Themed Weekend: Colors

Themed Weekend: Colors 1Aren't you glad that our world is full of colors? It makes me so very happy to look around and see the lovely array of blues, greens, oranges, reds, yellows, and purples - in nature and in window shops.

This weekend will be eclectic and cheerful and fun. I'll be showcasing and giving away some vibrant things that will make you smile.

Ready for the rainbow? It's coming soon.


As posts are published, I will add them to this post so that you can have a comprehensive spot to see my entire round-up:

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8 comments on “Themed Weekend: Colors”

  1. i love colors!! love 'em. i feel bad for those eyes who are color blind! what a beautiful life they are missing out not be able to see fall colors, sun rise and sun set sky colors..oh! i m blessed to have healthy eyes!

  2. Yep, gotta love colors! I am partial to blues and greens :)

    Such cute, bright colored sweatshirts your daughters are wearing.

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