Themed Weekend: Best of 2008

best-of-2008I review a lot of products here at Metropolitan Mama. From the latest electronic equipment to baby gear to womens apparel and more, I strive to bring you honest and helpful reviews that go beyond just "sales speak" and the company's hyberbole.

Now, that the year is almost over...I decided to look back and give you the inside scoop on my favorite items from 2008. These are products that I use regularly and recommend adamantly. Most of the products I have reviewed are nice, but not all of them are outstanding. These 12 are.

Stay tuned for product "recaps" and plenty of giveaways to coincide with the reviews.


  1. Do you prefer reviews/giveaways or more "personal" posts (pics, musings about life, top ten lists, etc.)?
  2. Would you be thrilled (or overwhelmed...) if I started a second "review site" and had this one be more personal?
  3. What items would make YOUR "Best of 2008" list? What products do you love and use every day?

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17 comments on “Themed Weekend: Best of 2008”

  1. I like a good mix of personal and review/giveaway but if you wanted to make a separate site, I'd still visit both.

    One of my best of 2008 products would be a quality baby carrier whether it's my ring sling or my mei tai. I couldn't live without either of them.

  2. I like reviews and giveaways interspersed with personal posts. That way it doesn't seem like your blog is just a giveaway blog but a real persons blog who gives stuff away.

    I might have to think a bit about what I use every day. I know there are things I'd like to use every day! I'm at a thought road block and can't come up with anything and I've got a crier ready to get out of the crib so I'll have to be back if I can come up with something!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. I like a combo, the giveaways are fun to enter, but I also really like to read your personal posts. My best of 2008 list would include my daughter's pedipeds shoes, we love them!

  4. I prefer a combo of both personal and review/giveaway posts. I am getting ready to clean out my Google Reader of blogs so I would personally say it would be overwhelming if you started another blog.

    As for items that make my "Best of 2008" list it would be my New Balance shoes and Acer Mini computer. I'm sure there are more but those are the two products that come to mind.

  5. I have often thought of starting another site for reviews only because I feel like my blog has become overloaded with reviews. I originally started the blog to make like my journal, but now it is a lot of reviews, and some journaling. I don't want to bring on the extra work of writing for two blogs, though...that is just me.

    I am not sure what would be easier for you...but I do know you have a super blog, and I like seeing both your personal stories/pictures, as well as your great reviews/giveaways!

    One of my favorite products that I reviewed was the Kaboost, and any of the Boon line products.

  6. I like the site just the way it is! I think it's a perfect mix of both personal and reviews! The giveaways are an awesome extra too! Can't wait to see what makes your "Best of 2008" list! Mine would include my Canon Powershot Camera, Safe Sippy Cups, InchBug Cup Labels, and our Toddler Bible!

  7. I like a little bit of both. I tend to actually read blogs that combine the personal with reviews. They are more interesting. This is probably awful, but I don't generally read the strictly review blogs. I just scan them for giveaways. As for my favorite products, I love my bumGenuis diapers and my Bundleboo baby carrier.

  8. 1. I think you strike a good balance between the two. It's enjoyable and fun simultaneously.
    2. I would certainly read both without being overwhelmed, but my worry is that YOU will be overwhelmed. Especially once the baby comes. Don't spread yourself too thin, girl.
    3. Tough question. My MacBook is definitely one of my favorite things in the universe. Mam binkies and the holders are a lifesaver in our house. I don't want to think too hard right now...

  9. 1. I love hearing about your beautiful family and seeing pics of your adorable daughter! I also love the reviews and giveaways (mostly because they are all so age appropriate as our daughters are almost the same age!).
    2. I might be a little overwhelmed if you started another site...but if it happened I'd def try to read both!!
    3. My fav products: Boon eating products for tots, My breastfriend, and my dutailier glider!

  10. I love you personal posts. I think my biggest preference would be to see a closer balance between personal and reviews/giveaways, but if that's not possible because of the number of products that you come by, I wouldn't mind a second blog.
    My must-have item this year would either have to be my pouch baby carrier, or my baby boy's soft-soled shoes. Couldn't have functioned without either one of them!

  11. Although I'm generally a fan of separating personal blogs and review blogs, I think you've really found a great balance. Your reviews do not compromise your voice at all. I don't know, somehow it seems to work for you! :-) (And take it from me, running multiple sites is exhausting. If it weren't for my BlogHerAds agreement, I'd consider combining my sites.)

  12. 1. I honestly love a good mix of both - either one on their own would be less slightly less enjoyable.
    2. If there were 2 sites, I think I'd be less likely to keep up as regularly with either - the reason I enjoy & respect your reviews is because they come from someone who I get a glimpse of personally from time to time. So reviews/giveaways on their own are kind of boring & don't hold much weight with me.
    3. Best of 2008:
    ~My Bebe AuLait nursing cover would definitely be on there
    ~my Canon PowerShot camera
    ~the "Jesus Storybook Bible" we read to our son every night is fabulous
    ~I love my Sigg aluminum water bottles

  13. 1. I'm not really sure which I prefer, on one hand, the giveaway posts appeal to my greedy side, and on the other hand your daughter is SO CUTE and I love to see her cute photos and read about what's happening in your life.
    2. I think if you had 2 sites, I'd be overwhelmed
    3. Best of 2008 list would have to include the microsoft natural ergonomic keyboard

  14. Nice! I'm looking forward to your list. I really enjoy reading your reviews/giveaways because you always find a way to make them interesting. That said, I also enjoy your pictures and things that you have to say. I love your blog the way it is, but if you were to start a second review site I would definitely read both! As for my best of 2008, there are so many wonderful products that I received...but the things that stand out the most are anything from Boon, The Couponizer, Calafant cardboard toys, and the Your Baby Can Read DVDs. My son loves watching those DVDs!

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