The Outdoor Family: KOA

The Outdoor Family: KOA 1What kind of "camper" are you?

  • Do you like to rough it in the backwoods with a tent and nary a bathroom in sight?
  • Do you prefer the comforts of home in an RV or fifth wheel?
  • Or would you rather settle into a cozy cabin or cheery bungalow?

I like all three kinds of camping, except...I DO like to have an accessible bathroom.

Regardless of your style, KOA (Kampgrounds of America) has something to offer you. KOA is a network of 450+ family-friendly campgrounds throughout North America. The campgrounds boast clean restrooms, wireless internet, playgrounds and pools, and a variety of lodging options from RV sites to Kamping Kabins®.

The Outdoor Family: KOA 2As far as I can tell, rates range from $15-$100/night (each KOA is independently operated and sets their own rates).

Next time you're ready to book a hotel, consider KOA instead. You'll have plenty of amenities (if that's what you want), plus your kids will be able to run, explore, swim, and hike outdoors.

Also here's a holiday gift idea: buy a KOA gift certificate for a family in your life (or for your own family). Available in $25 denominations, you'll give the gift of MEMORIES...and not just more stuff.

Have you ever stayed at a KOA Kampground? What is your camping style?

The Outdoor Family: KOA 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a Value Kard Rewards membership for 1 year (good for 10% off qualifying stays, plus camping discounts). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, October 11th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* KOA set me up with a Value Kard Rewards membership for review purposes and is also providing 1 membership for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #1 Jessicah. Congratulations!

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32 comments on “The Outdoor Family: KOA”

  1. i love camping getting up at sunrise look out and see tree and brids sing tack a long walk and see and feeling what life is all about this would nice

  2. My sister and her family would love this! They almost always stay in a KOA campground about forty minutes from my house and would appreciate this membership and its benefits.

  3. I've never stayed in a KOA, at least I don't think so. Our current style is in two tent is a 10 person one and the other is for 4 people. My husband sleeps in the little one with a few of the boys. We have to be close to the bathroom/shower and we always reserve two sites so we can spread out. Plus, that gives us two picnic tables to push together.
    Before we had children we were invited by an older couple to camp for three weeks in their RV. We flew to Boston to meet up with them (they left a week earlier and drove the RV up there). From Boston, we went all over New England, took the ferry from Maine to Nova Scotia and then toured NS, PEI and returned to Maine. We flew home from Bangor, ME. What great memories we shared. I am so glad I did that trip right before we started our family. That's why I can't recall if I've stayed in a KOA campground...I wasn't the one making the reservations...I was just along for the ride. I'd love to check one out though.

  4. We just stayed at our first KOA in September, the grounds were clean, the customers service was great, the prices were competitive. I would definitely stay at a KOA property again!

  5. We've never stayed at a KOA site but have heard great things. This would make a great Christmas present for my husband. Nothing like starting early!!!

  6. Last June we stayed at the Lake Placid KOA in our 5th wheel trailer and enjoyed our 5 nights there very much. Nice campground with pool. They had a special celebration one night and we got dinner free.

  7. i am a tent camping kind of girl but my husband thinks a hotel room is roughing it. i would love to win this would help me convince him to take our son camping.

  8. We love to camp, and love all three types. We determine the type of camping based on the activities we have planned - four wheeling, jeeping, hiking, or just relaxing with family. If our main objective it jeeping - we'll hunt for the cabin with bathroom and shower. Tenting it - we like anyplace! We've never used KOA before, but my dad actually lived in a 5th wheel in one for a few years just before retirement. He liked the ability to use the ground's shower and bathrooms so he didn't have to use the trailer one (or clean it)!

  9. We stay in KOA campgrounds frequently. We have a 30 ft. fifth wheel and we're on the road about 30 percent of the time.

  10. my husband and I just love camping and it's been quite some time since we've been able to go. I believe if I won this we'd get back in touch with nature more often


  12. Okay, I can camp anywhere, RV, Tent, Cabin, HOWEVER, a CLEAN bathroom is a MUST!!! I do not enjoy a privy or dirty campground stall! :)
    I have wanted to try a KOA for some time - once, I planned and mapped out an imaginary trip across the entire country (from my house to my best friend's house in Seattle) having us hop from KOA to KOA.... maybe one day our family will make good and take this trip! :)

  13. KOA camping makes life enjoyable. The family is in a safe friendly environment with lots of activities usually available and planned. When on a road trip you don't even have to think about where to go: just follow the KOA dots on a map!

  14. I love the idea of giving a KOA gift certificate and giving the gift of memories! Although we don't have a camper right now we do enjoy the KOA cabins. The last time I went camping in early college it was in one the cabins and we had a great time!

  15. I'd prefer the cabin. I'm just not into roughing it.

    We rented a tent campsite at KOA prom night, none of the local hotels would rent out rooms to teenagers. There were 8 of us, if I remember right, and it was very hilarious to try to change out of prom dresses in a tent! But we had a blast.

    My dad stays at the same KOA in a cabin every year when he comes to visit us.

  16. Hehe...camping, I really don't like camping, never tried it in an RV or a cabin though so who know! My mother loves camping, I don't get it though, all the bugs, hard ground to sleep on and no real bathroom. Sure I will go hiking or hang out at a campground but I like to be comfy and warm in my bed at night. I would totally give this to my mother in hopes that she would take my girls camping now and then with her.

  17. Wow! It's been a while since I've used a KOA! I think it was the summer of '86 and we were driving from Delaware to California after a 3-year tour in Germany. When we shipped our car back to the states I'm sure they thought we were quite odd, since the back was filled with a tent and sleeping bags. We mapped out our nightly stops so that we would be in a camp before dark and a few had pools so the kids could swim and cool off after a long day on the road.

    We now prefer to camp a little away from organized campgrounds since they can be quite loud and it's harder to give the dogs room to run, but I sure did appreciate the toilets and showers to keep me feeling human.

  18. We'd tent when I was younger but sometimes on the way to or from a vacation destination I have memories of staying in a KOA cabin!

  19. We love traveling and camping but I have never stayed there before. I like the price point of $15-100 a night for a cabin/ space. And I always love to be outdoors, I wonder if they allow horses?

  20. What a fun giveaway! We used to camp (tent camp) before the kids were born but we have yet to take our kids camping. I think, though, that I'd prefer an RV or cabin because of the kids. Like you, I think an accessible bathroom is a must have but I am anxious to get them outdoors for the weekend, so I'll visit my local KOA site. Thanks!

  21. I stayed at a KOA campground with my family years ago! I did not realize that had cabins though. That would be wonderful as we no longer have our pop-up or a tent, but still would love to camp!

  22. There's a KOA just outside town. We stay there when we want to camp, but don't have time to drive a long distance. The kids love it because it's got a pond and a playground.

  23. Our camping style is "any kind of camping syle is great!" We backpack, and we haul our pop-up to a range of campgrounds, from very developed, like a KOA to very undeveloped like a random spot in a National Forest!

    Just recently, my husband and I were thinking the girls were getting old enough for us to try a cross-country trip to see family (about 3 10-hour days). I would choose the little KOA cabins over a motel/hotel anyday. For one, the price is great, and they are all so family friendly, that there would be plenty of things for the kids to do: swim, play, run around. With such long road trips, they need a place to get their sillies out!

  24. Oh yes, the KOA kampgrounds are totally my kind of camping. I've stayed at the one in Williams several times on retreats in college. Clean, comfy, but still outdoors enough to qualify as camping in my book!

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