Themed Weekend: Back In Shape After Baby

hey smile fitness is funIt's been almost 10 weeks since my baby girl was born.

I'm feeling recovered, ready to run again.

But my muscles are flimsy and weak.

Thus far, my post-baby workouts have consisted of going on walks about every other day with my family and doing 75-100 crunches a few times a week.

I have also gone running by myself twice. Short, pitiful runs at a snail's pace...but runs nevertheless.

Pretty soon, though, I need to "ramp up" my workout. To tone up. To trim up. To be strong and healthy. For myself. For my girls. For the future.

Here's my "fitness plan" for summer/fall 2009:

  • Do 100 crunches at least 3 X a week.
  • Do 32 reps with my 5 lb. weights to tone my biceps at least 3X a week.
  • Take advantage of cooler nights (whenever they bless us with their presence)¬†for family walks or jogs.
  • Get a second single jogging stroller or a double jogging stroller so that running can be a family affair again.
  • Train for a 5K.

This weekend is all about getting and staying in shape - whether you had a baby six weeks ago, six months ago, or sixteen years ago. Stay tuned for fitness-related articles, product reviews, and giveaways.

YOUR TURN: What is your current fitness routine? What is your "plan" for the upcoming months? How do you "beat the heat" in the summertime?

* Image via Atrocious Album Covers

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31 comments on “Themed Weekend: Back In Shape After Baby”

  1. I walk with my kiddos as much as I can...have the Bob Revolution Double Stroller which is a life saver. Just before our second was born, some of our fabulous friends all chipped in so we could get one (as you know, they are quite pricey!) I like your plan...I need to get on the crunch stomach...horrible...that is my worst spot right now...need to do the crunches...thanks for the reminder!

  2. I hate to say I don't have a fitness routine... But I need one... BADLY!
    Beating the heat here? Swimming, of course! Also walking at the mall is always good, cause the kids can play at the play area too. =)

  3. My current "routine" is two whole days in a row of using the Wii Fit. That's about it. I did a half hour yesterday, and an hour today. At least I did good aerobic and strength exercises and not just a bunch of games! :) My goal right now is to use it every day this month to get myself moving again. Sad, small goal, but a goal nonetheless. Maybe I'll work up from there once the month is up?

  4. Although I'm back running, I've been feeling the need to add more toning exercises (abs & arms). When you work your biceps, do you do the same exercise (bicep curl, etc) or do you vary the exercises?

  5. I got lectured by my doctor when I considered running too early after giving birth (7 to 8 weeks post partumn). I was not happy with the lecture but I still kept running - nice, slow and short to start off with. She said to make sure your pelvic muscles are strong, do your kelgies (I know that is misspelled) and while you are running to try and always hold your stomach strong.

    I am not doing too much working out right now. The no running for a month is really throwing me off my game. I have not been doing as much as I have wanted the past few weeks and I still have 1 more week of no running. I was going to get re-focused this week and I lifted weights yesterday but now I have a cold so no swimming today or mountain bike riding today. Hopefully I will kick this quickly so I can get back in shape.

  6. Ugh, I know what you mean! I "used" to be a runner, but 4 kids later, am a pretty much just a walker these days. Although, I am always inspired by the view of a runner with a jogger! I do have good intentions of entering our local 10K in a couple of months, even if I have to walk most of the way. It always helps to have a goal to work towards!

  7. After I had my Princess (who will be 2 in July), I didn't care much about getting back in shape. But I did it, without much effort! First of all, I didn't gain excess weight while I was pregnant. The 24 lbs. I gained with her was perfect, and it came off in 3 weeks.... which also reminds me, another thing I did was breastfeeding! Nursing helped me lose the weight a whole lot faster than I would have if I hadn't nursed.
    But then when she turned about 16 months old, THEN I got serious about getting in shape. I was already skinny, but I wanted to tone up a little, so I did workout DVDs.... Denise Austin workout DVDs, specifically. I love them!

  8. Child-chasing, walking, and hiking are the only things that I seem to have time for anymore. I would love to carve out time for yoga and indoor rock climbing, but it remains a mystery to me how other moms find time for themselves!

  9. I've never been able to run, but it is on my of goals before I get too old.

    Right now I just walk my kids around the neighborhood (more like a hike with all our hills), but I'm back on my candida diet (to get healthy and strong again) and once I get my system all working right again I'll have loads of energy to workout.

    I bet you look great!


  10. That is a great plan. We got a Zoo membership, so I am going every week with the toddler. Easy way down the hill, hard way up. Also getting the mail everyday with the toddler, easy way down the hill, hard way up. To cool off we are going to a friends who have a pool, or hanging out at our apartment pool, or going into the city where they have a fun pool/fountain.

  11. At least two days of outdoor exercise, then one yoga class and one pilates class. It is so important to have this Mom Time built into the schedule. Good luck with the post-baby routine.

  12. I don't tolerate heat well -- at all. Most of my summertime exercise regimens are at home and indoors -- yoga on FitTV and kickboxing DVDs are my top favorites.

  13. I'm planning on running the Susan G Komen next year - 5K. I plan on starting my workout routine on Monday consisting of 2 weeks of every day doing the T-Tapp workout with hoedowns. After the 2 week "boot camp" I'll do the T-Tapp every other day alternating with walking around the school track building up to running. I am very out of shape so it should take me a while to get to that point.

    My mom has breast cancer for the 3rd time so this means a lot to me.

  14. I'm currently "training" for the Relay for Life walk. In August I'll walk beginning at 5:00 at night until 7:00 in the morning. *Gulp* I hope I can do it!

  15. I workout on my lunch breaks during the week so I don't get mommy guilt over time that could have been spent with DD.

    I do power yoga once a week and the other 4 days I either run in the wellness center my work provides for us or walk with a friend in the skywalk.

    Once a month my yoga studio has family yoga and I always take DD. She loves it!

  16. I walk every day, first thing in the morning, at lunch and sometimes after dinner. I try and do crunches at least three times a week and lift weights at least three times a week. I do need to get better about it. I haven't lost my last ten lbs after the birth of my daughter 21 months ago. :-(

  17. Steph, one of the many things that amaze me about you, is that you are very goal oriented and ambitious! I have felt myself getting slowly out of shape and I just can't stand it! I have signed myself up for a bootcamp starting in June. The trainer will come to our park 3 times a week!! I have watched the pounds shed and muscles grow on my friend and I am ready to see the same results! I am a little scared though, knowing how hard I am going to have to work:)They don't call it "Bootcamp" for nothing! Good luck on your routine, it sounds like you are ready to go!

  18. I do a 40 min work out video every other day. I do it when the kids are in bed and I also stop eating at 7pm. I have found that has helped me a lot.

  19. I'm impressed that you have a "plan"! With my little guy 3 months old now, I'm very ready to lose my last 15 lbs. of baby weight and get my body back! I have a very hard time trying to figure out how to do it though, with 3 little ones and a hubby who works very long hours, so I'm looking forward to your tips & ideas!

  20. I'm currently doing an exercise bootcamp in the mornings 3 days a week and then running on my off days. It's really great to wake up and get it over with so my day starts after I get home. I also get to socialize while I'm there so I get some "me" time so I'm a better mom for my kids. The bootcamps are 5 weeks at a time so after this bootcamp I'm going to take the summer off and just work out on my own. If I get down to my goal by the end of the summer then I'll just continue on with that, but if not...back to bootcamp!

  21. I need to rev up my exercise again too. I plan on starting some weight lifting again and some jogging.

  22. I'm a runner, too, but after having my baby (10 months ago) I've had such a difficult time getting out there! I've run just a mile here and there and really want to bump it up.
    I admit, I am not fond of exercise. I used to be but I have such a hard time getting motivated!

  23. Wow! You've got a lot plans are not as ambitious or impressive. I want to continue my daily walks and maybe add in some swimming since the weather is warmer.

  24. This is an area I definitely need to work on so I'll be looking forward to your posts! I can't run due to some hip and knee problems but I can walk, bike, do crunches and other exercises so I just need to make a plan to get doing it again - I'd love to regain my pre-babies fitness again and I know it won't happen without some hard work and commitment on my part!

  25. I aim for at least 2 visits to the YMCA each week for weights and 5-6 days of cardio each week. Some weeks are better than others, but I've found lots of ways to sneak in the cardio with the help of my girls.... swimming, hiking, biking, as long as I'm moving and my heart rate gets up I count it! We beat the heat by staying poolside most mornings and evenings and inside for naps during the heat of the day.

  26. i was running between 3 and 4 miles four to five times a week... i wasn't getting the "results" i was looking for, so i have changed it up a bit. i started back to the gym to do some weights a couple of times a week and am running on the other days. my goal is to tone up... i am hoping that mixing weight training and running will help me achieve a firmer, more toned body.
    as for beating the heat, i run early in the morning before it gets too hot.

  27. Oh my favorite topic you know! Over the past month I have had a pinched nerve in my neck so I haven't done anything but walk except for a few spin classes. Then our gym closed for 2 weeks so I think I was being told to take it easy. Did so and now I'm doing well. Anyway, Sunday we start back to the gym for spin class (4x a week) and I'll be doing my in-home workouts and walking outside too.

    My plan is to kick it up a notch over the summer and hubby and I will probably start Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred in July.

    I have another 80lbs + to go to hit my goal weight but my main focus is inch loss, healthy eating and exercise.

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