The Outdoor Family: (the end)

The Outdoor Family: (the end) 1Thanks so much for being a part of this outdoor-themed giveaway event. I read every single comment & e-mail.

I'm curious: Do you like it when I do occasional series like this? I keep going back and forth about it.

On the one hand, I like introducing you to new products and it is so gratifying to send e-mails at the conclusion of the contests that say, "You WON!"

The Outdoor Family: (the end) 2On the other hand, I prefer the lyrical every day posts...the creative writing...the give-and-take that happens on posts revolving around meaningful content.

You tell me. Do you like giveaway events from time-to-time? If so, what "themes" would you be most interested in for the future?

P.S. Several of you have asked about my 4-year-old's boots (above; right). They are made by Stride Rite - and they're fantastic! She gets compliments on them every time we go out...and the zipper makes it super easy for her to put them on and take them off herself. I think they'll be her go-to pair of shoes for autumn and winter.

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32 comments on “The Outdoor Family: (the end)”

  1. I like your themed posts and the way you are able to examine a facet of your life. The giveaways are fun for wishful readers but you are such a great writer- they are not necessary- just fun.
    P.S. Really do like those boots:) I think a couple of us in our household have commented on them. Great boots are part of the fun of fall, right?

  2. I enjoy the occasional themed weekend giveaway and your everyday posts about life. Gee, can't think about any theme ideas at the moment.

  3. I think it is interesting to read about new products and see the prices and hey, somebody is likely to try certain products because they trust your judgment. It is also fun to have a chance to win something (Better yet to actually win it!) but I do take more of an, I don't know if I would say interest, but your regular posts inspire me and touch my heart whereas giveaway posts are fun too they just don't have the same emotional effect. In conclusion, both styles are okay and giveaways don't hurt, in fact I love them but I think your everyday posts are what people actually come here for. The giveaways are just a bonus!

  4. I always love seeing your theme events because you feature such fun products. Many times you show products that I haven't seen yet, so I get to learn about different brands and what they have to offer. I do have to say, I love reading your every day posts about life and family though too!

  5. I think they're fun once in a while, but not all the time. I like your more recent style of blogging..... you know, blogging about life? :) But the giveaways and stuff are fun to read on occasion.

  6. I like the giveaways events. Suggested themes might be cooking, cleaning items, entertainment items, patio items, holiday items, office items, school supplies.

  7. I think the theme giveaway times are very fun. The things you review are usually stuff that we are interested in as well. Very fun!

  8. I love the giveaways (no surprise since I'm a review/giveaway blogger, myself). I like it when the themes are directly related to things the blogger cares about or seasons of that blogger's life. It makes the product stuff feel relevant and not like thinly veiled advertising!

  9. I enjoy your giveaways. What makes you different from other giveaway sites is that you review products that reflect your main interests. Sites that only do reviews often give me a bad taste - as if the blogger is only interested in receiving freebies. Your site is more cohesive. It does not come across that you are only blogging for personal gain (products) since you balance your content with heart issues.

  10. I think events like this are fun. I am not one to enter very many giveaways. But, having one comment entries makes it easy. I enjoy learning about new products and this is the perfect way to do it!

  11. I really like reading your reviews of products and it's fun to have a chance to win things. I usually like the same things as you. The first thing i bought on your recommendation was a package of Aden + Anais swaddling blankets and I could not love them more!

    I like your current balance of writing and giveaways. As far as themes, I really like the ideas in the previous comments, especially Mikaela's
    (educational games/toys for preschool age children (my son turned 4 in June), green items (lunchboxes, reusable bags- sandwich, grocery, etc., water bottles, cleaners/soaps), and fun kid-friendly places you’ve (or you will) discovered during your travels – these may or may not be giveaways, but it would be great to read your reviews on various places across the country.)

  12. I've said this before, but I think you do these giveaways better then anyone else. You review them so well, and actually offer awesome stuff I would want to win and know about. :)

    So, I say write your heart out, and then throw a theme in once and awhile- I love it!

    Some themes I would like are: purse/bag/diaper bag/ backpack/ slings and diaper bag in one... just a bag theme! LOL

    That's all I got today LOL, kids are sick and I'm not very creative! (Sleep deprived!)

  13. It seems as if I am enjoying your blog more now with less giveaways and more writing. I love your writting format - short and to the point. But at the same time I do enjoy your giveaways so I would keep things just as they are with theme weeks here and there.

    1. My husband is partially to thank for the "shortness." He edits all of my posts and often karate-chops the text (which I appreciate immensely). Brevity is an art.

  14. I do like an occasional giveaway theme - I like the way you do them. But I'll agree with Krista above, I like it better now than before where you did them every weekend!

    I like pretty much anything you come up with - books, the "outdoor family", etc... Some other things - home office, road trips, back-to-school, etc... what about a charity theme - where the prizes are for charities instead of individuals? I don't know - just a thought!

  15. I do like giveaway events from time to time, but I think I like your style more now than before where you did them every weekend...
    Hmmm. themes? How about a spa theme? With things that you could use at home. Some yummy body lotions and scrubs, candles, and things like that? All natural would be fabulous! You could put in some cool stuff for babies too like natural lotions and body washes.
    Or a date night at home theme? Some couples movies, snacks, if you can get something like it, a DVD player or something. Maybe some music although I know that is really a personal preference! A soft blanket for snuggling, that's big enough for 2!
    How do you get all these products that revolve around a theme? I'm impressed when you do!

  16. I really like your writing style and seeing the fun things you do with your family. I like the things that you choose to give away. I think its fun to have a theme. Whatever you decide I know will be great and I will keep visiting.

  17. I like it when you do them, but only because you pick themes of things that you love. It's always nice to hear what your take is on items you really use.

  18. Definitely love your giveaway themes - it's sometimes hard to know what products are worth investing in when you just stare at racks and racks of options in the store, so hearing from a real-life user (and potentially being able to WIN an item) is a real help!

  19. Stephanie, I love your giveaways/product reviews from time to time. I always enjoy how yours seem to be based on a theme. Additional themes I'd enjoy are: educational games/toys for preschool age children (my son turned 4 in June), green items (lunchboxes, reusable bags- sandwich, grocery, etc., water bottles, cleaners/soaps), and fun kid-friendly places you've (or you will) discovered during your travels - these may or may not be giveaways, but it would be great to read your reviews on various places across the country.

    1. I imagine we'll be doing lots of reviews of state and national parks, restaurants, hiking trails, parks, shopping centers, etc. Can't wait to share them with you. :)

  20. I enjoy your every day posts and love hearing about your family. These giveaways from time to time are nice too and I think it is such a smart idea to have them based on a theme! I wouldn't mind seeing themes based on safety, learning, and food. Thanks for asking and I look forward to what is coming next.

  21. I like your giveaways because I trust you and have similar taste. Plus, I've been very blessed by the things I've won, I truly NEEDED and couldn't afford some of them. On the other hand, I come here to get to know you and learn from you. Your quality of writing doesn't NEED giveaways.

  22. I like them--it's fun to think I might get a chance to win cool stuff! I think they are better as themed groups though, rather than the more often/individual giveaways you used to do.

    I'd love to see more maternity/nursing clothes giveaways, or maybe fun baby toys/carseats/etc. You know, all the stuff I need in this season of life...which would be so much cooler to win than buy!

  23. I think giveaway events are fun, and its actually how I first found you! A friend posted something about a giveaway on Facebook, so I checked it out and then kept coming back and enjoying the day to day posts too.

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