the "state of my wardrobe" address

outfit every dayDo you recognize that outfit over there to the left?

If you don't, then you probably haven't seen me recently.

I hereby acknowledge that I have been wearing the same outfit over and over and over again for the past few weeks.

I have a major clothing conundrum: I had a baby 3.5 months ago.

Most of my cute pre-preg clothes don't fit. I can *squueeezzzeee* into them, but squeezing is no fun at all.

So I'm left with my one pair of Anoname jeans and a variety of interchangeable camisoles with my black or navy hoodie on top (Those hoodies are awesome, by the way...I bought them from NY & Company about a year and half ago...and now I wish I had one in every color of the rainbow.).

That outfit is what I wear EVERYWHERE. It fits, it looks nice, and it provides easy nursing access. It's great, but I am getting a little tired of it since it's pretty much the only outfit I wear out.

I wish I were joking.

Fortunately, I have a Clothes Swap planned for later this month, which could prove to be a real boon.

I also just ordered Jillian Michaels' "30-Day SHRED," which I have heard is a frighteningly intense workout. In fact, one of my regular readers told me she lost 22 pounds in 30 days from it. Impressive. It could be just what I need to get back into the clothes in my closet.

I've been eyeing some cute new summer clothes too:

womens solid shorts j crew lands end denim pencil skirt victoria's secret brown skirt Victoria's secrte fringe short

  1. 3" chino short by J.Crew ($29.50)
  2. Women's Regular Premium Denim Skirt by Lands' End ($19.99)
  3. Linen drawstring skirt by Victoria's Secret ($29.50)
  4. Fringe Short by Victoria's Secret ($29.50)

Summer clothes require shaved legs, of course. Which isn't a problem since I prefer my legs to be smooth and silky...

remington smooth & silk wdf 3600That said, I don't have a lot of time to "fuss" over my legs. I need a razor that will allow me to shave quickly, easily, without and out of the shower. Remington recently sent me the smooth&silky WDF-3600 rechargeable wet/dry razor for review - and I really like it. It's easy to hold, fast as fast can be, and it's pretty too. I use it almost every day and have no complaints. I haven't attempted to shave anything but my legs with it, but it does come with a bikini "guard." It probably doesn't shave quite as close as a plain old stick razor with shaving cream, but I really don't have time for that (anyone relate?). Besides, I'm not trying to win a contest for "smoothest legs of the century" or something. I just want to be able to wear skirts and shorts without sporting stubble.

remington logoWIN IT! One winner will receive a Remington smooth&silky WDF-3600 rechargeable wet/dry razor ($39.99). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Wednesday, July 15 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #28 Amanda. Congratulations!

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227 comments on “the "state of my wardrobe" address”

  1. The Remington smooth&silky WDF-3600 rechargeable wet/dry razor sounds very nice. Thanks for the great contest!

  2. I love to have smooth legs! But like you I barely have time to shower. This would help me out!

  3. I nevered own a electric razor before!

    I used my dads when I was younger but I never had one myself!

  4. I'm at that stage in life where I only shave my legs if I'm going to be wearing shorts out in public. I'm all for anything that saves time and makes things easier!

  5. The thing I most dislike about summer is having to shave my legs regularly again! The worst is having days I really don't want to do it and end up wearing something too warm just to avoid shaving!

  6. I have the problem of wearing the same thing to work. I have a few things are so comfortable and so I wear them so often until someone says something and then that has to go out of rotation for a while.

  7. I remember when you had to plug in your electric razor to turn it on. Now they are so much better and give a much closer shave!! This one looks fantastic!

  8. My wife can certainly relate with your clothing issues and I know for a fact that she hates shaving! Would love to be able to get this for her. And that DVD may be a good surprise present...

  9. i could really use a faster, easier way to shave cuz with 3 kids i just can't be bothered with it most of the time lol

  10. I would love to try the shaver. I have very sensitive legs and razors of all types cause my legs to break out!

  11. Oh yeah! I sure could use this as I am using a VERY old razor blade and hate to buy them as they cost so much now!

  12. I'm big on the buying something in every color as you mentioned. I love NY and Co and I actually bought this great sweater they had on sale in 4 colors. I'm SO glad I did.

  13. that looks like a really nice shaver. i know what you mean i need to shave quick and dont have alot of time to fuss.i once shaved so quick with a single bic disposable i took a one inch piece of skin off..OUCH and talk about sting..thinking about it makes me cringe :(

  14. This would definitely help me keep my legs nice and smooth and make my showers quicker. Thanks for the chance.

  15. Hehe I use the gently gold (meh) and recently got the panasonic one (it sucks) so back to gently gold for me- the little divas though can't handle the pain (not very much) so I would love to win this for them, they are always needing new razors.

  16. I would love to win this shaver. I would love to be able to shave quickly without any nicks. I always cut myself with a blade and cream.

  17. Oh what I wouldn't give for a new razor. My razor is about 10 yrs old and dying slowly. I have twin 3 yr old girls, so shaving is definitly not a priority.

    Shaving with a disposable and cream is out of the question because my showers need to be really quick. The girls attention span is about 10 minutes, and it stinks they figured out how to unlock and open the doors.

  18. I myself, are like you, I just want to get the job done and done fast. I have 5 active boys and don't have the time. I love the idea that it is both wet/dry. For me I would quicly use it in my 5 minute shower. I currently use shaving cream and a disposable razor, and would love to try an electric.

  19. I am still using the plastic shaver, uggh!! I would love to win this to have smooth and sexy legs for my upcoming wedding. Thanks~

  20. Oh boy. I've been in a wardrobe slump for 14 years. I would give this prize to my daughter. She is at the point where she has to shave her legs, and she cut herself pretty badly (hurrying to get ready for a wedding) and she's scared of sharp razors!

  21. My hand shakes whenever I hold, well anything. Been like this since I was little. Cant use a normal razor and havent been able to find a decent electric one that really works. I would LOVE to win this. Not a fan of blood and scars. :(

  22. a dry shave sometimes is a necessity and I would love to use this vs. something that causes irritation and redness.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  23. I shave every couple of days when taking a bubble bath! Sometimes I use shaving gel and sometimes just the bar of soap! This Remington razor would be great to have! I never knew anyone sold razors for women and I would be anxious to try one. I'm trying to lose some weight too, but I'm at the age when it isn't very easy any more (52)! Thanks for the giveaway! This is fun!

  24. This sounds great. The best razor I have used in a Venus one. Not anything high tech and nothing special. This one looks a lot better than my current one!

  25. Shaving is such a pain. I really feel guilty if I don't shave as often as I should in the summer. It seems I just want to get in and out of the shower quickly, shaving doesn't have a chance. This Remington razor would be awesome. Thanks.

  26. It's so easy to get into that wardrobe slump. I have to admit that this year I got the same capris in different colors so that I would be able to quickly shave just to where I know would be showing. It's pathetic, but I'm glad I'm not alone! Maybe if I had a new snazzy razor I'd be more motivated to carve out that 3 minutes of "me" time in the morning!

  27. I could really use a new razor and I think this would be the best replacement for my old one.

    Thanks for this great opportunity!

  28. I have to shave my legs every day and it can be a bother sometimes, especially with the periodic shave bumps I get, I feel weird if I don't so I would love to try out this gadget!

  29. I love your post. All of my outfits are geared around nursing access and dark cover-up to hide any leakage. Even though it is summer I can't leave the house in a tee or tank. Oh well, at least nursing burns calories!!!

  30. What woman wouldn't appreciate a razor that will allow her to shave quickly, easily, without nicks…in AND out of the shower? I'd love to try it and compare (still using the disposable blades routine). ;)

  31. i love the idea of a cloths swap. We did it in college and it was fantastic. All clothes that were left over were donated. So everyone won!

  32. It's pretty sad, when I am the only female in my house and the only one using a plasticl razor...all the guys use electric

  33. I'm entirely with you! I'm at the 5 month mark in my pregnancy and my wardrobe has shrunk drastically! I don't want to buy clothes that I'm going to "grow out of" in a few months, and with summer coming all I can wear are shorts and sun-dresses right now. Being pregnant and trying to shave your legs is neither fun nor easy, and it's only going to get worse!

  34. I would love to try this razor. I shave every other day cuz I hate being hairy; who knows, maybe this would speed up the process.

  35. I'm in a wardrobe slump too...I'm trying to workout but am finding motivation in a slump as well, lol. Perhaps I should check out 30-Day Shred to get me moving. Btw, love all the clothes you picked. very cute.

  36. I tend to live in shorts and tees during the summer. If we're going out, I'll "dress up" and wear some capris and a solid color tee :)

  37. I hate shaving. Absolutely hate it. It takes up too much time and effort that I can't really bother with.

  38. Considering I am pregnant, I can not wear anything right now but this outfit looks really comfortable to wear after I have my baby.

  39. I would love to have the wet/dry razor. I have a 16 month old so taking the time to shave isn't exactly easy. This would help so much!

  40. I absolutely get where you're coming from. I have these light fabric goucho pants that I absolutely love. I wear them everywhere. But when people start commenting I know I need to get something else to wear.

  41. Shaving is one of those only every other day if I'm very lucky things that has seemed to happen since I had my third child. Anything that could help in making that happen more often and quicker could be of great assistance in my life. Let me know if you decide to do a children's clothing swap again. I'd love to take part as I had to miss the last one.

  42. Please let us know how the Jillian Michaels's DVD's work for you, summer is here, and I'm trying to get in better shape too.

  43. I just had to go shopping for new clothes so I sympathize with you there. My youngest is only a month old, but those old clothes I am not fitting into anytime soon and I desperately needed new clothes, I went shopping. New clothes are always fun! :) Oh, and I love to shave! Hehe! :)

  44. I love the winter when I can wear pants or long skirts with tights and boots and then I don't have to worry about shaving. But, that's the only thing I like about winter. I much prefer the summer, but shaving is a drag. I've never tried a wet/dry razor before. Hope to win.

  45. I get really bad razor burn. It would be nice to try this and hopefully it would minimize my razor burn.

  46. I could really use a new razor. Mine died a while back and I have been using my husbands Norelco. This is apparently a big no no. Apparently my leg hair will damage his blades but the scruff on his face doesn't cause a problem. Sometimes I just don't have time to shave in the shower. Plus the replacement blades for razors are just ridiculously expensive. I would love to have something a little more permanent.

  47. i've heard good things about the shred! I just began running again myself. It's hard to find just the right clothes post baby and when you do, you have to stick with them! lol I definitely could use an electric shaver for my legs! I sneak and use my husband's occasionally!

  48. I'd love this! I absolutely hate having to shave my legs. It takes up so much time, just to have them grow back in what?.... a day? UGH! This product would make my life so much simpler!

  49. I simply do not shave unless I am going swimming. Maybe this razor would make it easier. It is very low on the priority list.

  50. As my shower is so tiny that I need to do gymnastics to even attempt to shave my legs (and, even then, it's never a thorough job), this would be a huuuuuuuge blessing. :-)

  51. I like to use an electric razor for my bikini area. My last one died & I haven't replaced it yet. Yikes!

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  52. My daughter and I would both love to win the razor-I am tired of buying disposable razors that tear up your legs :)

  53. Wardrobe slump? I'm there... I don't like anything I have anymore and I went from shaving my legs twice a week to once a week. I keep telling myself it's time to buy some new clothes to perk myself up. :)

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  54. I just "nicked" myself pretty good in the shower. it took 4 bandaid to cover up the cut I would love to try out the Remington.

  55. [email protected]
    I have never used an electric shaver that I thought worked well. They are too expensive to try several. I hear they are much better than they used to be. I would love the opportunity to try this one. I have lots of BFFs that would want to know what I thought of it.

  56. I haven't had a electric razor in years. I dread putting on clothes specially shirts because of few of mine seem to short now. I feel so self conscious most the time and I never really had that much of a problem up till now.

  57. My sister would love the Remington smooth&silky WDF-3600 rechargeable wet/dry razor. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  58. Oh, I get so tired of shaving! Especially with my super-sensitive skin. Half the time I just skip and wear jeans, but I get so hot in the summer. Fingers crossed!

  59. Would love to try this...I have tried some of the newer shaving devices like the built in shaving cream razor and they work okay, but these seems like it would take a lot less effort!

  60. I have actually tried using my husband's electric razor. It is strong enough for a man but not made for a woman LOL.

  61. I don't have good luck with dry shaving at all. I would love to win myself a nice new razor... I normally use disposeables in the shower, but even then I cut myself! I guess i'm just not a very good shaver, lol.

  62. I agree...sporting stubble is not cool. I could use something like this...I don't care if I have the smoothest legs in the world. LOL

  63. I am tired of the stick razor and shaving cream. This would be a welcome change. And don't worry about the baby weight, it'll be off in no time.

  64. I used to have a wet/dry razor but it went missing. I really loved it and it would be great to have another, easy to use anywhere!

  65. I have never tried a electric razor. I have been looking at then, and I love that this one is a wet/dry razor. Thanks.

  66. If you ask me it's hard to find a good shaver that does a thorough job, so maybe this would do the trick.

  67. lol, i love how you are so real in all of you posts -- i'm always in the same outfit too, although mine doesn't look as nice -- i pull out these pants i got from target and a tee most days =)

    autumn398 @

  68. Ugh, I hate shaving. Lately my razor has given me serious razor burn and knicks, so I need something new. I do like a close shave but I'm like you, I really just want no stubble whatsoever. I used to use an epilator but I accidentally left it in storage when we moved. It worked really well but it HURT!

  69. An electric razor would be great, I tend to reuse a razor until I might as well be shaving witha sharpened stone. Recharable makes it all the better.

  70. This would be a fantastic prize. I have sensitive skin, so I can't shave with the fancy shave gels!

  71. I'd love a wet/dry razor. Sometimes I justnotice a hair or two and want them gone w/out the bumps.

  72. I love clothing swaps, hope you get lucky and find some good stuff! This razor looks really nice, a lot of the time I don't have the time to lather up and shave the traditional way so this is a really nice alternative

  73. I have battled leg hair my entire life. I would like something for between expensive waxings.

  74. I must admit that one thing I hate about the warm weather is the constant shaving upkeep of the legs. In the winter, I am the laziest shaver out there. We're talking maybe once a week leg shaving in the winter. I keep other regions trimmed and the pits smooth but not so much on the legs. Good thing the hubby doesn't care. He does like to poke jabs if it has been awhile. I would love something that I could easily use to keep my jungle legs under control year round.

  75. What a fantastic idea! I actually can't use the water at my house at the moment due to a bacteria problem, but since I could use this razor without water this would solve my current problem of not being able to shave regularly. I might just need to pick this up! Thanks for the info and the chance to win!

  76. I have never heard of a clothes swap. Sounds like something I would like! Anyway, good luck on the new exercise program. I really need to start exercising more.

  77. I would love to try this razor, the last one I tryed was 20 years ago and I would hope they have improved.

  78. I totally relate on the wearing of outfits over and over and over again. The few times I haven't have ended in embarrassment. Like the time I had to hitch my dress over my head in order to feed Elizabeth (not exactly an outfit one can feed a baby in without basically undressing, which limits the "where" quite dramatically...). Or the time that I wore my capri pants which honestly didn't seem to be a squeeeeze until I bent over a few hours later and heard the ping of my button shooting across the room and landing on the floor.

  79. i love remington products! i own their straightner..and their razor. but the razor is getting old. time to win a new one. the products are safe and very comfortable to use. and more than anything, they are affordable compared to some other brands. thats why i love them. available, rite-aid, target!

  80. I'd love to have a good electric razor. I usually just use a BIC disposable in the shower, which works OK, but I'd like to be able to do a quick touch up sometimes. Thanks for the chance.

  81. I don't know if I could handle an intense workout - low impact is about all I can handle these days LOL. Always wanted to try a razor like this, thanks for the chance

  82. The wet/dry razor sounds perfect. I shave daily in the shower but there are times b4 going out later in the day or evening I want to touch up shaving to make sure I don't have the shadow thing going on. The dry shave would be perfect for that.

  83. i rarely shave my legs, bad i know. with 3 kids i don;t have time. this would be great for out of the shower. love the clothes, and perfect for the az heat.

  84. I would love to try this razor. I have really fallen down on leg care since I retired, since I am almost always in pants, but this would probably make it much easier.

  85. After too many cuts and nicks, I gave up on razors years ago and switched to electric/cordless shavers. My current shaver is pretty old and doesn't work so well any more, so I would love this new Remington. Thanks!

  86. Announcing: The All New Revolutionary "Rolling Razor!"

    Revolutionary - Saves up to 50% shaving time

    Easy, self cleaning - Longer lasting precision blades

    4 different blades, customized for individuals' skin type

    Safer Shave, eliminates irritation, nicks, cuts, bumps & burn

    For More Information, Go to

  87. I'm so sick of buying disposable razors when I travel. This would be great for not only use at home but also when I'm traveling.

  88. due to have a new baby next monday and feel like I havent shaved , ok not feel but havent shaved in 7 months and sooooooooooooo need a good one

  89. I haven't had an electric razor since junior high. I would love to try one again. I'm sure they are a lot better than way back then!

  90. I totally relate. I had my twins 3 months ago and I am totally in a clothing crisis. I did buy one pair of shorts, which I wore daily until I got a baby stain on them. What a disappointment! Anyway, since it is summer and so hot here, all I want to wear are dresses. That requires (in my mind) shaved legs. I haven't ever used anything other than razors. It is good to hear you are happy with the Remmington.

  91. I hate shaving my legs, always end up with nicks and my legs stay irritated and itchy until it's time to shave again. I use disposable razors and sometimes the Venus Breeze, maybe an electric razor is the way to go. Thanks for the chance!

  92. I really hate to shave my legs! I always cut myself & then bleed for an hour after, what a mess. This would be perfect for me, no more cuts!

  93. My best friend is getting married next April so I have a good motivator to loose the weight. But then again I have good motivation to keep my legs shaved being in Hotlanta but it doesn't stop me from showing stubby in the park.

  94. I remember the first time I used the Jillina Michaels DVD, I thought I was gonna die! It made me realize how out of shape I was until I used the 30 Day Shred for the first time.

  95. Due to DVT and being on blood thinners at one point in my life I could not use a regular razor. I used my husband's electric one for sometime before it blew and he bought me one of my own. Well that one has seen better days now. I am off coumadin but still have to watch the cuts because I have to make sure that my blood doesn't get too thick.

  96. I got a razor for my sweet sixteen. I'm still using that same razor. Technology has changed so much since then. Imagine wet/dry! I think it's about time for a new one.

    [email protected]

  97. I'd love to try a wet dry razor. I usually always shave in the shower. This would be great to try out.

  98. wet/dry is really the way to go, i often don't have time to shave unless i do it while in the shower.

  99. I don't have great success shaving dry...I'd love to try this...oh and those shorts you are eyeing are cute!

  100. I would love to win this razor. I don't have a bathtub, just a tiny shower in my tiny apartment, so I have to shave in the bathroom before I take a shower. This would make life sooo much easier

  101. i solved my "fat" clothes problem recently. i bought several sets of sweat sets exactly alike. now no one knows if i have 2 or 20!

  102. I will be checking out that DVD. I have been working hard to get into my skinny jeans and if this can help, that would be great.

    I hate shaving, and I still use a stick razor. I would love to try an electic.
    Thank you for the nice giveaway.

  103. Unfortunately sometimes I end up wearing the same outfit for weeks as well, but I don't have a good excuse. I think I'm just lazy. Also I do need a new razor, something that is actually good, that wont wear out after a couple of weeks...

  104. I have to shave daily. It drives me nuts when I try to sleep and my legs feel all scratchy. I know I'm strange.

  105. I NEED one of these razors, I am sick of using a regular manual razor every other day, but I want to shave in and out of the shower!

  106. I'd love to try the Remington smooth and silky wet/dry razor. It would be a treat not to have blood dripping down my leg after I've shaved!

  107. Hmmm... a razor that lets me shave faster so that maybe I can leave the bathroom with 2 smooth legs instead of just 1? I'm all about that!

    Oh wardrobes... can we please not talk about that yet? My preggy clothes are just that - preggy clothes, a few of my tops still look fine because their style doesn't scream "I'm pregnant" but mostly I'm stuck in the "closet full of clothes and nothing to wear" department. Guess that is only to be expected just 3 weeks after having a baby though :) I'm just already tired of wearing the same black knit on bottom with one of 3 or 4 shirts on top!

  108. Haha, I seriously wore out 3 of my nursing camis...At one point my husband actually asked "How many days in a row have you worn that shirt?" I lied of course and told him only 2. :) No harm done there! This looks like a pretty cool razor, I would love anythign that would save me a little time.

  109. I tend get in fashion ruts too. I don't if I have a weird body shape or what, but the clothes I get always end up not fitting right. So, I pretty much wear what does fit right over and over again until I finally buy something new.

    I, too, am trying to lose weight, so I break out of this problem. Good luck to you!

  110. I'm blonde and fair so you wouldn't think I'd need to shave so often, but that's far from the truth - with the arrival of any kind of a summer tan, my blonde hairs catch the light and stand out to where I look like an albino bigfoot if I don't rigorously keep the hairs bye-bye LOL
    This would be SOOOO nice to win!
    P.S. A Clothes-Swap sounds like a great idea :)

  111. I run track all year round in tiny spandex shorts and need to keep up with shaving constantly. It's a pain.

  112. I have clothes in so many sizes thinking well I go up and down but still even with the range of sizes I have not got one cute pair of jeans that will fit my big butt grrr cant win.

  113. Well first..the DVD..WHOA, your were right when you said INTENSE. Buttt very much worth while. I lost a little over 16 pounds when i used it!

    Good luck with it!

    Verrrrrrryyy cute summer clothes you have in mind too, LOVING the shorts. They have def been my favorite trend this summer! Have many many pairs. And anything Victoria Secret ( tops, bras, panties...ANYTHING) i love.

    Good luck with it all!

  114. I've always used disposables....well, since there WERE disposables! :) Remember the 1st time I shaved with my dad's "good" razor. He was not amused the next day when he found nothing but a dull blade!

  115. Here's some encouragement for getting into shape- it can be a tough road, but well worth it. I've never tried a razor like that one- always the stick kind here!

  116. I've never used an electric shaver but have always been curious to see if they're superior to regular razors. Would love to try it :) thanks

  117. I'm already dreading the pre-pregnancy stage, and I'm only 21 weeks pregnant! I have already gotten the Shred video...

    The shaving department? Oy! Would love to win a fancy razor...

  118. I have not heard of the 30 day shred. I will have to look into that. Of course, when we see you in your new fringe shorts by Victoria Secret, we will know it worked!

    Good Luck!

    Thank you for the entry,

  119. I like this razor very much. It seems like all I ever do is shave, especially this time of year. Thanks for the chance to win.

  120. I had a baby 18 months ago.
    Today I passed up all the super cute clothes I can finally fit into again and spent a much needed 100 on my daughter. She is so tall people talk to her like she is a three year old, then they get the crazy look from her and ask how old she is.
    I have always wanted a nice razor like that, I am doubting it will ever be at the top of the list though. Now that I bought her a bunch of clothes that fit ..again... she'll decide to eat us out of house and home and grow again. :) It goes so fast

  121. Well, I don't have post pregnancy excuse anymore. lol. I lost 65 lbs last year because I had to give up gluten and sugar when I realized that they were significant migraine triggers, but I still have more to loose and I am at a stand still. I would like to loose a few more lbs. before my daughter's wedding on the 1st of Aug., but I don't think that is going to happen.

    My daughter bought herself an electric razor while she was away at school last year. I have to say that I am a little jealous.

  122. Hi, This razor sounds rather easy to use. I have severe osteo-arthritis in both of my knees with little mobility. I think I could use this delightful razor in our shower very easily.
    Please count me in. Many thanks, Cindi

  123. Wow! I would love to win that razor. I would thank you, my husband would thank you and the majority of San Diego beachgoers would thank you.

  124. I second you sister! I just started the 30 day shred yesterday and it is kicking my butt! 20 minutes a day, how hard could it be right? Ugh! I haven't been SORE in as long as I can remember. Well I could use this shaver so I don't spend my 20 minute shred on my legs instead!

  125. I can't use the "baby weight" excuse, since my youngest baby is now 21. Now perimenopause is making my body reshape itself to look like a pear (they should spell it "pear"imenopause). Even when I was chubby after my babies, at least I had an hourglass shape... :P
    And anything that makes shaving my legs easier would be great.
    Enjoy those sweet babies. They're beautiful!

  126. Good for you! I hope that the workout works! Just don't be too hard on yourself look what your body created. Two beautiful girls! :-)

    I need a quick and easy way to shave my legs. It takes a long time to do the whole shaving cream and razor thing! I have to take my showers so fast because it is not enjoyable with a screaming baby. It would be neat to try to keep smooth legs!

  127. Don't worry you will loose the weight. I lost all of my baby weight by breastfeeding and just keeping active. Keep your head up and stay positive...9 months to gain it all...9 months to take it off!

  128. thank you. I am near the end of pregnancy, and if I don't do the wash for three days, I really run out of options. hope the clothes swap is a smashing success. it sounds like fun.

  129. I am with you on the clothes... I pick from 2 or 3 outfits instead of just one, but honestly my body isn't totally to blame. I just hate shopping and don't know what looks good on me. I need a personal shopper. ha, ha

    I did day number 1 with Jillian yesterday. I had done it for a bit before going to the beach, but didn't even bother to bring it with me. I'm hoping I will complete the entire month this time. It's nice to know I'll be in good company!

    I've never found an electric razor that I like... not for lack of trying. I wonder if this one would be different?!?

  130. I am in the same boat witha 3.5 month-old. I wear the same 4 shirts and 2 pants when out of the house. I recently got over a foot of length cut off my hair, bangs cut, and hair dyed blonde. I went to a church potluck and people kept saying they only recognized me because they knew it was my shirt... ouch, I need a few new tops!

  131. I have to say I hate Shaving! It's one of the things I dread but maybe it's cause I haven't found the right razor. I appreciate all your feedback and insight on products so this could be my lucky day??? Even if I don't win would be worth checking into! Crossing my fingers and legs too!~

  132. I relate to your clothing issue. But I'm 15 months postpartum, and really have no excuses. ;) Please update with your thoughts on the 30-day shred- it's been sitting in my Amazon checkout box for a month or so, since I first heard of it. But I'm a little scared of it, as I haven't been a regular exerciser.

    As for the razor, this is something I could VERY much use. I used to steal my husband's razor for quick shaves, but his recently bit the dust. And with his job looking like it's going to be lost in the next few weeks, we haven't jumped to go and spend the money to replace it. I really hate the time it takes to shave everything with a razor and shaving cream. So much that I've found myself going out in public with a lot of very visible stubble. Eeek??

  133. I could really use this razor. I shave maybe every couple of weeks and now that its summer I'd like to shave more often but I just don't have time. I don't wear short or skirts that often but when I do I'd like to have smooth legs.

  134. If you're going to wear the same outfit all the time, you at least picked a cute one. My wardrobe has been in serious need of a refreshing since I had my baby last August. Cut offs and band t-shirts are what I usually sport, because I haven't been able to commit to buying anything new. That denim skirt looks like a delight - I should check out LandsEnd! In the meantime, that razor would help relieve the embarrassment of once again forgetting to shave.

  135. This was the first year I could actually take last year's clothes out of storage and actually fit into any of them. After having 4 babies, my body took a beating and all my great clothes went bye-bye. I do love hoodies though...they are the end all be all for casual outings in my opinion!

  136. I still use a stick razor... in fact, haven't ever tried an electric. I guess I could start out with my husband's, but I am pleased with the results of my Venus razor. Electric is a great idea when you are in a time crunch, tho...

  137. a) I am thrilled about the clothes swap. And I recognize a few names on the invite list, and I always envy their cuteness, and I hope they are coming and bringing some of that cuteness with them.

    b) I would wear that all the time, too. It's cute and comfy. And you look great in it.

    c) I still do the stick razor thing, but there are times when I really wish I had something else. Like the other day, when I got in the car in a cute dress all ready to go to Nason and Rachel's wedding and realized I looked like the Sasquatch. I grabbed a razor out of the house, drove to my sister's, and quickly shaved in my sister's bathroom while hubby was getting them settled in her house. Yikes!

  138. I ordered that DVD, too. Now I just need to unwrap it and stick it into the DVD player. They say the first step is the hardest, right?

  139. I'm lucky if I get to shave up to my knees every couple of days. I never ever thought I would be like that. I used to shave religiously. Somehow, having a toddler shrieking for your attention kind of changes things. A faster way to shave sounds nice.

  140. Stephanie,
    I've been in a wardrobe slump too... with an arm cast and leg brace, there's not too much flexibility! lol.
    Hope you are well!

  141. Ha ha! I know I'll be in that same state in about three weeks. In fact, I just asked my husband to get my "fat" clothes out of the garage. He thinks its silly that I call them that...but thats what they are! :-)
    I am SOOOOOO excited to do the Shred workout...of course, after my six-week period is over. Everyone here is raving about it and I am so excited not to be this huge cow anymore! :-) Good luck w/it!
    BTW, I can not believe you are wearing all those clothes in the middle of summer in TUCSON, won't need to do the Shred'll just sweat it all off! :-) LOL!

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