The Outdoor Family: Syncline GTX by The North Face

The Outdoor Family: Syncline GTX by The North Face 1The first time I wore these hiking boots, I kept saying, "These boots are comfortable!" "I am so steady on my feet!" "My ankles are totally supported!" "Look! I'm tromping through the water and I can't feel any water seeping in!"

It was kind of like I was in a commercial for The North Face. Except my hair was messy, I barely had any make-up on, and I was carrying a baby.

The Outdoor Family: Syncline GTX by The North Face 2In all seriousness, the Syncline GTX boots ($150) are outstanding. I give them a solid five stars when it comes to construction, functionality, and...cuteness (they don't look huge and masculine like some boots do). Another plus is that these boots require almost no breaking in - I slipped them on and my feet were immediately at ease.

If you're considering a reputable pair of boots for light hiking and outdoor adventuring, I highly recommend the Syncline GTX.

P.S. Want to keep up with The North Face? (They make awesome outdoor apparel and gear for men, women, and kids). Follow TNF on Twitter or Like TNF on Facebook.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of boots from The North Face. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, October 11th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* The North Face sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 pair of boots for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #52 Christine. Congratulations!

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75 comments on “The Outdoor Family: Syncline GTX by The North Face”

  1. We have a dog - taking him on his daily walks can find us in varied terrain and weather.
    Those boots with the GTX would help keep my feet dry.
    My hubby has a great North Face jacket so we know that North Face's quality is excellent
    Chris Ann

  2. I'm pretty sure my brother in law would weep upon sight of these boots. He needs a nice durable pair and I'd love to give him some!

  3. I love The North Face products but they are a bit pricey. These boots do look cute thoughm I don't do much hiking but these would be great for snow!

  4. Wow, Stephanie, I can't believe you have all these outdoorsy giveaways going on. I'm entering just in the nick of time. You made these boots sound so comfortable, I'd love a chance to try them out myself. Thanks, Kathy

  5. We walk everyday ( or most days) for health and also to help us lose a few pounds, we generally go 3-5 miles and when winter weather hits us we usually took a break until it warmed up but this year we started thinking that we should continue to walk regardless of the weather. We have some great metro parks in our area that have lots of trails for hiking and walking and we have walked them many times in the spring & summer and now enjoy the changes in scenery as the weather changes to fall. For us walking has been the best exercise because first we can do it together and when we walk we listen to our Ipods and discuss the lessons we've downloaded regarding learning the Chinese language. We have both been learning Chinese for several years now and download daily lessons onto our Ipods to listen to while walking. Of course walking in winter means bundling up in layers and wearing good hiking shoes/boots as well and those boots look perfect for our daily hike in the park.
    Thanks for the great giveaway

  6. I don't know that I've ever owned a comfortable pair of hiking boots, let alone any that keep my feet dry! Wow, wonder how much better it would be hiking with a really great pair of hiking boots??

  7. At this time in my life, that is out of our budget, but when you say 5 stars for a hiking boot, you have my interest peaked. I trust you to give a sincere opinion. And yes, I truly do want hiking boots and want to start going out on adventures with my kids more. I am so sick of all the things that keep us indoors. I am trying hard to find things we enjoy outdoors more. I bought my kids each a backpack recently when I found them clearanced for this very purpose! :)

  8. I looked at the North Face site and they have a great selection of footwear. I love the WOMEN'S ALANA MID boots, thanks!

  9. wow!! great giveaway! the hiking boots i have are so old and are starting to hurt my feet so i could really use these for our hiking trips....we are going on vacation to Tennessee soon and i know we will be hiking so this would be great!


  10. These sound really comfortable. I have some Gortex LL Beans, but they're so high that they rub against my upper ankles and I end up not wearing them as much as I should. It snows 5 months out of the year here and good boots are essential!

  11. When I got my hiking boots I tried them out on regular surface streets and thought they were a bit stiff-- actually made it harder to walk instead of easier. And then I went hiking in them and whoa! what a difference! I had traction where I never had it before. Rough, pebbly terrain went passed underfoot unnoticed. Makes me realize how long it's been since I've gone hiking!

  12. Oh Boots Boots Boots lovely Booooots! You have me singing :) My family wears through boots so quickly it would be great to Win a pair or two ;)

  13. I would love to have these for hiking. We don't go as often as I would like but if I am the lucky winner I will have another reason to hit the trails!

  14. I checked out the boots . They have a thing called Heal Cradle which it says absorbs body mass. being on the heavier side this is some thing that I am going to be looking for so that I will be enjoying my walk in the woods.

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  16. I've never actually owned a pair of "real" hiking boots. I usually just use my old tennis shoes for hiking. They work, but when we went camping a few weeks ago, and I went hiking with little ones, my feet were sore!

  17. My husband adores his hiking boots. They didn't get much use in Memphis because it isn't really a hiking destination, but now that we are in Chattanooga, they are in demand. The only problem is that she sole is starting to separate from the bottom of the shoe! Yikes! I actually took them to a shoe repair shop, and their "fix" didn't work. So, hubby needs a new pair of boots!

  18. When hiking a comfortable, protective shoe is a must. These would be great for our hiking trips in our local mountains!

  19. I have never had a pair of North Face boots, but I have heard that they are very good and sturdy boots. I see them on a lot of people and have always wondered how they held up over the years. It looks like they are worth the extra cost.

  20. My husband has North Face hunting boots and now my son wants to get into hunting so these boots would be perfect for him.

    Shaunda.Eppes at gmail dot com

  21. I haven't had any purchases or products from North Face so I am not for sure how their products are but waterproof boots are always great. There is nothing worse than stepping in water and feeling it..Glad yours was not like that..

  22. My current boots are still in pretty good shape, but are definitely old clunky ones - these look trim & comfy! I would use them for hiking in the warmer months, and every day wear in the cold winter months.

  23. Who doesn't love the North Face!? They were my FIRST choice for a backpack when I hiked the tallest peak in the Northeast - Mt. Washington. A nine hour round trip hike in freezing weather and snow/sleet once you got past the snow line. That pack kept my changes of clothes nice and dry for me to thaw out before making my descent! :)

  24. My husband loves products from The North Face company but I didn't know they sold shoes. He would be thrilled with these!

  25. I don't know if these would help me stay on my feet but anything is worth a try. You don't know how many times I have fallen and gotten really bad sprains just from turning my ankle. One minute I am standing there the next minute I am at the bottom of a small hill and my husband is laughing at me while I am in tears from hurting my ankle(don't worry he helped me limp back...after he was done laughing and found path to get to me.).

  26. I could definitely use a nicer/newer pair of hiking boots for when I go hiking with my dad (it's still something we enjoy doing together, though I'm married and moved out from home)!

    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  27. The boots sound wonderful! The last hike we went on, water leaked in, all through my shoes, and I spent most of the day miserable. These sound like they would be perfect for our adventures through the woods!

  28. North Face is such a great brand. Their products are quality made and always last a long time. I have never owned a pair of hiking boots myself...they look great!

  29. I completely wore out my Soloman hiking boots after 2 summers in Yellowstone (and well over 200 miles!) and haven't had a chance to get a new pair! These would be great as I'm particularly prone to rolling my ankles!

  30. Living in the Pacific Northwest we survive on North Face clothing. I guess everyone from all over the country could claim that though. They have something for everyone. We do make a joke of it up here though that you wear your fleece to any occasion!

  31. We love going on walks by the ocean and hikes in the redwoods! Since our trip to Austria, Markus has the itch to hike up mountains again. We have been letting Jameson walk around without the stroller and he is getting quite good...he is almost up to 2.5 miles, walking the whole way by himself (without stopping to pick up every little thing or torture bugs!) We are eager to be more active outside!

  32. Hiking and camping are such fun and affordable getaways. Love hiking in CO and books would be awesome - just use the same old shoes currently. An added bonus is getting exercise that doesn't feel like work. :-)

  33. I'm hiking in sneakers right now as affording nice boots is not in the budget. What a blessing this gift would be!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  34. I use to hike in in hiking boots all of the time then I started hiking in my sneakers (as well as running, walking, etc in my sneakers). these boots look like a great way to get me to hike in hiking boots again.

  35. The North Face is one of those companies where you get exactly what you pay for. They may be on the expensive side but you can be sure that you're buying the highest quality and that it will last for a really long time. We don't own any of their boots but we do have a few of their fleece jackets. And you can't walk anywhere in Minnesota in the winter without seeing at least one out of every five people sporting a North Face coat. So warm!

  36. I don't have anything even close to appropriate for hiking with my son, and since it's a new interest of his I need to jump in to if I want to spend more time with him. And I do!

  37. i've never owned a pair of hiking boots. for som reason, it never occurred to me to buy some. those look wonderful and probably more comfortable than old tennis shoes!

  38. My husband and I registered for a TON of camping stuff when we got married almost 3 years ago. And, we have yet to use it as he has never been camping and we just can't seem to find the right weekend/place (we've had a few attempts and they were canceled). We are on a mission to change that this month and are looking at setting a date with some friends! These would be awesome!

  39. I LOVE North Face! Nothing better for outdoor gear in my opinion. Hubby needs a new pair, too, because he'll be doing some hiking this fall through NY and PA. Thanks!

  40. My boyfriend is an avid hiker and I have been trying to get myself in shape and share his joy and love of the outdoors. I haven't gotten very good yet. But I'm trying! Those boots look great!

  41. My husband has a pair of North Face boots are his total go to boots during the winter. I have a pair of winter boots that aren't quite as warm as his, but they get the job done when it's cold and wet out!

  42. Those sound neat. I would love shoes that would keep my feet dry. Do they still breath ? I really enjoy hiking though we don't have mountians here, we do still have some nice trails.

  43. I have the hardest time finding shoes that fit my feet correctly, and as I get older my feet get less and less tolerant. I haven't tried these before -- your review makes me want to run to the store. I'm glad you got a pair! I'm sure you'll get great use out of them.

  44. I'd love to be entered! We just bought a travel trailer, so we have been hiking and camping more. My hubby keeps telling me I need to get a pair of boots, but I just haven't yet! These look perfect!

  45. I keep saying I need to purchase a pair of hiking boots. They'd be great when I go camping with my fifth grade class or the family. These look super!

  46. I so love North Face! It started with a North Face vest a few winters ago. Last winter I bought a North Face winter coat, ski pants, winter boots and hiking shoes. In the sping I bought a pair of their cute velcro shoes. This fall I want the same hiking shoes in another colour. I can't get enough North Face :) Winning the hiking boots would be a coo!!

  47. I know how important good hiking boots are as we love to go hunting. You have to be prepared tor a variety of weather conditions and you don't want to learn the hard way that you don't have a good pair! These sound like they are well made.

  48. I still remember you breaking in your hiking boots before you went overseas in high school!
    I could use a nice pair of hiking boots... that also double as cute winter boots!!!

    1. You just brought back so many memories! Those boots were terrible compared to these ones. It took weeks to break them in...and they gave me crazy blisters at the boot camp in Florida.

      Did you go on any mission trips in high school? I don't recall.

  49. The hiking shoes I use now are at least 10 years old. They have served me well, but one thing I dislike about them is how heavy they feel on my feet. I'm sure the new boots are much more lightweight.

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