The Perfect Tee

The Perfect Tee 1I admit. I wear jeans and t-shirts almost every day of the week (too often) - unless I have meetings for work or other special events.

That said, I do try my hardest to wear cute jeans and stylish tees with nice boots or sneakers - and a few fashionable accessories.

I was just looking through pictures from a few months ago and came across a series of pictures where I was wearing my husband's undershirts - ug! I need to kick that habit and stick to well-fitting, feminine tees.

My favorite tee is from Nordstrom Rack. The brand is Preview International. It's made of 88% cotton, 7% spandex, and 5% organic cotton (I had to take it off just now to figure that out - that's how much I like this shirt).

Problem? The nearest Nordstrom Rack is two hours away...[I can't even find the t-shirt online. The one pictured is Three Dots V-Neck Tee from Nordstrom].

HELP! Where do you go to find your PERFECT tee? I'm talking about quality, comfortable, STYLISH tees that maintain their shape wash after wash...

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6 comments on “The Perfect Tee”

  1. I bought one tank top with MOMS ROCK on the front from InStyleMoms and I loved it so much that I bought two more. I have a number of Target t-shirts, however, they don't hold their shape that well. The MomsRock tees are a higher quality t-shirt material and they are great wash after wash. Stylish, too!!

  2. Melissa nailed it. I've got T-shirts from way too many places but two of my favorites are from Target. One is sesame street and one is Mr. Rogers. Not tres chic, but fun for the playground. Yes, they're in the mens section, but you could probably pull it off with cool shoes and jeans ...

  3. Seriously - many of my tees come from Target. I think it's Hanes that make The Ultimate Tee. I love them, and they are super inexpensive. I appreciate inexpensive ;-)

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