.

  68. I can't wait to babywear our baby next year! Thanks to your recommendation I'll be keeping my eyes open for a good deal on an Ergo. It is great that they work so well with mom or dad. All the things that you do with your children are a good reminder for me to make sure after our first baby is born we still get out and do things. It doesn't have to be super scary! :-)

  69. I'm interested in this product for several reasons. I'm expecting my 3rd baby and gave away all my baby products years ago (my youngest is seven). I love the idea of carrying my baby versus lugging around car seat/stroller. I've looked into the backpack style carriers but this one looks way more comfortable and unlike a sling, even my husband would wear it.

  70. I am forwarding this post to my sister. She is due with her first baby in January and determined to be a "cool" mom. Apparently, in her book that does not include baby wearing. I think your cute pics would change her mind and help her see how practical it is. :)

    1. Babywearing is totally cool - and offers wonderful benefits for both mom + baby! :)

      P.S. How kind of you to enter on behalf of your sister!

  71. My husband and I love to hike but have not been able to for the last 6 months since our little guy was born b/c we don't have anything tough enough to endure our hikes! We would loveeee to have the ergo for family hikes and other adventures!! :)

  72. I love that you can use it to carry the baby on your back. I use my current carrier around the house and there are certain tasks that are difficult with a baby attached to your chest. This would be a lifesaver.

  73. I love babywearing! I am completely new to it with my 8 month old daughter but I have loved learning different fun ways to carry her with me and she loves it too! I have a Bjorn and a Sleepy wrap as well as a sling but (as I have been told by many) the ERGO is my dream carrier and I know most likely the most comfortable for my daughter. I would absolutely love to win one of these as I cannot afford to purchase one right now, what a great giveaway!

  74. I love the color of that carrier. It is so bright and fun.

    I had a hard time using a baby carrier, I always felt like they were going to fall (I think that was probably because of the less expensive carriers I always purchased). My sister is pregnant with her first baby (due in the Spring) and I am certain that she would LOVE to have an Ergo carrier to carry her little one nice and close to her.

  75. i just love the original ergo! I borrowed my friends to "test drive" so to speak, and absolutely fell in love. It's like my best friend! The previous carriers I had hurt my back and shoulders or were recalled. Since I want to be a baby wearer the ergo is the right choice for our family! And now that my daughter is starting to teethe and wants to be held and comforted all the time, the ergo is even better! I would love the performance carrier to have when we do outdoorsy stuff because of how breathable it is and lightweight, so when going for a jog I can keep up with the rest of the family... this mama is out of shape! Haha. I know my husband would enjoy it most of all! He is a big outdoorsy type and he jumps at any chance to spend with our daughter! :) I would love to win an ergo and be able to have one of my own!

  76. The ERGO is the best baby carrier around. I have severe back issues and this was my carrier of choice. I would love to win this for my best friend who can definitely use it! Thanks so much for the great giveaway.

    Gigglesandlollipops at gmail dot com

  77. Hi! Nice to meet you! I find myself carrying my baby around in his carseat, because I have wasted too much money on buying carriers that were uncomfortable or hurt by back. Friends have suggested slings, wraps, carriers and I can not find one that helps me to stay active, but is yet comfortable. Can you explain why you like this one more than others--would love to know upsides to the ERGO! Thanks for the posting...

  78. This would be wonderful for us! I love being able to carry the baby in areas where it's just too crowded for a stroller! Plus people are less likely to touch the baby if you're wearing them vs pushing them in a stroller so less germs!

  79. Oh my goodness, I <3 my Ergo. However, it's the very first original that Ergo created, so it doesn't have many of the new features that the current Ergo does. I have been longing for this sport one (and in GREEN!) for SO long, but couldn't justify the cost.

    I put Thatcher on my back by using the bed or couch, but I can't do it without help when I am out (which stinks), but the Ergo is worth it. ;)

  80. I love my regular Ergo and have been eying the performance carrier for a while. That lime green color is so fun!!!

  81. I am 6 months pregnant and have been looking into all options of carriers. An Ergo is definitely on the top of my list. We are a very active family and I know an Ergo would be perfect for our lifestyle!

  82. I admire how much hiking you do with the girls. So far we've just done a few short ones with our 2 year old.

    I've wanted an Ergo for some time now, and wish I had shelled out the money early on in my son's life. I miss carrying him, since he outgrew the front one many many months ago. If/when we have another child, I'm definitely getting an Ergo. I've heard such great things about it. And of course I could still carry my 2 year old!

    Ok, so how do you keep your daughter warm in one? Do you drape a blanket over it, or just dress her warmly?

    1. Great question! I don't have an answer because I live in Southern Arizona where we have two seasons - "hot" and "not so hot." ;)

      It doesn't get very cold here (even in the winter) so the carrier itself usually provides ample warmth.

  83. I have really been wanting an Ergo carrier for a while now. My baby is almost 1, but I could still really use it with her and I will definitely need one for the next baby. We have a mai tai style carrier which is fine for a little while and comfortable enough for me, but she doesn't really seem to like it for very long and it is black which makes it very hot! I love that there is a little cargo pack for the Performance carrier, I would find that very useful for longer walks.

  84. Im 3 months pregnant now and I wish I had this carrier when I had my last DD,15 years ago! The other carriers seemed to hurt more then help.I would love to have this,since Im not a spring chicken anymore and starting all over again...

  85. At one point I owned 5 different kind of slings trying to find the perfect one. Most carriers either got too hot or dug very uncomfortably into your shoulders. The Ergo hands down was one of my favorites. I like the fact that they are making even lighter weight versions now for the hotter months. I would say that temperature is one of the most aggravating issues when it comes to baby wearing.

  86. I love the Ergo. It is great for babies on up through toddlers and even some preschoolers. I like that it is lightweight and easy to use. I did not know a new one was out so thanks for reviewing it!

  87. We love our baby carrier, using it everywhere from shopping to chores around the house. My young toddler likes to be held and this way I can hold her and still get stuff done!

  88. Ok, so if I already have an ergo (and other SSC's etc) do I need the new one?

    We go hiking one to two times a year.

    I mean, obviously I'm a carrier addict already but do I NEED the new Ergo?

    1. The organic and performance carriers are very similar. I would say that if you have one, you probably don't need the other. :)

  89. I totally heart this giveaway! I can't justify buying an Ergo right now because don't wear Lucy all that often anymore. But you can be sure when baby #3 makes a presence someday I will be putting it on my list. Everyone I've talked to LOVES their Ergo. What is it that makes it so different than all other carriers? Do tell!

    1. Let's see.

      The key factors that set it apart are:
      * Super supportive on back and hips (it has a clasp around the wearer's waist AND back)
      * Storage pocket (Zip up your license, your phone, your keys, an energy bar, etc.)
      * Sleep/Sun hood (I use this hood all of the time to keep the sun at bay or to mitigate outside stimuli when baby is sleeping)



  91. I know it! If we waited to do things until our kids were old enough to go, we'd never do anything! Wearing baby, or toddler, is a great way to get around with youngsters.


  92. I have been researching baby carriers. I like the Moby also, but the Ergo seems much more heavy duty! It is also very versatile. I am due in a month and this would be great!

  93. I have heard great things about Ergos and was pleasantly surprised to hear about the Performance - through your blog!

  94. I am new to your blog and stumbled upon it through another friend's blog. I am truly enjoying all of your posts, especially since we are in a similar stage of life and enjoy the same things. I'm currently borrowing a friend's Ergo and love it! My 17 month old daughter, who is very active and does not ever want to be contained, actually loves to be carried in it. I wish I would have had an ergo much earlier.

    1. Hi Julie! Thanks so much for introducing yourself. I look forward to getting to know you better in the coming months! :)

  95. Now this looks like something that would be useful in sunny, hot, humid, South Florida. My toddler still enjoys being worn. We have two is great for serious hiking and the other is good for short walks. But neither is "breathable." Would love to give this a try!!!

  96. I've tried (& enjoyed) so many different types of baby carriers, but the Ergo is the one that I've never had yet, and would LOVE to try! The bright green color is really fun, and the better breath-ability sounds like a nice feature.

  97. Oh man, would this be awesome! My Ergo is definitely showing some wear as I take it with me literally everywhere! I got it when son #1 was one year old and used it for over a year until he could walk well on his own. Now it's been in constant use since son #2 got too heavy for my sling. But it does get rather hot when I'm wearing him for a long time so I bet this would be nice! Also a bit more heavy duty for those outside times!

  98. I love ERGO carriers and am interested in how the sport works. I think for warmer climates it would be handy since the original carrier is a bit thick and I can see how it would get hot for mom and baby. I am also excited to see how it works as baby grows. I had a cheapie carrier for our first and it was too uncomfortable to use once she was about three or four months old.

  99. Since my "babies" are 4 now I wouldn't have much need of a new carrier, but I would love to win one for my sweet little sister who just had her first baby a month ago. She and her hubby are very, very outdoorsy and the new performance ERGOs look like a great option for serious hiking.

  100. What a delightful color for a carrier! I love it... My husband and I love to hike, especially this time of year, and we would so enjoy this kind of made-for-the-great-outdoors carrier. One question I have is whether this carrier, being for outdoors, has any storage capacity since you probably wouldn't want to carry additional packs as you hike... :)

    1. There's one spacious pocket in the front (you can see the zipper in the top left picture). I usually stick a few CLIF bars and fruit leathers in there for short hikes.

  101. While I don't have a use for this, I'd love to give one to a friend who is due in November. You and many others have always raved about these carriers. I'm sure my friend would love it too.

  102. OH!!!! This is one of the things that we want SO BAD!! Tommy and I are such big hikers...and we had dreams of hiking the Catskills, the Adirondecks, the Poconos....we are EXCITED to explore this region!! By the time our little baby comes in the spring, the snow will be melting in preparation for late spring and summer when it will be be perfect for outdoor adventures .

    The only bummer about these little carriers is that they are quite pricey! I'm dying to get my hands on one!!!

  103. I've heard so many good things about the Ergo carrier and now that we're pregnant with our third I've been seriously interested in this carrier. I've got two other carriers that I've liked but none that I've loved and since this next baby is going to be on me so much more as we chase the other two it would be so amazing to win this!

  104. It looks really cool but I would like to know if you have compared it to the Beco carrier. We have one of those and I went through so many choices before we got it. I have never tried the Ergo. Do you find that it hurts your back at all wearing your child on the front? We are expecting our second in May and are starting to look around to see if anything can top the Beco. So far the Ergo seems like it might match it. The Ergo also looks like it might hold the kiddos until they are larger. Do you think it would?

    1. I've never tried a Beco, but I've heard wonderful things about it. Maybe someday! :)

      The ERGO offers fantastic back and hip support. I've worn it on a 7 mile hike (front-carry) with no complaints. The recommended weight limit is 40 pounds, but it's been tested up to 90 pounds.

  105. I saw someone with the ergo performance carrier last weekend and I've been totally ga-ga about it ever since! It looks perfect for the heat of Tucson!

  106. I keep telling my husband that this is the carrier I want for baby #2. I thought the babybjorn was going to break my back! I was so thankful it was a hand-me-down because I used it twice. But it'll definitely be necessary to have available hands for child #1 when baby #2 makes an appearance!

  107. I love the color! I have been totally interested in the Ergo. I love carrying my baby around in my Moby, but I have heard the Ergo is better as the child gets bigger!

  108. We used an Ergo with Gracie and she loved it, but man did we sweat in the Arizona sun and Hawaiian humidity! (We had a standard cotton in Hawaiian print.) She can still fit using the back or hip carry, but she loves to walk so I think it's about time for a final washing before we pass it on. I think the Performance or Sport would be perfect for Arizona; I just wish they were options when I was shopping.

    I was on the Ergo site a few weeks ago and it looks like they have improved their infant insert, but I don't think I've ever seen one in use.

  109. Wow, I was excited to see this! I was reading this series the other day and thought, "if she only was giving away an Ergo". I have been looking into them to take when we pick up our son from Ethiopia. The streets there aren't exactly stroller friendly and hopefully carrying him will help him attach. Awesome give away!

  110. Ooh, exciting! I've still been wanting to try an Ergo, but I don't want to splurge for one. I'm not sure that E would love facing in, but I think the back-wearing option might be popular.

  111. Well, that post answered the questions I posted earlier! That looks like a fantastic carrier, I will definitely be checking it out. We're heading to DC in a few weeks, that looks like it would be a good option for carting the 5 month old as we sight see!

  112. My birthday is tomorrow and if I don't get an Ergo for that I plan on buying one myself! I'm really wanting at back carrier at this phase in my life! I will probably find a used one on ebay or craigslist since they are a bit pricey :( Not that they aren't worth the price...

  113. That Ergo looks so super cool. (And you look so cute in those pictures. Adorable!)
    I'd love something more heavy duty than my homemade mei tai. This looks perfect!

  114. Do you think the performance is any cooler? Do you think the Ergo is easier on your back than the Mai Tai? If I win this I'm going to dance around and sing...just so you know.

    1. Yes, the Performance is a little cooler (the material seems to be built specifically with outdoor use in mind). You're welcome to try mine if you like to get an idea of what it feels like. :)

      I much prefer my ERGO to my Mei Tai for back and hip support, plus ease of use.

  115. We got a cheap carrier with baby #1, not knowing any better, used it again with #2 cause we could afford to get a better one. But I am saving, saving to be able to get a ergo for baby #3 due in 2 months!!!

  116. What is the weight or age limit on this carrier? I could not find it on their website. My 5 year old loves hiking. My 2.5 year old loves hiking but she is tough right now. She wants in and out of the backpack and then she wants to sit on the ground and fuss while we want to hike. Oh well - we will get hiking again soon enough.

    1. Here's a quote from the ERGObaby website: "ERGObaby recommends a weight limit of 40 pounds (18 Kilograms) for its carrier; however, the carrier has been tested up to 90 pounds (41 Kilograms)."

  117. I say it all of the time, but you are so stinkin' cute! And so are your girls! It is so great that you take your girls on hikes! Such a great thing to do as a family! I have never used an Ergo, but I have only heard A-mazing things about it. Most of my friends have one and they swear by it! I used a Bjorn with both of my kiddos, but they grew out of it so fast.

  118. I have an Ergo, but I do most of my carrying with the Ergo outside. I really wish I had one of these for when I carry her outside. That being said, if I won this, I'd pass it along to my sister. She LOVES to babywear with my niece and doesn't have an Ergo and I know she really wants one. So if I win, I will pass this on to her. Thanks for the great review on it! :)

  119. I have so many friends that swear by their Ergo- it's the first thing on my registry for our first baby, who will be joining us in 3 months. I've seen friends' little babies be carried in it, all the way up to their almost-4-year-olds! It seems very practical.

  120. The ERGO really looks like the perfect baby carrier and would help with my goal to be more active with my kids!

  121. I bought a used Ergo recently, and have already used it twice for hiking. It's been great for me and for my son. But the breathability of the Performance Ergo would be a nice feature. My son gets a little sweaty when I carry him in ours for long periods of time.

  122. i wore our last baby a little. i just had a carrier from target. i wasn't sure if babywearing was for me. with the baby on the way, though, i intend to spend the money on quality carriers. what is your favorite for newborns?

  123. I've been interested in these since you began posting on them. I've had a hard with other carriers because my babies grow SOO fast.

    I love long walks and having that closeness with the baby. Especially in MN where it gets so cold, it's nice to put them on in a mall or indoor gym and run the track.

    This would be fun to win :)

  124. Ooooh... we would love to have this. My husband and I just recently visited Kings Canyon National Park (close to where we live) and have discovered a gazillion hiking trails we would love to try. Of course, having a baby in tow limits where you can go... but one of these carriers would really open up some options! :)

  125. Oh my goodness! I would absolutely love to win this. We have a Kelty carrier we used for our son that I think goes up to 40 pounds (He currently weighs in at 33 lbs), which is a good load. How big is your four year old? Do you have any recommendations for carriers that work well for bigger kids? We are expecting number two in a couple months and I also wonder what you recommend for newborns - I have good things about the Moby wraps, but still haven't splurged on one yet.

    1. Our just-turned-4-year-old is around 30 pounds. We don't wear her in carriers anymore, except when we go on longer hikes (3+ miles). Tim is my hero for carrying her on his back, along with all of our snacks and water.

      I like the BabyHawk Mei Tai for newborns.

      Did you know ERGO has an infant insert? I think I might like to try it for baby #3.

  126. Our not so little one loves being held in an Ergo (one of the original ones) and we've been babywearing since he has been old enough to sit up on his own. However, we're on to number two and we are having a hard time finding a carrier that he likes to be held in. It would be nice to have some suggestions for carriers for newborns. They're tough to find just the right one for!

    1. I know you posted this awhile ago Susan, but I have a moby wrap and I love it! My little guy, who is now 5 months, loves it too! The only drawback is that we both get pretty warm, which was cozy during the winter, but not sure how it will go this summer. I think I might invest in the performance or sporty ergo then.

  127. boy that looks great! ... our one-year-old is growing out of the little target-brand kangaroo pack we have for him! but he could "hike" all day when he's being toted around! :)

  128. I tried the Ergo with our first and he didn't seem to like (he liked the Baby Bjorn) but I would love to try it again with our daughter.

  129. We got an Ergo based on your recommendation and have been so pleased with it. We have the green Performance Carrier and love the bright color! I'd love to give one to a friend!

    1. Not an entry but I wanted to share with the other moms who are wondering which Ergo would suit their needs or what exactly the differences are.

      I had questions about all that too and wanted to make sure I was purchasing the right carrier for us. The customer representative at Ergo was great in helping me decide and explained the differences between carriers in detail. She explained some differences in sizing to me that I may not have known. If you have questions about which is right before you buy, I would suggest giving them a call! : )

      1. That is excellent advice, Brittany! Your advice actually applies to most any purchase. Have a question? Call the company and ask it! :)

  130. I have a regular Ergo, I love it but very bulky as you've said. I have been eyeing the performance I am just usually a cotton girl, but it seems you like the mesh and polyester. Wonder how it compares to the sport. We don't do heavy outside stuff but we really abuse (use and use and wash and use) our carriers

  131. That color is fabulous! I also love how your hair looks up, with curls popping out! The lighter weight is very appealing, specially if wearing a toddler!

  132. Ooh I would love an Ergo!!! I have a Boba 2G Organic and I find putting my son in while sitting on the couch with him behind me feels safest for a back carry. Or of course a little help from Hubby! I saw a woman at the library do it by getting the baby on her hip then spinning the baby and carrier. Looked complicated beyond my skills!

    1. I've tried a Boba (an original; not the 2G) and it is actually very similar to the ERGO. It offers lots of support for the wearer's back & hips. The biggest drawback is that it lacks the front pocket and the sleeping hood...and those are two features that I use all of the time on the ERGO.

  133. We are devoted Ergo lovers here. We have two and I would love to try the performance, but I just can't justify buying another one. I just took over our local babywearing group and no one has one yet, but we would all love to try one!

  134. I have been looking to buy one. I know people that have them and read a lot or reviews. One thing people say is that the organic has more padding on the straps. We are also hikers and I want something that will help with the heat when carrying our little one. We have a front carrier that my husband uses and wow dose it get hot. I tried it out and it was so uncomfortable (I was glad I got from a consignment shop for a good deal!). now that she is getting bigger I think moving her to the back will help my husbands poor shoulders. I use a wrap, but it is very warm for hiking I don't know which to try! It would be great to win the performance and then barrow a friends to see the difference! They are pricey but everyone I know that has one says its worth it :) What a great giveaway! Thanks for the review.

  135. I have a Ergo and love it. It has made making dinner a real option for me. My Lily wants (needs) to be close to me all the time and babywearing has saved my life, my Ergo in particular.

    I have been eying the Performance Ergo since we live in hot Central California. I wore Lily in my Ergo at the zoo the other day and we were soaked with sweat.

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