Themed Weekend: Ask Me Anything

Themed Weekend: Ask Me Anything 1As it turns out, I'm a little more introverted than I thought.

You see, we went to a wedding last night at this incredible guest ranch [see photo below] and then we went to a marriage conference this morning...and now I'm plum wore out.

It's a funny thing. I like social get-togethers. I like public speaking. I like engaging with people. I would say I'm about 50% extroverted.

But then there's the other 50%. I find myself exhausted after being in large groups. After all the commotion of the weekend, now I sort of just want to hang out at home or with close my pajamas...with pizza and a glass of wine.

All that to say, please pardon my absence the past two days.


This weekend is going to be a little different than the norm. I'll be answering YOUR questions from my birthday post. You asked...about my favorite lipstick, how we handle naps, if we plan to have more kids. etc. And now I'll answer. Stay tuned.

And, if you haven't had a chance to ask a question yet or you'd like to ask another, now's your chance. Ask me anything. Go...


And just for fun - here's a little pic of the mountainside wedding:

Themed Weekend: Ask Me Anything 2

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12 comments on “Themed Weekend: Ask Me Anything”

  1. Being outgoing is exhausting for me as well. I do like it, and being around people, and having fun... but it isn't who I am at the core and so it's tiring.


  2. I am most definitely a mix of extrovert and introvert. I'm good in any position that involves teaching, but I don't like actually talking to people one on one. Groups are awesome though. Weird, I know. Anyway -- ask you anything? Hmmm, Ok, why metropolitainmama? Don't you live near Tuscon? Did you grow up in a big city? What's the reason behind the name?

    I'm almightydad mostly because I've got a huge ego and it was a pretty awesome name :-)

  3. I have just started monetizing my blog...slowly. I wanted to know what information you give in your Bloggertunity book. I want to buy it but need to make sure it's info I don't already understand.



  4. Stephanie - it's official, I've been blogging for 1 year :-) and I really just wanted to THANK YOU for all of the help and guidance you graced me with as I started this lil endeavor in the first place. blogging has certainly filled the huge creative void in my world and i fall a lil more in love with my online community everyday - who woulda known!?

    again, thank you a million times over for being so generous with your insight and your time. I even gave you a public shout out on my blog:

  5. Oh Lydia brings up a very good question. We have that problem here too and I would love to know how you handle it.

    I was going to ask you something else and now I can't remember...:)...must be too late. If I think of another, I'll ask again!

  6. Since you tend to talk about having educational toys and such in your house, how do you deal with gifts to your children that don't necessarily keep in line with your parenting style/plans?

    Lately I've been trying to communicate to well-meaning relatives that less is more, ask what baby needs before making purchases, and convince them that we (husband and I) mean what we say when it comes to what we want and don't want in the house.

  7. I'm like you. I need alone time--or at least time at home with just my husband and child to recharge and regroup. I enjoy people a lot, but I somehow feel drained after too much people time.
    I don't know if I've got a question that hasn't already been asked. I know you mentioned you have a lot of siblings. Where do you fall in the mix? How far spaced apart are you all?
    Looking forward to reading the Q & A's. Have a wonderful weekend :-)
    Oh, the wedding you attended--what a breath-taking setting!

  8. Did/Do you follow the recommended immunization schedule for your kids? I've been struggling with this, including the seasonal and H1N1 vaccines thrown into the mix.

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