The Outdoor Family: See Kai Run

The Outdoor Family: See Kai Run 1Our 18-month-old has officially entered the chasing stage. She runs away on those wobbly legs as fast and as cute as she can be...and then looks back to grin mischievously. Then, I scoop her up and whisper in her ear (while she giggles wildly)..."I love you, my little One And A Half."

Sometimes, of course, this game of chase isn't all fun + games - like in the grocery store or in the middle of a church service. [In-between 1 and 2 can be hard sometimes].

Even so, I can't get enough of her - her expressions (have I mentioned that she totally has the puppy dog pout down to an art?), her gusto for life, and her tender heart! And those cheeks!


The Outdoor Family: See Kai Run 2She's wearing the Kai Pink tennis shoes ($40) by See Kai Run in these photos. They're soft, flexible, sturdy, and super stylish - perfect for running, climbing, and being chased.

And the pediatrician wants to know why she's falling off the CDC growth charts! Really?!? ;)

The Outdoor Family: See Kai Run 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of shoes of his/her choice from See Kai Run or Smaller. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, October 11th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* See Kai Run sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 pair of shoes for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #32 Lachelle. Congratulations!

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134 comments on “The Outdoor Family: See Kai Run”

  1. my daughter just started walking a couple weeks ago! she thinks she is a big girl now that she can kinda keep up with her big brother. i love see kai run shoes they are so stylish and cute.i really like the luna shoes!

  2. I remember those days of constantly chasing my my older children when they were little and my youngest is just starting to pull up so it won't be long until the chase is on again. See Kai Run has so many cute styles and look perfect for learning to walk in.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  3. My daughter's foot is so wide that shoe shopping can be quite an adventure. I can't wait to see if her feet are also as long as mine when she grows up; I wear a size 11!

  4. Oh, I love those little "Jackie" shoes in the Smaller Collection of See Kai Run! We're expecting our 3rd little granddaughter, and my daughter-in-law says that the way she's kicking now seems to indicate that she'll be a runner (just like her Mommy!)

  5. I love their shoes they are so adorable. My favorite pair is the Madilyn with the cute little pink sweet :)

  6. These shoes look great, I love that they have very flexible soles & look like they will fit my daughter's chubby feet!

  7. We have a pair of the Kai Mini - Pink which is a Smaller See Kai Run shoe and I just love it for my 20 month old. She has almost outgrown this pair and when she does I will definitely be getting the next size up because these shoes are so cute but very functional too.

  8. Alas, this summer was the last for my son to wear SKR (he has his sandals on today). He'll be in a size too large next summer. I have a friend, however, who has a little one, and I'd love to introduce her to this brand.

  9. I had those exact shoes only in the smaller version for my daughter when she was about 7 months old. I loved them and she wore them until her toes started to crinkle in them. I still have them saved in case this baby is girl! Love See Kai Run. Amazing quality shoes!

  10. I am glad to see they carry my three-year old's size (8) so I'd love to pick out a pair for her. I love hearing how "in love" you are with your girls :)

  11. i've seen these shoes reviewed on so many blogs and man are they cute! i hate buying things online though, returns are always a hassle =S

    autumn398 @

  12. See Kai Run shoes are all so adorable!
    I'm always curious to know where my kids are on the growth chart, then have to remind myself it really doesn't matter, nor will "knowing" make a difference in where they will end up later in life. Wonder how they determine what's "average"?

  13. Their shoes are so well made. I've had the go through two kids and still look new. I love how flexable the soles of the Kai Run shoes are.

  14. I love See Kai Run's smaller Hadley, Monica and Michelle shoes.
    They look like they are good quality and really cute styles!

  15. I would love to try these shoes on my 2 year old daughter. I'm having another little girl in December and only have tried pedipeds. I always forget about see kai run when buying shoes.

  16. These are so stylish and fun! I appreciate that they have cute boy styles as well because those can be hard to find sometimes.

  17. Would love to win the See Kai Run Sara for my 3 year old niece. She only has 1-2 years left for See Kai Run and then it's time for Eleven :)

    ReggieM1961 [at] gmail [dot] com

  18. I can't believe she's a year and a half!! It seems like once they hit that chasing stage, they don't stop running! The world is such an exciting place!

  19. What a treat to win these shoes! They are a wonderful, long lasting brand - and modern and cute to boot! (pardon the pun)

  20. My 20-monther has recently learned the run away game. Doing my best not to encourage that. And my very active kid is also at the bottom of the growth charts (for weight, not height).

    In the meantime trying to find her good running shoes!

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  22. My little ones usually wear crocks or flip flops, but Tuesday, my poor little one got a HUGE OWIE blister on the inside of her foot from her crocks. It looks HORRIBLE. We are considering a different type of "run around" shoe for her. Poor kid!

  23. I love see kai run shoes, my son just grew out of a pair, sad face. Maybe we can win some, i think once I won shoes for myself from you!!!

    keep up the good work steph!


  24. I love SKR shoes and get so many compliments on them. I can't wait to get a Smaller pair for my 6 month old. I like the Ivan style. I got matching pairs of SKR for them to wear next year.

  25. We've got one pair of See Kai Run shoes, and they are gorgeous. Darah will grow into them soon...I can't wait!

    Most of her shoes are from Target and places like that. She hates them and refuses to wear them. I own one pair of high quality shoes (Pediped) that she can fit into, and she actually brings them to me so that she can wear them. Lesson learned: better to have 1 pair of well-made shoes for Darah than 6 pair of cute but not so comfy shoes from the clearance rack of a box store.

    1. Agreed! Our girls usually only have 2 pairs in their given size - one pair of sandals and one pair of boots (or tennis shoes).

  26. I would really love to win a pair of these shoes, our little boy is due in December and I know how important it is to have good quality shoes for your children while they are learning to walk. I think that See Kai Run shoes are really high quality and very very cute, I love all the boy styles too.

    bakergurl02 @ yahoo dot com

  27. She's way too cute to hold a grudge on. :) I like how these shoes look soft, and not hard on heavy for unsteady little feet..

  28. My daughter is in the pulling up and thinking about walking stage, so I am looking for the perfect pair of shoes for her to wear for the winter - the ones she will probably start walking in! The Margo by Smaller are my favorite pair, although they are all very cute it is hard to choose.


  30. My little boy takes off running with the same little mischievious grin! He would look so cute in the Green See Kai Run shoes.

  31. These shoes are completely adorable! I love the Layne little girl boots. They look they wouldn't fall apart in a week and you could even use them for multiple children as they grow out of them!

  32. See Kai Run always has cute styles, and the shoes look like they're great in quality.
    I love the John shoes~

  33. My middle son has fat feet and it's so hard to find shoes that fit. See Kai Run look like they would be awesome shoes.

  34. My little Levi is definitely in the *mostly* adorable "run away" stage too :) He's also a climber extraordinaire and gives all his shoes a run for the money!

  35. I have seen these shoes on little girls before and wanted them for my 3 year old. They are so cute and she is needing a new pair of kicks.

  36. Adorable shoes. We have a few baby shoes for our 7 month old but really he's not in the shoe needing stage QUITE yet. although to see his feet run in the air, I know the minute he gets his "land legs" he is going to take off and probably wear out a pair of shoes in NO TIME! :)

  37. I love, love, love these shoes! My daughter had two pairs when she was learning to walk and she wore them ALL the time. I have a little baby boy now and need to get some for him. He'll be walking before I know it!

  38. Oh, I'm just checking in on all these lovely giveaways! See Kai Run is one my favorite lines and I sadly can't afford them. We need some new shoes for the kids really bad. :) Thanks!

  39. My nine month old is at 9% on the CDC charts. My doctor asked us last week, "Are you feeding him any meat yet?" (hint, hint)

  40. I love See Kai Run shoes. My son is now almost big enough for their snazzy Eleven line for older kids! (But the baby will be in Smaller/SKR for a while yet...)

  41. The shoes from See Kai Run and Smaller are soooo adorable, I would love to have tons of them for my son!!! I really like the Harry from Smaller!

  42. My Lil was always off the growth chart until she hit 17 months, I think her highest before that was .02%tile. All the sudden at 20 months she gained 3 pounds and is now 24 pounds at almost 22 pounds.

    We keep her rear facing and will continue for as long as we can. I have heard turning them around increases their risk of injury in a accident something like 90%.

    These shoes are too cute and have been wanting to get Lily some for a while now.

    1. Our 18mo is still rear facing as well. We'll probably turn her around when we hit the road in January, just shy of her 2nd birthday.

  43. I love hearing about quality products before I spend money on them. I feel like shoes are an important item for quick toddlers feet and am willing to spend a little more than I would on other products. I will have to check these out!

  44. Love the shoes! They are so cute.

    I have not yet tried See Kai Run shoes, but my friends all spout good things about them.

    I may have to try them with my new walker.

  45. I've heard only good things about See Kai Run Shoes! My daughter will start walking soon so I'd love to win!

  46. Such adorable shoes. I love that they have a wide range of sizes. My 18mo old is really small (barley 20lbs) and only wears a size 3.5-4 in infant shoes so we have a hard time finding shoes in her size and she's been walking since 13.5mo (when she barley wore a size 2). I also love that this company is from the Pacific Northwest!!

  47. I'd love to win a pair of Kai Run for my 2 year old son! These shoes look strong and made to last! Plus they have some darling different styles!

  48. I love " toddlerhood". My little one is 25 months old and I really enjoy every single step, expression, jump of his! Your daughter looks adorable! Love those shoes too...we've never owned a pair and I have heard such good things about the,.

  49. The Arianna in pink would be perfect for my preschooler! Love See Kai Run! My girl had a pair last year and it was really comfy.

  50. I know what you mean my 8 month old little boy is crawling all over the place and loves it when I chase him! I am dreading the walking, he already pulls himself up to walk along things, so I know he'll need some shoes soon enough!

  51. Those shoes are adorable!!! My almost 2 year old is insistent upon picking out her own shoes in the morning! She almost always picks the shoes that I would imagine would be the most comfortable for her. We do a lot of running and jumping all day long :)

  52. I got each of my grandkids a pair of shoe from See Kai Run and they love them. I will get them more from them because the kids like them so much and never complain about not wanting to wear them. This leaves me to believe that they if to be really comfortable for them.

  53. I love the Tomi shoes. Grace is all about pink and it's harder than you would think to find nice shoes in her color choice. I also like the Taylors because it seems like the design would help a "me-do-it" child to get the shoes on the right foot

  54. I would love to try a pair of these! We always had to get Stride Rite extra wide for my older son, but I don't know if Noah's feet will be so wide. We'll see I guess as I'm sure he'll be walking waaaay before brother was!

    1. Stride Rite is my other favorite brand for toddler & kid shoes! Our 4-year-old has a pair of SR boots and she's been wearing them everywhere lately.

  55. I love me some See Kai Run! My daughter has had several pairs as she has grown and learned to walk, and now run! They are great quality and never pinch or rub like some other brands. Doesn't hurt they have a million cool styles I wish she could have a pair to go with every outfit!

  56. I love that your girls are busy, active, and fun! It is hard to believe how fast they grow isn't it!? Now is 18 a blink she will be four and your sweet #1 will be 6! We absolutely LOVE See Kai Runs! They are among the only type of shoes we could buy for my daughter. While they are a bit pricey, they are SO worth it! My daughter has wide, chubby feet and for the longest time, See Kai Run's were the only type of shoe that fit her feet! No cute, narrow mary-jane shoes on her feet, but See Kai Run's are so stylish and cute and well made! They also make super cute shoes for boys!!

  57. How did you know both my boys are in desperate need of shoes? Although these shoes are so adorable I'd be a little afraid to let them outside.

  58. My 15 month old still isn't walking - not that he cant, he just doesn't want to - because he can crawl as fast as his sister can run! Why slow down to walk? I love the soft shoes and both my little ones liked them too

  59. We are having our first baby and my sister loves soft, flexible shoes for her (active) 16 month old to wear. These sound like they'd fit the bill.

  60. My youngest, Lily, LOVES shoes. When she is older she will be the girl with 300 pairs! She loves putting everyone else's one and walking around them, she loves wearing different shoes at the same time, and she loves putting on as many different pairs in one day as she can. but then at the same time she loves being barefoot.

  61. My 14-month-old loves to play chase, but so far only does it inside. He giggles like crazy as Hubby or I chase him will loudly proclaiming "I'm gonna catch a baby!!" every few steps, then tickling and kissing him when we do catch him.

  62. my toddler feet has been growing so fast, I have to buy new shoes every week becasue she keeps going up a size.

  63. I just bought my first pair of SKR shoes about a month ago for my little Lucy and I LOVE them. I bought a dressier style so she doesn't wear them outdoors a lot but I know that the quality is high enough that she totally could. I just don't want those pretty maryjane toes to get scuffed up too much! :)

    PS...Lucy (17 mos) is also falling off the growth charts but my pediatrician doesn't seemed concerned and neither am I. She's just barely squeeked over the 20-pound mark. I know 6-month-olds that are heavier than her! But I know she's healthy so I'll let her little body do what's good for her.

    1. Our little one has yet to reach 20 pounds, but - like you - I'm not concerned. She eats well (including lots of whole milk and real butter) and she's super active. ;)

      I'm curious: do you still have Lucy rear-facing in her car seat?

  64. I have a sweet litlle neice (who is actually my cousin, but she calls me Aunt Sarah) who would love these! Her family is very adventurous and loves visiting family in Colorado so I would love to be able to bless them with these!

  65. I LOVE how adventurous you are with kids. Not enough people spend time with their kids outdoors :) love the little shoes. Hard to believe that in a few months my son will be running around and need a pair :)

  66. I finally got my little one to start wearing shoes in the past month when I bought her some princess sandles--now she always wants to wear them, but with winter coming on I know that I have to find some other shoes for her. These look perfect! She loves to run her little 14 month heart out!

    1. Our 18-month-old just started wearing "real shoes" about 2 weeks ago. Up until that point, she was content in her Robeez shoes and didn't want anything to do with shoes with soles. Now, she loves them though!

  67. My little one is starting to walk pushing chairs and laundry baskets around. I keep thinking "oh those chasing days are almost upon us again" :) Lots of work but that precious age just flies by doesn't it?
    My girls have always "fallen off" the growth charts at that age too :)

  68. See Kai Run's are a house hold favorite! When Kyleigh was a bit over 1 we loved to watch "Ky" run in her See Kai Run's.

  69. Eli is the same way! The only time he's even moderately still is when he is sleeping.
    He has mastered the mischievous glint and I love it! It's soooooooo hard not to laugh when he gets that look. :)

  70. I LOVE See Kai Run shoes! They are my favorite shoes for toddlers/preschoolers. The style your daughter has on is very cute!

  71. I have been eyeing these shoes for a while. So cute! I would have a hard time deciding between a boys style or a girls!!! I really like green these days, so...

  72. I'm always so excited to see your posts appear in my inbox and i love reading reviews of products that you find useful/helpful but i always get sad when there are giveaways because I can't win them! Poop! If only you lived in Australia....
    p.s is that the new ergo?? i've been eyeing it off and trying to convince my husband that two carriers are a good idea :)

  73. We are lucky enough to have had a pair of See Kai Run shoes and they are well made and built to last. They hardly even look like our little one wore them. I appreciate that they have lots of boy styles too!

  74. Not US resident please do not enter this comment !

    I love that stage of toddler-hood, indeed it does comes with ups and downs but it always so much fun!

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