The Outdoor Family: Hi-Tec boots

The Outdoor Family: Hi-Tec boots 1We were driving down a mountainside last month and both girls were asleep in their car seats. I looked over at Tim and a sudden feeling of admiration came over me...and kinship over shared joys. I said, "I'm so glad you love the outdoors. My life could have been very different if I had married someone who didn't share that passion." His green eyes smiled at me in agreement.

Tim is actually much more outdoorsy than I am - a fact that I am grateful for. Although I have been backpacking, rock climbing, rappelling, white water rafting, and ocean kayaking...I am still not as sure or as steady on my feet as he is. He bounds up and down boulders with ease. I go more slowly, watching my feet. He runs uphill on trails without stopping to catch his breath. My lungs can't compete. He can hike for miles with a heavy load on his back. Carrying a baby is plenty for me.

I think part of my trepidation is linked to the fact that I wasn't out in the wild as much as a child. Tim remarked to me on a recent hike, with amusement in his voice, that our girls were going to pass me up pretty soon. And I think he may be right. Our 4-year-old can scramble across rough terrain without flinching. I am so proud (and I HOPE they do surpass every way).


The Outdoor Family: Hi-Tec boots 2See those boots that Tim is wearing? They're the Rainier eVent WPi boots by Hi-Tec. Built for backpacking, they are sturdily constructed and offer excellent ankle support. He can walk through water, mud, and rocks - without worry about water seeping in. Even though they protect against anything getting IN, they're still lightweight and breathable enough to be supremely comfortable.

Hi-Tec also sent me the V-Lite Snowflake Chukka 200i boots. You are going to love them. Ready?

The Outdoor Family: Hi-Tec boots 3 The Outdoor Family: Hi-Tec boots 4

Cute, right? I'm totally wearing them right now as I sit on the coach, typing away on my laptop at midnight. And I'm not just wearing them for the picture either. Despite it being hot here in Southern AZ, my feet still get cold at night (strange, but true).

These waterproof beauties are going to be perfect for tromping through the leaves, snow, and ice this winter. Cold weather, here I come!

The Outdoor Family: Hi-Tec boots 5WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of boots of his/her choice from Hi-Tec. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, October 11th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Hi-Tec sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 pair of boots for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #203 Amanda. Congratulations!

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235 comments on “The Outdoor Family: Hi-Tec boots”

  1. Everybody needs new snowboots this year. I like the ones that open on the side so your foot can slide in better. My daughter didn't take her boots out of the trunk of her car until July!! Would love to win a pair!

  2. I do the same thing! My top parts will be sweating and my bottom parts will be freezing. I know heat rises, but that right there is just funky.
    Those look like some pretty awesome boots. I have no doubt I'll pick some for myself. The spousal unit is all kinds of hawt.

  3. My husband and I have found the love of hiking this year, Its a great family activity that gives you education, excersize, family unity, and so much more. I always wanted to get him some good hiking boots and the Ranier eVent WPi Chocolate/Dark Taupe/Burnt Orange sound perfect for him.
    waitressdani (at) hotmail (dot) com

  4. The mens boots would be perfect for my husband! We have a creek behind our house with fields, paths and a small pond with a beach on the other side. My daughters want to go back there every day during the summer and every weekend the rest of the year. My husband has to carry them across the creek and about 99% of the time he gets his feet wet, muddy and gross. He'd love these boots!

  5. I needed something like this a couple years ago. Lived in Colorado at the time and went hiking in June. Who KNEW that the side of the mountain would still be covered in melting snow. Had no idea. I had hiking sandals on at the time. My bad! UGH.

    michelle (at) harrisbb (dotcom)

  6. Thanks for the giveaway...I can attest to the durability of Hi-Tec's V-Lite HNL HPi Men's Sandal, I wore a pair every day for about a month this past summer, in & out of a lake and the ocean...they held up quite well.

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  7. I have always had Doc's but would Love to try these Hi-Tec boots..I am new to the Southwest and apparently need to watch for snakes a little more..Hi_tec has a good reputation for high functioning, wearablity!
    [email protected]

  8. Their boots look so nice and warm I really love the St. Moritz 200
    Share Cream/Brown and would those keep mt tootsies nice and warm in my frigid vermont weather :)

  9. they look like great boots, my hubby is very much an outdoors man, until I met him, I really was not but know I could not imagine going back. I look forward to going on hiking trips, and I too am not nearly as steady on my feet, I am always a little nervous I am going to fall : )

  10. I'm like you-my feet are cold even when it's not that cold. But, it does get pretty darn cold where I live, and I'm always looking for something to keep my toes warm. These look comfy too.

  11. The HI-TEC boots would be perfect for my dad. He's always working hard(fixing family cars, doing yard work, and other miscellaneous man-chores). Reineer event boots

  12. i cant believe how cute those boots are! im always outside and have a different pair of boots for everything my husband goes thru a pair of boots about every two months.

  13. Five years we have been in the north now, after eighteen years in Florida (for me and hubby) and I still don't own boots, nor does our 16-year old. Our mentality is still warm weather, I suppose, but we love to sled (and the teen snowboard), so this year, we're going all out and embracing the north with boots. :)

  14. These boots look great! I also have cold feet all the time but that's cause I live in Washington where it's rarely warm enough :( Maybe your feet are cold because of air conditioning? I def need a nice pair of boots for the crummy weather here so I can play with my kids in the snow!

  15. I love the looks of the boots and they look so toasty and warm we live in the midwest and these would come in handy

  16. I really like these boots...It is hard to find cute winter boots, especially since I live in central New York where it snows a TON!

  17. I would definitely choose the V-Lite Snowflake Chukka 200i...I am just undecided on the color because they all look so fabulous. I love this giveaway!

  18. How cute! With these Michigan winters we have around here these would be perfect! Thanks so much for the great giveaway and great site. I'm an email subscriber also!

    msjem2001 at yahoo dot com

  19. I use to do a lot of rock climbing when i was younger i have to say as ive gotting a little older i sont have half the energy anymore but maybe with a good pair of boots i could get back at it again (chucosbabygirl(at)yahoo(dot)com)

  20. I love the V-Lite Snowflake Pull On 200i in brown. These are so cute and they look very warm and comfy. I'd love to have a pair for this winter!

  21. WOW They look extremely comfortable and would be great to wear in the snowy weather, and would definitely come in handy during our crazy winters here in Ohio, Thanks for the fantastic giveaway

  22. Hi Stephanie,
    Great looking boots! I would love to win and send them to my daughter at college in Indianapolis. She's a Floridian through and through so the approaching colder weather is going to be a challenge for her. Your warm, cozy boots would help a bunch!

  23. When I served as an Emergency Medical Technician, I wouldn't trust my feet to any other brand than Hitec, and now this ol' grandpa could sure use another pair for winter!

  24. My husband is on an endless quest for the perfect pair of boots. He needs good boots for work that support his ankles. I'd love to get him a great pair of boots without him feeling guilty for tapping into the family budget (which is ridiculous, he needs good boots!)

    Thanks so much for the opportunity :) Their women's boots are adorable!

  25. I have owned a pair of hi tec boots and they are tough and great made boots. I use to work out side in the winter in them and they were very warm also. It would be great to win another pair since mine after 4 yrs are finally wearing out. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  26. Just moved here to CO from FL - yes, people think I'm crazy - and I'm not that experienced with dealing with snow long term....

    This review and info I found on the company's website has helped answer some questions I had about what kinds of boots I could need....


  27. Thank you for the giveaway. I love the outdoors just as much as my husband but, like you I'm a bit slower now and watch my surroundings. I'm so paranoid that I'm going to meet up with a snake or something! Those boots are really nice!

  28. We love to camp & spend as much time as possible in the forest, hiking & exploring.Good boots are very impotant to keep the enjoyment of the experience.

  29. I was looking for a pair of boots to wear to Lake Arrowhead this winter, and I think the St. Moritz 200 are just what I'm looking for. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  30. Well, the great thing about well-constructed hiking boots is that they last forever! I've had mine for 17 years and they show no sign of needing to be replaced...that's why I was also happy to see some cute non-hiking boots in the inventory!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  31. Oh my goodness, how cool you like to hike too! That has always been my favorite outdoor activity outside of astronomy. However, we have not done much of it. I told the kids this year I need to buy all of us some hiking boots so we can go on more adventures together. Which pair do you recommend for WOMEN for hiking?

  32. I have never heard of this brand before. Nice products on their site. I would choose the V-Lite Snowflake Pull On 200i in Brown/Taupe/Chocolate. Thanks!

  33. Well a pair of boots would be right up my alley right now since I had to throw out my old ones and they were gotten way second hand like 17 yrs ago

  34. I walk a lot, and have been looking for a good pair of boots for winter. The weather guy keeps saying it will be a La Nina winter with lots of snow and very cold, so the San Moritz 200 in black would be perfect.

  35. Wow-would I love a nice and warm pair of boots for a Michigan winter. Sadly, this year they are predicting lots of snow!

  36. Buying a new pair of boots each year is my little mini celebration of fall. If your going to have to put shoes back on for the cold weather, might as well be awesome boots!

  37. We go camping and hiking regularly. And although my husband is great in twenty degree weather me...not so much. Once my feet get cold or wet my whole body is cold until they get warm again.


  38. We moved to Syracuse NY last year, I never knew how important good boots are! I didn't even own a single pair. I have a good pair of hiking boots now, but they're not the most comfortable, these look like slippers!

  39. I am an outside enthusiast! I am outside constantly no matter the weather. I love winter months and am walking and hiking all over my area, so these boots would be great for the many months ahead that I will be outside!

  40. I really enjoy the outdoors and would normally jump at this opportunity to pick up a pair of say, the Cascadia eVent WPi backpacking / hiking boots in Dark Forest / Black / Graphite. But in this case were I selected, I would let my wife choose a pair of boots for herself. :)

  41. What an absolutely awesome giveaway! My husband DESTROYS hiking boots! WE have bought several, very expensive, from very reputable companies boots and they rarely last a season :(

  42. Now that summer is over, it may technically be fall but I see it as pre-winter. My snow boots bit the dust last winter so I natrually made a beeline to Hi-Tec's insulated boots. The St. Moritz 200 look perfect for me.

  43. I love love my hi-tec's, model eclipse lite, don't think they make them anymore, they're pretty much worn out and definitely want another similar pair!

  44. My husband has been hinting about a pair of these for Christmas. Wouldn't it be great to win him a pair???
    digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

  45. These boots are really cute and could definately see myself wearing them! But you also gave me the reminder that it's time to get the rest of the winter gear for my kids.... including boots!

  46. You will be tromping through the leaves, snow, and ice this winter in southern Arizona? :-) I love these boots! So comfy looking and I like the style...I'm a real "earthy" type. Thank you.

  47. These boots would be perfect for where I live. we have harsh winter and I need boots that are waterproof and warm.

  48. I have been looking for some boots for this winter.... the ones I have likd, have absolutely NO traction! Whats he point in a pretty boot with no traction! :)
    Good Luck! :)

  49. I think your boots from Hi-Tec have got to be, hands down, the most adorable water proof boots for women I have ever seen! I have heard great things about Hi-Tec but have never purchased anything (yet).

    Thanks and have a great weekend!

  50. My granddaughter is going to be living/working at a Wolf Sanctuary from January - March for her high school graduation project. The Park City Sport 200 boots would be perfect for her since they're both warm and waterproof.

  51. I LOVE the boots that you are wearing! Super cute!!
    I visited their website and those are still my favorite. Thats what I would pick if I won.
    Hope I do!!

  52. I am LOVING those boots. I have to admit it has been awhile since I checked out Hi-Tec but I can see they've definitely updated their look. I'm diggin' it! I live up in the cold, cold north. Kinda like the tundra during certain times of the year. Right now I'm looking out my picture window and the leaves are the colors of fall, the grass is still green with a sprinkling of colored leaves everywhere. Absolutely amazing. I do know that this could all be white within a months time. I too love the outdoors. I think living up here you have to...especially in the winter. Ice fishing, snowmobiling, skiing, playing in the snow. The outdoors are a gift and I say get out there and experience it!

  53. Ooh! Cute boots! I'm in need of some new boots since we live in chilly Illinois and I've had my current boots for over 6 years now! Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. I'm anxiously awaiting the first snowfall of the year. It's gorgeous and...fresh! Of course having a good pair of boots makes the snow that much more enjoyable!

  55. So I was originally entering for boots for my husband...until I saw YOUR boots!! So cute!! I really want a pair :)


  56. I checked out the site and Hi-Tec offers 5 different boots for women. It's a good deal with the boots because winter is coming up and well it's always nice to be safe with boots.

  57. These are the coolest boots I have seen in a long time. There is one thing I have never spent good money on and that is boots. We go camping as a family six or seven times a year and all I wear is tennis shoes - these would be awesome!

  58. My feet control my body temperature too. When I'm cold - I need slippers. When I'm hot at night, I stick a foot out of my covers and get cold again. Weird! While we haven't gotten too into the hiking scene yet, my girls love it, and I would like to do lots more of it.

  59. Love it. I would totally wear the warm and comfy looking boots inside the house this winter - my place is always drafty and I get cold feet really easily!

  60. I would love to have a new pair of boots. It snows quite a bit here and since I walk to work I tromp through it quite often.

  61. For those of you who that are followers of Supra and their Skytop form, we have a heal for you. Here we characteristic a two of Supra Trinity NS TUF’s, which characteristic a crackled cowhide construction.

  62. I do a fair amount of hiking and they look like they could handle the workout. Nice that they are sold at The Sports Authority.

  63. Your boots are so cute! I think I would actually wear those! I'm not a huge boot person, but since we moved to IL I keep thinking I should pick up some that I like! I would love to win a pair!

  64. Stephanie, those snowflake boots are DARLING! But, I have to say, if I won I would get my husband a pair of something more hardy and practical. He's not a big hiker, but he is an archaeologist. Digging up ancient relics can wear out a good pair of boots mighty quick.

  65. Your boots are adorable! My feet are always cold too, no matter whether we're indoors or out. I would love to have a great pair of boots to stomp around in!

  66. I love the buttons on your boots! So cute. It doesn't always get terribly warm where we are, but we have dreams of a colder climate ;)

  67. I would love to get these for myself, but my husband is the one who really needs some new waterproof shoes. He is super picky, but he always finds a pair on the hi-tec site that he likes!

  68. My husband has been searching for a new pair of hiking boots for ages it seems. We'll have to look at Hi-Tec next time we go looking.

  69. These Hi-Tec boots are so cute! Living in Utah, I could definitely use these during the winter months coming up and also while hiking which is our favorite past time!

  70. I could just see my hubby wearing the men's boots Tim got to try. He could really use a good pair of hiking boots, especailly since you mentioned they have good ankle support. The trails we hike usually are fairly rocky.

  71. We love Hi-Tec! We just bought my daughter her first pair of "real" hiking boots and they are brown Hi-Tecs. She has loved them. They hold up well and are super comfortable. I'd love to win a pair for my husband.

  72. Despite living in Hawaii, we do travel back to the mainland (New York) a couple of times a year and these would be perfect for the trip. Also like that they are sold at Sears (convenient).

  73. My Hubby loves to wear the "hiking" type boots when he is working his trucking job. He likes them for the support.

  74. I would love this pair! Auckland WP Share Cool Grey/Powder Blue/Charcoal
    My current hikers are pretty beat up! I would love to try them.

  75. I've been looking to get a pair of good leather boots for my brother when he goes out fishing but he hasn't made the investment yet, this would be a good welcome to have and give to my brother.

  76. My husband and I enjoy hiking in national parks. The Women's Hi-Tec V-Lite Lightning HPi would be perfect for me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. Would love to have a great new pair of boots for Winter. It snowed so much last year and I wasn't as ready for it as I should have been!!

  78. I'm already freezing and it is 45 degrees here tonight. I would love some warm, water proof boots for the fall and winter weather that will be heading my way real shortly.

  79. These are such cool boots! I could really use these. My feet stay cold all winter no matter what. These would be HEAVEN!

  80. My darling daughter is so much more the outdoor girl than me...but she drags me along for the ride. I am learning to be as outdoorsy as her.

  81. Those boots have to be the cutest things ever! We were in Rocky Mountain National Park the end of May and went hiking through three feet of snow on parts of the trail- in just tennis shoes. These would have come in handy.

  82. It can get pretty cold here in winter and I'd surely use a pair of such practical and warm boots, especially since I like taking daily walks and going hiking with my hubby and our two dogs. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  83. The weather is getting much colder now and that means comfort food, flannel shirts and boots. I would really like to win a pair of womens boots. Mine have seen much better days.

  84. We don't hike up many mountains around here, but going for "nature" walks together is one of our favorite free dates. :)

  85. I am very interested in these boots. I wear boots every day for work, and I find that most of them fail or break dow under extreme weather. If these could last through extreme conditions I would love to have a pair for my own.

  86. My family enjoys camping and hiking and we all have hiking boots. My sons are both Eagle Scouts and camp often. My oldest hiked the Appalachian Trail while at a summer camp in North Carolina!

  87. Yes, those are so cute and I would probably be wearing them right now if I had a pair! My husband wears boots to work, so it would be a tough call on who would be getting a new pair!

  88. I think it's wonderful that your girls are growing up in the wild. I hope my son has as much of a feeling of ease in nature as they do. We get out everyday, even in poor weather.

    My husband would love these boots. His hiking boots are sadly falling apart after many years of use.

  89. I just love those Chukkas you featured. My camping-crazed daughter sure could use a pair of these to keep her feet toasty during these crisp fall mornings. They'd also be great for walking her companion-the-dog in the crunchy snow. :)

  90. The boots are so nice and besides being pretty they are functional. I go outside a lot in the winter to walk the dog, watch the kids while they play and these would be so nice to have.

  91. I would love some new boots! We're supposed to have record breaking cold temps this winter, so these would be awesome to have!

  92. Those boots are so stylish AND practical. A complete must in Minnesota during Dec, Jan and Feb. I have a couple pairs of Ugg shoes that keep my toes nice and toasty during the winter months but I do need some quality boots to pull on over my jeans when it's sloppy and cold outside. Haven't heard of this company before. I'll have to take a look!


  94. Last winter we got hit with so much snow, something we're really not used to, and I was caught totally unprepared for it. I had to wear three pairs of socks and my husband's boots to shovel; not too attractive I might add. I would love to win these beauties just in case we get hit like that again because my husband is deployed and I will be shoveling for sure. Thank you!

  95. These boots are adorable! They seem to so sturdy and stylish at the same time. These would be great for those cold Michigan winters.

  96. This prize would be perfect for when my husband and I go on camping trips in Wyoming. I wear out a pair of boots every year because I hike so much.

  97. I really love the Snowflake Chukka that you have on. They are so adorable.

    Shaunda.Eppes at gmail dot com

  98. The Snowdonia 200 are so cute. I looked for my husbands size first but they don't carry anything over 13 in boots for men..I sure could use the Snowdonia 200 for this winter though..Thanks for the chance.

  99. My husband and I have been whining to each other about our sneakers we wear on all of our hikes! We would LOVE to have REAL hiking boots for our lovely mountains!

  100. O, I love the look of the Snowflake boots (anything with soft fuzzies inside gets my attention :) Those would be so fabulous for our chilly winters. Also, it's so great that you're giving your girls such an early introduction to the joys of the outdoors & the skills involved - that's always inspiring to me!

  101. Now, I would've completely disregarded boots like that as ridiculous for life in this part of Arizona. But then I thought about how much I wear slipper socks around the house, even in the summer, and maybe you're right . . .

  102. I would love to win some boots like that for my hubby! The winter booties look fun too, but I don't really think they would survive our winters here and would probably end up more as slippers... which I have 2 pair and still never wear! My hubby would probably like it if I did though because it seems I never notice my feet are cold until I get into bed... yes, even in the summer!

    1. The Snowflake boots definitely aren't hiking boots. I see them more as slippers too...the kind of boots to wear in the early morning or late at night...or, perhaps, out on errands in cold weather.

  103. My family really loves the outdoors too! They boots you are wearing look so warm and cozy. Here in Utah my feet are cold for about 9 months of the year. A good pair or boots is always a must.

  104. My dad used to always take us to tromp around the woods of New England when we were little, and I spent my summers exploring the woods around our house with neighborhood friends. I wouldn't say I'm a completely outdoor person, but I think it helped me feel pretty comfortable outside as I grew up (except for bugs, bugs were always gross ... and I would love to win these boots to protect my feet from those little creepy crawlies!) :)

  105. Yes, your boots are terribly cute! How could anyone choose a practical hiking boot over those little cuties! My husband could use new hiking boots though so maybe I would cave and let him have a new pair first!

  106. Wow, your boots look SO cozy! I was just looking for some waterproof boots for myself. Hopefully we won't see nearly the amount of snow we saw last year on the East Coast, but I'm sure a little bit is inevitable.

  107. I haven't had a pair of winter boots since I was a kid! I would definitely LOVE a pair now though to keep my feet warm when the snow starts flying! :-)

  108. I'd love to have a great pair of Trail Raider Mid 200 boots for cleaning driveways of snow this winter! I enjoy running the snowblower to help neighbors get out, but really need a great pair of waterproof, insulated boots!

    mattschmunk at gmail dot com

  109. Those boots are SO adorable! I don't think I'd want to actually wear them hiking, for fear of messing them up! :)

  110. We're the same way, Aaron is fearless, the kids all follow him and I walk behind, telling myself I don't need to be so careful. We are very intentional about not saying "don't do that, you will fall", we don't want them holding back out of fear. Oh we're gonna miss you guys!

  111. I have never really had a comfortable pair of hiking boots, it would be awesome to get some. Tennis shoes just don't cut it!

  112. My husband can ALWAYS use new shoes but for me - I love the cute pair you are wearing and besides I am the one in my house who rides my bike year around - rain, snow and -25 will always find me on my bike.

  113. We don't get snow up here, but we do get much colder weather that Tucson! Bring those boots up here and we can hike in the redwoods and run on the beach with the kiddos!

  114. These boots are adorable! They would make a great thing to wear here in the winter! Plus they really look functional too, not just fashinable!:)

  115. Your boots are adorable! I think they're the first pair of fashionable AND waterproof boots I've seen! I definitely needs something like that for northern Colorado winters!

  116. Oh my gosh those boots are too cute. I am not too much of a outdoorsy person, I think that is why it felt a little weird to me living in Montana. Everyone did outdoor things all the time and I just wasn't into it. I love taking a nice drive and looking at all the nature stuff but I don't like to get dirty. Man I'm girly sometimes. :)

  117. Love the women's boots and that they are cute while still being functional! When I try to get my husband a good pair of boots that keeps things out I always feel like they are so heavy. Glad to hear these are a lighter weight!

  118. The boots are definitely cute!!! They look well made! I am also in love with your daughter's boots in the ergo post! She looks darling in boots and her dress!

  119. We don't hike all that much, but we have snow! And those boots look like they would be great for snow. My husband usually just shovels in his sneakers, which ultimately end up sopping wet.

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